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  1. Ever wanted to build a spaceship like Benny, the famous Classic Space minifig? Then grab your bricks and start modifying a set or MOC! You can start with any set or MOC you want, there are no restrictions on themes, you can bennyfy a Star Wars spaceship, a city train, a modular building or even an Architrecture set or MOC! Add thrusters, wings, cockpits, laser guns, antennas, anything needed to make that set/MOC fly! The original set/MOC can be modified during the process, but it should still be recognizable once modified. There's also no restriction on the bricks' colors to use for the set/MOC modifications. Set 70831 Emmet's Dream House Rescue Rocket! is a good example of what we're expecting for this contest. In this example, the yellow house is the original set or MOC, and the Rescue Rocket is the result of the bennyification Categories A: Official path - Build a spaceship in the way Benny would, based on an official set. B: MOC path - Build a spaceship in the way Benny would, based on a new MOC of yours. Rules First rule: have fun! The contest will run from March 10th to April 21st 2019. As long as it's still April 21st somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun, with the exception of the EB staff, who can enter but are not eligible to win prizes. One entry per member and per category. You can enter all categories with different entries, but you'll be eligible to receive only one prize. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the contest, including the MOC for category B. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. Entries' post must contain at least one picture of the official set or MOC on which you based your entry. All entries must be built from real LEGO. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. Digital entries are accepted , as long as they are entirely buildable with real bricks! Non-Lego light sources are allowed as long as you mention it in your entry description. You can use official stickers or custom stickers. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Sci-fi forum, the title prefixed by, "[BSBA] Cat X - ". (For example, "[BSBA] Cat A - Benny's Saturn V".) Post pictures no larger than 1024x768, but you may link to bigger pictures. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. Winners will be determined by public voting. Prizes Category A first place: #70830 - Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship! Category A second place: #70831 - Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket! Category B first place: #70835 - Rex's Rexplorer! Category B second place: #70834 - MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike!
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    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Modified parts aren't allowed (even if I really like the initiative of dying trans-clear windshields)
  3. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Sorry, I missed your post. You can take a Technic set, but rebuilding it with systeme pieces is a big modification of the set, too big I think. Could you not keep most of the Technic parts?
  4. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Entries should be posted in the Sci-Fi subforum Yep, we're not looking for alt builds, but for modification of sets/MOCs into spaceships! You have to take a set/MOC and turn it into a spaceship like Benny would... with a bunch of antennas, thrusters, anything you think is necessary :) And that's a great entry... but alas a bit late This time try to post your entry in time!
  5. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    You have to build a new MOC plus a bennyfied version of that MOC
  6. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    It's hard to answer with just yes or no to this question...The theme of this contest is to build a spaceship, so if your entry has some sort of propulsion, and a place to pilot it, you can say that in space it doesn't have to be sleak to fly... No, that's not a requirement. As said, the theme of this contest is to build a spaceship. So turning the portal into some sort of thruster is a good idea. Remember that the original set must be recognizable after the bennyfication process ;)
  7. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    It's more like 3. The set/MOC can be a spaceship, that what fun would it be to bennyize it? Or maybe you can take a midi sized star destroyer and modify it to become a minifig sized spaceship You must use parts that are not in the set! This contest isn't an alt build contest. The set or MOC should be just a base for Benny to modify ;)
  8. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    It must be a new MOC, never posted before. I need to work on that yes... You're right, it's a bit confusing... And it is also true that looking at the example (the house) the rule seems a bit, well confusing... I'll jsut remove it.
  9. Ever wanted to build nice and sleak spaceships like Benny, the classic space astronaut? Then now is the for you to join the Benny's Spaceship Building Academy contest!!
  10. Bob De Quatre

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Sorry that wasn't clear. The modifications should use a different color palette than the original set/MOC. That's right. As written in the rules, you may slightly alter the set during your bennyizing the set
  11. Bob De Quatre

    AG2 Prologue

    Prologue to Andromeda's Gates: Second Era It's been a while now since the massive explosion of radiation in Andromeda's system that forced Octan, Kawashita and M.A.N.T.I.S. to evacuate. Almost all their personnel got back to Earth, some were lost. Most continued their job, some changed, but they never forgot Andromeda... The corporations sent many probes to the distant system, hoping the radiations had dispersed. In vain... But recently, a secret memo originating from Octan headquarters was published, stating that according to the readings, the radiation level was decreasing around Farmolis. Kawashita's representant immediately declared that his company was obfuscated that Octan kept that news for themselves. M.A.N.T.I.S. didn't say a thing, but some sources indicated that they already knew about it... Not knowing what awaits them in the supposedly devastated planets, all corporations are making their preparations to get back to Andromeda! Prologue Challenge: You're invited to post builds about your character (old or new) making his/her preparations to get back to the Andromeda's System. You can post as many builds as you want. The prologue will end when AG2 starts. These builds won't be judged, but your character will receive some gold for each build you'll have posted. Additional prizes may be announced later. When posting a build/story, please prefix the title with "[Prologue]".
  12. Guys I'm considering buying parts for a turntable but I'm not sure of the difference between 18939 and 48452. It seems that 18939 don't have the inner tooth ring, right?
  13. Bob De Quatre

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Introduction and discussion The Andromeda Discovery While official records are still scarce, the Andromeda discovery became one of our most important since the begining of space exploration. While approaching a planetary orbit during a mapping expedition of the Andromeda Galaxy, the ship was caught up in a strange gravitational anomaly. Records from the initial expedition were mostly lost, save that when the crew awoke, they found themselves in a different part of the galaxy. A second anomaly was located close to their new location, and when approached their craft was drawn in again, returning them to their original location. When word of this new discovery reached the Galactic Command Council, the Council commissioned a number of privateers to explore this strange new phenomenon, and it wasn’t long before a number of similar anomalies were discovered. Many early ships were lost mapping these strange gravitational anomalies, until minifig scientists discovered the ‘GATE’ system. The Gravitational Anomaly Transport Engine became a core component to allow ships travelling through Andromeda galaxy to use the anomalies safely. The Gate system allowed ships to successfully match the fluctuating speeds and coordinates needed to navigate through them. The vast reduction in transport times made Andromeda’s planetary systems prime candidates for massive scale resource exploitation. With the new GATE system tested and working, corporations were quick to retrofit these systems to their own ships, and a second resource race began. And if many corporations wanted to exploit Andromeda, only three of them had what it takes in resources and manpower to succeed in such a large expedition. In early AD 3815, they reached Andromeda and each settled in on a different planet. To survive in this new environment, they have the absolute need of water. Luckily water is present in diverse forms in Andromeda's systems. Biomass is another key element as it provides nutrients but also research materials. And lots of metals will be needed to expand each corporation's domination over the system, and also make profits! The Corporations Octan Corporation Kawashita Group M.A.N.T.I.S. Specialized in everything, Octan Corp is the leading company in providing minifigs with everything they need. From the outside, the company presents a smiling face. But is it the same face it shows to its competitors? Learn more on Octan Corporation An ancient company, big and powerful but clouded in mysteries... Specialized in advanced technologies, Kawashita surpass everyone in terms of robotics and genetics. Lots of secret projects wait to be revealed... Learn more on Kawashita Group After throwing away its violent and criminal past, the organization known as M.A.N.T.I.S. succesfully developed its activities, becoming one of the most legitimate and successful companies... But is it really true? Learn more on M.A.N.T.I.S. Goal of the game The main goal for the corporations is to harvest the maximum of the 3 resources: Water: Highly needed for the survival of humanity Awesomnium: A precious metal that is used in spaceship's construction Biomass: All sort of biological stuff to nourish employees and that scientists will study By building on a planet, a player's corporation will receive resources and Domination points. A corporation with 30 Domination points more than the other corporations will gain control of that planet, expanding its control area and the number of planets available for building. Resources can be used by corporations to progress on a tech tree that gives bonuses to its players. Top level technologies will require some rare resources that can only be found on one planet of the galaxy, or that can be rewarded by challenges: Gold: A valuable metal with many applications in technology and science Copper: An ancient metal which all stocks of were lost a long time ago Mithril: The hardest metal ever found By building, players will also receive Credits, that can be used to buy Personal Equipment. These items provide bonuses directly to a player who owns them. Link to the dynamic map
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    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Please stop the fighting at once. I'll ask everyone to respect others sensibilities about spoilers and what they consider to actually be spoilers. People react differently, and it's no big deal to edit your post to add a spoiler tag, instead of starting an argument. For now (and for the few next weeks), if you want to discuss something that is in the movie and not publicly in sets or trailers, please use the spoiler tag. If you have a doubt, use the spoiler tag. Thanks. Oh and this is an official staff warning.
  15. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Customized Resistance B-Wing

    Aala Krien was a skillful B-Wing pilot during the rebellion against the galactic empire. When she joined the resistance, her renown allowed her to be given the head of a T-70 X-wing squadron, acoomplishing hit and run missions. While the X-wing was quite efficient, she soon missed the firepower of her old B-wing and the control provided by its ion cannons. She asked the resistance engineers to remodel a B-wing into a starfighter capable of fullfilling her missions. They made her custom B-wing lighter, faster with upgraded engines and thrusters, and easier to control with the ability to embark an astromech droid. Hope you'll like this MOC as mush as I liked building it. It's been a while since I wanted to do some kind of an evolution to the B-Wing, so I thought what could a B-Wing be like during the Resistance era? How would they have upgraded it? How would they they have dealt with its obvious flaws?... Customized Resistance B-Wing by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Customized Resistance B-Wing by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Customized Resistance B-Wing by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Customized Resistance B-Wing by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  16. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Customized Resistance B-Wing

    Thanks everyone :)
  17. It's a no-go for me... I organise my first Lego exhibition that same week end (a small one, 540m2). I'll see you next year in Billund, or Skaerbeck later this year
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    AFOL designer program

    Here is what I submitted... ///Rejected/// Artemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr EB isn't a hosting site. Just link your picture from Flickr
  19. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    I feel like the AFOL Designer Program is just like Ideas, with the 10 000 votes after the selection phase... I was hoping it would produce actual MOCs, aimed to AFOL, with advanced techniques, shapes and all... but no
  20. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    Like @anothergol I was expecting more MOC like entries, more elaborated... but let's wait for the other. No would be a more exact answer... Since I entered a starfighter, I don't think I'll pass the selection... Anyway it was fun
  21. Won't be able to participate in the EB event this year
  22. Great to see some progress here It looks pretty cool! And I can't wait to see that thing running free in your living room
  23. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] VicVipeout - Aurora-s1

    I've been wanting to build a Wipeout inspired ship for so long... And I finally got inspired to mix a racy aesthetic with the Vic Viper themed month to create the Aurora-s1 race ship. The Aurora-s1 is a two maned ship (a pilot and an engineer), propulsed by 4 engines with a single big central motor. Side wings can expand or retract to adjust stability when needed. Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
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    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    This thread is for discussing the 2018 LEGO Sci-Fi sets. Stay on topic. Do not post fabricated information, which could lead to your account being banned. If you find images stamped with a 'Confidential' mark, do not embed them. Thanks.
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    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Totally forgot I didn't post this one on EB... maybe because I'm not satisfied with it :/