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    [REVIEW] #75298 AT-AT vs Tauntaun

    Set information Set Name: AT-AT vs Tauntaun Set Number: 75298 Number of Pieces: 205 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 03/2021 Prices: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75298 on Brickset #75298 on Rebrickable Packaging and box content The box of the set is the usual size for double Microfighters. On the front we can see both models and the two minifigures, while the back shows the few play features and another scene. ] The box contains two numbered bags and two instructions manuals, one of each for each microfighter. I was so eagr to build the cute Tauntaun that I totally forgot I had to take this picture... Minifigures The set comes with two minifigures: an AT-AT pilot and Luke Skywalker in his Hoth outfit. The AT-AT driver is the same that comes with set 75288 AT-AT (sw1104), while Luke's minifig is new. Builds As usual, the set comes with two numbered bags and two instructions booklet, one for each Microfighter. That allows to invite a friend or family to build together, or organize a small building contest! The AT-AT build looks nice, with its printed 2x1 slope on the head. The designer corrected the leg problem that was present on the older AT-AT microfighter, which caused the legs to fold when you pushed the pilot down to sit it. My only criticism is the AT-AT's forehead which have a step that recess from the two 2x2 dishes on the sides. ] A comparison shots with the 75075 AT-AT microfighter shows that the newer one is missing the flickfire missiles from its predecessor. The tauntaun is so cute! The saddle has clips on each side to attach the binocular and the lightsaber. Note that in the instructions, the lighsaber is attached with it's blade on, which may be dangerous for both Luke and the tauntaun. Both Luke and the AT-AT pilot come with a stud shooter blaster and a binocular. Luke of course also has his lightsaber. The spare parts are worth mentionning as the set provide an extra pair of Tauntaun horns. Conclusion Minifig: 9/10 - Two nice minifigure, one exclusive. Builds: 9/10 - Both builds are great, and the Tauntaun looks especially cute. Price: 9/10 - With a ppp of 0,097€ and two minifig, one of which is exclusive this set is a must have for me. Overall: 27/30 (90%) - A great Microfighters set with a great brickbuilkt Tauntaun.
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    [MOC] Aerial Hunter

    The Aerial Hunter is the ship of the infamous and mysterious twin Blacktron bounty hunter. Highly maneuverable and fast, it can get the better of most ship in the galaxy. It's armament is composed of a dual laser turret that can rotate at 360°, and two front facing heavy cannons. It can carry up to two standard prison cells. The two command pods can detach. My last minute entry for SpaceJam 2020 Bounty Hunter category. I decided to enter this category on the last building day I had, so this was built, photographed and posted all in a one (working) day . Aerial Hunter by BobDeQuatre, on FlickrAerial Hunter by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Aerial Hunter by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Aerial Hunter by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
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    [Review] 75302 Imperial Shuttle

    Set information Set Name: Imperial Shuttle Set Number: 75302 Number of Pieces: 660 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 02/2021 Prices: £69.99 / $69.99 / €79.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75302 on Brickset #75302 on Rebrickable Packaging and content The box feature the white lego bricks background, with Dark Vador holding his red lightsaber on the upper right corner of the box's front. The shuttle can be seen with wings unfolded on the box's front, with the three minifigures included on the lower right corner, while the back shows the shuttle landed and various play features. The box contains 6 numbered bags and a 130 pages instruction booklet. And that's all, no stickers sheet. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, with most of the times only one or two bricks to add to the construction. The set is rated for ages 8+. Minifigures The set comes with three minifigures: Luke Skywalker in his Endor/Death Star Episode IV outfit, Dark Vador in his usual outfit, and an imperial shuttle pilot. The Luke Skywalker minifig (sw0635) is available since the 2016 Death Star Final Duel and appeared in the 2016 advent calendar and UCSDeath Star, and of course in the 2020 latest Death Star Final Duel set. Dark Vador is the same minifig that came with the 2020 Bespin Duel or Final Death Star Duel... without the arm printing. Does that makes it an exclusive minifig? The Imperial Shuttle Pilot is the same minifig that was included in 2017/2018 sets, but with a slightly different torso. Build The build is rather easy to follow throughout the 6 numbered bags, each of it bringing key elements of the shuttle. The building techniques are rather simple, except maybe for the locking mecanism of the shuttle's top. Finished model The cockpit fits one minifigure, while the inner compartment can fit two sitting minifigures. There are no clips to attach the mnifigures' weapons. There is a clever lever that allow to open or close the top of the shuttle. The mecanism is quite robust, and you can lift the shuttle by its top wing. The landing gears are reduced to a couple of parts. The Imperial Shuttle looks quite nice when its wings are deployed... and from a certain distance... I'm not a fan of the "lower parts count" policy of Lego in the latest Star Wars sets, as it affects the look of the model too much for me. So as you may have guessed, while I think the set looks pretty good, there are a lot of spots where inner mecanisms are holes can be found. Also the undersides of the wings aren't really as beautifull as the main top wing. The pilot can do very safe landing as he can see the ground through the cockpit's floor... For a set that will be swooshed around a lot, skipping the cockpit floor is a design mistake. I wanted to do a side by side comparison with the #75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium, but couldn't find all the parts in my collection. So I'll just do a comparison of the numbers... The 75094 has 937 parts and 5 minifigs, for a retail price of 99,99€. That makes it 25% more expensive, but for 42% more parts, 66% more minifigs (4 of wich are exclusive). Conclusion Not completely sold on the set. It looks good when displayed, but there are too much gaps and holes everywhere if you look closely. The minifigures fit the set very well and are spot on, but I wonder why Dark Vador misses its arm printings. It lacks some details, for exemple on the weapons. But for children this may be a great playing set, with a wow effect as it's largeand nice when the wings are unfolded. Minifig: 7/10 - The minifigs selection is spot on, but I miss the Vador's arm printing. Build: 6/10 - A simple but solid build, but lacks of details and some design flaws Price: 7/10 - With a ppp of 0,12€ and three minifig, none completely exclusive, that makes that set "okay", maybe a bit overpriced Overall: 20/30 (67%) - A nice set, with the minifigures we could expects, but with some flaws due to a too low part count.
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    Classic Space Evolution

    Nice idea :)
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    [MOC] Pegasus Team - Epsilon-K SkyRacer

    Here is my entry for the SpaceJam 2020 contest on Flickr. This is a collab betwenn me and 3 other friend builders. So checkout their build too:
  6. A little something I wanted to do for quite a while! Last week my girlfriend was away from home for a 5 days business trip. The moment she passd the door, I started the "Lighthouse Project"! I had a limited time to build the whole thing and surprise her when she returned... And of course the lighthouse had to be fully functionnal too... The Last Lighthouse At The End Of The Kitchen Table by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  7. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] The Last Lighthouse At The End Of The Kitchen Table

    Thanks. I forgot to share on EB the last adventure of the lighthouse, that is now a bedside lamp in my bedroom. The Last Lighthouse At The End Of The Kitchen Table by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  8. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Shaahakaa

    Shaahakaa the Blademaster. Shaahakaa by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
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    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Please comment this subject in this topic:
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    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Because I'm lazzy, and no other mod saw this topic ?
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    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I voted M-Tron, Space Police and Ice Planet. But I'm pretty sure that a castle theme will win...
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    [MOC] The Last Lighthouse At The End Of The Kitchen Table

    Thanks everyone. Her reactio was a mix of surprise, amusement and "wtf did you do?" Here are some better pictures of the lighthouse itself. The Last Lighthouse At The End Of The Kitchen Table by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr The Last Lighthouse At The End Of The Kitchen Table by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Artemis

    I've just uploaded the instruction manual for the Artemis on Rebrickable!
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    [MOC] Artemis

    The Artemis is a long range starfighter built by the Mars Corporation. Its main weapon is a high density laser beam, powered by a powerfull generator. The two thrusters of the Artemis allow it to fly up to the outer atmosphere of Mars and target objectives in low orbit. Another build in my Mars Corporation building theme. The Artemis was my entry to the Bricklink building contest... I posted renders earlier, but finally took the time to take some pictures of the real thing. Artemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Artemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Artemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Artemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Artemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Introduction and discussion The Andromeda Discovery While official records are still scarce, the Andromeda discovery became one of our most important since the begining of space exploration. While approaching a planetary orbit during a mapping expedition of the Andromeda Galaxy, the ship was caught up in a strange gravitational anomaly. Records from the initial expedition were mostly lost, save that when the crew awoke, they found themselves in a different part of the galaxy. A second anomaly was located close to their new location, and when approached their craft was drawn in again, returning them to their original location. When word of this new discovery reached the Galactic Command Council, the Council commissioned a number of privateers to explore this strange new phenomenon, and it wasn’t long before a number of similar anomalies were discovered. Many early ships were lost mapping these strange gravitational anomalies, until minifig scientists discovered the ‘GATE’ system. The Gravitational Anomaly Transport Engine became a core component to allow ships travelling through Andromeda galaxy to use the anomalies safely. The Gate system allowed ships to successfully match the fluctuating speeds and coordinates needed to navigate through them. The vast reduction in transport times made Andromeda’s planetary systems prime candidates for massive scale resource exploitation. With the new GATE system tested and working, corporations were quick to retrofit these systems to their own ships, and a second resource race began. And if many corporations wanted to exploit Andromeda, only three of them had what it takes in resources and manpower to succeed in such a large expedition. In early AD 3815, they reached Andromeda and each settled in on a different planet. To survive in this new environment, they have the absolute need of water. Luckily water is present in diverse forms in Andromeda's systems. Biomass is another key element as it provides nutrients but also research materials. And lots of metals will be needed to expand each corporation's domination over the system, and also make profits! The Corporations Octan Corporation Kawashita Group M.A.N.T.I.S. Specialized in everything, Octan Corp is the leading company in providing minifigs with everything they need. From the outside, the company presents a smiling face. But is it the same face it shows to its competitors? Learn more on Octan Corporation An ancient company, big and powerful but clouded in mysteries... Specialized in advanced technologies, Kawashita surpass everyone in terms of robotics and genetics. Lots of secret projects wait to be revealed... Learn more on Kawashita Group After throwing away its violent and criminal past, the organization known as M.A.N.T.I.S. succesfully developed its activities, becoming one of the most legitimate and successful companies... But is it really true? Learn more on M.A.N.T.I.S. Goal of the game The main goal for the corporations is to harvest the maximum of the 3 resources: Water: Highly needed for the survival of humanity Awesomnium: A precious metal that is used in spaceship's construction Biomass: All sort of biological stuff to nourish employees and that scientists will study By building on a planet, a player's corporation will receive resources and Domination points. A corporation with 30 Domination points more than the other corporations will gain control of that planet, expanding its control area and the number of planets available for building. Resources can be used by corporations to progress on a tech tree that gives bonuses to its players. Top level technologies will require some rare resources that can only be found on one planet of the galaxy, or that can be rewarded by challenges: Gold: A valuable metal with many applications in technology and science Copper: An ancient metal which all stocks of were lost a long time ago Mithril: The hardest metal ever found By building, players will also receive Credits, that can be used to buy Personal Equipment. These items provide bonuses directly to a player who owns them. Link to the dynamic map
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    Lego Classic Space Calendar 2021 :)

    You misspelled NoVVember
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    [MOC] Egrett VV

    A Viper I made in one day, usings some scraps that were lying around. Egrett VV by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Egrett VV by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Egrett VV by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  18. Set information Set Name: Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder Set Number: 75271 Number of Pieces: 236 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75271 on Brickset #75271 on Rebrickable Packaging The front of the box shows the usual Star Wars theme for non RotS sets. As usual on the bottom right corner are the 3 minifigs included in the set: Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and an anonymous Jawa. The back of the box shows the set play feature: an openable hatch to store goggles. Content of the box The box contains 3 numbered bags, the instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. I'll apologize right away as I misplaced a sticker while building, but noticed my error only when editing the pictures. Minifigures The set contains 3 minifigures: Luke Skywalker in his Tatooine outfit with a poncho, the usual C-3PO and a Jawa. Nothing new here, except for Luke's poncho. Build The build is easy and features a lot of SNOT building techniques that are pretty interesting. The result is a nice Jawa cave, and of course Luke's landspeeder that looks great with more detailed engines than the 3 previous iterations. The use of stickers for the sides instead of flex tubes is for me a good solution as it implies SNOT building and more parts, but the downside is obviously more stickers in a set that already uses a bunch of them for the engines. The only other option would be for Lego to provide printed parts for the side tubings or the engines! The set comes with a few nice parts, like the Brick 1X1X3 1/3, W/ Arch in light blueish grey, and some recolored parts in Dark Red and Nougat. For me there is still one key part that is missing: the lanspeeder's windshield! If Lego wants to continue releasing Luke's Landspeeder every two years, they could look at the movie and give us a more accurate windshield. Play features The set's play feature are quite simple: an openable hatch on the landspeeder, and a rocky cave for the Jawa to hide in. I had the previous landspeeder still built so I took a few pictures side by side of the models. I clearly prefer the new one, which is still perfectible but adds lots of details especially on the engines areas. Conclusion Design: 8/10 - The model is really nice, but relies too much on stickers for the final look. Parts: 8/10 - The part selection is very good, with some great new parts! More printed parts instead of stickers would have been nice though. Build: 8/10 - Interesting build for the landspeeder with nice techniques. Playability: 8/10 - The cave is anecdotic, but the landspeeder is rather enjoyable to play with. Minifigs: 6/10 - The minifigs are the main downside of the set, with nothing new except a poncho. Price: 5/10 - With a ppp of 0,126€ and 3 unexclusive minifigs, this set seems a bit overpriced . Overall: 43/60 (71%) - A rater nice set, with an iconic vehicle... but the minifigs aren't up to the landspeeder.
  19. Almost exactly six years ago, I built a MOC, the first non-digital one since I get out of my Dark Age... And the Assemble the Fleet Contest on Flickr was the exact thing I needed to pay hommage to that MOC I like so much. So I started thinking how to scale down a 160 studs long spaceship fit into 32 studs. I tried to keep the shapes, the colors and details as much as possible, and it was no easy task. Of course some compromises had to be made in some areas. I also corrected the one thing that bothered me for all these years: adding hangar bay doors on both sides. Micro Zenith Class Cruiser by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Micro Zenith Class Cruiser by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Micro Zenith - Old Republic escort Cruiser

    Free instructions are now available on Rebrickable.
  21. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Old Republic - Crimson Pilgrim

    Thanks, but I'm not very interested in creating instructions for the Pilgrim. It's an old design, that should maybe get an upgrade, but not right now as I have other projects that need all the free time I can get.
  22. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Old Republic - Crimson Pilgrim

    After a lot of thinking, I decided to put the Crimson Pilgrim LDD file available on Rebrickable. At first I wanted to update the design, using new parts and making some changes here and there... But my Lego time isn't what it used to be, and I'd like to spend this time on new projects that have been delayed for too long... Still the Pilgrim may get its update one day, but not now. So you can purchase the 5 years old LDD file here:
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    [MOC] TriPerron - Nomad Class Explorer

    Who doesn't ?
  24. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Ares

    The Ares is on of Mars Corporation deadliest vehicle. Its turret mounted twin railgun can hit targets at very long range both on land and air, thanks to its precise targeting system. At closer range, it can launch up to 12 Hammer missiles, and make use of a triple barrel gun. Ares unit are often matched with Persephones rover that can protect him while it is destroying targets from a safety range.