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Found 3 results

  1. Captain Nordau, most feared blackflag captain of the Brick Seas, returns to terrorize the oceans! Took him long enough. He's got a slight upgrade from the rowboat though! Whew - I definitely did not expect this to be such a lengthy project when I first started out, haha! This was supposed to be a three week build (ikr, ) back when I started it at the beginning of 2020, hahaha - and then I had the crazy idea of trying to get it to BrickWorld 2020... and then covid happened and well, three years later, here we finally are! And yes, I did make that ridiculous trip from South America to Chicago with this thing, hahaha! Oh, and in the meantime, I got an amazing offer from the generous guys at Lightailing to review their lights and sound effect boards, so yeah, that's been awesome too! Be sure to check out my full review/lighting guide on Innovalug's website! But (spoiler alert! ) I do highly recommend their stuff if you're looking for high quality custom lights that are sturdy and reusable to boot! Alright, to the pics! I know this is what y'all are here for, Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention - of course it has an interior! (Yes I'm mad - did I already say that? ) Starting from the front and working our way around back - up in first deck's fore we've got the galley, with a hearty stew going and a shark (not in this picture) dangling from the upper gun-deck for up coming messes But it was to be pork chops today! Get back here! A swarthy pirate stows away the barrels of rum in the hold below, While a petty officer keeps an eye on his private stash... At the stern we have the powder room, with kegs upon kegs of ammunition stowed away for piratical very peaceful expeditions. Not sure the midshipman ought to have a lantern in there... or about those stern cannons, but anyways! Moving to the upper deck, a swashbuckling pirate watches over the map, Not much to fear from these Imperialists though... Don't forget to make your bed (hammocks are too expensive )! Oh yes, this poor fellow stays busy - at least he's got good company! What's this? Looks like someone may have escaped - well, it wasn't that Carno governor or his daughter anyways... Cabin boy by the apple barrel. Mutineer's tip - either make the barrel too small or the apples too big, Torch 'em! Fire away, me hearties (this is actually the first deck, but oh well)! Here's the real stash - Only the parrot and the quartermaster know these secrets... The cook taking a break after a long day of work, A couple of interior pics before moving above decks - In these you can get a better look at the shark, haha. There are also a fiddler, another pig, and a sheep if you want to try to find them! What lies ahead? One never knows when you're roving on the endless seas. Where there are monkeys, there are... The governor's daughter, (Public relations with Carno isn't Captain Nordau's first priority...) Midships is... rather large, considering that this is the deck of a vessel! Meanwhile, high above... And reeeeaaally up high... And working our way toward the stern, where Captain Nordau scrutinizes everything himself, his trusty parrot by his side, A couple of mates chat together as they stare over the castle at the rolling waters far below, A closer look at that stern, what can I say (I love it! ) And, cannons firing! This looks... fun. And that, mates, is the Buccaneer's Dread! If I'm not mistaken, it be the largest physical ship in the Brick Seas yet - but I'd love for someone else to break that record before long! Hope you all have enjoyed this brief tour, and don't mind Captain Nordau plundering and raiding all your goods from now on... Yo, ho, ho, a blackflagging life for me! Phew! That was a lot of pictures! Hope y'all enjoyed them and didn't get tired there! A few stats: 117 studs at the waterline (3') 165 studs to point of bowsprit (4'3") ~58 studs crossbeam (1'7") ~170 studs tall (4'5") 40 flashing cannons (46 total) 36 crew (including skeletons, ) 72 gun galleon ~35 pounds Sound effects & 85+ lights Building time: 3 years 100+ hours of rigging A couple of days in sail making and sewing Brick numbers: I have no idea, Oh, and I almost forgot! Yeah, there's a video of that too A couple of behind the scenes and size comparison pics (I'm 5'10" for the record, haha) And, a link to my inspiration pic! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always! Cheers!
  2. Abe Gray's Universal Store was one of the most popular shops in Pontelli. His oldest daughter usually watched the shop and his younger daughter usually watched her little baby brother and ate cookies while she thought her sister wasn't looking. But how well it went with the business was testified by the fact that both his girls were always dressed in the lattest elegant fashion, frills and puffed sleeves and all. Sadie saw to that, although some detractors said sometimes that her sister looked like she was dressed in a sack - but that was ridiculous. Pirates do not window-shop. That's just not a pirate thing. But it must be admitted that when Captain Nordau saw some tulips in the window of Gray's Universal Store he did a very un-pirate-like thing and walked in. He had heard just a little bit ago that Captain Cookie had bought some of Pontelli's new tulips. And he was not one to be behind other pirate captains for long - it would never do. "Arr, did I see some tulips in the winder of this 'ere 'stablishment, miss?" "Yes you did, sir," replied Sadie. "Those are Mondials - they are one of the rarest kinds around. Here you see." "Ay, indeed. I hear that Captain Cookie has bought some Pontelli tulips." "Oh yes, sir, indeed he did. Everybody heard of that. But he bought some of the Orange Emperor tulips. These are Mondials." "Aha, much better, I shall outdo him yet," exclaimed Captain Nordau triumphantly. "Now how much are these? They're better than his, of course, right? I wouldn't pay less than Captain Cookie did for some." "No fear of that," said Sadie to herself. But all she did was smile up at Captain Nordau and think that he was clearly not an Eslandolan. "Yes, of course. These are three-quarters of a doubloon. Captain Cookie's was only a half-doubloon." "Oh yes, excellent. Here you are. And these are one of the rarest kinds you say?" "Certainly, thank you." "No problem miss, anyday," said Captain Nordau as he walked out with his new purchase. He had only just left and Sadie was just pulling out another bunch of the "rare" tulips when Captain Whiffo entered Gray's store. He was a regular costumer there and didn't care if everybody knew it. Abe Gray was a member of the ETWC after all too. Captain Whiffo considered Sadie Gray to be a very Eslandian girl - and that was about the highest compliment anybody could want from him. "Hello, Captain!" said Sadie as he came in. "Captain Nordau was just here and he bought some of these Mondial tulips." "What?! Captain Nordau here?? And what did he want with the tulips?" "Well, he heard that Captain Cookie had just bought some too." "What, him too? Well, I guess it won't do to be left out. How much do they cost? Half a doubloon?" "What, no. Of course not - that's what Captain Cookie paid for them. They're going for four-fifths of a doubloon now." "What? What extravegance!" "Captain Nordau paid three-quarters of a doubloon for them," Sadie smiled. "You wouldn't want to do worse than him. And it's my last one. Extra proceeds for the ETWC, you know, Captain," and she held up the flowers in front of her pretty face. Captain Whiffo sighed. "Okay, give me them for four-fifths then." "A pleasure to see you again, Captain," said Sadie, taking the gold coins, which as Captain Whiffo thought - like a good Eslandolan - looked even better against an Eslandolan girl's pretty face. "Jackie, come show Captain Whiffo your little brother," said Sadie, calling over her little sister - "and stop snitching cookies or I really will take the next one out of your allowance." And Captain Whiffo left saying to himself, "why, how does she manage it? She always does me like this, I don't know how she does it." And he concluded as he had often concluded before, "someday I'm going to marry that girl." And as soon as he walked out the door Sadie said, "Jackie dear, bring out the Royal Blue now, will you please? And I'll pardon you that cookie." ---------------------------------------------- The story so far: Something for a Lady Buying Some Flowers Captain Cookies next move
  3. Garmadon

    Boardwalk Talk

    The infamous Captain Nordau and a representative of the Sea Rat port authorities take a walk on a Garveyan boardwalk in Freeport, and in the process a large bag of DBs and some papers change hands respectively... only time will tell where it all will go from here! But, little do they know, they are not alone - other ears are hearing every word that is said... And a shot of the infamous pirate Captain on the beach: Hello y'all! A little scene to officially inaugurate my Black Flag Captain's agreement with the Sea Rat authorities - the details of which, for the curious, are that which Captain Nordau has bribed bought the future silence of all Sea Rat port authorities (i.e., the location of the Captain's ship(s) won't be published in the KPA when he's in a SR settlement) in exchange for 5000 DBs and a Class 4 ship which he has given to the Sea Rat faction. And yep, we did get the court's approval and all, so all's fair and above board - figuratively speaking, you know Oh, and no, this is not the start of another ETWC monkey story, I just couldn't resist the urge to get at least one monkey in the scene! Was really happy with how the sea background worked out; and it was awesome getting to crack out that light yellow for the beach! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!