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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I got inspired by a few pictures in this thread and decided to create a modular train tunnel section. Of course this idea sounds somewhat silly, although in reality it is not totally uncommon as the hilarious pictures in the aforementioned thread prove. However, I had fun building this piece and especially like the idea to bring my modular buildings and trains closer together. The tunnel was built on a 16*32 base plate, on top I placed a modified version of an alternative build of the official LEGO set 31065 Park Street Townhouse. The tunnel is 10 studs wide and leaves enough space for most of my rolling stock to pass through. The townhouse can be reached by stairs. In the front and the backyard I added some plants and a tree. Here you can see how it fits together with the detective office and one section of the pet shop. The train passing through the tunnel is a modified version of the Maersk train with BNSF color scheme. Some more pictures of the building: The top of the tunnel can be removed. This gives view to a small maintenance area inside the tunnel_ I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Best wishes Arnold
  2. I had a spare 31065 set and none of the secondary builds looked good when displayed with other creator buildings, so I decided to mod it a little bit... EDIT: I made some changes. Now the house features full interior with kitchen, toilet, living room and a cozy attic. I also compiled instructions for the build - LDD file
  3. (WARNING: Terrible pictures My camera doesn't have a very high resolution, and I'm not that good at using cameras.) So I got set 31065 yesterday, built it, and put it next to some of my own creations... Well, it sure does look like I need to up my game a bit! Here's a better look at my own buildings. They're just fronts, I don't have the parts to make full buildings, nor the skill. I like to think of them as movie sets! These buildings are small, so there isn't much to comment on, but I still need feedback! I want to add more detail to make them look more "complete", especially the yellow building. I also want to add more buildings, and hopefully complete an entire street at some point. I'm sort of new to getting back into Lego, so I don't really have an eye for how to use parts effectively, which is why I'm asking for help. Specifically, I need help with the following: What should I add? What should I remove? What did I do well on? What did I do poorly on, and how can I fix it? But all feedback is appreciated. Thanks! If you need better pictures, or more pictures, just ask.
  4. This build was based on LEGO set 4756 (called Shrieking Shack ) from the 2004 Harry Potter / Prisoner of Azkaban movie line, with a greenhouse from the C-model of the 2017 Creator set 31065 (Park Street Townhouse) and a sedan based on the one in the 2009 Indiana Jones set 7682 (Shanghai Chase). I also added a big front porch to complete the house's Victorian asthetic. The model swings open on two hinges, one for the main house so you can access the detailed inside, and a second in the greenhouse so you can open it up to place figures. Also, the front of the house is supposed to have a 1 x 1 number tile next to the front door, like this one here. In the original Harry Potter set there was a secret passage in the chimney, which I have removed. Also, the model locks shut on two Technic pins, just like most of my buildings. One pin is in the main part of the house, while another is in the green house. The inside features a bed, inspired by set 10228 (Monster Fighters' Haunted House) staircase with railing, couch, telephone, and phonograph. The kitchen area has a stove, sink, plus a table and two chairs. The greenhouse area was inspired by the similar version from the C-model of the 2017 Creator set 31065 (Park Street Townhouse). My version is a bit bigger with an eight stud wide window roof, whereas the original set has a 6 wide top. This model was based off of set 7682 (Shanghai Chase) from 2009, plus a sloped rear design inspired by the yellow car from set 10200 (Custom Car Garage). The model can seat two figures side by side and has opening doors. BUILDER'S NOTES: The LDD file is is available here. This page will will also be updated when the house is built in real life with real pictures. Any and all comments questions, and / or complaints are always welcome!