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    <p> I am a middle aged man, teacher of maths, and my favourite Lego theme of all times is Pirates.</p>

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  1. Drunknok

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    Concerning this... ... and this. @Bregir: With the KPA now done I hope you can find the time for this soon? Thanks in advance.
  2. Drunknok

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    Day 12 - The pile is growing Shakos being done and packed up, the next thing on the schedule was "knitting". For where would you put all those tasty cookies, than into a woolen sock hanging over the fireplace? The problem at hand: the previous suplier of knitted goods had gone silent recently. Some heat-related issues with the workers... Thankfully every single WTC Marine was a trained knitter - woolen socks and knitted teddy bears were churned out effortlessly. "Elenore, what did you knit there?" "Oh, just some deep-sea goddess determined to crush all living minifigs and feed on their souls..." "Oh, sweet. For the kids again!" . The pile of presents was growing every hour... ======================================================================================== Halftime! Thanks everybody for the comments so far! Please note that I changed the cookie recipe a bit from the first time I posted it (now makes the right amount for one tray), and added some pictures. Thanks, I hope it helps to get you in the right mood for Christmas. Did you dome across the dead rat already?! Thanky you. I hope it helps building some good community spirit. Indeed. rutality, explosives and insanity - what else? Did I mention that I am a teacher? Thanks, the plan is to not disappoint until the end!
  3. Drunknok

    [SR - MRCA result] Somewhere in Trador

    I suggest "studjob" over that other term.
  4. Drunknok

    [SR - MRCA result] Somewhere in Trador

    Nice one! Accurately depicting the horrors and low morals typical of any Eslandola settlement!
  5. I really think you - Oleon leadership that is - should look at this months results and ask yourself what is important. One small rowboat that was sunk by Fatu Hiva with ne damage done, or a succesful raid on Acropolis with actual losses for you. You or your diplomats are always welcome, and so are your letters. There are a couple of settlements with no defenses at all, and one of them even has a town bank worth the name. All Eslandola though. Anybody who wishes to redefine his or her ships - from "one floating piece" to "many floating planks" - is more than welcome to give our proud WTC Artillery some much needed shooting practice.
  6. Well, you stir up the drama already. Whose side are you on again?
  7. Aye. I think it would be a matter of phrasing. Things like my expedition could be explained as "we heard rumours about ..., could it mean ...?" - keeping it ambiguous enough to not confirm anything, but still mentioning it in some form. Depends on your point of view I guess. If these news were considered "public knowledge", the WTC would of course have a big interest to send support to its mission as quickly as possible. So it would make a lot of sense to send a ship their way right now. I merely reacted on an idea following from the information as it was presented. No need to insinuate anything. It is most likely the option I will choose - the KPA seemed to open another door though. One that has quickly been closed again. Do not believe the filthy lies of the KPA. Apart from that: only an Olander could call a single rowboat an "invader" - especially after blowing it out of the waters with the firepower of a fully operational battlestation small and large fort! If Oleon wishes to formally protest though: the WTC in Mesabi Landing is the right address. The last turns I would disagree, but with this one... you do have a point. Wer den Schaden hat, muss für den Spott nicht sorgen... Only you and me actually.
  8. How did the KPA get the information then? I was under the impression that the KPA is an "IC newsletter", accessible to the minifigs in the area covered by the MRCA map. So since it showed up in there... you get my point? I agree, it does not add up with this turns KPA though. Disappointing.
  9. @Bregir @Capt Wolf I assume that the KPAs contents are IC knowledge to every player character not currently out in the wild? Case in point: can Mordo of the WTC (in Mesabi Landing) be expected to now know of my expedition on Calinstock?
  10. Drunknok

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    Day 11 - Wrapping it up A first batch of shakos was done. Now the Big Book demanded all presents to be wrapped in colourful paper and ribbons - and so it was done. The pile of presents was slowly growing... .
  11. Thank you for the explaining. While I do not agree with all decisions made, I appreciate the effort that went into the process. You guys do good work, I do not have to like every single bit of it! I never called it "unfair". As said above, I believe the changes made are very much in character for Sea Rats. I just think it is enough now - you have some serious advantages going for you compared to all other faction, with no negatives to compensate. Maybe you are just bad at pirating?
  12. One of the best KPA issues I have seen in my time, great work! While I appreciate the work of everybody who contributed to this once again, I want to thank @Capt Wolf most of all! Well done! Some more comments further below, but overall I am very impressed with this last turn. Lots of action indeed, and some very interesting developments. I hope for some good IC responses from multiple sides, and I have some great material to work with for the next WTCM! The KPA shows its ugly face once again, spreading egregious lies and spitting in the face of truth and facts! It seems like the WTCM is forced to set the record straight, and stand against this campaign of deceit... Lies! Lies, I tell ya! Hehe, excellent write-up. Excellent section! If possible, I would really appreciate this being a constant feature of the KPA. Having a short summary in every issue keeps everybody updated on every ongoing AMRCA. Given the changing pace of some of them this really helps keeping track. Again, a great summary, and something I would like to see again. Not directed at you personally of course, but: I guess it is (once again) pretty in character for the Sea Rats, but could the higher-ups please stop stacking advantage after advantage on SR ships? Was this really not enough? So are we. Aye! Everybody working behind the scenes deserves a big "thank you!" once again. Pff, if it needed any more proof that the KPA is not to be taken serious: here it is. P.S.: Some things that look wrong to me: how was my sunken WTC Agnes Y1 able to earn a profit? the captured WTC Bully Boy I is a class 1 (not 0) there seem to be two ships of the name "Satyr", one from Bregir and one from the ETTC (a non-issue from now on, since the ETTC one was sunk)
  13. Drunknok

    Not exactly a Pirates set, but...

    An update: this set is now listed on the Lego Online Store, to be released on January 1st 2019.
  14. Drunknok

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    Day 10 - Shiny shakos The workspace had been expanded to the basement downstairs. The room was not as pretty, but had a fireplace - which came in handy, since the temperatures had been dropping every day. "Are we really doing shakos for Port Woodhouse? Since when are they on the Nice-list?" "Don't ask me! It's in the Big Book, and we follow its rules apparently..." .
  15. Drunknok

    Factions - General Discussion

    Good point! The way I see it, hyperspace routes so far only define where a faction member can or can not build. I assume this keeps things clean and easy, and still allows fighting over strategic locations (by player XP). Adding space travel in a more meaningful way later on is definitely somethign I would like to see though!