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  1. Ace of Space

    [CSE] The Lunar Hopper

    This little rig of a ship was mashed together with spare parts from other spaceships to become a quick surface hopper able to, as the name implies: hop on the surface of the moon with its one massive engine able to give big jump boosts at a time. The two back wings help the ship glide more under the lunar atmosphere to give a softer landing after every jump. It later became a popular ship to travel over rough terrain somewhat quickly with a little bit of fun added to the ride. It also comes with two small rovers behind the cockpits for the astronauts because when you travel in space, you always need a rover for convenience. Red astronaut: Get ready, things are about to get bumpy... This was an interesting challenge for me because I used 90% of the pieces from the Galaxy Explorer so it gave a few fun limits. The Lunar Hopper by Ace of Space, on Flickr 89D32FD4-0CC1-4AC4-B481-8F9AA733CB8C_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr A560582D-A1A7-4667-944F-A59E1F587563_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr 9C60A334-926D-4593-BD71-5FA405F46147_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr 5E89B6A3-ADF2-4E3D-96BC-2F879995DF8A_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr B0F67D7A-75A9-4789-8A81-71D0A51DDA5F_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr A1151655-4285-49D1-8862-8A26CE080CBD_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr 088482A2-4243-436B-B998-8C926869DCBD_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr B3E3CFA4-A43A-4CE7-920D-5BA7AEF6C371_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr B50953F8-CC6B-4BAE-87ED-43DB6EE6B773_1_105_c by Ace of Space, on Flickr
  2. Ace of Space

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    by longest dimension, does that mean it can be at least 20-40 studs long or 20-40 studs wide as the length?
  3. Ace of Space

    Hello I'm Thomus Bean

    Welcome ThomusBean, good to see another Lego Space fan!