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  1. Moriboe

    [MOC] Transformer Triple Changer Apeface

    Wow, he looks really cool! And the gorilla's behind is hilarious :)
  2. Moriboe

    Blacktron - alternative approaches

    Very nice, such distinct styles and builds. I especially like how the lime matches the B-logo, I'd like to see more of that :). Do you think it would work with neon-green windshields?
  3. Really cute! Reminds me of the mini transformer cars I had as a kid.
  4. Moriboe

    [MOC] Ice Station Aquarius

    Nice job, it looks badass :). I haven't mixed my old sets with the new yet, these MOCS make me want to try!
  5. Great job! It would be fun to see an animation from this :)
  6. Moriboe

    [MOC] Aerial Enforcer

    Very impressive. The perfect synthesis of style, playability and total coolness! The Blacktron II Aerial Intruder was my favourite space ship as a kid, I get much the same vibes from this
  7. Moriboe

    [MOC] Lego Mars Exploration Rover "Pilgrim"

    I love how everything is functional and the thought that went in it. Always makes a build look better. Great work :)
  8. Moriboe

    [MOC] LEGO Transformer tankhead with a twist

    Fantastic, it really comes alive!
  9. Moriboe

    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A: 3 - 7 - 8 B: 9 - 6 - 2
  10. Moriboe

    [BSBA] Cat B - The Space Bar

    Looks great! The ship has that quirky classic space-futuron vibe that slicker builds just don't have. I´m sure your approach to piece selection had a positive effect on that. And most of all it looks like a lot of fun :). Also those chairs are indeed awesome. My favourite entry.
  11. Moriboe

    [MOC] SimpleMecha Unit

    Nice. Definitely learning from this.
  12. Wow well done, it beats the original! Very charming and looks like a lot of fun to build :)
  13. Moriboe

    [MOC] Steampunk Moon City

    Fantastic. They may be few but I love the movable parts, works great with the expertly shot video!
  14. Moriboe

    [MOC] 90's Space alternative builds

    Thanks! I combined the parts of all owned sets in a theme to have some more options. So maybe not strictly alternative builds nor multibuilds, but I don't know a better description for this concept where using extra parts is off limits. Happy to see others enjoy this too :)
  15. I was a big fan of the space theme as a kid. I don’t remember if I had a backstory for the factions, they were just cool. When rebuilding the sets some 20 years later I did think of a shared universe. Classic Space/Futuron would be first generation, government sponsored missions. Standard. M-Tron introduces some big mega-corporation taking on logistic tasks outside the solar system, gradually branching out to research and exploring to allow for new settlements. Blacktron II is split off to break the monopoly and gets involved with darker genetic and social engineering stuff. Stealing M-Tron company secrets is part of the job. Spyrius are subcontracted for duty in the most remote and inhospitable regions, for this reason relying heavily on robots and AI. They have dubious and changing loyalties. The Ice Planet 2002 is the most successful settlement, getting ice into orbit with a space elevator and piggybacking it on meteors for transport. Their rocket program, initially to link up communications, is becoming a bit of a worry though. To handle increasingly conflicting interests, the Space Police is sent by the Earth government. They are not always welcome and are suspected of being a cover for their real mission: keeping the space colonies in check. Lastly the Insectoids would be Blacktron II experiments to handle extreme conditions on some newly colonized planets. The other factions don’t have a place in this narrative simply because I don’t own any of their sets :p I don’t think this kind of world would be commercially viable at all. A variation on the Stargate concept would be cool though: linking all worlds, not just space, in a more serious way than Time Cruisers. But probably the narrative from the Lego Movie has already filled that bill.