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  1. Moriboe

    SP1 Galactic Commander (picture heavy)

    Nice modifications! Makes the ship more functional for sure. The poll in the throwback topic made me remember I also made some modifcations a while back, mostly to add thrusters that can attach to the back section, or to the rest of the ship when it is taken out. Not worth creating a new topic, I think it fits here nicely.
  2. The (B2) Aerial Intruder is my all time favourite spaceship, but part of that charm is its minimalism, feeling somewhat skeletal. I can't see a throwback using a multiple of the original number of pieces do it justice. So I voted for the (SP1) Mission Commander: it has great potential with its function for releasing the rover, the jails (and their connections), the detachable back section that could be a ground based detention center. And a couple of cute flyers too. For this ship the skeletalness (in places) does bother me a bit actually; more pieces could be used to great effect. The SP2 version looks more solid but also a bit boring (I really wanted it as a kid though). In any case it should be better swooshable than the Galaxy Explorer!
  3. Moriboe

    [MOC][ALT BUILD] 10497 Ground Base

    Cool, very much in the classic space spirit! They should have added something like this on the back of the box.
  4. Moriboe

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    That's a really cool alternate! Reminds of the back of the box "dragon" alternate for the Cosmic Fleet Voyager. Keep them coming :)
  5. I’m looking for experiences and/or advice about introducing your kids to your Lego collection. I have a daughter that is approaching Duplo age, but I’m already (over)thinking ahead 🙂. I get that my collection will never have that magic for her as it had for me. That needs longing and anticipation; seeing this stuff new in shops and again and again in catalogs, plus proper unboxing. Maybe she won’t even be interested in Lego at all. Or at least not in large parts of my collection (space, castle, …). Maybe she’ll think the old stuff is boring and only want new shiny Friends sets. Then the situation might become her toys and daddy's toys, separated, easy. Supposing she is interested in all of it, my collection is nearing 250 sets now (mostly true children’s sets): if I were to introduce her to it gradually, that would mean a new set every week for 5 years! That would also mean keeping everything bagged up for years, which I'm reluctant to do. So maybe I’d want to start with setting up a small town quickly and grow from there, letting her browse my Brickset listing to give her enough agency to work up a little excitement. Still I’m afraid the overload of stuff will devalue it to her, and adding sets too frequently might stifle her creativity by taking away the need to turn what she has into something new. As might my involvement in her play. Then there’s the inevitability of everything getting mixed up and interfering with my own potential plans, but I’ll get over that 🙂. For now my strategy is just building with her around if possible to pique her curiosity, and getting the most out of Duplo very soon! Looking forward to reading about your experiences.
  6. Moriboe

    [MOC] Febrovery 2022 a story of rovers

    Awesome :). I really like that there's a setting/story for each one. Great pictures too.
  7. Moriboe

    [MOCs] Febrovery 2021

    Those look like loads of fun!
  8. Looking at the set I found some interesting parts that made me think of recreating a classic. I hope you can guess which one but I included a side by side at the end. The build has stability issues and could no doubt be improved, but here it is:
  9. Moriboe

    M-Tron - The Entire Collection

    Cool pictures! M-Tron was my entry into LEGO space and the only subtheme I had all sets of. The Stellar Recon Voyager was my biggest spaceship until I got the Deep Freeze Defender. Good memories!
  10. Moriboe

    Enough is enough

    I would have loved a plushy space man for my little girl but there's no way to get them in Europe, alas.
  11. Moriboe

    [Alternative build] Alpha-1 Rocket Base 920

    Love these wacky alternate builds. I find it so much harder to do with modern sets; I still find myself scratching my head looking at the piece selection, figuring out what I can do with them. In case you don't know there is a site collecting building instructions for these:
  12. Moriboe

    Fragile Classic Space sets?

    I'll keep it in mind next time there's a pressing need :). Thanks for the tip!
  13. Moriboe

    Fragile Classic Space sets?

    I like to rotate the sets I have on display and make alternative builds, so I'll be breaking apart sets often. Problem I found is that old bricks (as often the case with classic space) can be fragile and lock together too firmly, resulting in the occasional broken piece. For some sets I don't dare follow the instructions out of fear it won't come apart again with the pieces intact, usually when pressing down plate upon plate. So after another incident today I was wondering if it is a known issue and how others deal with it? Considering for neo classic space usually blueish gray is used, maybe you don't use your old sets for MOCS?
  14. Moriboe

    [MOC] Transformer Triple Changer Apeface

    Wow, he looks really cool! And the gorilla's behind is hilarious :)