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  1. Admiral Ron

    Mormon Missionary

    I was wondering if there is a decal for the shirt Mormon missionaries wear. I have tried to search the index, but to no avail. I have also tried searching Bricklink for a plain white button-up shirt with a black tie, and that hasn't worked either. If any of you would be willing to help me I would appreciate it!
  2. Admiral Ron

    A rock quarry in Erilea

    Very nice work! The foliage is great and the simple shack works well with the MOC. One thing I would suggest is perhaps add some slopes to the rock wall, it looks a little too uniform. Maybe add some different colors? Keep up the great work!
  3. Admiral Ron

    The Ransom

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I like the idea of using the smaller bricks and plates, and I have seen it done successfully several times. Unfortunately I took down the wall to harvest bricks for my next build,but I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks again for watching!
  4. Admiral Ron

    The Ransom

    Ragvald and his companions landed on the shores of a far away land, and began their usual act of pillaging the local countryside. The Duke of the land sent Ragvald a simple message, "Please leave, we shall pay your weight in gold." Ragvald accepted, and awaited payment. As they waited, the Duke's forces attacked them, but were repelled by these Mitgardian warriors. This is the Companions' answer to the Duke. I made this the other day to try to improve my wall building. Any C&C is appreciated thanks for watching!
  5. Admiral Ron

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Phase III Tower here
  6. Admiral Ron

    AoM Tower Phase III

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I have been working at it for a few days, and here are the results. Thanks for watching! Ragvald observes as his recruits hone their skills.
  7. Admiral Ron

    AoM Tower Phase III

    Can you clarify about using plates to clean up the edges of the tower? I'm not quite understanding, thanks for the advice though!
  8. Admiral Ron

    [MOC] Hræfnesburh (Ravensburg)

    Wow! What an amazing castle! The amount of detail is just astounding, and yet not too much detail to distract me from the scale of the whole thing. Keep up the great work!
  9. Admiral Ron

    AoM Tower Phase III

    Greetings! This is the final phase of the tower operated by the Brave Usurpers. I am sorry about the quality of the photos, my setup is just a bit too small for it. C&C welcome! As the last of the winter snows melt, the Usurpers begin planning their next raid, and continue to recruit and train. Ragvald trains a new recruit in the art of shield work. It seems like he hasn't got the hang of it yet! Thanks for watching everyone! C&C welcome!
  10. Admiral Ron

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Tower Phase II up: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=93603
  11. Admiral Ron

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern (finished)

    I love it! The vegetation is spot on, paired with the interior really brings out the tavern atmosphere. I'd definitely have a pint there Keep up the great work, I'd love to see more of it!
  12. Admiral Ron

    AoM Tower Phase II

    Evening everyone! Here is my second phase of the tower for the Brave Usurpers. C&C are welcome and enjoy! As the onset of winter is upon them, the companions had to act fast to avoid freezing to death. Ragvald plans the final phase of the construction, and for power. FIrewood won't chop itself! Always keeping an eye out for trouble. The most challenging bit for this part of the build was trying to get the roof to look alright. I wanted to avoid using black like I normally do but I am happy woth the result, makes it look more medieval and not demon-y. Again C&C welcome and thanks for viewing!
  13. Admiral Ron

    Free Build Registration (1st Quarter, LOCKED)

    My first (and only) free build: AoM Tower Phase 1
  14. Admiral Ron

    PTC - Yatkuu/6Kyubi6 - The Shark Reef

    This is a great example of what communication can achieve! I love every detail, from the shark head to the two halves of the ship. I also like how you used the old style of skeleton with the dead-arms (no pun intended). Excellent work and good luck!