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  1. I dont buy a whole lot of sets, but when I do, I generally will build and keep them on display. My criteria for deconstruction is simple: I will keep it until I need parts from it, or I need the space to display fore something else. Also if its a more expensive set, I will be more likely to keep it together and try and substitute parts out if I need it .
  2. So with today (Feb 20th) marking the 62nd anniversary of the launch of first American in orbit, I would like to share my own mini Lego interpretation! This is built in 1:220 scale using a modified version of my Mercury Atlas MOC and launch pad and a lot of leftover 1x2 double cheese slopes from a previous MOC. It is a replication of a famous photo from the launch (AKA KSC-62PC-0011)! Also more images of the non launching rocket/Pad + scaled Redstone if anyone is interested!
  3. smazmats

    New VIP system

    Up until last month, I thought the same. If you still have it, look at the receipt. When I got mine, I did notice they were different than the ones I got from “true” Lego stores in the past. It had more info about the company operating the store
  4. smazmats

    New VIP system

    On a similar note, If the stores are operated by a third party, they aren’t plugged into the official VIP system. I recently had a similar experience when I visited the new Lego store in Sydney and they also couldn’t find my info because they used a different system. It was kind of annoying that even though it was officially licensed by TLG (and even promoted by them), they couldn’t seem to bring the loyalty program over as well
  5. smazmats

    Real-person minifigs?

    There are a couple I can remember from the early Lego IDEAS/CUUSOO sets: The Hayabusa Project Manager - J. Kawaguchi, from the Hayabusa set Pete and Yve from the Exo suit set. Even though its a fictionalized version of them, I think it’s worth counting. They are based on the original project designer (and very well known AFOL) Peter Reid and his girlfriend Yvonne.
  6. smazmats

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    Thanks Peppermint_M!
  7. smazmats

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Aside from the accessibility/affordability issues it introduces, I'm not entirely opposed to this. There are a lot of proposed IDEAS sets nowadays that are massive in size because everything is done digitally now and result in $$$$$ sets if they are selected ( though I do admit it was less of an issue last year since we are seeing more sub $100 sets). I'm sure the Lego designers that are tasked with designing the final product might appreciate it more, since you have to account for physics and Part availability with IRL builds.
  8. I primarily build scale rockets and spacecraft, and over the past couple years a decent sized community has grown around this shared MOC niche with a dozen or so regular builders. Pretty much everyone builds to the same couple of scales so it is often the case that the same thing can be created multiple times by different people. I totally get what you are going through and I too have been through this exact experience before. For me personally, If there is a similar design, I generally try to look at similar models with a set of criteria that one would use to evaluate work for fair use. The biggest thing I try to look for is how much of the original model is used. Generally, I expect about 60% of the MOC to be original. If you were to remove all the similar features/builds from the new design and it can't stand on its own (more in a figurative sense then structural) and the build is unrecognizable, there is definitely a case to be had. I also find it helpful to "downsize" the comparison where rather then the entire model all at once, compare a bunch of the smaller details, one at a time, to see how much was copied. I have found that often MOCs can look pretty similar from afar, but when compared up close there can be a lot of variation. If its on Rebirckable, I also try and see what the MOC internals look like if possible, as there should be more variation due to the reduced requirement for accurately capturing details, and similarities should be less of a just a coincidence. Offering instructions (both free and paid) also complicates things, but I may use that as a determining factor of how much I need to respond. If there are no instructions and they are just showing off a MOC that clearly infringes on my own, I may just ask them to credit me as a inspiration or ignore it, however if they are trying to sell it, I will report it to rebrickable to get it removed, as it is essentially functions the same as my existing MOC and is competing with it. Nathan is pretty good with responding to take-down requests if there is enough evidence of infringement. I did look at the comparison you provided between the time machines and unfortunately, I do not think there is a case here. There are definitely similarities on some details of both MOCs, but I can also see a lot of variation in the hoods and rear bodywork that is original and unique to each model .
  9. smazmats

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    Hey Mods, May I ask for my username on eurobricks be changed to "smazmats". I recently changed my Lego screen name across all platforms and would like it to be consistent here as well Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, I would like to share two of my latest space MOCs, the NASA Mars exploration rovers Perseverance and Curiosity. Both are built in 1:45 or minifig scale. I'm super exited for the Technic set, but I thought it would be fun to have a smaller version that can comfortably live on my desk as well. Here is Perseverance and Ingenuity, the first interplanetary helicopter that traveled to Mars with the rover in 2021. And here is Curiosity, using its ChemCam, a Laser/spectrometer instrument that analyzes the composition of rocks. If anyone wants to build one themselves, I did publish free instructions for both MOCs on my Rebrickable profile! Perseverance and Ingenuity Curiosity
  11. Very nice conversion of the original model! Love all the little details and extra bits hanging off of it.
  12. smazmats

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Oh yeah totally...All the poor, poor, companies that shamelessly steal and profit off the MOCs from the AFOL community absolutely need our encouragement, support, and protection....
  13. smazmats

    Favorite unintentional play feature?

    On a similar note, Brick separators are also really great at opening Pistachios…
  14. With the re-release of the rather controversial and hard-to-get Ulysses space probe VIP award, I want to share an updated version of my own custom Ulysses space probe and IUS (Inertial upper stage) that fixes all the problems with the official set. It's now properly scaled to match the Discovery's 1:70 scale and has way more detail (ie: no more yellow!) that matches the real-life probe. I also added a proper display stand that mimics the style from 10283 so it looks cohesive when displayed alongside the shuttle. Additionally, like the Hubble space telescope, It can fit in the shuttle's cargo bay, but now there is much more room to spare! Here's a side by side comparison between it an the original VIP promo. I have no idea why they decided to make the set so fat! If anyone wants to make one for themselves and skip the scalpers, I did make instructions which are available on my rebrickable page for free! The whole thing is around 250 pcs, and I estimate the parts cost should be around $20-30 USD (plus shipping) on BL.
  15. Generally, I found the easiest way was just ordering parts from bricklink as needed as I build my MOCs. I find its also more cost effective to order parts for multiple MOCs at the same time to cut down on shipping costs. Additionally, I have a general list in mind of commonly used parts (things like black and white1x1,1x2, etc..plates) that I always seem to use, so I always make a point to shop around the stores to see if they have anything of interest at a decent price that I can get in bulk. If I need a large quantity of bricks I go to Bricks & Pieces. It might be because I can never find any good deals in my area, but I've never found directly buying sets for parts that effective, though there are a couple of exceptions like "Lots of Dots" ( which is handy for building up a large collection of tiles/round in a variety of colors on the cheap).