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  1. I need 480 pieces.. Half of them must be bended... Took too time on a cad... Next pandemic ?, just ordered 15€ of pieces on bricklink.
  2. Yes, it's a kind of idea. Round1x1 plus plate 1x2 in sequence, allows at the structure to blend in a curve. But need a lot of pieces for each side.
  3. Hello guys. after Mole Antonelliana and The Lego Fire Station, i want to show you another my project. Probably some of you have already seen the image elsewhere. It was chosen as an image on the download page of the stud.io program on the brickilink.com website. First of all, here is what we are talking about, from Wikipedia: The mountain at which the basilica is found was the site of Superga air disaster of Grande Torino football team in 1949. After creating a MOC of the Mole Antonelliana, i decided to create another iconic building belonging to my city. This moc are maded by 3151 total parts, measuring 35.2cm (13.9 inches) width, 78.4cm (30.9 inches) lenght and 36.4cm (14.3 inches) height, for a weight of 3,1kg (110 oz). Here some rendering.
  4. In this scale, are pretty impossibile. Must be at least the double of the size for do the right curvature.
  5. Fom Wikipedia: The Mole Antonelliana (pronounced [ˈmɔːle antonelˈljaːna]) is a major landmark building in Turin, Italy, named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli. A mole in Italian is a building of monumental proportions.Construction began in 1863, soon after Italian unification, and was completed in 1889, after the architect's death. Originally conceived of as a synagogue, it now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, and is the tallest museum in the world. A representation of the building is featured on the obverse of the Italian 2 cent euro coin. I want to recreate some building of my city following the Lego Architecture way (skyline) but when i start to build i didn't respect the right ratio, so i decided to try to recreate the entire building in a highest scale. This moc are maded by over 830 parts, measuring 19.2cm width, 18.8cm lenght and 52.4cm height (7.6/7.4/20.6 inches). Originally, at the top of the building are present an angelic statue, falling down after a tornado and then replaced by the actually star. The Mole is also the tallest unreinforced brick building in the world. Mole Antonelliana by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr
  6. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Thank you guys for the support on our Facebook Page. Here we will show you a render image for our first 900 like at the page. The fire brigade set with modified and enlightned numbers on the facade.
  7. squall87


    Hello. Link are ona private flickr account. really cool btw.
  8. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Dear Afol, good morning! First of all, make yourselves comfortable, today the post will be long and I hope also as interesting.Let's talk about one of the pivotal points of the entire diorama, i.e. the movements.The basic idea was to try to make our LEGO ® constructions as dynamic as possible. LEGO ® itself allows through different types of engines and pieces LEGO Technic to be able to fade, it is now possible to reproduce any mechanical movement with the various pieces that have been released over the years. What you can't do, except using the LEGO MINDSTORMS product line, is schedule a series of movements. Power Function (PF) engines and the latest Powered Up allow a simple remote remote control method that is based on a classic RC remote control, great for driving a car or train, but nothing more. In recent history we are faced with brick smart developed externally by different enthusiasts, what we're talking about today is called SBrick, you can see it in the first photo. For those who still don't know it, a self-built box with a power entrance via classic PF cable and 4 outputs for engines / lights / sensors always of the PF line. What does this SBrick introduce again? Through the dedicated smartphone application allows you to command from a simple customizable interface all the engines in a moc, I think of a large technical truck where engines and functions are countless and using a single LEGO ® remote becomes impossible. The real revolution takes place via PC using the Scratch program that wikipedia summarizes like this: a free programming environment, with a graphic programming language and designed to teach programming through visual primitive. Well, by downloading specially modified blocks, you can give timely actions to our SBrick who will in turn command our 4 hypothetical connected engines. Here with the pressure of a button on our keyboard, we can make the engine #1 start at 50 % of its power, turning right for a duration of 5 seconds, and this can only be only The beginning of our cycle that we can end or repeat as we like.In our diorama there are currently 4 of these cycles of movement, in this post we focus on the most complex one and with the most "surprise effect", the garage door that opens and the vehicle that comes out of the garage. Two PF engines (one M and one L) are used which move the vehicle back and forth through a rick and the other that drag through a wheel that rests over the door, opens and closes the same. Giving the right times, you can get the desired cycle through Scratch, as shown in the second photo.The instructions in the left column are to start the cycle, which is repeated for n times (in this case 10, so you don't have to be forced to press the beginning of the cycle button). In the right column, instead there are instructions to operate on individual operations, then lift / lowering shutter and spill / entrance of the middle. This type of "manual" instructions are useful in case there are any problems, for example the jamming of the shutter, I remember that plastic pieces are still being used. To this end you can also stop all the components controlled by SBrick with the pressure of a single button.The fields of application as easy to imagine at this point have only one limit, fantasy. Another cycle in the diorama is a gate with blinking annexed, which activates shortly before the gate starts its movement, there are two actuators controlled by a second SBrick. The other two cycles are extremely simple and each rule a single engine, which turns first in one verse and then alternating at fixed time intervals.In the comments you can find the video with the final result of the cycle. Currently the third tailgate has been connected via a simple axle, which opens identical to the first one you see in the video.Anyone who wants to elaborate can write it in the comments.If you liked the topic and think it might be a cue for someone else, please share the post. We remind you that we are also present on Facebook at the page @thelegofirestationWe remind you that we are also present on Instagram at the page @the_lego_fire_stationBig shout out to everyone. This and other posts on our diorama on this Facebook page. ??#Lego #City #MOC #Fire #Department #HQ #Pompieri #Firefighters #Caserma #Vigilidelfuoco #sbrick #scratch
  9. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Hello guys. We have decided to do a Facebook page for our MOC. We post regurarly with various imrpovement of our MOC. Here a link for who wanna take a look. The Lego Fire Station Here a small prewiev: Our version of Fiat 500, built with the free instruction made by https://www.brixlab.it, containing some improvement at the official set.
  10. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Will trying to do another truck, we want to create an 8-stud based tow truck radiocontrolled. Functional steering in 6-stud are very complex to do without a servo.
  11. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Hello guys! After 2 years, i use a Sbrick by Vengit with Scratch 2.0 block instruction for command the 5 motor installed. I also used a PFxBrick by JKBrickworks for control the illumination, with led's bought from LifeLites. In the diorama are also present a custom firetruck, which have another PFx installed with a Brickstuff led's and also a speaker. Here at "The Bricks Box" facebook page are visible a video with the complete diorama. The video below show instead the HQ only with illumination and automation. Enjoy. Stud.io by Bricklink - https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/d... Sbrick by Vengit - https://www.sbrick.com PFx Brick by JK Brickworks - https://fxbricks.com/pfxbrick/ LifeLites - https://lifelites.com
  12. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Yes, a basically one. but it works. Putting inside 2 motor, 1 battery, 1 pfx with audio in only 6 stud was a big chsllenge.
  13. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    I've more than 100 firefighter all around the diorama and also inside, but no one out for sun... this can be a good idea :)
  14. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    And here the truck i made using a PFx Brick. Firefighter Lego Truck by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr
  15. squall87

    [Moc] The Lego Fire Station

    Hi everyone. I show you my project of a fire brigade barracks. The first three renderings date back to March 2016. It took me a few months to recover all the necessary pieces. Over time there have been several changes, including the addition of a courtyard with several other small buildings and a maneuvering castle (the building that use firemen to practice). The original idea was to replicate an existing barracks located near where I live, in fact, soon the project was transformed into something certainly simpler trying to bring together in the same building an office area and a car storage area. Currently I'm working (through stud.io 2) to version 3.0 of the barracks, you see the first renderings in the last two photos in this topic. Version 2.0 was made with the use of a Sbrick, I leave videos demonstrating how it works. And next next step... Fire Station 4.0 powered up by PFX Brick. Fire Brigade by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station 3.0 by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr Fire Station 3.0 by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr