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  1. [MOC] Star Chaser - Neo Classic Space

    Awesome design. Completely in sync with the classic space line
  2. How do I get the train images as caption in my profile?

    Super, thanks
  3. Hi Guys. As the question in the topic states it. How do I get the train images as caption in my profile? TIA Grtz A
  4. Panic in Reppingstein

    Hi guys, a small part of MOC (My Own City) ;) has made a new developement. There is a small panic in town. A house is on fire and the fire department has come to the rescue, but.... The waterpipes a little further down the street are broke, so.... no water!!! As plumbers and workers are trying to fix the damaged pipes and firemen are rushing with buckets of water, the fire rages on. Luckily the FD brought a safety net and are encouraging the resident to jump. How will this end?? Your thoughts please grtz A
  5. MOC Train station

    Thanx gus, glad you like it. I'll try to make some more and better pics of the inside. There's a lot more to see. Grtz A
  6. MOC Train station

    Hi Guys, as see in my city lay-out. Better pics of my train station. Shoot please.
  7. MOC: My Own City

    Hi guys, after lurking for a while it is time to come out of the shadows ;) I present you the city of Reppingstein (still a WIP) Please tell me what you think of it
  8. Not so modular modular

    Heej, I know this one. A Lego buddy of mine build one exactly like this one ;)
  9. [LDD MOC] Nuclear locomotive

    What part is in the middle, I don't recognize it?? TIA