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  1. Looking to get together a team of others for Challenge V? Trying to find another member or two to fill up your team? Or are you looking to enter the collaboration category and at a loss how to get started? Here's the place for you! Any and all team building discussion can take place in this thread, and, since there's really no need to keep them secret, I'll also ask complete groups to post here with a list of their team and to mention which Varlyrian family they're planning on building for. Any questions relating to the challenge but not directly to team building can continue in the Challenge thread, and as before, if you have any questions about story or intrigue, feel free to shoot a PM to @Rogue Angel or myself!
  2. While working on putting together a team myself I realized the sad lack of a team building thread here, so to rectify that I've set one up for people looking for teams, or for more members to fill their group up with - so head on over if you're in either of those quandaries! Since there's no real need to keep them secret, I've also asked complete groups to post in that thread with a list of their team and to mention which Varlyrian family they're planning on building for, so please do so if you've already got a group together! Also, note that the challenge text has been edited a little to clarify the fact that not every entry has to relate directly to the Rego - taking down either his opponents or his allies would work as well. There's no point having him killed/removed two dozen times, and so we've freed it up a bit more clearly so there'll be more room for the teams to come up with creative storylines and to take advantage of the different families and possibilities in the Varlyrian intrigue system instead of only going after the Amancios. Of course taking a more direct jab is totally legitimate too, so no need to change your stories if you've already written them unless you'd like to!
  3. The Guilds of Historica Book III Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild Challenge II: Bread and Circuses Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring? Challenge IV: The Turning Point Challenge V: Intrigue On The Island Guild The Guilds at Rest? Queen Ylspeth’s victory has firmly established her reign in Historica and re-kindled the enthusiasm for their young monarch in the hearts of all true guildsmen and women on the continent; but in Varlyrio, where only recently the bonds have been growing with the rest of the Historica, the air is still tense and shrouded in mystery. The Rego’s suspicious attitude toward the queen and the difficulty with which the island’s trade was opened to the other guilds points to possibly dangerous waters ahead between the guild leaders and the crown, and the intrigue between the leading families is heard in a rumbling unrest just below the surface. And to cap it all off, the non-appearance of any Varlyians from the east at the battle which proved the turning point of Ylspeth’s reign has the Queen determined to find out what is going on and to turn her undivided attention to the islands of Varlyrio. Category A: The Varlyrian Troops The foremost question about the condition of Varlyrio is, Why did the Rego not send troops? Does he resent the curb on his authority that the queen poses, or was he too busy securing his own position and interests and quelling opposition in the guild? Or did he send them? Was there treachery involved and were the troops massacred, or did he try to send reinforcements and was defied by the other houses? Your job is to build a scene that explains the situation, showing either what happened with the troops or why they were not sent or did not make their appearance. This scene does not necessarily have to occur in Varlyrio proper, but it must relate to the Rego and his actions or lack of action on behalf of the queen. Size limit: a maximum of 28x28, in any orientation. Prize: 70658 Oni Titan Category B: The Eastern Families While the last few years of Rego Amancio’s reign have been relatively tranquil, there is little love lost between the principle families of the realm, and turmoil has been lurking just under the surface. The Rego’s hold on the realm is tenuous at best, and the question of his standing with the queen has not served to put him in a more enviable position. On one hand there are those who criticize the opening of the guild to the rest of Historica in his reign, and on the other there are some who fear that the Rego’s lack of cooperation might result in an open rupture or even war with the queen. And, only waiting for the moment to spring into action or come to the light, lies all the backstabbing, family warfare, assassinations, blackmailing, alliances made and broken, and, in a word, all the intrigue and scheming that Varlyrio is famous for. For this category, 3 to 4 builds are required per collaborative team, showing the intrigue and developments of Varlyian politics, especially with reference to the current Rego and the families’ view of his relation with the queen. Each team must consist of 2-4 members of the guilds (they can join up with other members from any guild they choose), and they must together tell a convincing story of at least one Varlyian family and its involvement with the Rego or with any other family in the guild that is either supportive or against the Rego, resulting in some change in the current ranking levels of the Varlyian power-scheme. Note that, while most of the families vying for power are based in eastern Varlyrio, builds and stories do not need to be confined solely to that side of the island - teams are even encouraged to bring in other aspects of Varlyrio to tell their story and to involve badland bandits/pirates on the high seas/mountain Dwarves/etc. in their intrigue if/as much as they wish. If your team does not include a member of Varlyrio, you may either (a) choose an unclaimed family to play around with, (b) contact any member of Varlyrio for permission to use their family (@Garmadon's family is available for anyone who would like to use it, though if you are the second or third to ask some characters may already be tied up), or (c), if there are no other families available or the family you contacted has not responded, you may make up a family/backstory of your own to add to the roster. In the latter case, contact Garmadon to place your family in the Varlyrian ranking system, which he will do in accordance with your backstory. Feel free to contact @Garmadon with any questions about Varlyrian families or the Varlyrian ranking system. The usual Varlyrian rules apply about using other member’s characters (namely, ask one of the guild-leaders if you would like to engage in a life-threatening act against someone who has not already given permission for their characters to be assassinated - otherwise you may do very much as you please), and, while you are encouraged to tie your story in with the other Varlyrian intrigue and any previous entries to this challenge as much as possible, the only real requirement is that your team’s collaborative story should be cohesive in itself. Team entries will be judged on both their story and build quality (not quantity), and the winning team will win the challenge and its story will outplace any other result that may contradict it (though all entries will be “canon” as far as possible). Additionally, one winner will independently be chosen for the highest scoring build of all. Size limit: One unlimited build, and an average of no more than 32x32 for the other 2/3. Looking for a team or another member or two to add to your current one? Check out the team building thread here! Prize for highest scoring build: 70679 Ultra Dragon Winning team prize (to be divided among the members of the team as they choose - one minifigure each if there are four on the team, of course): From left to right: Zusto Finollo, Lord of Baiamonte, Bjarke de Fiori, Giusta Chiaro, and the Rego of Varlyrio, Supano Amancio. General Rules Scoring: Builds will be scored on a criteria of quality, presentation, and story. As mentioned, in Category B there are prizes both for the overall best build and for the team with the highest group score of all. Rules: Only one entry per category is allowed, though obviously Category B may involve a number of builds. Borders can exceed the maximum size restriction, within reasonable limits. As usual, the orientation of the build may vary as long as the build does not exceed the footprint of the given size restriction (e.g.: 32x64 instead of 48x48 is permissible). No clone brands (Megablocks, KREO, etc) allowed, but 3rd party fig parts and accessories (Brickarms, Citizen Brick, etc.) are acceptable. All entries should be posted in their own topic, with the title of: "CHALLENGE V: Category X: Name of your build". Please also post a link to your topic here. For Category B, each team may decide whether they would rather post all their builds in the same topic or in separate posts, but the entire team entry (3 to 4 builds) should be posted in one post in this thread. Note that, in the case that a member of two of a team fall through and the team is only able to get 2 or less builds finished for Category B, those who finish in time will still be able to enter and be eligible for the highest scoring build prize, but not for winning team's. Deadline: End of day on May 31st, anywhere in the world. Check out the list of Varlyrian families and their current rankings in this thread. Quick-list of family permissions: As mentioned before, in order to use a family for your team, you may either (a) choose an unclaimed family to play around with, (b) contact any member of Varlyrio for permission to use their family, or (c), if there are no other families available or the family you contacted has not responded, you may make up a family/backstory of your own. These permissions above relate to what you may do to members of other families in your intrigue/story collab. Of course, if those family members are involved in other ways than getting themselves assassinated or the like, they ought to be used in accordance with their character in as much as it is already written, and if your team wants to make an alliance/marriage/etc with another family the procedure would be exactly like it would be at any other time in Varlyrio. Feel free to ask here or PM @Garmadon with any questions.
  4. Garmadon

    La Comete

    Sweet! - and congrats Seb on getting such an awesome ship! Great to see this beauty get a new lease on life, and even some updates as well (like that skull and crossbones !)
  5. Previously: Captain Whiffo's Duel... Sailor Leon's Letter... End of the White Doubloon Captain Whiffo paused. It was a long pause (a very long pause - just over two years long, actually... ). ...You- you don't even know what I'm talking about it's been so long. Alright! Well, for those of you who don't remember, the good Captain was just seated in the Dark Green Inn of Port Wilks, telling "a long, thrilling tale of adventure, duels, piratical villains, and rivaling trade companies from the beginning to end!" and he had just lost his Class 2 ship to a Mardierian war fleet and was left in the middle of the ocean on a little tiny raft with his small crew. But it just so happens that he was in that section of the middle of the ocean that is not so very far from the bustling Eslandolan port town of Elysabethtown... (it's not my fault both of those end in town - I didn't name the place.) "And so, after a vast (he said it like, "avast") number of grueling days aboard o' that ol' piece of driftwood," Captain Whiffo was saying, "we finally spotted Elysabethtown in the distance just as our rations of cookies were giving out..." -=- -=- -=- All was bustle and excitement at the docks of Elysabethtown when the famous ETWC captain came riding in that day, his sword glittering in the morning light as he waved it above his head in the crow's nest of the little raft. The docks official and sailors stopped to cheer lustily, and the passersby paused to stare and wave in greeting at the singular sight. Captain Whiffo shook his hookhand in triumph (forgetting, for the moment, that the Mardierians were the ones who had taken his ship away, and not the other way around), and the crew leapt up in delight. "Finally!" exclaimed the Lieutenant, with a cheer, "Captain, we're home free!!" Suddenly the raft underneath them began to tremble and quake, and the beams, battered and old, started to give way and float apart. Captain Whiffo turned to him and shook his fist. "Look at that, Lieutenant! Now you've jinxed us!" But nothing could ever faze Captain Whiffo - and it probably helped that he was on top... And so he rode victoriously, just the same... ...Right up to the dock... ...And landed amidst the stunned observance of all present. ...In a most singular and original unrolling of events totally not stolen from some other famous pirate captain (dear, Captain Whiffo nearly had my head for that "other"...). Anyways, to get back to the story. "Good day sir! Captain Whiffo, just sailed in from the middle of the ocean, if you need that for your records." "Yes sir, thank you very much," exclaimed the official, making a quick note of it. "And that'll be 7 DBs in tax for docking, if you please sir," he looked up from his pad of papers. Captain Whiffo stared at him until his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "Taxes! Tax, in an Eslandolan colony! What are the Brick Seas coming to - have I been at sea so long? I never thought I'd live to see the day...!" "Right, 7 DBs sir," remarked the officer, with a grin, taking a half-step back. It was Captain Whiffo's turn to smile. He leaned toward him and extended his hook... ...And the official, losing his balance, tumbled off the docks. And off... Into the water... Captain Whiffo leaned over with a wide smile. "That'll be 7 DBs for docking sir, if you please!" he exclaimed, "and so there we are equal, my good friend!" -=- -=- -=- "Cap'in-" interrupted the first mate again - "Cap'in, there aren't any port taxes in Elysabethtown." "What?" exclaimed the Captain. "Ah well, must have been some other rascally Maestro port that that happened at then," he grinned. "But to get back to the point..." -=- -=- -=- "Actually, that pretty much was the point. And then when all o' the crew had made it up (the official hadn't yet - "He wasn't there!" interrupted the first mate...), had made it up," the Captain repeated, "I headed off to buy the inn and warehouse where we'd landed for the ETWC to commemorate the event. But after that..." "That was when things really started happening..." But sadly, I'm afraid that'll have to wait until next time A few more pics (hoping y'all haven't got tired of them yet ) sans minifigs: The dock: The street: And the citizens of Elysabethtown: Well, it's been way too long since I've last posted something here, and it's been like forever since I last built for this storyline! Hopefully I'll be getting better on both those points in the next couple of months though! This build has been a long time in the works, and I had a lot of fun with it - got to use a bunch of my old grey on the warehouse too! - hope y'all enjoyed it and the story as well! The buildings were based off these two inspiration pics, though both ended up getting modified to a decent degree (and I personally think my in looks better than the other one, but anyways ) More to come from Captain Whiffo soon, Lord willing! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  6. Garmadon

    [OL - ChIII-CatA] - Wooden houses of Lotii

    That first paragraph (especially) is just hilarious! And nice work with that elevated house as well - I particularly like the mast pole for spying on your neighbors
  7. Garmadon

    [ESL - Ch III - Cat A] Public Garden

    I quite like this - the tree is very nice and the dark tan banks on the river were an excellent idea. Altogether everything works and makes for a very idyllic scene!
  8. Garmadon

    [OL - Ch.III - Cat.A] Pagoda by the Lake

    ...And that's what you call coming back in style! I'll echo what the others have said about the peg-legs (I need a few hundred of those now! ), and, not to mention everything, I'll just say that that ground floor is superb! From the soldiers to the use of ingots and unikitty tails to the water, lilypads, border, and of course the pagoda, you really knocked that out of the park. As with Ayrlego's, though, the top would be my only nitpick - I'm not quite sold on the sudden burst of color, and I can't get the drill out of my head But I absolutely do love the roofs between stories - those are simply fantastic! Intriguing story as well, I'm starting to wonder what exactly Oleon is getting its hands into... oh, and like Captain Dee said, I think maybe another story or two overall would probably have helped - the minifigs were complaining that it was a little squat
  9. Garmadon

    Arrival at Elysabethtown

    Thanks Captain! And it's always awesome to hear that what I've built is giving inspiration to other MOCers! And sorry, a bit late, I know
  10. Garmadon

    [COR ChIIICatA] Lotii Pagoda

    I love the way you know how to put colors together to make for a simply fantastic masterpiece! Except for the dark green slopes on the very top which I'm a bit conflicted about and can't quite make up my mind on whether I like or not - though I will readily admit that the tops are the hardest thing to nail on pagodas - everything about this build is absolutely amazing! The plate roofs were a bold move that worked very well, and you're rekindling my resolve to try out those brick-bands on my buildings The vegetation and base are excellent as well, and the pink really makes this for me - just masterful work all around! This pretty much sums up what I love about far eastern builds
  11. I really like this - very nice job capturing that Orient Expedition feeling, and the landscaping and bridge are quite good: I'm digging the way the river looks like almost just a crack in the snow/ice. And of course kudos on including the interior as well!
  12. Glad to hear it, can't wait to see what y'all come up with! Sure - the official flag colors of Varlyrio are gold and white. But honestly they don't tend to show up very often If you want to include it that'd be them, though!
  13. Yep, I was hoping we could clear the dust off this mighty musty Guild a little here! Time to show up, peeps! - if you like the idea of surviving, anyways... Awesome! I'm hoping to get an entry to Category B into my (very busy ) schedule as well if I can!
  14. I love the color of this ship, and you've really freed it from the cramped look the constraints of the bottle put on it - really nice job! I'm going to call you out on those gun ports too; great idea to convey those simply but convincingly
  15. Garmadon

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 2]

    Oh yes, that last one is just appropriately right and spooky. Of course! You were saying that sails must be shaped like hearts and flowers to catch the breeze best, or possibly like... orange chimpanzee heads? Was that it? And Captain Nordau is listening too. He's the pirate one - still working on his ship though, I'm afraid he hasn't finished his homework
  16. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Just a few of the important family figures of Varlyrio - from left to right, Zusto Finollo, Lord of Baiamonte, Bjarke de Fiori, Giusta Chiaro, and Rego Supano Amancio. And I've compiled descriptions for the unclaimed families, for anybody interested in using them for the new Challenge in Varlyrio or otherwise! Baiamonte Family Characteristically cruel, tyrannical, and domineering, the Lords of Baiamonte, powerful and haughty, are the heads of a family one would hardly want as a friend, but less still as an enemy. While there may be some rare gentler spirits in the family, the populace in general still views them with suspicion and often with a shudder, and though mortified and disgraced, the leading members do not seem to have been much humbled by their loss of the throne. The family originally rose to prominence through the soldiery, and still has a large presence in the army and command of Varlyrio, but since they were ousted by the Amancios they have mostly retired from the social life of the guild to their huge and gloomy fortress at the foot of the mountains. It is said that they are in good standing with the dwarves above, but otherwise they have few allies outside their own clan. Cioto Family Legendarily the founding dynasty of the realm, the Cioto’s to this day still enjoy a fair amount of favor with the public, and with the alliance formed with the Rego through the queen (she having been a Cioto herself), they currently sit in relative ease and tranquility in their own rank. The Cioto’s are often to be seen mingling with the other main families in Illyrian, and seem to be on good terms with both great and small, with the sole exception of the Baiamonte’s, who have long hated them out of jealousy of their popularity. Chiaro Family Diligent and hardworking merchants and builders, and in their time the best and most fair-minded of the rulers of the guild, the Chiaro’s are, of the principle families, by far the most honest, generous, and sincere to be found in Varlyrio. Disaster, however, seems to dog their footsteps, and has repeatedly shaken the family to its core, and all of the guild with it. But the troubles which have distressed the family have only served to bring it closer together, and they look forward to the day when they will again see Varlyrio in peace.
  17. Varlyrian Family Affairs Home to tumultuous political intrigue, deadly family rivalries, and chaotic trade wars, Varlyrio is not a place where it's easy to rise to the top. And once a family has, it is even more difficult to stay there. Marriages, assassinations, backstabbing, and everything else must be carefully calculated in order to move up in the ranks, and only the most consummate cunning will enable one to surpass their rivals and build their family's influence, power, and prestige. Varlyians! It's time to put your ingenuity, tenacity, and building skills to the test! Welcome to the family intrigue of Varlyrio. Check out the spoiler for the Family Affairs guild challenge info - entries to that should be posted in the Guild thread rather than here, though, unless specifically related to political developments. Varlyrian Family Ranking: Leading Family (Rego): Amancio, Rego of Varlyrio, shipmasters (@Rogue Angel)Secondary Families: De Fiori, sword-makers (@Garmadon)Third rank: Lords of Baiamonte, soldiery (unclaimed family), Chiaro, merchants (unclaimed family), Khaor, cloth and leather merchants, tailors (@narbilu)Fourth rank: Cioto (unclaimed family), Conzaga, wine-makers (@Basiliscus), di Carlo, merchants (@ZlatanXVIGustaf)Fifth rank: D'Gatto, artists and antiquarians (@mccoyed), Di Cioto, profession unknown (@W Navarre)Sixth rank: Waythe, judge and mercenary (@Judge of the Wastelands) The main things which affect family ranking and change of positions: - Number and quality of builds and participation in guild specific and in major challenges - Builds related to one's family and trade (as opposed to simply building for your sigfig without much concern for the family overall) - Builds related to intrigue; originality, ingenuity, and story - Consistent participation and activity Note that the unclaimed families may be won through the Family Affairs challenge if desired (and if you're coming up with your own family, we encourage you to tie it into the current history line if you'd like to), but that they require more builds than coming up with a new one depending on the rank of the family you'd like to obtain. PM guild leadership if you're interested in one of them! Additionally, note that the top three ranks in particular will be GMed more significantly by the leadership. And, of course, we're the GMs That means we're allowed to do things like throw in plot twists where someone in the fourth rank suddenly gets launched to Rego. Remember that this is all in-game story related, and a good story, clever assassination, or tactful marriage could help your family tremendously. Challenges and suchlike are definitely helpful, but if you're not clever enough to master the intrigue, chances aren't good for you making it to the top. In general, we hope to be able to approve of whatever madcap schemes you all can come up with to get to the top, but anything major like assassinating the head of a different house or kidnapping an heir or arranging a marriage or something would need to be PMed to Rogue and me for approval, however - but we hope to be able to say yes to your plans as often as possible. As a general rule, making your sig-fig the leader of your family is discouraged, as well as becoming excessively attached to somewhat distant family members: we want to be able to allow you all to do whatever is necessary to rise in the ranks (subject to prior leadership review, as mentioned before), and obviously we can't go around approving the murder of sig-figs or characters the member is really very fond of without getting in contact with that member and working things out to make sure they're ok with it (otherwise we'll just have to say no to the assassination), which clearly involves a deal of complications. Leadership will use its discretion to determine when a proposed development must be turned down and/or when it requires them to get into contact with the other member involved (otherwise we will keep your idea a secret until you put it into action). Expect many members of your family to be assassinated, blackmailed, or otherwise bushwacked! An example of Varlyrian family intrigue in practice: @Rogue Angel and myself (@Garmadon) will do our best to keep things rolling efficiently, keeping the ranking here up-to-date (Garmadon), as well as handing out titles and trade and ministry positions where deserved (Rogue). This thread: This is where you will introduce your family and trade, post important family developments, where the leadership will keep the up-to-date rankings, and where we will post the results of events on families' ranks and influence in Varlyrio. As a general rule, if your build is associated to your family and may affect your ranking, please link it here. This thread is meant to work kind of like a story thread and less like a Q&A thread, so if you have any questions about the Varlyrian family ranking and political possibilities, or general questions about how this works, please post them in the Varlyrio Thread.
  18. Garmadon

    Arrival at Elysabethtown

    Thanks all! Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed them! I was really happy with how the buildings in particular turned out as well! That white house was not easy though Thanks Capt! Thanks Captain Dee! Ikr! It wasn't until I was linking the previous builds that I realized just how long ago the last time I'd built for poor Captain Whiffo was! And yes, coincidentally the music did happen to stop just then - why would you ask? Re: photography, yes, as a matter of fact it'd been so long since I'd taken pics of a decent-sized build I was busy figuring out what I was doing the whole time and only remembered my camera's trick for getting the exposure right just at the end (which is why the last overview shots are the best ). And then it's always hard to make sure your pictures are the right brightness when you're editing them on a laptop (...Especially when your laptop is sitting on an old pirate chest instead of a desk and you're seated in one of the little tiny chairs Kai got for her first birthday... ) Thanks Kai! Well, after I'd gone through so much work getting pics of that fellow toppling over that I wasn't about to scratch it just because it turns out Elysabethtown doesn't have any port taxes after all! Thanks mate! Great to hear it! Thanks my friend! Hmm, that seems a very singular non-coincidence...
  19. Garmadon

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 1]

    Captain Nordau is paying close attention here... I think he missed the point about not making your ship too big though ... And I know everybody else has already said it, but I totally love that too large crew pic as well!
  20. Yep, loving the new banner! Another thanks to Kai and Mister Phes here!
  21. Yeah, thanks! Captain Nordau's been demanding asking for a new ship for a couple of months now though, so... And for the record, I'm not promising a Class 10 just yet! I'm just gonna see what I can do in a couple of weeks Yeah, I was more asking about the IC story part of it - Captain Nordau's not too concerned about the legality aspect But he would having fun getting and producing the LoMs if he got asked why he was attacking any particular ship... and I dare say there's got to be some historical precedent to it somewhere, haha
  22. Yep! Mmm, yeah, I get that. I was just wondering if it wouldn't be possible to sail under the Carno flag while attacking Lotus ships and then switch to the Lotus flag when attacking Carno's ships But that's alright. I assume one needs a Letter of Marque from one side or the other to constitute the MRCA results build an entry to the tMRCA challenge though, correct? Yes, the problem is I don't have/use midsections since I brick-build the hulls on my ships (and since I don't have any of the prefab parts ), so I was wondering what that was in terms of studs. The standard midsection seems to be 8 studs wide though and the ends about twice that, so that gives me larger than 88 studs as the requirement. Does that sound about right? I'll prob be shooting for somewhere more around 120 though anyways, as that's the precedent size with the Royal Philip and LMBlackbird's Class 10s
  23. Alrighty, I've got a few questions! I assume that if I'm building a new ship for the tMRCA part of Category D, that could also be used in a naval scene for the MOC only category, correct? Or, stated the other way around (which makes more sense now that I think of it ), after I've built a ship or two for the MOC only category, I am completely allowed to licence one or both and enter them into the tMRCA category (as long as it makes sense, of course)? In other words, any licenced ship is eligible for the tMRCA, whether new or previously built, no? And part of the reason I ask is because I can build ships now and certainly want to send 'em out in the MRCA(s), but won't be with most of my bricks in May and have no idea if I'll be able to do an adequate MRCA result build with what I'll have Would it be possible to get Letters of Marque from both nations for the same ship - without either side IC knowing it has one from the other side? Ikr, such a random question. Asking for a friend, of course Captain Nordau's certainly not planning on a little explotition or anything... What's the usual waterline base length for a Class 10? About 120 studs and two-three gun decks?
  24. Another build from me, and another chapter of Captain Whiffo's story (finally!) (picture linked to topic)
  25. A medium commerce in Elysabethtown (inn and warehouse) licenced by the ETWC (picture linked to topic)