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Found 8 results

  1. I found it a bit odd that no one had started a topic for this movie yet, so I decided I would make one! I'm really excited for this movie! I've never really read comics that much, but I've always been a fan of comic book movies, and Superman is probably my favourite superhero from theDC universe. I really feel like the casting for this film is perfect, except for Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Also, Hans Zimmer is doing the music, which I can't wait for! Anyway, let the discussing begin!
  2. Hey everyone! I'd love to share with you all a little lego movie I made with my friends a couple of months ago. We were extremely lucky to have Ryan George, from Pitch Meeting, want to be a part of it. He definitely knocked it out of the park! Would love to hear your feedback! Also, feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
  3. I know a lot of people have been wanting some LEGO sets based on the CW Arrowverse shows, so i thought it'd be fun to see what sets people would actually want! Imagine that LEGO is releasing a Summer wave of sets this year based on some of those shows, and choose the locations and characters that'd be in that wave! Supergirl Supergirl's First Flight! With Alex onboard a crashing plane, Supergirl has to reveal her powers to save her sister, and National City below! Includes; 3 Minifigures, Supergirl, Alex Danvers, Winn Schott. Crashing Plane and CatCo Media Rooftop! £34.99 Cousins in Arms! Help Supergirl save the falling building of LCorp with Superman at your side! Meanwhile, J'onn J'onzz saves Cat Grant and Lena Luthor from inside! Includes; 4 Minifigures, Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Cat Grant, Lena Luthor. Falling LCorp Building with Luthor's office diorama! £49.99 The Flash Race to the Finish Line! The final showdown opposite Savitar joins different heroes from across the multiverse to Infantino Street! Includes; 7 Minifigures, The Flash, Kid Flash, Vibe, Killer Frost, HR Wells, Jay Garrick, Gypsy. Savitar Buildable Figure and Infantino Street Diorama! £59.99 Revenge of the Rogues! The Flash must save his love, and best friend, Iris, from Captain Cold and Heatwave! Includes; 4 Minifigures, The Flash, Iris West, Captain Cold, Heatwave. Bank Diorama and Iron Heights Van! £19.99 Arrow Endgame on Lian Yu! As Adrian Chase breaks down the Green Arrow, his friends must do all they can to assist their friend! Includes; 7 Minifigures, Green Arrow, Mr Terrific, Wild Dog, Canary, Malcolm Merlyn, Talia Al Ghul, Black Siren, Prometheus. Crashed Plane and Speedboat with Beach Location! £64.99 Deathstroke Defence! Defend the streets of Starling City from Deathstroke as he attempts to ruin the city! Includes; 6 Minifigures, The Arrow, Felicity Smoak, Spartan, Speedy, Detective Lance, Deathstroke. Ruined City Diorama with Diggle's Van and Arrow's Motorbike! £34.99 Ultimate Collector Sets S.T.A.R. Labs - Including, The Flash/Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash & Joe West The Arrow Bunker - Including, Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Black Canary, Ragman & John Constantine The Legends Wave Rider - Including, Rip Hunter, White Canary, A.T.O.M., Firestorm/Dr Martin Stein, HawkGirl & Vandal Savage Collectible Minifigure Series Black Canary (Sara Lance), Slade Wilson, Ra's Al Ghul, Oliver Queen (League of Assassins), Jay Garrick (Hunter Zolomon), Zoom, Jesse Quick, Eddie Thawne, Lisa Snart, Pied Piper, HawkMan, Vixen, Nate Heywood, Damien Darhk, James Olsen, Hank Henshaw (Cyborg) I know a lot of this wouldn't happen, but they are just some of my ideal thoughts! Let me know what you think, and the ideas you have!
  4. So I've been working on a custom Savitar based on the design in "the Flash". I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions, particularly regarding the head.
  5. It had started out as a normal day for Green Arrow. He had received a tip about people experiencing weird hallucinations near a little used pier of Star City. Figuring The Count was up to no good again, he went to investigate. He started rummaging through some of the crates near an old warehouse and discovered vials full of a strange liquid. He dialed up Barry and said "Hey, can you meet me in Star City? I think one of Batman's problems is extending his reach and I need a second opinion before bothering him. You know how he is." Before Green Arrow had finished hanging up The Flash had already zoomed up. He rapidly said, "Yep, looks like fear toxin, definitely Scarecrow, I'll go round up the rest of the League." Before Green Arrow had a chance to protest, saying that they could handle it by themselves, The Flash had already left. Arrow's next call was to Batman. "Hey," began Green Arrow, "One of your Gotham City freaks has wandered away from home and is trying to pull something in Star City." "I know," came the dark reply over the phone, "I've been tracking him. I'll be there shortly." This time, it wasn't before he hung up, but shortly after that the 2nd superhero to join him that night showed up on the pier. Batman glided in from the shadows and landed next to Green Arrow. "This is what we've found so far" Green Arrow said. Batman picked up one of the vials and looked at it closely. "This isn't Scarecrow's normal toxin," he said. All of a sudden Green Arrow heard a small gasp from Batman and turned to see Scarecrow plunging a syringe needle into Batman's neck. "That's because it's a new recipe" began the Scarecrow, "designed specifically for you Batman. Are you ready to embrace your fears?" "What are you up to this time Scarecrow?" demanded Batman as he staggered away from the crate a little. "Just getting you ready for your new ring" Scarecrow cackled. Green Arrow say a small yellow object fly through the air and attach itself to Batman's hand. Batman changed before his eyes as the yellow ring took hold and Sinestro's power began to take control. The rest of the Justice League was just beginning to arrive. But would they be able to stop a Batman driven by fear and powered with a yellow ring? Green Lantern shouted, "Quick! Scarecrow's toxin has made Batman's fears the driving force in his body. It's attracted one of Sinestro's Corps yellow rings. If we don't hurry, Batman will be a slave to Sinestro!"
  6. The Flash can never catch a break. After an encounter with Captain Cold, the Flash must deal with the villainous Reverse Flash but not everything is as it appears to be. Why does the Reverse Flash need the Flash's help? Find out and as always be sure to stay after the credits! Thanks for watching!
  7. My version of a futuristic Justice League. Inspired by the Justice League Unlimited from the Batman Beyond Universe and the Justice League 3000. Left to Right Green Arrow: With this version i decided to lose the hood and mask and use a fake face (Like in Batman Zero Year). I also gave him a fully armoured suit with arrows like Speedy from the Teen Titans show. The Flash: Out with the Red and Yellow and in with the White and Red. I thought i would give him i suit that lets him perform to the best of his abilities, not designed for looks. Wonder Woman: With all the rumours going around a Wonder Woman or a Justice League movie going around and a load of Fake images going around, it seemed like the modern way is the way to go. Really happy with this one! Batman: One of my favourites. I don't really like how everyone thinks he should have a big red logo on his chest so i was inspired by the leaked pictures of a Batman action figure from the next Man of Steel film to do something different. Superman: The first heavily inspired one from the Batman Beyond Universe. Since all the cloths and gear there have rectangle plates i decided to give him a all out armour look instead of a basic layer with the rectangle plates i was talking about. Green Lantern: With this one i went with the wise little monk from the Batman Beyond Universe, instead of a fully grown human being. I added that bag to the front of him to make it look like the Justice League 3000 version with the cool ghost looking cloak without the hood. Aquaman: With this one i lost the classic fish scale torso and went with a shark like body with fish arms. The creepy head makes him look less human too which is what i was aiming for. Overall i say this one turned out pretty good. So what are your thoughts?
  8. TonysBrickVault

    The Flash

    Quality Custom Bricks *edit* Photo re-sized to 800 px and it's lost some quality, check the website for full res. * These are for sale on Etsy, Ebay and my website; lThe printing is digital, and is just as durable as factory LEGO.