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  1. Vila Brick Marina - MILS - Catbrick 2018

    Wow, seriously impressive! Well done to all the people who have made this happen. Well done!
  2. Just a reminder: there are still rewards to be claimed for April! Apart from that, and as usual: get your voice heard! Be it an article of yours, a readers letter or even a recipe you would like to share - everything is appreciated!
  3. Eh, the two example I gave were finished by 1840 - even by conservative count that is only ten years after the "deadline" of 1830. Which is not even a hard deadline in the first place. In a game that is not really historical anyway. There is lots of wiggle rooms, exactly for things like this. There is no steamengine powering the aircondition in the buildings or anything. But nobody is really complaining, and pointing out the "restrictions" of the timeframe the game is loosley based on is not a horrible thing to do. I too do not want to see steampunk and whatnot in BotBS...
  4. "The Green Dragon", medium artisan.
  5. Museum Of Natural Sciences, large education.
  6. Really nice build, the wooden framing makes for a nice structure. Those flowerpots under the windows are a neat detail and clever build - consider it copied! But the scene is about the minifigs, and their posing and faces are just perfect. Well done! I hope we get some coverage of the layout this appears in once Brickworld Chicago is done!
  7. Thanks everybody! Maybe, but things I had in mind were the Mexican Hothouse in in the Jardin de Plantes in Paris (built 1834-36) or the Palm House in Belfast Botanic Garden (completed 1840): . The idea was to have the edges of the transclear bricks mimic the metal structures, but it is obviously not detailed enough for the microbuild scale. But those types of greenhouses are definitely appropriate for the period BotBS is based on.
  8. Celestia has been of interest to all kinds of explorers and scientists since the moment it had first been claimed for Corrington. The latest expeditions into the jungles brought many findings and discoveries, but they were but the tip of an iceberg. To make all these wonders available to the citizens of Corrington and scholars from all over the Brick Seas alike, the Museum of Natural Sciences had been set up. In huge halls, flooded with light, the flora and fauna of Celestia are presented to the interested viewer. ========================================================================================================== With this I claim my price for the "Orchid Challenge", as described here. To be licensed as a large education property.
  9. The "Green Dragon" is one of Quinnsvilles best known taverns: Customers come from all levels of society, be they wealtch or not, from the military or civilians: . . . Above the front door: The owner of the "Green Dragon" is Jill, the sister of Joe from the "Blue Dragon" in Mesabi Landing. She has set up a cooperation with a local bakery, so she can offer her guests a variety of drinks as well as pastries, cookies and other bakery products. It is a huge success! . ======================================================================================= Licensed as a medium artisan for Quinnsville. I had fun building this, especially with the different shades of green (not that much green in Mesabi Landing) and the other colours due to the flowers (not many flowers in Mesabi Landing either ). Views from the rear and from above: As always, C&C are appreciated.
  10. A short technical question I would rather have answered in the open than in a PM. How free am I to interpret the "16x16 maximum size"? Two examples: A build on two 16x8 plates, connected by horizontal hinges. They can be folded into one compact 16x16 version, or be opened for a 32x8 diorama view. A build on two 16x8 plates, connected by pins. They can be "clicked" together to form one 16x16 build, or form two seperate 16x8 scenes. Which of these is okay?
  11. [MTF] Noise Stoppers

    Excellent entry. Nice, clean and easy, but with a great idea and good fun. Well done!
  12. [SR-FB1] - Apr '18 - Dreamchaser

    Lovely ship! All around nice details, and it also looks very "playable", which is always a plus for me. I am curious how it looks under sails, and if there is any interior. By the way, there is a completely drama free subforum for all pirate things not-BotBS.
  13. The Orchid Challenge had the approach of "one thread per entry", and I must say that worked pretty well.
  14. Yup, that is the one I was talking about. Some nice entries back then. I really appreciate this years wider scope in terms of categories, as well as the slightly looser restrictions. I think it gives more freedom to the builders and encourages more variety for entries - which is always good for a challenge I believe.
  15. [COR-FB-ML] Outdoor Sausage Smoker

    Yes, the WTC loves its meaty bits! Clean little build, with excellent choice of faces - loving the sweaty coal dude! - in very in character for Mesabi Landing. Well done!