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    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    Populating Historica – GoH CMF Series 1. Chronomage - Kaliphlin They took ingridients for their rituals in the Sands of time. The richest cult of all. Maybe because they always know who will win the races. 2. Fugitive Goblin -Nocturnus Its not so easy to run away from dungeons of the Reach. Huge dumbbell-shackle gives no chances for escape. But someone heard there is a mushroom that gives a huge power... 3. Cherry Gatherer -Mitgardia Winter is the season when its difficult to feed a family. Winter Cherry that grows in tundra is a good source of vitamins so many villagers goes to gather it. 4. Asassin -Varlyrio Power and money rules in Illaryian. It's not easy to get them just with words and diplomacy. Sometimes you need help of different sort of people. Sneaky, evil, violent. 5. Forgotten Comrade -Mitgardia He was lost and forgotten by his teammates in the expedition to the Pikesteel. Since that time he is trying to get his destination and walks alone among snowy rocks. 6. Pygmey's Chief - Kaliphlin Deep in the Dune Sea gangs of this small people attack caravans for loot and food. And escort tastes best of all. 7. Navigator -Varlyrio His services cost a lot. He knows all the roads and trails. He escorts expeditions all over the island of Varlyrio and other lands. He was the one who returned from latest trip to Dune Sea. 8. Orc Berserker -Nocturnus Kill dem all! Smash their faces and brake their bones! Orcs iz da strongest! Green iz da best! 9. Mistress Of The Tavern - Avalonia Eastern lands are rich, peasants are well nourished, roads are safe and there are a lot of travelers on it that need bed and supper. That's why Agness have no time to rest: everyone should be served. 10. Dwarf Thunderer - Mitgardia These dwarfs, armed with musket and heavy backpack, can cross vast distances without rest. And when they reach the battleground, no armour could resist deadly hail of bullets. 11. Blood seeker - Nocturnus Right hand of Lady Isabella. In the darkest nights this creature sneakes into castles and temples to get blood of nobles 12. Recruit -Avalonia Be ready for hard days, lad! Tears won't help you. Now, wear this plates and march to the training camp. Move, move, move! 13. Water-bearer -Varlyrio This old-man is known throughout the area. He tamed the seagulls and sometimes they can even bring him fish for dinner! 14. Paladin - Avalonia Magnus the Righteous is a protector of the western lands. Faith is his shield and Fury is his weapon against demons and undeads. 15. Queen of the Sewers -Varlyrio Under the crowded streets there is another life. Little girl with magic flute rules the empire more powerfull than most of kings. Thousands of furry servants shall do every wish of Her. 16. Fire Wizard - Kaliphlin Fire Institute of this order located in the north part of Petraea. Disciples of the Bright Spirit are irascible but honorable. They fight against monsters at the remotest lands of the South.
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    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    Thank you very much! As a reference I took paladin from WOW and war priest from Warhammer FB
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    CDC2 CMF: Grover [Magical Mishaps]

    Vanished is the most beauriful fig!
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    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    Yieeeee! I found you! It is my favourite too
  5. I think its the best set of all! Very colourfull and bright characters. So many parts I don't even know where they are from
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    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    Thank you. Ruffles come in CMF 71001 Sad Clown
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    CDC2 CMF soccerkid6

    Most of all I like your Mushroom forager. Very unique character
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    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    Man, some of your Ideas just looks like mine. Already made photos but didn't post them yet
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    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    Take a look at my updated version of mechanical beetle. This time I'm trying to realize it as a LEGO set. Vote for it on IDEAS if you like it and share with friends. I'll be very appreciated! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/75d8570a-c6e5-4703-8ad9-54b2048cdfb4 Features * Opening Elytra * Wings move when you press the lever * Detachable wings * Flexible joints on the legs * Display stand and tool kit to look after the mechanism Part count General 447 Beetle 383 Supporting tools 64
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    [MOC] A peaceful street in Paris

    I know why this street is so peaceful. Cuz all minifigures are yellow Very clever, my friend! I totally agree with you.
  11. The photo is private on flickr. How to fave it? Isn't good
  12. Its hard to say that it is a MOC for 100%. It is more like an art / picture. At first I've built a 3D scene in Stud.io (about 1.5k parts), create some unique parts in Part Designer, rendered several times with different angles nad types of light, and than cobine all these pictures in Photoshop. I'm not professional in PS, so it takes me a lot of time to get what I want. Yeah, it was harder than build with real bricks I didn't build every crew for each cannon, but I'm in process. Don't know why I need them, but I want to get finished 3D scene. Btw, does anyone want to unite and make this scene more interesting with 3D programs ( 3D Max, Blender etc.)?
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    [MOC] Technopil City

    Once I have visit city Ternopil (Ukraine), and saw there a nice church. Since that I wanted to recreate it in bricks. It is not exactly that church (and not in Ternopil), but also not bad, as for me. For the second tower I just haven't parts. Also I haven't parts for square in front, so I made just stands for small scenes of citylife and unite all in one with pipes. So free your imagination ;-)
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    [MOC] Technopil City

    It is from 70594: The Lighthouse Siege
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    [MOC] Hedgehog

    It seems like level of needles lower than skin. what if to add one more layer of dark broun plates to increase the volume?
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    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    Thank you! It noy only opens. The wings also moves when you press the lever.
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    [MOC] Technopil City

    @GeoBrick, @Jerry McGlade, @Vliebricker, @Mylenium, @peedeejay Thank you, guys!
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    [REVIEW] 11010 - White Baseplate

    Best review I've ever seen!
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    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    Thanks. I have plans to add a video with better quality. The stages is a good Idea but it doesn't fit for this bug
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    [MOC] A little french modular market

    Nice buildings, but ground is too bright as for me
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    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    So, here is the third type of my Glactic virus (first, second). I think it should be the last one, but who knows... As my previous space viruses this one based on real bacteriopage. Prototype for this one was family Tectiviridae. AP-32 is the most common type of construction units used for building and servicing P-bases (Petri-bases). It has 12 manipulators that may transform to different types according to the functions performed. The pilot is so strange not because he is highly complicated sentient DNA-form, but because I haven't any dark purple parts to build something better :(
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    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    @MaximB, @00bricker Thank you guys! @Man with a hat I'm glad you like it. Hope you find possibilities to support it
  23. Every nation has it own historical features like architecture style, wear, traditions, professions and so on. And I want you to introduce Ukrainian traders - chumaks. They travelled long distances on a wagons pulled by oxen, and transport a lot of goods. But the main was salt.