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  1. TonysBrickVault

    Custom Iron Patriot

    There ya go, better photos, and differant angles. Thoughts guys?
  2. TonysBrickVault

    Custom Iron Patriot

    Yep, I need to take some new photos, but there is deffinitly printing all the way around. Even inside the holes on the legs.
  3. TonysBrickVault

    Custom Iron Patriot

    What do you think?
  4. TonysBrickVault

    The Flash

  5. TonysBrickVault

    The Flash Based on that style of suit. I did have a preview on my flickr but I took it down, you will see soon enough! ;)
  6. TonysBrickVault

    The Flash

    Thank you, we have an Iron Patriot variation in production now, im stoked, it looks sweeet!
  7. TonysBrickVault

    Iron Man vs. The Mandarin

    Love it, simple yet complex.
  8. TonysBrickVault

    Iron Men: Every current film armor in minifig form

    These are amazing! I would totally be willing to supply you with one of my customs in return for renders of the two I have available! Let me know, I sent you a message two days ago but it says you haven't read it yet. Thanks bud, get at me!
  9. TonysBrickVault

    Minifig Update

    Love the tats! I might want to buy some arms from you in the future if you would do to order!
  10. TonysBrickVault

    The Flash

    Quality Custom Bricks *edit* Photo re-sized to 800 px and it's lost some quality, check the website for full res. * These are for sale on Etsy, Ebay and my website; lThe printing is digital, and is just as durable as factory LEGO.
  11. TonysBrickVault

    Rookie's First Investigation

    Great! I miss this theme!
  12. TonysBrickVault

    Iron Man - Stark Mansion Redux

    This MOC is wonderful! I thought it was official and new!
  13. TonysBrickVault

    [REVIEW] 76009 Superman: Black Zero Escape

    This is a great set and a great review! Thanks buddy!
  14. TonysBrickVault

    Iron Men: Every current film armor in minifig form

    This is amazing! What program do you use to make the 3d models? Do you take requests because I was actually looking for some media of my customs rendered like this. Send me a message OP!
  15. TonysBrickVault

    Hi, I'm Tony!

    Thank you! This community is great can not believe I just found it!