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Found 39 results

  1. Death in the Rafters

    As a journeyman Dragonslayer walks through the halls of Drakken Keep, another hunter stalks her prey... I submitted this as a CCC entry this year, and used my Safe Haven assassin and a Dragonslayer "armor off" concept that didn't make the cut. It;s good to actually build something! Are we still doing Doctorate of Historica? If so, I request UoP credit for Windows & Window Frames if there are any Kaliphlinites still on the forum. C&C Appreciated!
  2. Recently discovered in an almost forgotten corner of Petraea university, this painting by the yet unknown artist 'BC'. See Flickr (link in signature) for images without frame and background. I would like to claim the UoP credits for: Trees (1/3), Studs up rocks and cliffs.
  3. This build is for HSS Hospitality - Lodging - Inn. ---------- At the Blue Dolphin Inn of Ruadh, the mood is dark. The oppression of the Desert King is all anyone talks about. Downstairs, the proprietress constantly monitors for DK spies while guests enjoy the firepit and the bathing rooms. Upstairs, two prostitutes gossip outside the private rooms while waiting for evening clients. In the cheaper shared room, two Kaliphlinites relate their run-ins with the DK. The bathing room might be a place to cleanse and relax, but it is also a place to plot resistance. ---------- A recent trip to Japan inspired a lot of this build, including many of the interior details, like the futon beds, cushions, fireplace, and bathing rooms. The exterior loosely references Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion). The round tile wall technique is inspired by NiceMarmot, and JacobNion was an influence for the rough walls. I'd like to claim UoP credit for: Architecture: Wall Techniques (for the round tile walls) General Building: Interior Design Anthropology: Village Life
  4. Since oil has proven to be an effective weapon against the Algus, the Council of Barqa has decided to set fire to a number of tar pits despite the economic implications. The black oily smoke has proven to be effective in deterring the Algus and reverse the effects of their weather manipulation, of which one effects are that it has been snowing in Kaliphlin. Together with the other measures used throughout Historica to fight the Algus, the hopes and prayers of the people of Kaliphlin is that these frosty invaders will retreat to their frozen hell in the north once again. I would like to claim the following UoP credit for this build: Forced perspective [General Building (Other Techniques)] Photo spoilers: The lighting of the fires was accomplished by using a blacklight and a long exposure time, as you can see in the photo below. Since using only the blacklight makes all the other colors strange, I also mixed it with a bit of flash illuminating the other parts. The hard part was to find a suitable mix between enough blacklight to light the fires and enough flash to not make all the other bricks too purple or blue.
  5. With bands of Algus roaming Kaliphlin, there have been an increasing number of reports of strange weather. From some of the caravan routes, reports have even spoken of fairly deep snow! Many animals are perishing due to the hard conditions, so the Kaliphlin vultures are thriving. I would like to claim the following UoP credits for this build: Brickbuilt animal #2 [Agriculture and Zoology] Brickbuilt animal #3 [Agriculture and Zoology] To be continued... ...with the burning of the tar pits to repel the Algus. Unedited image, if needed for the judging:
  6. Previously: Part 6 - New Loyalties As Malek walks along the Kaliphlin coast, he looks around. It's been a while -- since before the war -- since he's been truly alone, without soldiers, without refugees, without the ugliness of war and its aftermath. Feeling the glorious Kaliphlin sun beating down on him, he takes another quick look around, then strips down to his bandages to enjoy the warmth on his ancient desiccated bones. Pulling a bottle of pine resin the Murphys had thoughtfully packed in his bag, he takes a swig, savoring the preservative soaking him from the inside. Malek couldn't stop thinking about his last encounter with his old Desert King friend. Malek had always considered himself a good and loyal servant of the Desert King, but somehow, he had found himself attacked by his own people, and defended by those he once considered enemies. The Kaliphlin people, High Council loyalists, had repeatedly shown more compassion and integrity than the Desert King. While it shocked Malek that, in the heat of the moment, he had actually uttered the words, "My loyalty is to the rightful rulers of Kaliphlin!", it somehow felt like the right thing to do. He had a lot of thinking to do, Malek thought, warm and drowsy in the warm heat of the sun. --------------- Notes: This build was inspired by the coastal dunes of South Texas, like those near Corpus Christi and Padre Island. The base consists of old Belville light yellow pieces. The tan and "medium tan" grasses are from Altbricks. I'd like to claim UoP credit for: Anthropology: Countryside Scene Landscape Design: Sand Dunes As always, comments and constructive criticism are very welcome!
  7. Previously: Part 4 - A Dangerous Twist When The Lady brought Malek to the Murphy house, the mummy eyed the mercenary couple dubiously. With their rough leather clothing and shaved heads, the Murphys looked rather disreputable. Hell, Mrs. Murphy even had an eye-patch! "Don't worry, Malek, they're smarter and nicer than they look, but just as tough. The Murphys will keep you safe. They're some of Kaliphlin's finest." ----- "What's the meaning of this? How dare you break into my home with swords drawn?" Murphy shouted. "Where's the traitor?!? We know he's hiding here!" The Desert King guard responded. "What traitor? Hiding where? Are you kidding me? Do you see this place? Where do you think we could possibly be hiding anyone?" The mummy guards harrumph, clearly disconcerted. "We had good intelligence he was here. Well . . . " They quietly left. A few minutes later . . . "The coast is clear, Malek! Let me give you a hand." Malek shivered. "That was the worst, coldest, dampest place I can remember! And this is a DRY well!" "Yeah, sorry 'bout that," said Murphy. "But no one would look for a mummy in the old well! C'mon, the wife has a bottle of pine resin the warm you up." "Oh! How thoughful! Y'all have been so kind to me!" ------ I'd like to claim UoP credit for Architecture: Wall Techniques: 1x1 Round Plate Walls. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!
  8. Weird things are happening throughout Historica. Among these are that creatures which normally avoid the heat of Kaliphlin have been sighted in the desert sands. This worm actually looks like a being of the Frozen Beyond, north of Mitgardia! There must surely be some strange and ancient magic at work to make this happen... Run for your life!! The cold mouth of the beast. The entire build. I'd also like to claim a UoP credit for brick-built animal #1 [Agriculture and Zoology].
  9. The Poacher

    The Poacher Chapter I: The Tranquil Meadow Chapter II: Old Bagshaw's Residence Chapter III: The Poacher Chapter IV: Making Camp Chapter V: Solitary Council Chapter VI: Escaping Home Chapter VII: Waylaid Chapter VIII: Archery Practice Chapter IX: Honour the Fallen Bonus Landscape: Avalonian Countryside Averil guided her rowing-boat silently through the morning mist. Her fiery hair damp with the moisture of the fog as she waited for the shore to appear. She couldn't see more than a few yards ahead of her, but she didn't need to. These waters were familiar enough, and she welcomed the cover of the mist. Averil had been poaching in the forests of the Overgrown Isle for years now. Necessity had driven her here despite her fears, fears that had turned out to be unfounded. There had been plenty of game, especially as she dared to travel further inland. She would have plenty to bring back; more than the family could eat, so she could even trade the rest. Those days had been good days. But they lay behind her now. Now prey was scarce, even when travelling deeper into the forest, and more often than not she would have to head home empty-handed. In fact, it had been over a week now since she had even seen anything worth hunting. Averil knew the reason to this; it was due to the new settlement, Newquay, that had been set up on the isle. - 'Those fools are scaring everything off' she mumbled to herself. Back when she had first noticed the lack in game she had tried heading further up the coast to get some distance to the colony, but it had not helped. Either the whole forest was affected, or she would have to head even further away, which would make it impossible for her to make daytrips to the isle. She was getting closer to the shore. She could feel it. Soon she would be able to make out the dark contour of the towering forest through the mist. - 'Perhaps I should start spending the nights here?', she thought. Even after the years she had spent her, the thought of spending a night here was enough to make her uneasy. She had done it once, and she hadn't slept at all. It was the noises. They were... different. Not like the noises of any other forest she had made camp in. No rustling of leaves, no chirping of birds. Instead, the noises were low, creaking and groaning sounds, that did not seem natural, or perhaps too natural, she couldn't decide which. The air had been heavy and still, much more so than during the days, and she had been excessively aware of the noise of her own breathing. It was not an experience she would like to repeat. As the shore came into view, she aptly steered her boat to a suitable landing spot. On impact Averil started gathering her things. She opened the hidden compartment in the bow of the boat and took out her spear and longbow. She put a net over the fish she had bought this morning from old man Gent, to keep it from being snatched by animals while she was hunting. It was meant to be her catch of the day, as people would be suspicious of a fisherman that never brought home any fish. It smelt something horrible though, and on closer examination, no one would believe it to be a fresh catch. - 'It will have to do', she told herself. Spear in hand she lithely jumped over the side of the boat and started tying up the boat to a gnarly old tree. Once done, she grabbed her longbow and headed off. - 'Perhaps we she just move to Newquay', she said to herself as she started to make her way through the underbrush. It was a thought she had entertained many times, but the idea of being closer to authority than necessary worried her. As she spoke the words, though, she realised that she was seriously considering it. Perhaps it would not be so bad. Being based on the isle would certainly expand the area she could cover in a day. Nobody knew about her poaching, and if she was careful nobody would. - 'I'll just be a poor fisherman, just like I am now, and no one will be the wiser.' Her brother would probably like it. He always complained that he couldn't come with her on her trips here. And Gammy would be happy anywhere as long as she was with both of them. Newquay would be as good a place as any. She may even have a chance to hunt legally for whatever lord was in charge there, although that may raise the question as to where her hunting skills came from. And moving to Newquay would certainly mean a degree of lost freedom; always someone around to see you. That definitely did not sit right with Averil. She would have to do something though, and soon. They didn't have much left to eat, and unless she caught something by the end of the week they would start starving. - 'I'll catch something today', she told herself. 'We don't need Newquay.' She knew she wouldn't though. The forest was empty, and so would their bellies be. Newquay was their only option. *** Experimented a bit trying to get a nice mist effect. Got some “non-misted” photos on my flickr, as I felt it ruined to atmosphere a bit to add them here. Also, I would like to request UoP DoH credits for the following: Geography: Oceanside or River scene Hope you enjoyed the MOC :)
  10. Alric surveyed the great hall. This was the most important place in the whole county of Drond's Feelds. Once a week, it was here he spoke justice, and condemned men to be liars or men worth his aid. Alric on a judgements-day During times of war, it was here Alric and his generals planned their moves, and it was to ho this hall the rapports of his postal service over hostil troop movements were brought. The Hall during wartime But for now, the hall was empty. Alric hadn't been here since Garmaddon had used it. He had more important matters, but now the relations with his neighbours were improved an a start was made of the rebuilding of Drond's Feelds, he had time to clean up the Usurper's mess. When he reached the table, something caught his eye. He searched between old maps and messages about taxes, and found a dusted letter. When he red it, he was shocked: "Dear Lord Garmaddon, we are glad to hear you are becoming more powerfull. But we all know that once you are too powerfull, the lord regents of Avalonia will dispose themselves of you. SO my lord, the mighty Desert King, has a proposal for you. You will swear him fealty, and in return he will protect you and make you one of his generals. Inside the included flacon, a poison will reach you as sign of our goodwill. It dozes the pain, but after it's work is done, your pain is doubled, every time you take it. Use it well. Greetings, Lord Ambassodor of our King." Alric was furious, but then he saw another letter, dated from the day he arrived: "Garmaddon. Word has reached us of the return of Drond's heir. In a fight between you and him, no-one doubts who the lord regents will support. My mighty king doesn't want to offend them, so with this letter we declare that our support to you is no longer valid, and we excuse ourselve humbly toward lord Alric. Lord Ambassador" After reading this, Alric wasn't furious anymore, but excuses didn't make his father live again. But then he thought "what is, is, and having the Desert King apologized to him was more than he could have hoped for. And then: oh, Elyzabeth, I love you... OOC: My first attempt at a room, and i'm satisfied with it. Thanks to Full Plate for giving me the idea of making a room, and thanks to Adair for his staircase-design i could borrow. I'd like to ask UoP for snotted floor design additional pics The Drond's Horse floor design. Figless
  11. "The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten, Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. In that time, an orc named Gun-Dzar-Gan, suceeded in uniting the manu Orc-clans, and marched his army from the north towards the human villages of the south. The humans, opposed in their clans and tribes, needed time to gather their armies, while the orcs marched ever deeper into their territory. One they, they came at a river, wich we know as the Trifork, and, after the river, the human encampement. It was there, the Council of Elderlings decided they needed more reinforcements, and time to receive them. A brave warior, Relan, stepped forward and said he was able to defend the creek. Desperately in need of time, the Elderlings decided to accept his offer. And so Relan fought for a day and a night, and when the first light of the morning reached the creek, Gun-Dzar-Gan dismounted to slay him. But the time he lost, wouldn't be recuperated, the reinforcements of the human army arrived, and at the next battle, the Orcs were utterly defeated and the body of Gun-Dzar-Gan impaled." Fragment out of "Tales of Historica", by SkaForHire It is at this place Alric and Mariana decided to meet, and after a heartly greeting and the exchange of gifts, the treaty was proposed: "From now on, the Trifork and Drond's Feelds will be military allies, and respond to each other's call to arms. Once a year, we will let our soldiers train together so they can act more accurately in future momoents of need. No highwaymen, bandits or Drow can traverse the boundaries and expect to go in safety, as our troops will be allowed free acces to the other's lands. But this agreement also features non-military aspects: Trade will flow freely between our lands, and the boundary patrols will be used to patrol at our Kaliphlin borders. In case of famine or influenza in one of our lands, the other will hold nothing back to counter the disaster. ..." And after that "I, Lady Mariana of the Trifork agree with this proposal in the name of my husband." "And, I, lord Alric of the House of Drondil, accept this treaty to strengthen our bonds." They both signed the vellum with a scratch of their pencils. OOC: After all this text, i will just let you see the MOC, but i would like to claim UoP credits for Landscape design:sideways rocks and, if it qualifies, History (it isn't Kaliphlin history, but Historica's history, does that qualify?). And, yes, Relan got some dwarven blood, and yes, this is the treaty Bregir and I were talking about. Hope you like it, CC appreciated! The battle: The treaty: Gift from the Trifork Gift from Drondil Signing the actual treaty: Additional picture, figless
  12. Old Bagshaw's Residence

    Old Bagshaw's Residence Chapter I: The Tranquil Meadow Chapter II: Old Bagshaw's Residence Chapter III: The Poacher Chapter IV: Making Camp Chapter V: Solitary Council Chapter VI: Escaping Home Chapter VII: Waylaid Chapter VIII: Archery Practice Chapter IX: Honour the Fallen Bonus Landscape: Avalonian Countryside Sir Darby knocked on the door to Sir Bagshaw's study, his dark brown hair was slightly damp from the light rain. Over all the years this was his first time at Sir Bagshaw's private residence. The old knight had always taken his audiences in his room in the castle. Sir Darby had gone there first only to find that he wasn't there, and hadn't been there for the past few days, if the guards were to be believed. It was not like Sir Bagshaw to be scared of a little rain, but maybe age was finally getting to him. - 'Come on in' came the answer from the other side of the door. Sir Darby entered. The room was simple, but functional. Clearly a room of comfort rather than for official business. And yet, here he was. Sir Bagshaw, a white-haired, balding man, clad in shirt and jacket, rose from his chair and greeted him. - 'Rikkard!' exclaimed Sir Bagshaw. 'What took you so long?' Sir Darby was taken aback at this greeting. There had been no summons in the letter he had received. Why was Sir Bagshaw expecting him, and if he was expecting him, why was he at home? Whatever the reason, they had business to discuss. - 'Sir, I received your orders the day before yesterday, but I...' - 'You have some questions?' interrupted Sir Bagshaw. 'Of course you do. Those orders are garbage. So, what do you need to know?' Again, Sir Darby was caught off guard. Sir Bagshaw knew the orders were poorly made, but he still sent them out? Something was wrong here. - 'Well, I was wondering about this threat to Newquay. What is it that we are to protect the colony from?' - 'The forest.' - 'The forest? There are enemies hiding in the forest, threatening the colony?' - 'We don't know. We got a request from Lord Cowden for aid as they have lost several people to the woods.' - 'So we don't know if there's a real threat out there? These people might have just gotten lost in the mist.' Sir Darby had heard rumors of the forest being dangerous, but he did not think a Lord would dare to ask for help based on superstition. But maybe it was more than mere superstition. Why else risk looking weak and foolish by sending such a request? - 'There is a threat. People are disappearing. These people have been chopping trees on the isle for years, and they have been fine until now. The only thing that has changed is that there is now a colony on the island.' - 'Lord Cowden being in charge is another thing that has changed.' Sir Bagshaw looked at him with a smile. - 'You sure keep yourself well informed, even while cooped up in that little cottage of yours.' - 'It's a nice cottage, Sir.' Sir Bagshaw let out a small chuckle, and for a while Sir Darby thought he saw him return to his normal self. It did not last though. - 'It is, and yes, you are right. Lord Cowden is a new factor as well. In any case there is a threat, just that we don't know what it is.' - 'So how will I be able to pick my men appropriately without knowing what we are up against?' Sir Darby had always prided himself with knowing his men and handpicking the right people for the job. Even the mightiest of men could only do so much alone, and so handling the people under him was of utmost importance. - 'You won't.' - 'I won't? You mean you are going to pick my men for me?' - 'No, we are not.' Sir Darby stood in silent confusion. - 'We are not sending any men', clarified Sir Bagshaw. 'We are just sending a man.' It took Sir Darby a while to understand what he had just heard. They were going to send him alone? - 'Why?', Sir Darby managed to get out. - 'We can't spare the men.' - 'So how am I to defend a colony against an unknown threat with no men?' - 'Investigate the threat. Draw a conclusion. Gather the resources to solve the problem. If you need men, there are plenty of men under Lord Cowden.' - 'They are civilians! They are not up to the task, or we wouldn't have gotten this request in the first place.' - 'Then make them up to the task. You are a seasoned trainer, are you not?' Sir Darby looked at him in disbelief. How could they treat him like this? What was Sir Bagshaw thinking. Sir Darby looked him in the eyes trying to figure out what he was thinking. Sir Bagshaw's eyes showed irritation, but also... pity? Sir Bagshaw was not one to pity the men he dispatched. Unless... he did not agree with this order and pitied Sir Darby for having received it? This order did not come from Sir Bagshaw then? In that case arguing would be fruitless. Sir Bagshaw would not betray his orders, and Sir Darby thought him better for it. No, this was over both their heads, and Sir Darby needed to concern himself with managing the precarious situation he was now in, whether he liked it or not. He needed a new angle. - 'So, I am charged with the defense of Newquay and I am to handle this charge alone, is that correct?' - 'I'm afraid so.' - 'But if, say, some good men were to independently request a transfer to Newquay, you would probably be kind enough to grant them their requests, wouldn't you?' Sir Darby could see irritation on Sir Bagshaw's face melt away and give way to relief. So, his irritation had been with the fact that Sir Darby didn't fully grasp the situation until now? - 'You know me. I am a kind man and I would see no reason to deny their requests. And, if that happened, I don't see any reason why you couldn't all just travel together. You would be going the same direction after all.' - 'We certainly would', replied Sir Darby, failing to suppress a smile. - 'Of course, I wouldn't think too many people would put in such a request, considering that the Isles is a pretty undesirable posting. Perhaps two, maybe three people? If I received more requests than that, that would be quite extraordinary, and of course there is nothing extraordinary going on here, is there?' - 'Not a thing', replied Sir Darby. Sir Bagshaw clearly didn't wish to stir up any trouble, and he was probably under close watch by someone. But now was not the time to find out. Sir Darby had to go, and without knowing the reason why. He could start poking around, but that would raise suspicion, and judging by Sir Bagshaw's behavior that might be a fatal mistake to make right now. Better to play along and let whoever was manipulating this situation think they've won. That way he could take his time to understand what was going on, and, if need be, strike at an opportune moment and catch his enemy unaware. - 'Well, that clears up that then', said Sir Bagshaw stretching out his hand. 'Safe travels, Sir.' Sir Darby shook his hand. - 'Good day, Sir. Until we meet again.' Sir Darby turned around and left. Things looked worse than they had done on his way in, but in reality he was now much better off. He now understood the predicament he was in more clearly, and he would be able to bring a couple of men with him, even though they would officially be Lord Cowden's men. Three men versus being alone would make a huge difference, not least of all on the road, and Sir Darby knew exactly who to ask. Also, he knew he had someone he could trust in the capital. Sir Bagshaw hadn't done a bad job on that report. He had botched it on purpose, to make sure Sir Darby came to see him before heading out. Sir Darby smiled to himself. He might be in the middle of someone's manipulative game, but he was feeling more alive than he had in a long time. He loved his family and the peaceful life at the estate, but the battlefield was where he belonged. And this was a battlefield, just a slightly different one than what he was used to. It had just been a couple of minutes since Sir Darby left the Bagshaw residence, when a hooded man entered Sir Bagshaw's study, unannounced. The man was plainly dressed, the choice of clothing for those who wished to move around without raising suspicion. Sir Bagshaw's countenance soured visibly at the sight of the man. - 'You listened in?' he asked the man, not really expecting an answer. 'You don't trust me?' - 'Would you? We are strong-arming you after all. You handled it well though. But why did you meet him here?' - 'You needed him to believe I was on his side, did you not? I did things the way I needed to in order to accomplish that.' - 'You let him have a couple of men.' - 'Again, he needed to trust me. And the men will be Lord Cowden's men, not his. In any case, I can just reject their requests when I get them if you want.' The man paused for a while, considering. - 'Let him have them. Since you already offered, it would be suspicious if you would deny the requests. But don't take liberties like that again, or I will have to get more drastic.' Sir Bagshaw clenched his teeth. - 'Don't you threaten me', he snarled. The man gave a wry smile. - 'Threats are the basis of our whole relationship. Or were you under the impression that you were helping me out of free will? I know you. I know how to hurt you, and I will, unless you do as I say. So yes, I will continue to threaten you, and you will continue to be my loyal dog.' The man turned to go. - 'You better hope this works out the way you think... dog.' The door closed behind him. - 'You think you know me?', Sir Bagshaw thought as the door closed. 'Well, I know you, Kaliphlin. I could recognise that ostrich rider gait of your's a mile away. You'll learn, I am nobody's dog.' Once outside, the hooded man had a look around and then trotted off down the road. A young man came up alongside him. - 'How did it go, Sir?', he asked. - 'Our dog barks', was the reply. 'Make sure he doesn't bite.' - 'Yes, Sir.' - 'But leave him physically able, or he will be of no use to us.' - 'Like in Samrd'dha, Sir?' - 'Yes, that should do it.' At once the young man turned and headed back toward the Bagshaw residence. The hooded man couldn't help but smile to himself at what was about to happen. - 'You will know your place, dog.' *** My first attempt at an interior build, and obviously heavily influenced by everything I've seen around here. By the way, is a person from Kaliphlin called a 'Kaliphlin'? Or is there some other term to use? I would also like to request UoP DoH credits for the following: General Building: Interior Design. Hope you like the build :)
  13. The Tranquil Meadow

    The Tranquil Meadow Chapter I: The Tranquil Meadow Chapter II: Old Bagshaw's Residence Chapter III: The Poacher Chapter IV: Making Camp Chapter V: Solitary Council Chapter VI: Escaping Home Chapter VII: Waylaid Chapter VIII: Archery Practice Chapter IX: Honour the Fallen Bonus Landscape: Avalonian Countryside Sir Darby was making his way through the wild grass. It had been a while since his last time here, and the little path he'd usually follow was all but gone. Before long he reached his destination; a huge tree growing amidst a pile rocks, right in the middle of the meadow. This was the place where Sir Darby would come when he needed some time away from life, some time to think without distractions. He put his sword aside and lay down in the grass. His head was full of thoughts, but right now he needed to focus on just one thing; the letter he had received last morning. Eyes on the canopy overhead, he took a deep breath and let his mind go empty. Soon enough he felt the calmness come over him; now he was ready. Sir Darby started by recalling the letter, trying to figure out what about it that made him feel so uneasy. It was nothing extraordinary to be given orders by letter, although most times he would be delivered a summons, and then receive his orders directly from his superiors. Still, it had happened before, and Sir Darby thought it no oddity. What was strange, however, was the nature of the charge; colony defense. This had never been Sir Darby's strong suit, and although he had been handling camp defense during his military campaigns from time to time, securing a civilian colony was very different from securing a camp full of armed and battle-trained soldiers. Dealing with civilians required a softer touch, and Sir Darby decidedly didn't posses such. Moreover, the location was also a bit of a surprise to Sir Darby. Why send him to a small, newly founded colony at the edge of the Isles? Surely, the timber from the colony generated plenty of wealth, and was the raw material of many lords' extravagance, but where was the threat that required the deployment of one of the realm's greatest swordsmen and tacticians, not to mention the men serving under him? To Sir Darby this seemed nothing but a huge waste of military resources, so could there be other, underlying reasons for this order? Putting him on a remote isle would certainly be pleasing to some of the decadent lords in Albion, who were less than ecstatic about him. Sir Darby wasn't one to play the high society game, and his brutal honesty and serious demeanor had landed him in hot water more than once. He always meant what he said, and said what he meant, but that was not how these lordlings did things. Luckily, his wife, Delwyn, seemed to have a knack for smoothing things over for him, and he knew things would have been much worse without her. Thinking of his wife lead his trail of thought to his family. Newquay was far away, and it was not clear how long he was to hold this position. If it was a particular threat that needed to be dealt with it might be over rather quickly, but if this was about general colony defense then he might be relocating for an extended period of time. Should he bring his family with him? No, he quickly decided. The Isles was no place for them. He had never brought his family along for any of his military campaigns, and although this was slightly different, he saw no reason to bring them this time either. He wasn't worried for his wife or his son, Gerald, they would be ok, but his daughter, Janelle, was now almost 11 years of age, and she was an adventurous girl. She would most certainly demand to come along if she knew what was going on. In any case, Sir Darby needed more information about his orders. When was he to head out? How many men was he to bring? Who was he to report to? The orders were signed by Sir Bagshaw, an old but respectable knight that Sir Darby had served under on multiple occasions. The irregularities of these orders did not add up with the usual competent work of Sir Bagshaw. Regardless, the starting point was clear; it was time for Sir Darby to pay old Sir Bagshaw a visit in Albion. That should allow him to sort out a few things about these orders. As Sir Darby got to his feet and grabbed his sword, he felt better already. With determined steps he walked back to his estate, leaving the big tree looming behind. *** I would like to request UoP DoH credits for the following: Landscape design: 1 tree type (the big one). Landscape design: dense foliage. Hope you enjoyed the MOC :)
  14. A counter to Garmadon's F1 guerrilla. As most Historicans know, the Doctors of Historica at the University of Petraea are unrivaled at applying their knowledge to the betterment of Kaliphlin, but they hide perhaps some of their most impressive achievements. One of these are the great sun rays guarding the entrance to the Inland Sea. As a Ulandan privateer found out, there is no "sneaking" through the shelter islands to the Inland Sea. The great sun rays collect the intense Kaliphlin sun through a reflecting dish; then, through a series of lenses provided by the University, turn the sunshine into an intensely destructive ray of light and heat. The privateers' ship never stood a chance--especially since they were trying to sail (unsuccessfully) into the wind with a square-rigged ship! Garmadon!!!!! I spent probably an hour jacking around with this silly thing--after I built it! Unless you did something I couldn't figure out, nothing of importance is actually stuck to anything. Plus, me in my (clearly) infinite wisdom decided to more or less link the unstable ship to the extremely unstable tower with the death ray! I can't tell you how many times I knocked something down. Anyway, you can add me to the same list MassEditor is on. Also, I'd like to claim the microscale credit for UoP. C&C appreciated.
  15. It snowed last night, which was strange for summer, even for Mitgardia. Erik was shoveling some of the snow off the path when Olaf saw the Beacon of Marek burning. Leaving the pea soup at the watch fire, Olaf grabbed a branch from the fire and lit the beacon of the Bay of Storms as he wondered if it had anything to do with the summer snow or the rumors of snowy white demons. Hopefully he'd see the beacons of Arcium and Daydelon light up soon in the distance. I'd like to request UoP credit for: Landscape Design - studs up rocks & cliffs Some more angles on Flickr, C&C appreciated!
  16. Note to readers: if you're rushed for time, you can skip to the last paragraph. Siedna: Ah, good, we're all here. Council members, as you can see, we're joined today by Lady Akantha, at the invitation of the Alikos elders. Matteus: Okay, let's get straight to business. Ruadh must choose a side in this conflict. Look, I know y'all don't want to get involved, but we may not have a choice in the matter. The best defense is a good offense, right? Euphemios: That my be true in battle, Matteus, but I don't believe it's the best course of action for our community. Siedna: You'd prefer we remain neutral, then? Euphemios: The Tauri of the Alikos are not bloodthirsty like you humans! We wish only to follow our ways in peace. Together with the Atelier, Siedna, we have formed a prosperous and just community. Why would we leave it? Doing so would leave Ruadh exposed, and put us at risk of capture and slavery. Themis: Euphemios, you old coot, you know some of the younger Tauri are restless and eager to see the world, just like you used to be, before your muzzle turned gray. (Turning to Siedna) He's right, though. The Alikos will remain neutral. Siedna: Noted. And what of the merchants, Kristin? Kristin: As Euphemios said, Ruadh has been prosperous for us. Our success lies in following the Kaliphlin ideal of trading with all, equally and fairly. So long as it's profitable. (Grins for a moment.) Siding with a faction means, at best, loss of trade with the other factions. (Looks somber.) Look, Ruadh has been a place for many to start anew. Look at the Potters -- they came here from Mitgardia to escape strife. Why would we wish to bring it here? Why jeopardize a good life and good profit? Siedna: Thanks, Kristen. Seamus? Seamus: Regardless of the official Ruadhi stance, the Atelier must remain neutral. Sure, we train our artists to be good in a fight, but that's brawling. War and soldiering are another thing entirely. (Matteus nods in agreement.) More importantly, if we took sides, Ruadhi artists across the Guilds would be vulnerable to political attacks. In other lands, our welcome is dependent not just on our talents and geniality, but our disinterest in politics, local or guilds-wide. Siedna: I agree. Now, Lady Akantha, you've been rather vocal, working to persuade Ruadhis to side with the High Council. In fact, it seems you've been surreptitiously recruiting since you arrived in Ruadh. We'd like to hear your arguments. Lady Akantha: I wish only for the Tauri to continue to have the right to follow their ways as free people. The Desert King once enslaved us as beasts of labor. The Ulandians have subjugated an entire race;who is to say the Tauri will not be next? Only Flagg and the High Council have left us in peace. If the Tauri of Alikos remain neutral, they might be left alone, but what about their brethren throughout the Guild? Who will fight for them? What will happen to us if Ulandus or the Desert King prevails? We must protect our freedoms! And Ruadhi, as friends of the Alikos -- how can you risk them falling into slavery? Euphemios: How can you talk of fighting to protect our ways? Do you know nothing of our history, girl? As slaves we were used as beasts of war! And you suggest FIGHTING to protect our freedom to stay OUT of conflicts? Lady Akantha: (voice raised): Sometimes compromises are necessary! Surely you realize the ends justify the means! Euphemios: We WILL NOT have our culture compromised by lure of your exotic beauty, you hear me? We WILL NOT -- Themis: (inturrupts) Enough, Euphemios! (more calmly) Captain Corydon? What's been the mood in the Brute Squad? You'd know better than most how the younger 'Taurs are leaning; perhaps you could fill us in. Captain Corydon: Most of our troops agree with the Alikos elders, ma'am; they want to protect our home and our ways. There are few, what did you call em? Restless ones, eager to follow Lady Akantha. Siedna: And what are our defensive capabilities, Captain? Can we afford to lose anyone? Captain Corydon: Actually, ma'am, our troops have more than doubled, between new recruits and newly re-enlisted members who want to defend us. The Brute Squad is stronger than ever, ma'am, and more than capable of protecting Ruadhi peace. Those that want to fight for the High Council, well, to be honest, ma'am, I'd rather let 'em go. Don't want folks who don't really want to be here. Siedna: All right then. Lady Akantha, thank you for speaking with us. Council, it seems we're all in agreement. (Matteus rolls his eyes but remains silent.) I move we remain neutral and shore up our defenses. Short of closing the city, there will be spies and intrigue, but no violence or destruction will come to Ruadh. I also suggest we allow Lady Akantha to gather what forces she may. Active Brute Squad members must seek permission from the Captain to be released from their duties, so we don't become weak. All in favor? (A chorus of "aye" and hands raised.) All opposed? (silence) Ruadhi city council members, left to right: Captain Corydon, Brute Squad representative; Matteus Ruadh, founder; Siedna Ruadh, founder; Seamus Gallach, Atelier representative; Euphemios, Alikos Elder; Themis, Alikos Elder; Kristin Eriksdottir, merchant representative. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I'd like to claim UoP credits for: - Trade and Law: Governing Body (approved) Constructive criticism always welcome!
  17. Designed by students and funded by alumni, the Kennel of Ruadh is one of the settlement's architectural curiosities. The stained-glass canopy is a marvel of glasswork and magic, held together with enchanted githril. Here, the famed Belville mastiffs are bred and trained to serve as companions and protectors to Ruadhic artists. Locals just call it the kennel; tourists somewhat mockingly call it the Canine Cathedral. Lady Siedna and her husband Mateus pay a visit to the kennel. An artist teaches a puppy basic obedience skills while her friend looks on. Throughout the day, students muck out the kennels, a task made more difficult by mischievous young puppies. After filling the food dish with scraps, a student reaches through the fencing to play with a young pup. Meanwhile, an instructor attempts to teach proper grooming techniques to his distracted student. The kennel at sunrise. I'd like to claim UoP Credits for: - Architecture: Roofing: Roof 2/3 - General Building: Minifig Posing - Agriculture and Zoology: Raising Livestock
  18. Disaster Relief (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 16) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 In the wake of the Great Disturbance, there was a great diaspora of the resident population around Lone Mountain. After hearing the High Council's pleas to the people of Kaliphlin to not horde food and supplies, a few every day citizens decided to lend a helping hand. A few of Ruadh's wealthier tourists decided a relief effort should be made, even at the expense of their own vacations. They approached Ruadh's leaders, who declined to join or offer protection through the desert. In these troubling times, they said, Ruadh must keep neutral and keep close. Instead, foodstuffs and the loan of a wagon were offered and accepted. The would-be charitable philanthropists set off towards the Lonely Mountain, in the company of the (admittedly sup-par) mercenary they found to act as their guard. --------- Overhead view: I'd like to claim UoP credit for: - Landscape: Trees (2 of 3) (Thanks LittleJohn for the tree design!) - General Building: Forced Perspective - Geography: Desert.
  19. A True Bloodbath

    Somewhere in Nocturnus . . . "The biggest bloodbath you can imagine! More than most of you will see in this lifetime!" So Ravaage's captain had promised. The people of the Iw-Ngem tribe had believed him, and enthusiastically signed up to join Raavage's forces. At first, they had been disappointed when they discovered the mis-communication about bloodbaths. Then, they were horrified by the dishonorable methods of their fellow troops. After the battle, though, the Iw-Ngem people were left in despair, as the Black Spire continued to destroy the land and people of their beloved guild, long after the fight had supposedly ended. In secret, the Iw-Ngem sent the young warrior Quchqal to pledge their loyalty to Lord Vladivus and his resistance. Quchqal still had a long journey before he reached Shadowmere, though he expected to run into scouts and distrust as he got nearer. Quchqal stopped in his tracks. He couldn't believe his eyes! A bloodbath! A true bloodbath! A thick red swampy spring, bubbling mysteriously just so, with delicious slimy black algae coating the banks -- Quchqal couldn't believe his luck. He hadn't had a proper bloodbath since . . . well. This must be a good omen, he decided; Set had sent him a sign he was on the right path for his people. He quickly shed his helmet and blade and prepared to dive in, clothes and all. Builder's notes: It was time for a quick break from the barren dry landscape of Ruadh! I hope Nocturnians find it pleasing. I'd like to claim UoP Credits for: Landscape Design: Trees (1 of 3) Hydrology: Still Water Geography: Swamp
  20. Before one can make mead, one must first have honey! Farmers on both sides of the Mitgardia/Avalonia boarder keep bees to pollinate their crops and produce honey. I'd like to claim UoP credit for: Landscape Design, flowers and dense foliage Flickr C&C welcome!
  21. My Category A entry for the Men's side! Unfortunately, this will be my only entry to Challenge 3. During the Drow incursion in Avalonia, western Mitgardian army officials ordered hundreds of shafts dug to the bedrock for the early warning devices perfected by the Kaliphlinites (sand worms are a major problem in sections of the Siccus Badlands). These devices were drums placed at the bottom of each shaft that, when the ground vibrated, beat seemingly of their own accord. If one was near enough to hear, the alarm could be raised and a Drow sneak attack from underground would be far less sneaky. Although no Drow tunneled to Mitgardia during the crisis, the drums were manned again on Elon Chorian’s command to listen for Amortug dwarves tunneling in the opposite direction. This MOC was inspired by the Mythbusters episode where they test the rather dubious myth that in the middle ages Chinese military engineers used drums to sense vibrations in the ground caused by enemy tunneling. Apparently, it's plausible... Link Kaliphlinites, I'd like to claim UoP credit for: Landscape Design--trees (#3 for me) Flickr C&C appreciated as always!
  22. Escorting a Valuable Load [Freebuild] In the grasslands of Kaliphlin there are bands of nomads who are known to sometimes prey on undefended merchants. So if the load you are transporting is valuable enough, there are good reasons to do like this merchant and bring a strong escort of your own light cavalry to be able to counter fast moving bandits. In some places along the roads however there are watchtowers where the authorities of Kaliphlin are trying to manifest their presence, but this tower looks strangely empty so the escorting riders are even more on edge here...well, not everyone. I'd like to claim a UoP credit for Geography: Grasslands.
  23. One of the oldest parts of the Contemplative Gardens was built by a gentleman named MacDubh. Like many, he showed up in Ruadh one day, stayed for a while, and then disappeared into the desert with no notice. MacDubh had unusual ideas; he seemed to think that all of Kaliphlin should be united under a single tartan, and couldn't be dissuaded from the notion, no matter how many times we told him that Kaliphlin aren't really interested in homogeneity. Undeterred, he decided that he would subliminally change our minds by incorporating his vision of a Kaliphlin plaid into builds across the Guild. Now, none of the travelling artists have seen this pattern anywhere else, but perhaps we're looking in the wrong places. At any rate, we enjoy this piece of the gardens he built for us. "The Contemplative Gardens: a collection of gardens and religious structures located in the southeast corner of Ruadh. Popular with locals, students, and tourists alike as a quiet, calm location, perfect for meditation and inspiration." from Ruadh: A Guide, coming soon to a forum near you The tree in the center is meant to be inspired by the Joshua Tree, native to the Mojave Desert. According to Wikipedia, most trusted of resources, it was named for its resemblance to a man reaching his hands up to the sky in prayer. Seemed appropriate. As always, feedback and constructive criticism are most welcome! I'd like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture: Round Walls (approved) Landscape Design: Flowers and Dense Foliage Landscaping (pending: 2 for, one against, one undecided)
  24. West Stedor

    West Stedor has been renovated. The wall, gate and towers may look the same as the previous ones, now they are stronger and have a better foundation. All the buildings in West Stedor have been replaced and put on a higher level. Now the ground level functions as stockage room. Avalonia, Mitgardia and Nocturnus have their individual stockageroom where their members can store goods. There are also 3 Kaliphlin stockagerooms. They can be recognised by the heralds of Eastgate (for West Kaliphlin), Petraea (Middle Kaliphlin) and Qarkyr (East Kaliplin). The buildings itself are different shops. The red building houses a bakery and a cartographer. The darkblue house has a butcher and cooper in it and under the arches people can buy fruit. The dark orange building is well know for their smiths, stonecutters and painters (most of them coming from Ruadh!). The green building is the very famous "Horses Head Inn". Under the Inn are stables. Not only the white striped buildings are a citymark of Stedor, also the mozaic roofs made of dried flowers are known in every corner of the world. As major Historican trading port, Mpya Stedor has cranes to lift heavy cargo. (note: it really works!) In the Market Area you can almost buy everything!! Some good wine? Check! Or a new fancy cape? Check! Or you need some barrels to store your food in? Check!! Let's see what the Market Area can offer you: - Ale seller from Mitgardia - Baker - Butcher - Cape maker (with spinningweel) - Cartographer - Cooper - Fish & Seafruits - Fruits & Vegetables - Inn - Painter - Stonecutter making statues - Weapons - Winery There is also a fortuneteller telling you everything you want to hear! After walking under the huge Main Gate of Stedor, you are welcomed by a very vibrating Main Square. People are meeting eachother here or saying goodbye, adventurers are dropping a tear before leaving the city, ... It all happens around the fountain under the Statue of Liberty. Another very popular attraction are the Warrior Games in front of the "Champions Guild". Many famous Historicans are watching now a game between a Mitgardian and a Jungle Of Gorr Warrior. Lord Damaximus is standing on the balcony of the "Champions Guild" (aka Alleenridders Palace), having a nice view over West Stedor. In front of him, workers are building a small temple. And if all the activity makes you thirsty? Well go get a beer in the Horses Head Inn!! Under the "Horses Head Inn" are the stables of West Stedor. Easily recognisable by the Camel wall painting next to it. In the lower right corner, you see a part of the construction site. As MAESTRO needed more space, they have converted the West Gate into their Headquarter. Here their traders and soldiers come and go with goods and gold. Different views of the city I had many positive comments at Brickmania Limburg about this part of my city. I hope you like it as well :) Thanks for watching! C&C is ofcourse welcome! Maxim I Note: I believe I am the first one using flowers as roofing technique. There are in Hungary and Poland buildings (mostly churches) with mozaic in their roofs, making it very colourfull and extrely beautifull. Note 2: For the University of Petraea I like to claim more than 3 credits because of the size of the MOC (it are smaller 3 48x48 baseplates + 1 32x80 + 4 32x32 MOCs): - Architecture: roofing (the flowers) - Architecture walls: SNOT tiled walls (the camel and doors) - Architecture roofrakes (the white roofrakes of the Horses Head Inn) - Architecture Advanced windows (the fences as windows, the double windows, ...) - General Building: Movement-enabled (the crane on the docks and the crane of the workshop) - Trade & Law: manufactering - Culture : Art Note 3: West and East Stedor will be showed together at Brickmania Antwerp 2014 (15 & 16 November) as part of a huge (8x8 meter) castle lay-out, so be sure to come to there and check this out! Note 4: the pictures were taking during Brickmania Limburg. That's why the lightening is not perfect. Anyway, thanks to Lt. Hornblower & Sebeus for holding the black sail behind the MOC!
  25. Some years ago . . . When Mateus first tried to farm, things did not go well. It turns out, Kaliphlin sand is not particularly fertile, and nothing grew. After a lot of trial and error and blood and sweat and tears, he finally came up with a solution. By adding a mix of eastern Avalonian soil and chobo droppings imported from Muninn, Mateus finally managed to get crops to grow in the hostile Kaliphlin environment. (Thank you mccoyed for the droppings!) I like the organic build shape and the way the ground texturing and changes in elevation came out. I struggled with creating a visually pleasing base that worked with the shape, though. The pattern of 1x2 palisade bricks and 1x1 round bricks works best of the the options I tried, but . . . it just doesn't look as polished as I would like. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome! I would like to claim the following UoP DoH credits: - General Building (Other Techniques): Forced Perspective (edit: withdrawn) - Agriculture and Zoology: Crop Farming - Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin