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Found 5 results

  1. For those who are interested, I put together a review and Lepin vs LEGO comparison on my blog. Details are here.
  2. AmperZand

    End of Lepin and other bootleggers?

    This article on the BBC News' site gives hope that Lepin and other bootleggers' days are numbered. It looks like, under pressure from US brands and the US government, Chinese courts are starting to dispense meaningful rulings and penalties against those who infringe intellectual property rights. What do you think?
  3. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    LEPIN ripping off STAR WARS MOCs

    I've been notified that LEPIN is now stealing MOCS from AFOLs to potentially make into sets. This is new for me, and I don't know if this has been done before, but it is pissing me off, seriously! Many of us make MOCS and post instructions for free, others make MOCS and sell instructions - you can have your opinion on each of the two ways to go about this, but a third party openly planning to make money from the work LEGO-fans have put into models for fun and the community is plain disgusting. Have you seen this before? Has something been done about this in the past, or what can we do about this now? Removing LDD-files is an option, but this will also affect people who are fans themselves and would like to build other fans' models with their own LEGO-collection. I see LEPIN actively taking the fun out of MOCing here, and this needs to stop!
  4. TomOOO

    Lego clone to the extreme

    Hi I saw a you tube video on Lepin when trying to find lego technic 2017 sets and more detail on these future sets. The important point to me is that it is a complete line up of 2017 technic sets for 2017 done by Lepin. Of course from a legal perspective this is loss of IP (intellectual property) and loss of revenue (design is very expensive for Lego) and I have provided a legal discussion on this in detail elsewhere. Yes I know there is a current open dispute in the courts on this. The implications of this video content is that Lepin has exact copies and presumably the detail design before release which suggests thyat Lego have loss IP by either hacking or leak of IP from a person. Ie if you are trying to copy design, you need time to tool up the new pieces, and you need the design instructions to do this, and to bring these out for 2017 at the same time as Lego is quite a problem and suggest more than a "copy" but a loss secret knowledge. Very sad.
  5. Hi all! I'm new here and I just wanted to know what your opinions are on selling MOCs using clone bricks (not bootlegs). Currently, many MOCers are able to provide instructions, but people wanting to build those MOCs either have to: 1) spend a lot of time and money acquiring the necessary pieces over marketplaces like BrickLink, or 2) acquire the pieces from various LEGO sets. It seems as though people could benefit from having clone bricks fill this void, and 3) even if the entire set is available on BL, it's often limited by the bricks that are available on the market. Also, I know how horrible it is that LEPIN would steal designs from MOCers on LEGO Ideas. And I feel terrible that such companies would hurt the community that way and give competitor brands a bad rep. But stealing aside, given how LEGO constantly rejects great LEGO Ideas submissions (with 10k supporters), wouldn't it be great if there was a competitor brand who would take up those designs and turn it into actual sets? I've also been told that clone brands might be helpful in providing MOCers with bricks in certain colours, or out-of-production bricks. The reason I ask all this is because I perceived this need in the community and I was wondering if someone ever tried working with a clone brand manufacturer. I've spoken to a few MOCers to ask if they would like to monetise their designs using clone brands. They do appear interested in monetising, but their opinions differ over the use of clone brands (some were for it, but others couldn't because they felt it would affect their reputation). However, those were just a couple of views. I wanted to know what the wider community thought. Forgive me, I'm quite new to the LEGO community and maybe I don't understand all the issues fully. However, I would really appreciate knowing your thoughts.