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Found 2 results

  1. In Weelond, Gov. Willem Guilder, Aaron van der Meede, and Pieter Reyngout announced their campaign to represent Eslandola's citizens of the Sea of Storms in the Colonial Council. And so they sailed to Bardo, the center of all activity on Eslandola's other island in the region. Around the fountain in front of the Bardo Town Hall, Col. Oystridge, the Mayor of Bardo, introduced the trio to a waiting crowd. Col. Oystridge spoke first. "It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Bardo in the first year of our Colonial Council. ..." After a few words, he turned things over to Gov. Guilder. "Thank you, Colonel, for your service to Bardo, the region, and all of colonial Eslandola!" Guilder began. Turning to the crowd, "I hope that, along with Mr. van der Meede and Mr. Reyngout, I can represent you as well in the coming year as Col. Oystridge has done for the past year." Guilder introduced his running mates and extolled their virtues, both being members of the town council in Weelond, "both local businessmen who know what it's like to carve out a new life in the islands of the Sea of Storms." Then he spoke of his own history in the islands, rising from dock agent to Director of the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company to Eslandola's Secretary of Trade. Guilder then spoke about the need for active leadership in the council. "This is an easy time to become complacent. The war with Mardier is over, the dispute over Isla de Victoria and its refugees resolved, and trade ships sail the seas once more without threat of privateers or foreign navies. Our settlements in the east continue to grow, and new horizons are open to our trade fleets. But unless we are vigilant, making sure our home ports are healthy, and alert to the ever-changing political landscape of the Brick Seas, this time of peace can be squandered." Guilder looked around to make sure the crowd was paying attention. "I was saddened earlier this year when Román Esteban Fontonajo stepped down from his position as Admius Legistrad. He was a strong leader of our Colonial Council and is dearly missed. It is his example -- of stepping up to leadership when called -- that inspires me in many ways." Guilder paused to quietly clear his throat. "And as I stand before you here today, no one has stepped up to lead us in the new year. No one has announced their candidacy for the office of Admius Legistrad. I cannot stand by and watch our ship sail on with no one at the helm. Therefore, as well as serving you as a representative of the Sea of Storms, I ask you to support me in leading all the regions of colonial Eslandola as Admius Legistrad!" The announcement caught everyone by surprise, but the reaction was more than Guilder could have hoped for. The crowd broke out in cheers of "Admius Legistrad!" Guilder raised his cane in acknowledgment. And so, Willem Guilder threw his hat in the ring for a position he had not sought, but one that he felt he must now seek, for the good of Eslandola and its colonies. ------ One more pic of the build: ---------- This is my build to announce Guilder's candidacy for Admius Legistrad. The town hall is copied from Sir Stig's build from last year. I copied it as practically as I could, but did not have the pieces necessary to build it to its full width (or full detailing). it's always fun to work with his designs, as he usually creates good architectural relief and detail that I struggle with. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  2. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad It seemed as if all inhabitants of Salida Este on Ferro Azure were on their feet, when Román Fontonajo's ship, the Colonia, arrived at port. The governor of Nellisa disembarked, and the news quickly spread, and a crowd followed him, already shouting his name. He arrived at the town square, more than hundred people already following him. More and more were coming. Perfect. He climbed a podium, that had quickly been set up by some of the Colonia's sailors. He gave Clarissa a hand and helped her up. Fontonajo gave the crowd a while to fully gather and calm down again, before he started. "Hello Salida Este, glorious Eslandolan beauty - here on Ferro Azure!" Jubilation. "And how great you all look today!" Cheering, again. "And I am glad I still look healthy as well. - As some of you may have heard already a Mardierian assassian tried to kill me while I was visiting Elysabethtown yesterday!" Of course none of them could know yet, and the crowd was shocked. Always use your harm to your advantage. "Only due to the alertness and great presence of mind of my loyal guard Betito Carpato we could bring the assassin down. Betito, my dear friend - I know you don't like the attention, but please, do me the favour and come up here. The great people of Salida Este want to give you your well-deserved applause!" Betito climbed the stage, feeling absolutely out of place when the crowd cheered for him. Don Fontonajo had been right, Betito thought. He had indeed never liked attention. But Román meant it, he really wanted to do Betito a favour. And in fact, he did. As the crowdapplauded noone but him, the man in the shadows, for saving the life of one of Eslandola's most famous men... positive shivers went down his spine, and he did enjoy it. "Let me tell you", Román continued, "I am glad to be here. Yet the failed assassination attempt on my very person has also opened my eyes. We need to think even further beyond! How can we protect our children from such harm?!" Betito was still on the stage. He really seemed to start enjoying it. Good. Sure he deserved the honour for all his service. But Román also had further plans with him. He needed people around him whose loyalty went beyond money. Betito was one of few. The guard had to get used to it. But time to continue convincing Ferro Azure. ... And for more than half an hour Román talked to the people of Salida Este, picturing his plans and visions for future Eslandola. ... And then it was time for the final blow. "Eslandola, I say! Beyond today, beyond tomorrow, beyond us! Standing here in front of you, the most wonderful pioneers of our magnificent new world, the people of Salida Este, I have realized that even I need to do more. Representing our beloved Sea of Thieves region cannot be enough to shape the future of Eslandola the way we all imagine it!" A brief pause, no more. "I hereby announce my candidacy for Admius Legistrad, first among equals in the Colonial Council, representative of all Eslandolans! Support me, and I will lead us all to the most glorious future, even brighter than you can imagine it now! FOR ESLANDOLA!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And thus the final part of Román Esteban Fontonajo's campaign for Admius Legistrad has been finished. It was a great journey and some huge fun. I hope you enjoyed the storyline and the small MOCs coming with it. Shots of the market booths: