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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I would like to introduce you to my cemetery MOC, which I have built a few weeks ago. I added lots of movie references, like "Back to the Future", "Beetlejuice", "Rocky", "Terminator", "Halloween" and "Scooby Doo". I hope you like it as well :)
  2. timmyc1983

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Hello everyone It's been a while since I've posted a MOC as I have been busy with . But I am proud to now show you the latest addition to my city, Brixton Valley. It's a modular style church! It consist of over 7000 bricks and is on four 32 x 32 baesplates, although the church itself is mostly on two of them.LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr It is quite large, although not as large as I anticipated when planning and building it. I was hoping it would be the largest building in town, but turns out the town hall is taller. I think it is still an impressive building for the city. It does feature stained glass all the way around, for the photos I put my ipod torch inside to show the stained glass off, right now I don't have any plans for permanent lighting inside. LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr It also features a graveyard/cemetery in which are several types of grave stones and 3 large trees. LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr So this is the basics of this MOC, should you be interested to see more photos please click here, or see below for the YouTube walkthrough tour: Please head on over to YouTube to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel for updates. I also encourage you to comment here and on YouTube and please hit that thumbs up button if you like the MOC. I also have a website dedicated to Brixton Valley, please head along: Until next time, happy building
  3. A Mitgardian widow mourns the death of her husband who fell in battle against the Algus: See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  4. Snarling, exhaling putrid hot air, the stone dragon approaches. Its footsteps shake the ground as I cower in fear, unable to move. It reaches me. As the dragon opens its mouth, preparing to attack, a strange thought enters my mind. The dragon, in a way, seems almost familiar, as though it were an old friend. But it does not regard me as a friend; the friend - the dragon - engulfs me with flame. I come back to consciousness in the graveyard, still half-able to feel the heat of the dragon's fire. I've had the same dream, every day, for weeks. For weeks I've been trying to interpret it, to make some sort of sense of it, but all my efforts have been a failure. This time, though, it was more vivid than before. I shake my head; it's useless to dwell on such thoughts. Trying my hardest to forget the dream, I walk solemnly to my parents' graves. A couple of old builds from the summer that I never got around to posting here. Some additional photos of the builds: Thanks for viewing!
  5. MUAHAHA! It's the spookiest time of the year, and time to show you my new LDD creation! And it's a halloween themed MOC, no less, so, without any further ado, let's take a stroll through the Saint Modular's Cemetary... This place is modular, but not Detective Office, or Parisian Restaurant Modular, but instead, every grave with it's parcel (and inhabitant ), is a module on it's own, connected via technic pins, so is the fencing and the gate. Now, St Modular's seems to be a quiet, somber place of rest for departed minifigs, but... On Halloween Night, right after clock strikes midnight, all hell breaks loose, and the graveyard gets haunted by popculture references, THE HORROR! When the night falls, and the full moon shines in all it's glory, the sky get's littered with all things paranormal. Ghosts racing through the night, flying saucers are here in search of inteligent life forms (good luck with that... ), and werewolf calls his pack on a hunt. Also, It beats me how a cursed sarcophagus with it's wrapped up owner got it's way here from Egypt, but whatever! Here we have, straight outta Sleepy Hollow, the Headless Horseman, and his trusty steed, rearing triumphally. But who's that mysterious fellow in black clothes and mask that every self proclaimed computer hacker seems to wear nowadays? Yup, It's Agent Smith Elrond V! And what does V stands for? Very cool MOC, obviously. And Vendetta. Moving on! There's a little Dance party here, with King of Pop Himself, immortalized as a minifig. Chucky, put down that knife, you sexy doll you, just look at that charming smile... Also, Slenderman's here. And a generic evil Mecha, don't mind him, he's aquiring his target, ahem, I mean having a good time... One, two, Freddy's coming for you... Nah, he's just hiding behind the grave, sneaky bastard... Right at the front Cthulhu would like to have a swim, but Sadako/Samara won't let him in her well... What a Halloween MOC would be without vampires? Unfortunately, Dracula, Count Orlok, Lestat and Count von Count couldn't come to the party, so we had to bring this guy, Edward Cullen. Darth Vader was so annoyed that he force-choked mr. Sparkly McStupidface. Damn, Pattison sure has tough luck, when it comes to dying at a graveyard, first You-Know-Who, and now another dark lord have killed him... But Wait, What's that green gooey stuff under the crypt's wall? Oh, these are just Xenomorph Eggs, But what is it? A young Yautja Warrior is trying to lay his hands on them... Watch out Hunter, there's an Alien queen, ready to defend her offspring, or rather incubating facehuggers... Despite this all happening, a plucky gravedigger on his nightshift seems to be not aware of the paranormal activity in his workplace. Well, you can see in his face he has some HAUNTING suspicion, that something EERIE is going on, but that was only autumn wind HOWLING, and giving him the CREEPS. Ok, I'll stop here this pun is so DREADful, it's SCARY... And, that's quite it, soon I'll upload the .lxf so you can dl it and admire it in it's whole glory. Happy Halloween Everybody! Also, there's one hidden character, did you spot Waldo? If so, post in comments!
  6. Trainmaster247

    Graveyard Scene The Living Yard

    Here we have a small graveyard with an escaped skeleton. There are glow in the dark plates in the grave to add accents and a red and white border just to draw attention to it.
  7. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bat in the Graveyard

    Bat in the Graveyard Scarecrow is attempting to bury the Dark Knight alive!—can the Boy Wonder save Batman in time and stop the master of fear? Enjoy ~Nemo