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  1. Moriboe

    [MOC] Febrovery 2022 a story of rovers

    Awesome :). I really like that there's a setting/story for each one. Great pictures too.
  2. Moriboe

    [MOCs] Febrovery 2021

    Those look like loads of fun!
  3. Looking at the set I found some interesting parts that made me think of recreating a classic. I hope you can guess which one but I included a side by side at the end. The build has stability issues and could no doubt be improved, but here it is:
  4. Moriboe

    M-Tron - The Entire Collection

    Cool pictures! M-Tron was my entry into LEGO space and the only subtheme I had all sets of. The Stellar Recon Voyager was my biggest spaceship until I got the Deep Freeze Defender. Good memories!
  5. Moriboe

    Enough is enough

    I would have loved a plushy space man for my little girl but there's no way to get them in Europe, alas.
  6. Moriboe

    [Alternative build] Alpha-1 Rocket Base 920

    Love these wacky alternate builds. I find it so much harder to do with modern sets; I still find myself scratching my head looking at the piece selection, figuring out what I can do with them. In case you don't know there is a site collecting building instructions for these:
  7. Moriboe

    Fragile Classic Space sets?

    I'll keep it in mind next time there's a pressing need :). Thanks for the tip!
  8. Moriboe

    Fragile Classic Space sets?

    I like to rotate the sets I have on display and make alternative builds, so I'll be breaking apart sets often. Problem I found is that old bricks (as often the case with classic space) can be fragile and lock together too firmly, resulting in the occasional broken piece. For some sets I don't dare follow the instructions out of fear it won't come apart again with the pieces intact, usually when pressing down plate upon plate. So after another incident today I was wondering if it is a known issue and how others deal with it? Considering for neo classic space usually blueish gray is used, maybe you don't use your old sets for MOCS?
  9. Moriboe

    [MOC] Transformer Triple Changer Apeface

    Wow, he looks really cool! And the gorilla's behind is hilarious :)
  10. Moriboe

    Blacktron - alternative approaches

    Very nice, such distinct styles and builds. I especially like how the lime matches the B-logo, I'd like to see more of that :). Do you think it would work with neon-green windshields?
  11. Really cute! Reminds me of the mini transformer cars I had as a kid.
  12. Moriboe

    [MOC] Ice Station Aquarius

    Nice job, it looks badass :). I haven't mixed my old sets with the new yet, these MOCS make me want to try!
  13. Great job! It would be fun to see an animation from this :)
  14. Moriboe

    [MOC] Aerial Enforcer

    Very impressive. The perfect synthesis of style, playability and total coolness! The Blacktron II Aerial Intruder was my favourite space ship as a kid, I get much the same vibes from this