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  1. Dosenbrot

    Does this torso print actually exist?

    The chestplate design is from the 2013 Castle line, its just missing the crown symbol on it.
  2. I live near Innsbruck and go to school there too and my jaw dropped as soon as I saw the entire square. You really captured the feel of the place, instantly felt like home when I saw it. Tremendous work. Now you just need to add a mulled wine-stand for the full "Christkindl"-market experience .
  3. Dosenbrot

    MOD: Poe's X-Wing Booster

    Hey there, After seeing TLJ I made a quick MOD to Poe's X-Wing to include the booster he has on his ship. Poe's X-Wing Booster by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr Poe's X-Wing Booster 2 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr Poe's X-Wing Booster Assembly by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr
  4. Dosenbrot

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    How does the new First Order Star Destroyer compare its size against the 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer?
  5. Baze Malbus had it before, but only on the left right knee. (thanks Error404 for pointing that out ).
  6. Dosenbrot

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The lightning makes it very obvious, because the model in the picture is a lower quality render than those from LEGO itself.
  7. Dosenbrot

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Its obviously fake, just look at the poor render quality of the falcon, spring loaded shooters(!) and the cockpit, they used those window pieces for the normal MF set but not the old UCS one, why should they now? Really, this screams "fake" the very second I saw it...
  8. Oh man didn't know that, thanks for warning me!
  9. Dosenbrot

    The Darktic Roller - Mod of 70911

  10. Images of the 2 sets have been leaked. The Stormtrooper looks pretty standard, but has a great helmet and blaster is build as a rifle (long stock). The pauldron looks the same as the one of the Death-trooper. The Scout-trooper has a great helmet too, the body is also pretty standard and he seems to have new leg armor. The speeder looks pretty neat.
  11. Dosenbrot

    REVAMP - K-2SO

    Looks like he hit the gym and got some arm muscles (or cables).
  12. Dosenbrot

    [MOC]The Exterminator

    Some great techniques with the alien head and belly. I really want to know how he'd look like with Lukes head...
  13. Dosenbrot

    The Last of Us

    Terrific. The insane amount of detail these buildings have really brings them to life, all this greebling around to show how much they have fallen apart makes this an outstanding work of art!
  14. This is just like the Gorilla Grodd set all over again. Except there it was 347 pieces for 50 dollars ,but a whooping 70 € here in Europe. In these cases, patience is your best friend. Bought the Gorilla set half a year later for 40 €, so just wait here for a good price reduction.