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  1. vepsi

    Modified Ninjago City & Docks

    Thanks! Ninja turtle sewers would be great! Below ground level adds a lot of possibilities for city building. City Gardens will be added :) For that I'm still missing some more inspiration. I might want to combine Palace Cinema or some other modular building into City Gardens, but before that I will do at least one other moc. No photos of connected sets at moment, sorry. I do have modified modular sets with basement levels but they don't fit at all next to this set. I'm currently working on a moc that is designed to extend this set, I will post photos of that in 6 months or so when it is done. Here's link to my modified Old Fishing Store. It almost fits next to this set but because styles and heights are little different, I have decided to redo the Fishing Store.
  2. vepsi

    Modified Ninjago City & Docks

    Well, this was an epic project. It took two years and several complete iterations get things the way I wanted to. Frustration at times was high but I learned much. Ninjago City and Docks are both great sets but I wanted to modify both by adding one more level below street level so that these sets would better fit next to my other modified modular buildings. Adding another level also works really well when there's a ship docked, picture of that comes later in the post. Another level also gave me a change to include one even more older level of ninjago city. I will add photos here from each layer. I'll start from the top and remove rooms one by one. Toilet/Tower was moved away from sushi restaurant to decrease the overall hight of the building. There is now more room for ninjas to enjoy lunch, under a cherry tree if they wish. Entrance to the restaurant is through the dragons mouth, and the dragon itself is an elevator connecting every level. (Ninjas - please leave your hidden weapons at the entrance.) The yellow room on the right and the turquoise tower on back are identical to original set. Small changes to crap restaurant and to the comic store so that they can be removed from main build without the street. The arcade is now slightly larger and I was able to to fit one more game inside. It is a Kill Bill themed sword game. When restaurant and other builds on the front are removed, you can see that there is an access to the toilet tower through ladders, not an easy path but accessible anyway. In the middle of this structure there is an opening that goes all the way down to the very bottom level. These rooms are quite similar to what they were originally in Ninjako City Docks. Behind the dojo there was small space unused, It has a shrine or golden armor inside now. Behind the toilet there is a young boy firing a rocket. The original city Dock clearly had two facades, front and back, both very well detailed. I only need one side to look good so I did try to get all possible details on the front side. It was sometimes incredibly difficult to get modified builds to fit together, it would have definitely been easier to just redo all rooms with new design :) The second street level is one single build and it connects everything together. This layer makes the whole building very rigid! The cash machine in front has a new mechanism for getting money out. You can see the green topped piece connected to a techic axle in the images above. This axle is connected to a lever in front of the street and by pulling the lever, money comes out. This mechanism works really well and is easy to use because lever is at front. Below the second street level are food stalls and small shops, several builds borrowed from Chinese New Year Temple Fair. Teehouse and the bedroom are very similar to the original build. The round window might be new, and the cherry tree behind it looks and feels nice. Cleaning robot is moved one level below. Builds from the Temple Fair added. It is really crowded in here and a lot of stuff from the Temple Fair. I like how the advertisements on the second floor wall look like. They are angled downwards and kept in place by ninjago swords. The second floor on back also has a minor play feature, the gray barrel can be dropped onto the street level to cause mayhem. I'm depating with my self if street levels should be covered with tiles or not. Here I kind of like the look but on the outside streets I would probably prefer tiled streets. The middle market part can be removed separately. This new room is for map maker. It includes some parts from the City Docks. Small storage inside the cabinet and below the bed. Below this build are more food stalls. And now the last level. It has full heigth and minifigures can easily fit in here. This level includes space for robots, fishery, mason's workshop and metal workshop. On the front there's a hidden compartment for posters. Fish processing has a small room at the back. It is connected to the elevator by a drawbridge and fishingboats can moor right next to it. On the front, next to mason's workshop is the room for maintenance robots. The walking robot is the same one from Ninjago City. The boat robot is new and it's responsibility is to keep the waters clean. The robot floats even if it falls overboard for some reason. The last room in this building is the metal workshop. Workshop has a sliding door, lathe, drill and several metal pieces. Friends photo poster doubles as a girl calendar :D On the front there are two smoking pipes and under the workshop table there is a secret hatch to a room underneath. These indicate that there is something even more older below this level. Here's a photo of the building when everything possible is removed. Yes, the dragon is tall, really tall in real life when other builds are not present. Elevator can be moved by a wheel which is on the other side of the dragons head. A string is connected to the elevator platform and unlike original elevator in the Ninjago City, this one is a single structure and elevator can easily move all the way from the bottom to the top. There are some ladders in this building but everything is mainly accessible by the elevator. There are a lot of different builds in this and the feeling when I put everything back together is really rewarding :) Here are some final photos of this building with Destiny's Bounty docked. All these photos and more in greater detail can be found from here:
  3. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    Sorry about the delay. I added 3 more photos to my Flickr album from 3 sides. Hope this helps :)
  4. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    Hi Kevin. Thank you! Is there a specific section that you want more photos? I have more photos in flickr if they help, but if you need close up photos of anything I can take them. Btw. I'm about to destroy and rebuild this mod. I want to add some ninjago style elements and make it compatible with my mod of city docks (work in progress). Modded city docks
  5. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    I've added some photos to my flickr album (click attached image). Ask for more photos if you are interested in any particular detail. I would say that it is almost impossible to replicate anyone's moc without instructions. So my advice is to not to try and make a perfect copy but take inspiration from other builds and use what pieces you have available. '
  6. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    Oh, that's a tricky question. I would estimate that the moc has twice as much pieces as the original. You will definately need a lot of water pieces and gray slopes but the rest is pretty easy.
  7. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    Ok. I will take some more photos and probably add information why I have built the house this way. I need a few days, I've got a lot of other things to do also :)
  8. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Old Fishing Store

    Sorry no instructions for the modified building. But I can provide you with more photos of any details if you are interested? I would say that the base works very well and that it is better than the original. Anyone interested in modifying the Old Fishing store could start from something similar. But. I wanted to built this model in a way that it would be easier to show the insides of the store, I dont think I succeeded in that. I have my models in a shelf, so no access through back door.
  9. The Old Fishing store is great set like it is but after a while some things started bothering me. I felt that this set should full coastal building and not just on shore, it needed water. Second big issue was that the shop dimensions did not feel correct when placed among other modulars. To me it looked like a big warehouse but insides revealed a shop that should take much less space. There isn't any clear way to connect it to other modulars anyway. I also did not like the loose parts inside the store. But the colors, design and overall feeling of 21310 is 10/10! Here's how my modded building looks like It is still a fishing store but I have added storage extension to it's side and a small boat repair area under the house. The entrance to this building from other modulars style buildings is on the right side of the image above. There is a rocky hill behind the house and stairs leading to it's top and that can be used to access another building that would be added to other side of this store. This building is build on top of some rocks but mostly over water. The dock is about 8 brick above the baseplate so I hope that even a bigger ship would look ok if placed in front of this. It is dark in there. Simple rowing boat docked. The water looks awesome as it disappears into darkness. The building has of course removable roofs. The store owner lives in here and the room is totally full of stuff. There are books, maps, weapons, tools and even a cannon! The story here is that the store owner is an old sea captain and he has laid out all his maps of unfound treasures on the table and he is planning to go and look for them. From the first floor there is already visible the warehouse area that at the moment has mostly empty boxes and on the back wall the ramp that could be used to get onboard a docked ship. The upper floor can be removed. Top view of the first floor. It is at least as full of stuff as was the original. Stairs to below the building are on the right side. The right side has freezer for the fish, fishing rods, propellers and other stuff. One full wall can also be removed to make it easier to see and access the first floor. The second floor of the tower is extra compared to the original, there are different flags stored in there. The building is suprisingly sturdy even without one wall and it is not necessary to remove the wall when the whole first floor is removed to reveal areas below the building. Top view of the basement. Top part has on the right the cliffs that could be used to access yet another building. I have plans for a lighthouse. The water level on top part is still empty, I might add a shipwreck in there someday. Middle right side has a small dock and some tools for repairing a boat. Left bottom part underneath the tower has treasure chest. I really enjoyed building this. I had good plans before I started the build and I desided to make the first few iterations of the build as quickly and simple as possible. It was much easier and faster to build this than my previous mod of the detective's office. Next one will be the ninjago docks or the city. Have a look at the other mod I've done Detective's Office mod
  10. vepsi

    [MOC] Modified Detective's Office

    Thank you. I agree with everything you said. The facade on pool hall is odd and needs some more attention. I saw a few photos of your moc when I was looking for other peoples mocs of DO but I did not find your flicker account. I really like your version too. It's fantastic how different our mods look like even though the starting point is the same. Original DO is great but mods make it even better. Here's a detail from opening facade. This small lock type thing holds the wall in place when it is closed. It is just a brick with flat tile that slides into hole of equal size but this is a must with these opening walls. Walls stay closed when I move floors, wall does not hang down from the other side and interfere wall beneath, and wall also adds some support to floor above. Thanks. I too like idea of plant room most about the whole building. Room build execution could be better because it looks a bit messy, not in a good way.
  11. I wanted to expand the detective's office which in my opinion is the best modular building to date. This building is about 95% ready and that is good enough for me because I don't want to make any more bricklink orders :) The expanded building is 2 floors higher than the original. I wan't to build basements to my city and that's why I plan to build all modulars onto a 4 brick high base. The building may look like the original one but it is structurally very different and that is why it took a very very long time to build. This building a 2 bricks further back on the baseplate than the original. I think I'll need more space on front side and decided that all modulars need to move back a bit. Back side is pretty similar to to original, exept for the oversized antenna on top floor. There will be an alley on the left side of the building and the entrance to basement is from there. In the front there is an opening. Inside of it are two levers which eject techic axles from the side of the building. These axles hold modular buildings in place when they are side by side. I don't like the normal connection style using techic pins because it is difficult to remove a single building from a row. Let's start going over the details from the top. The billboard has a spy camera, more on that in the next image. There is spy living in here! The spy is not there at the moment, I don't know yet who that spy is, but I think the next modified modular building might reveal that. Also note that the front side of the building can be opened. Each floor has separately openable wall. Second floor from the top has the detective's office from the original building and a greenhouse(?) on the other side. The story behind the the plant room is that I have only ever bought one collectible minifigure pack and got that crazy plant person from it. I dont like it but I thought that he needs to live somewhere in the city and so this is his house. He's got a green bed and a grow light on top of it. There is a small pond in the middle of the room and the plant guy is standing on it and "drinking" water from it. Another image from the greenhouse. The next floor has a record store. Credits for this idea go to RyanHoweter and his ideas project Lego record store Record store from another angle. The original toilet is on the same floor as the record store. Not so private anymore... Street level has the pool table and the barber shop like the original building. Door to pool hall was moved from the front to the side where entrance to barber shop is also. These opening walls were rather difficult to make. The newspaper box has to be removed before opening the walls but that is the only piece that is blocking any of the opening walls. The corner of opening barber shop wall fits into the extra space from the stairs. The bench is attached to the wall and the tree and the lamp post just barely miss the opening wall. The last floor has a bar. The bottom right room is a storage space and the door to it is in the corner of the stage where a cat is lying. The storage room has a sliding secret door which leads to a secret kitchen where cookies are made. This kitchen is much better hidden than the one in the original, the detective will never suspect anything. Part of the street can be removed easily. It is held in place by the same lever which attaches this building to it's neighbours. This is the band, they are playing jazz. The rest of the basement. The whole building with all walls opened. I really like how everything worked out. It is so easy to look at and show other people details without removing floors. The structure is not as durable as in the original building but it is good enough. I can easily remove floors (one or multiple) without fear of breaking something. Walls open without force and it feels like there is enough support for everything. I learned A LOT during this build and I had so much fun doing it. I will definately modify more of the modulars. So what do you think about this? And greetings to all! This is my first post to here, happy to join this awesome community.
  12. Practise post before making a real one... Check out town moc forum for more photos. That's probably where I should be posting them.