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Found 4 results

  1. The Lego Lad


    Hi, I am Adyant Pankaj. I like playing with Lego. Sometimes I spend hours playing with it. I also like soccer and learning to percussion. Contact Me: Feel free to contact at the information below, if you need any advise from me... or want to advise me.. YouTube Page - Special Message to You: As you know how much kids love playing with Lego, and trust me Lego is a very creative exercise. I can spend hours playing with Lego and always create new things using my imagination. There are many who do the same, even better than me ( I know), and then there are some who just stock these thousands of useful pieces away in some closet or a box. Here are some of my videos: How to make a custom Air Hockey Table using Lego Bricks and Pieces : by Adyant Pankaj Lego Mini Creations - The Lego Lad - Custom Lego Sets by Adyant Pankaj using Lego Bricks and Pieces How to make a Rocket Launch Station using Lego Bricks & Pieces by the Lego Lad - Adyant Pankaj 3 Easy Steps to create a custom Secret Star Wars Lab using Lego Bricks and Pieces by the Lego Lad How to make simple and unique cars using Lego bricks and pieces by The Lego Lad
  2. Johnny Bricks

    One More Brick

    One More Brick has many different unofficial LEGO models which are pretty cool. I have about 5 sets currently. I have made 2 video reviews of 2 of the sets, and I have more set reviews - official and unofficial - to come. My YouTube channel - Johnny Bricks - does LEGO set reviews, LEGO gaming videos, and other LEGO related stuff. Unofficial LEGO Blue Single Bed - One More Brick Unofficial LEGO Bookcase - One More Brick What do you guys think of the LEGO accessories? Perhaps, you could post your One More Brick sets below.
  3. Hey everyone. I've recently got into customizing minifigs and I have decided to make my own Custom Minifigs : Guardians of The Galaxy based on the latest GoG comics. This Project will include Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax and Iron Man Space Armor Mk III. ---Custom Minifig 1: Groot--- I've chosen to kickstart the project by building Groot since I felt it was the easiest to customize since he looks like a humanoid tree which does not require any specific symmetrical design. (Note : This custom Groot is more based on the movie version which I think looks better than the comic version) For Groot I've used a Woody minifig from the Toy Story series as the base. The height of the minifig is just perfect to represent Groot being taller than the rest of the Guardians. I then used Tamiya's Epoxy Putty on the minifig to sculpt the head,chest,back, legs and arms. I also used a random extra head I found in my storage while the hands are made from Wolverine's claws. The eyes are actually Gundam Customization parts which I bought from a local hobby store. It took me awhile to get the actual look that I wanted for Groot as not only this was my first time customizing a minifig but also my first time using any type of epoxy putty. Nonetheless,it turned out ok so far. Below are pictures of my Custom Groot Minifig (still in progress). My friend Benny Lee is helping me out with most of the paintjob for this whole project, so I will update on the finish custom minifig soon. For more pictures click here. Status : 100% Complete ---Custom Minifig 2: Iron Man Space Armor Mark III a.k.a Deep Space Armor--- Status : In Progress ---Custom Minifig 3:--- ---Custom Minifig 4:--- ---Custom Minifig 5:--- ---Custom Minifig 6:--- (Note : more updates on my next custom minifigs soon) Hope you guys like this project, thanks for checking out this topic and lemme know what you think. Cheers!
  4. TonysBrickVault

    The Flash

    Quality Custom Bricks *edit* Photo re-sized to 800 px and it's lost some quality, check the website for full res. * These are for sale on Etsy, Ebay and my website; lThe printing is digital, and is just as durable as factory LEGO.