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Found 24 results

  1. Settlement Name: Bardo Ownership: MCTC Location: An Toli Mayor: Colonel Oystrigde - @Sir Stig Who can own property in Bardo: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Bardo: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: Two large forts. Troops: 40 men (1 company of soldiers, 1 platoon of city guards). More information about Bardo can be seen in this post. Check out the Bardo Index. Please post links to any free-builds that take place in Bardo in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Bardo, post in this thread and fill out the web form. Original Map Sir Stig's Map:
  2. MCTC presents the annual Musicians Talent Fair 618! Category 1 - Preparations for the festival. Set up tents, build a scene, negotiate with venues about wage/free drinks/demand list/etc, the journey to Bardo. Show how you prepare for the festivities. Rules: You must provide a link to your entry below. You must submit your entry by the 6th of May, 12:00 PM, your time zone. Your entry must measure 8 studs in width and length, maximum 16x16 studs in width and length. There is no height restriction. Your entry may only have a minimal (2 stud) overhang. Only one prize maximum will be awarded per entrant. We’re looking for quality, not quantity, so you may only submit a maximum of two entries. You must be a BoBS member to participate, but you can belong to any faction. Category 2 - Performance. Show the world your sound of music. Display a music concept of your choosing that will be attending The Musicians Talent Fair. I will not put leading examples here. Anything is allowed, as long as it makes sound and/or is catchy. The location for the main event will be Bardo. Rules: Your entry must showcase a musician performing for the Musician’s Talent Fair. Your entry must be located in Bardo (post in the Bardo settlement thread). You must provide a link to your entry below. You must submit your entry by the 13th 20th of May, 12:00 PM, your time zone. Your entry must measure minimum 8x8studs in width and length, maximum 16x16 studs in width and length. There is no height restriction. Your entry may only have a minimal (2 stud) overhang. Only one prize maximum will be awarded per entrant. We’re looking for quality, not quantity, so you may only submit a maximum of two entries. You must be a BoBS member to participate, but you can belong to any faction. Category 3 - Social outreach. Build something related to music for the poor and unfortunate. Examples: performing for orphanages, choir, etc. This is where all nationalities can join to help bring the joy of music to people on the bottom. To show how much we all care. Or just to get an alibi as someone who takes social responsibility. Rules: Your entry must showcase a musicial setting aimed towards the lower classes. Your entry can be located anywhere in the Brick Seas. Post in the appropriate settlement thread. You must provide a link to your entry below. You must submit your entry by the 13th 20th of May, 12:00 PM, your time zone. Your entry must measure minimum 8x8studs in width and length, maximum 16x16 studs in width and length. There is no height restriction. Your entry may only have a minimal (2 stud) overhang. Only one prize maximum will be awarded per entrant. We’re looking for quality, not quantity, so you may only submit a maximum of two entries. You must be a BoBS member to participate, but you can belong to any faction. Prizes: A panel of judges will judge all entries and the best entry overall will become the Golden Bard of Bardo. Judge criterias will be based on both build, story and presentation. The winning entry in each category will be awarded 100 DBs. The runner-up in each category will be awarded 50 DB's. Every unlicensed entry will be awarded 10 DBs. Every licensed entry will be awarded 25 DB's.
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [MTF] Bardo or Bust

    This thread will be for my entries to the Bardo Musicians Talent Fair 618 Category 1 - Preparations for the festival It had been a long journey by sea for this group ... however they had little funds to spare as Miss Kitty fully insisted that real musicians ride in style in Bardo. So they contracted a deluxe carriage to ride them around in style. However the group found that this left them with a choice . . . food or lodging. A vote was taken and the decision made that they will camp out on the edge of town so as to not starve for the duration of the Fair. Billy Tom took to building a fire while Uncle Buck minded to the carriage. Miss Kitty and Willy McKoy also known simply as Slim took some time to practice picking and fiddling before night fell. And for those nay sayers that are counting studs and screaming that's not 16x16! Category 2 - Performance The day of the Preformance had came and it was time to preform .... The Stages they had built for the Fair were quite ornate and featured some of the loveliest carved wood that Billy Tom had ever seen ... and Billy Tom did consider himself a keen eye on a good piece of whittling. but the copper roof stained from the sea air with the gold embellishment was a sight to see for Willy. The group preformed this new age music ... they called it "FOLK MUSIC". They sung lovely songs such as "Ole Gregory Decker", "Good ole Bru-haha Brew", "Great Orchid Flower", and "Run Pontelli Pets Run" (OCC: Yes I'm aware of the historical inaccuracy of the music links ... but hey this is BoBs and I was trying to tink of songs to link with BoBs events lol. yes Jug bands date back to the 1600s) Category 3 - Social outreach The sisterhood of the Order of the Sacred Serpent were more than happy to have the Folk Group come to the Home for Wayward Abandon and Lost Youths. While some of the children genuinely showed interest in the music others seemingly just wanted to play keep way ... as Billy Tom soon found out while chasing down a youngster who had stolen his bowler. Comments are more than welcome ..
  4. A smart merchant has set up his stall. Get them now! Be warned! It's the annual noice production season again! Protect your hearing! protect your brains! Get them Now!! Buy them here! The only true noise stoppers in the colonies. Just 10 cents the piece! Get them Now! Protect your ears! My entry for category 1 of the Musical Talent Fair in Bardo of 618 Bart
  5. In Weelond, Gov. Willem Guilder, Aaron van der Meede, and Pieter Reyngout announced their campaign to represent Eslandola's citizens of the Sea of Storms in the Colonial Council. And so they sailed to Bardo, the center of all activity on Eslandola's other island in the region. Around the fountain in front of the Bardo Town Hall, Col. Oystridge, the Mayor of Bardo, introduced the trio to a waiting crowd. Col. Oystridge spoke first. "It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Bardo in the first year of our Colonial Council. ..." After a few words, he turned things over to Gov. Guilder. "Thank you, Colonel, for your service to Bardo, the region, and all of colonial Eslandola!" Guilder began. Turning to the crowd, "I hope that, along with Mr. van der Meede and Mr. Reyngout, I can represent you as well in the coming year as Col. Oystridge has done for the past year." Guilder introduced his running mates and extolled their virtues, both being members of the town council in Weelond, "both local businessmen who know what it's like to carve out a new life in the islands of the Sea of Storms." Then he spoke of his own history in the islands, rising from dock agent to Director of the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company to Eslandola's Secretary of Trade. Guilder then spoke about the need for active leadership in the council. "This is an easy time to become complacent. The war with Mardier is over, the dispute over Isla de Victoria and its refugees resolved, and trade ships sail the seas once more without threat of privateers or foreign navies. Our settlements in the east continue to grow, and new horizons are open to our trade fleets. But unless we are vigilant, making sure our home ports are healthy, and alert to the ever-changing political landscape of the Brick Seas, this time of peace can be squandered." Guilder looked around to make sure the crowd was paying attention. "I was saddened earlier this year when Román Esteban Fontonajo stepped down from his position as Admius Legistrad. He was a strong leader of our Colonial Council and is dearly missed. It is his example -- of stepping up to leadership when called -- that inspires me in many ways." Guilder paused to quietly clear his throat. "And as I stand before you here today, no one has stepped up to lead us in the new year. No one has announced their candidacy for the office of Admius Legistrad. I cannot stand by and watch our ship sail on with no one at the helm. Therefore, as well as serving you as a representative of the Sea of Storms, I ask you to support me in leading all the regions of colonial Eslandola as Admius Legistrad!" The announcement caught everyone by surprise, but the reaction was more than Guilder could have hoped for. The crowd broke out in cheers of "Admius Legistrad!" Guilder raised his cane in acknowledgment. And so, Willem Guilder threw his hat in the ring for a position he had not sought, but one that he felt he must now seek, for the good of Eslandola and its colonies. ------ One more pic of the build: ---------- This is my build to announce Guilder's candidacy for Admius Legistrad. The town hall is copied from Sir Stig's build from last year. I copied it as practically as I could, but did not have the pieces necessary to build it to its full width (or full detailing). it's always fun to work with his designs, as he usually creates good architectural relief and detail that I struggle with. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  6. Bardo is known for it annual music festival, and one of the constant reminders of the importance of music in this island town is the statue of the Pied Piper at the center of a small fountain near the center of town. Children and animals seem drawn to the statue. Some say the wind plays an alluring tune when it blows around the statue at just the right direction off the ocean. And local custom has turned the fountain into a wishing well. And it's not just children who throw coins in the well; couples also believe the fountain brings good luck. A view of the full build: ------------ A quick build to add a small art & culture property to Bardo. All C&C welcome.
  7. Umbra-Manis

    New Recruits in Bardo

    A new target range has been assembled in Bardo for the education of new volunteers. One officer from the city's troop detachment is currently training two new recruits in the art of basic marksmanship. However it would appear that these two are less than competent in the basics of firearms.... Licensed as small education in Bardo. It's nice to finally post something new in BoBS!
  8. It's harvesting season in Bardo on An Toli. Eager workers are doing their business and collect the cotton. Which is then transported to the manufacturing facilities. Especially to those of MCTC itself, like the huge one in Weelond. Will this ball of cotton become a shirt? Or a pair of trousers? Who knows, who knows... Lady Estrella and her niece Clara enjoy the flowers in the garden. Estrella once demanded that small garden, to have some deviation from the ever-white cotton fields. Clara however is always keen on learning new details. "How is that flower called?", "Why does cotton not grow on trees like apples?", "How did MCTC become so rich", "Why don't we build ships that can fly like birds?". Lady Estrella smiled and just thought to herself "you silly little girl". This poor guy is running away in pure horror. He must have seen something incredibly terrifying. Or from someone... Does he have an upaid debt? Or has committed some minor crime? Or maybe he has done nothing wrong at all, like others before him? Who knows, but fleeing seems an appropriate response anyway. The fields are in full growth, the cotton is ready. Believe it or not, Bardo is not only known for its Musicians, but also for its huge cotton plantations.
  9. Here we are at the end of the tour - after everything else you have seen we come to the farm, where the family and the workers get some of their food from. IMAG4060 by Phadeout, on Flickr As you can see the cotton isn't being harvested here although that will surely be rectified soon. IMAG4065 by Phadeout, on Flickr Many of the workers are out on the farm at the moment, the carrots and apples are ready for harvesting. IMAG4075 by Phadeout, on Flickr Apparently a Very Important Person is over at the main house and is asking for some Bardo bacon, it seems it is becoming very well known, sensing the end is nigh Gustav the porker has made a break for it and is dashing off down the road as fast as his little piggy legs can carry him - the cook is furious, the VIP isn't known for his tolerance and the cook is well aware he could soon be looking for another job... IMAG4074 by Phadeout, on Flickr One final look at the farm, hope you enjoyed your tour of the MCTC's Royal Plantation in Bardo, remember the MCTC when you need large quantities of cotton and cotton goods which are available from our factory in Weelond. IMAG4067 (1) by Phadeout, on Flickr
  10. This is my 3rd FB, so Approvals from Corrington, Oleon and Sea Rats is most welcome. The Musician Fair had been a success in all regards, except for the garden in front of the Town Hall. The Town Hall was situated close to the northeast dock entrance, and was Victor Servadacs most elaborate building so far, closely followed by the restoration work on the church. Colonel Oystridge was looking forward to greeting people here. Lanterns makes it cozy to work long hours. And the flags are finally starting to appear. The 1st floor is packed with influences Victor gathered from Oleon architecture, but not without an Eslandolan twist. The door, made of sturdy wood from Salida Este, gives off a solid and pleasant knocking sound. And a fountain is situated in front of the building. Perfect for cooling down after some hard weeks of binge drinking singing and dancing. The inside is ready to be filled with furniture. There was even some spoils left after the fair.
  11. Here is the church: And here is the steeple: I got a little busy, so I don't have the inside and the people ready yet. But I have some of the furniture ready.
  12. 56 years or more have passed since Eslandola claimed Bardo, but the details of what happened have been forgotten as time have gone by. Colonel Oystridge flicked through the pages of some of the books he had recieved from the old branch of the White Glove Order. As he flicked through the pages he found part of a journal mentioning the conquest of Bardo. "The Oleans have managed to secure Lebellan. It is a mystery how they managed to send those amount of troops, with the turmoil on the continent. Nonetheless, we must push forward, and make a safe haven for Eslandola. The scales must not be tipped. I have adviced Commandante Grandiego to secure the inlet of a lagune on the northeast part of an island south of Lebellan." "Commandante Grandiego is said to be the man to lead Eslandolas army to victory. I have heard stories of his many victories, and his skills with the sword makes grown men shiver. But after he lost his shield arm, I have some concerns. He is a sturdy man, but his gaze have been void and lately he seems to be lost in his thoughts." "I must trust he has everything under control. I am reassured by the fact that he is often down by the shore and checks upon the fortification." "I hope he does not fall for the curse, as the signs have foretold. He must stop the Oleans from taking An Toli. Or we will all be praying Zeus to spare our lives sooner than later..." Colonel Oystridge raised his eyebrow. "Well, that's strange. Where is the rest of it?" His curiosity was peaked and he dived into the old books from the Order. He had never really been interested in the Orders stuff. He had been in it for the doubloons and influence. Perhaps it was time to delve deeper into the Orders writing and annotations.
  13. After weeks of scourging through every book from the Order, Colonel Oystridge finally found more transcripts from the journal without an author. "It was a disaster. I would never have thought Commandante Grandiego was capable of such vile acts. Even in the face of such indignity. The fort was merely finished, before we were surprised by Oleon forces attacking from land. How had they managed to get there without notice is a mystery." "They caught us by surprise and the disciplined Olean forces slaughtered most the Eslandolan army and they made a steady advance." "Commandante Grandiego, one of the most esteemed warlords of the Eslandola Empire, lost his wits. Even if he had heard about the new weapons that Corrington and Olean had rolled out through their ranks, this was the first time he experienced their devastation. They put the fear of Hades in him." "As Grandiego ordered his men to lay down arms, a young redheaded corporal had already charged the Oleans flank with a few mercenaries." "Their attack was ferocious. Brutal. Savage. the exact opposite of the Olean tactics, and they were overwhelmed by the fearless assault." "When the Oleon commander fell by a shot from the young corporal, the rest of the Oleon army surrendered." "But it was what happened after the battle that Eslandola never should forget. Commandante Grandiego pride was so hurt that he punished the young corporal for disobeying orders, instead of promoting him for winning the battle. The Oleon prisoners of war never came reached the settlement. This dishonorable conduct was to much for the young red headed corporal. He deserted soon after with his trusted friends. Some say he was hunted down and killed. But rumors persisted that he turned to pirating." So ended the journal entry. Colonel Oystridge stared out the window towards the inlet of the bay. "I think I have to take a walk out to and around the old fort. I suspect I have to write a letter the Oleon Crown, if the story turns out to be true. Ouh.. those poor families. They need to know the truth...". He sighed and fell a tear in the silence of his chamber.
  14. The City Gate of Bardo is fitted with a tower where the guard greet visitors. And a bell, in case of raiders.
  15. In Central Bardo Instruments have been hard to come by around Bardo since the Musician's Talent Fair was announced. So one member of the local militia built a frame and borrowed a Sea Rat from the Jail. The sound isn't the best, but's it's fun to play! My entry for the MTF! The road was inspired by one of Kai's recent builds. C&C welcome!
  16. Bardo has a famous brass band: Bardo's Lonely Hearts Club Band must have been around for some twenty years now. .. but they are still guaranteed to raise a smile ... or two. Here you can see these guys performing for the Musician’s Talent Fair.
  17. For your viewing pleasure a stripped down entry. Showcasing the outstanding vocal talents of Esmeralda Escobar and the heart-wrenchingly beautiful piping of Tomasito. As with all their performances it has all gotten a bit much for one of the audience who is proposing marriage through his tears. But Esmeralda sings for a man who went seeking his fortune out beyond the discovered islands and cares not for the attentions of "tired and emotional" sailors. Musician's Build by Phadeout, on Flickr The full build with the place looking a bit livelier is going to be a freebuild I'll put up later. I had so much fun building this I decided to expand the idea into a small tavern.
  18. Alejandro de la Calle had travelled to Bardo aboard the Fénix to meet a man who was going to introduce him to some men in the MCTC, realsiing that true financial success could best be achieved through some cooperative ventures Alejandro had travelled to meet his contact, but fair winds had meant he arrive a day earlier than anticipated and so he set off for a stroll around town to check out the local nightlife. Not having gone far he stopped to listen outside a white walled tavern called the Drunken Angel, through the usual sounds of a rum bar at the weekend he couldn't escape from the most beautiful voice he had ever heard, he stepped inside and joined the party, immediately he decided he had made the right choice to visit Bardo during it's prestigious Musical Fair. The crowd had clearly been at it for some time, he saw a man weeping to himself in one corner and many drunken revelers jostling for space near the stage. One Olean naval man, in town with a small exploratory boat Alejandro had seen on his arrival, was shouting abuse in the general direction of the stage. Alejandro caught the eye of a barmaid, ordered a "special" drink for the navy man and had the barmaid deliver it. Within 5 minutes the loudmouth was sweating buckets and struggling to not vomit, the crowd laughed and Alejandro slipped into a private booth smiling to himself and enjoying the music. Adoring masses (i) by Phadeout, on Flickr Adoring masses (iii) by Phadeout, on Flickr Adoring masses (vi) by Phadeout, on Flickr Adoring masses (vii) by Phadeout, on Flickr
  19. By limiting the number of entries, you leave me no choice. I present for the Musician’s Talent Fair… The Amazing Amadeus and his One-Man Band When the Amazing Amadeus heard of the MCTC music festival, he knew he must be there for his many fans. He and his partner, Ludwig, packed their gear and caught the first ship for Bardo. Once there, they were barely onto the street beneath the festival banners before they were mobbed by their adoring fans. Mrs. Hendriksen is here. It’s one of the highlights of the year for her! Another fan waves as the band marches by. As Ludwig marches down the street playing the bagpipes, bugle, drums, and cymbals simultaneously, Amadeus works the crowd. Here one of their young fans shows his appreciation. Amadeus figures this gig will pay well. It should keep him in bananas for quite some time.
  20. This is my 3rd Free Build. Approvals will be accepted with gratitude, and critique met with an open mind ;) Colonel Oystridge was greeted by Victor Servadac, as soon as he arrived on An Toli. "Colonel, it's an honor to meet you. I have been hard at work, getting others to work, and the surgeons office is ready to move in. Only needs some furniture. And, ah, well... a surgeon." Victor explained to the Colonel. "Good, good. I have contacted my old army surgeon. A most effective man. Soon no one have to fear for their life working in Bardo. The odds for survival will be here. We'll use cloth from the factory, and we need a wagon from Wilfredo's" "This calls for a celebration. Cigar?", offered the colonel. "Yes, please. I've heard it's good for your health.", Victor accepted. The White Glove Order ornament turned out alright, I think. Inside needs a little more work, but the need for a surgeons office was dire, so it will have to do until the surgeon arrives (last day to submit february fb's). What category would this be? Artisan does not feel quite right, but commerce doesn't either. I guess artisan will be the closest?
  21. Welcome to Wilfredo's Wagons, the only best wainwright in Bardo! Run by Wilfredo and his son, it's the only finest place to buy a wagon in Bardo! This shop is set up to be modular, so hopefully i can build a whole street of shops! C&C Welcome!
  22. The food shortage on Bardo have left the town storage empty. While waiting for shipping bright minds within the WGO had the idea of renting out small spaces to individuals, allowing them to travel to other places in these hard times. Having the opportunity of leaving their belongings behind also gave them a reason to return, when the crisis passes. For a small fee, that in turn gives the town means to import food until their own production is up and running. Marcel Penidãs, a robust man well into his thirties, had worked at docks his whole life. He was to be in charge of handling the daily business. With direct access to the sea and a crane, his workload was less than before and the was pay a little bit better. His first customer was a young man that were going to seek his fortune as a sailor after being dismissed at the textile factory, due to an accident that had ruined his depth perception. To reassure people that their goods was safe, the city watch had dispatched a cannon and assigned guards to watch the entrance day and night. Comments: This build draws heavy inspiration from 6244 Armada Sentry, but I hope I have made enough changes so that is not a problem. The two openings towards the back of the roof is intended for a future city wall extension, and the reason it is offset of the baseplate is that I intend to raise the main level of the city using a 2 cm plate of wood (2 brick height). I took this pictures at the same time as my first free build and the challenge entries, and am aware of the hard shadows. I got some good advice from Dr_Spock (here, and Gideon was kind enough to share his photo setup-up (here, that I will try to replicate as best I can for my next builds (without the tripod unfortunately).
  23. This is my fourth and final free build of the month. I tried to add some more texture, details and sombre colors on this build. Approvals and critique most welcome. Word spread quickly that there was something going on in Bardo. Almost every boat brought extra passengers that were seeking opportunities for a good life on this wonderful island. Victor had gotten hold of several houses, which he converted for rental purposes. Most people could not afford their own house yet, so to make them feel welcome he provided a place to call home until they hopefully settled for good. A possible tenant had just inspected one of Victors newest aquisitions. There was already a woman, very fond of flowers and such, renting the upper floor. Victor had not gotten around to talk to her yet. Every time he passed the shutters was closed and no one answered the door, so she must be a busy woman. Round the back, was her entrance. The stairs just behind an old palm tree. At the moment she was changing the earth on one of her plants... Edit: Hmm, I forgot to change the window shutters on the back, and I tried a snot technique on the ground floor that I did not get pictures of. I will add a picture of that after my camera battery is charged, if I still have some light.
  24. "The weft and weave of fate guides the life and action of all sides, and through the tides of time they paint the hands of sinners and of saints." - The Kindred (Probably, I found this poem on twitter) This is my 3rd freebuild, so if you are not Eslandian, feel free to approve if you like what you see. Victor wobbled his way in a hurry, after getting words that the first test shipment had arrived. He had worked hard and long to put everything together, and finally it was time to see the result of his effort. The building was half constructed when the WGO got their gloved hands on it. How it went about he had no clue, but it was a good thing they got it because it was the only building in Bardo that fitted his needs. The window of opportunity was wide open. Long and with lots of windows, it was perfect for taking advantage of Bardos long exposure to the sun. A couple of traders where delivering a crate of the shipment as he arrived the pearly gates. He heard a lot of hustling and bustling from inside. "This is the finest fabric I've ever touched. Servadac will surely be pleased with this test run. The exquisite quality of the Fontanajo cotton makes all the difference in the world", a worker was saying as Victor entered the factory entrance. "Ah, yes it fits, it runs, it Works!!", Victor exclaimed when he saw the machine in action. The attic had room for storing raw cotton, and the finished product was going straight to the docks. The WGO had aquired the prototype of a device named "Spinning Penny" from a Corrington engineer. The setup enables the work of at least 10 spinners to be carried out by a few. There is a slight risk of injuries, but the machine does not require much skills, and workers are easily replacable. As long as there is doubloons to be made, they will come in masses begging to be a part making Fontanajo quality fabric. My photographic ligh conditions opportunity was very brief. Especially the outside shots was a bit dark. I adjusted the brightness of the interior shot to see anything, so the colors are a bit off. Smog have covered my area for weeks, but today I got 15-20 minutes. I had to photograph a residence, my vessel and the factory, so it was hectic. I am very satisfied with this build, but I have not used much advanced techniques, except for the Spinning Jenny (or Penny as I called her). Comments and constructive critique is most welcome :) Edit: And of course I have to give a big thank you to the Cotton King, Román Esteban Fontonajo (Elostirion), for letting the WGO process and make his familys cotton available to the general public.