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  1. BrickMark-I

    The Tribunal

    Thank you for your feedback! For information, I did not put a back wall because I did not have enough pieces. The building was supposed to be a modular building, and since I did not have enough yellow bricks to make all the walls nor enough windows, I only made three sides out of four!
  2. BrickMark-I

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Nice details! I like the fountain and the fact that the park is modular (much like modular buildings). It is also nice to see trees that are not flat (as in some modular buildings)! Bravo to you, it's beautiful!
  3. BrickMark-I

    The Tribunal

    DSC_0479 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr How can we imagine a city without justice? No more problems now: the thieves will be tried before being locked up in the prisons and police stations of the city! Here is the tribunal: a grand building in which a judge and a clerk take care of all criminal cases! DSC_0486 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr Admire the facades of this immense building immersed in a small park with a pond. The court staff will be able to take a break in this small green area, surrounded by small pine trees and many flowers. DSC_0477 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr The facade has several peculiarities, and the most important is probably the fact that it consists of "flat tiles 2x2 tan". You can also see a clogged window as well as climbing plants. The windows are equipped with small black roofs and edges containing flowers. DSC_0481 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr On the other side, a small access door allows to enter the courtroom otherwise than by the large double main door. Now let's go inside ... Inside the building DSC_0464 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr On the ground floor, there is the large auditorium. Here take place trials. The judge and a clerk may be placed before the accused, and behind them are witnesses and families (and friends and visitors, etc.). DSC_0465 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr The floor is entirely tiled. Several small details are visible on the ground floor: a globe as well as the judge's office, an armor on display, several paintings hanging on the walls, a clock, indoor plants, flags, and of course benches and Wooden barriers. DSC_0494 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr The columns are the most impressive thing in this court. They start on the ground floor and finish under the roof. Numerous details are visible on these, and one can also see a kind of fresco supported by these white pillars (with some yellow bricks on the floor). The floor consists of two small rooms with access to the trial room. There are gold and white barriers. These two rooms are obviously fully equipped: small furniture, jewelry (those stolen by thieves), beverages ... But the most visible and impressive object on the floor is the chandelier. This enormous light fixtures the large room on the ground floor. DSC_0474 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr Other information: The set includes 13 minifigures (the judge, the clerk, the photographer, a thief, two policemen, a gardener, two children and two couples attending the trial). The whole is composed of more than 2000 pi├Ęces. More pictures on Flickr: You can support the project on the LEGO IDEAS Platform: If you want more information or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me
  4. BrickMark-I

    [MOC] 19th century Belgian castle

    It's just beautiful! The result is very convincing! The colors and parts used are really perfect! Bravo! I really like!
  5. The trees and the flower beds are absolutely sublime!
  6. BrickMark-I

    Swedish Cottage

    It's so cute!!!
  7. BrickMark-I

    [MOC] City apartment block

  8. I have certainly never seen such a construction. It's just amazing! The details are fascinating and the beauty of the buildings is indisputable. Congratulations!
  9. BrickMark-I

    [MOC] Half Modular Jewelry Store!

    The idea is very interesting. I really like! The colors are nice, the shape ... Make a half of building makes good !
  10. BrickMark-I

    [MOC] High tech / low life

    It's not really my style, but I have to admit it's beautiful ! It's very nice!
  11. BrickMark-I

    Matt's Masks - a modularized Simpsons house

    The idea is excellent and the result is perfect! I particulary like the roof and its shape
  12. BrickMark-I

    Old Ben's Gallery | An Awesome Modular!

    Really nice! I love the style! Bravo !
  13. BrickMark-I

    [MOC] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    I love Santa Claus in the fireplace
  14. BrickMark-I

    Winter Village: The Small Winter Village

    Thank you very much, it was very difficult to keep the skier in balance