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    Captain Blue Hair urgently needs to change pants!

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    A place where LEGO bricks grow on trees.
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    I enjoy LEGO pirates a lot, LEGO castle is a favorite, and LEGO Harry Potter is starting to catch on to me. Besides LEGO my interests are many, but the main are golf(when I get the time), hunting (mainly small game, and target shooting), building machines(Motors and the like), and I try to do LEGO animations sometimes,but they tend to be bad quality, and I've never uploaded them to youtube or sites like that, and history. I actually study it, and hope to major in it at College.

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  1. plans to return soon.

  2. General Redwater

    La grande armeƩ

    Ah, thanks, I should get a few of those. - Redwater
  3. General Redwater

    La grande armeƩ

    Your Bluecoat army is truly a sight to behold! I just have one question, how did you make those bearskin hats? I've never seen those around before. - Redwater
  4. Good luck in school and life and everything. Look forward to your return.

  5. Please forgive the lateness of this reply.

    Yes! I would love to be a colonial era military historian. Sadly, where I live, the goverment has been letting go jobs at historic sites, and even closing down some. Just to get a job in one would be amazing, but this economy has made everything so hard.

    Happy Holidays!,


  6. General Redwater

    ToR - Holiday Special - (sign up)

    I shall be honored if I was to be included in this feast. Thank you for starting this. My sigfig is all needed for body. Accessories can just be a sword. I would bring mashed potatoes, with my grandmother's gravey; my favorite dish. I am indeed a Redcoat. - General Redwater
  7. Yea, I'm sure those red things sticking out of it saying: DYNAMITE HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE!, are nothing to worry about. Just some extra spices.........

    Want the first slice?

  8. Yea, thanks for checking. :-) I want to become active again so badly, but mostly school has taken away my time. I always check in, but mostly for a few minutes at a time, sadly. :( During break I should have some time to come back.........hopefully.

  9. A Military historian perhaps?

  10. I was just checking to see if you are still alive and kicking.

  11. In the words of Homer Simpson: "And a ooga-booga to you too!" :)

  12. I want to major in history, but I don't want to be a teacher. I want an outside job, not the confines of a classroom. There still are many options, but we still have to see how things turn out. :-)

  13. I feel for you you. I'm in grade 11 and its not easy. What ere you going to take in Collage? I'm going to take Carpentry.