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    <p> I am a middle aged man, teacher of maths, and my favourite Lego theme of all times is Pirates. </p>

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  1. Drunknok

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    Nothing came of this - should it be that way? @Bregir?
  2. Near the port of Bastion the "Two Crabs Pub" was a popular place to have a drink or two (or three or four). It was no wonder that the Red Rogue soccer team - at this point in time only just having arrived for the annual Soccer Cup - gave it a try after noticing it during their first tour through the city: Later during the tournament, the "Two Crabs" often say groups of fans passing by, on their way to the stadium. And while some fans are just cheering for the upcoming spectacle, others already eyeballed the pub for the post-game boozy session: . Thus the "Two Crabs" became not only popular with the locals, but also with the fans from near and far. So it was no wonder that after they had won the Cup, the Red Rogues decided to celebrate their victory here: They had called for beer and pies being on the them, so lots of guests came to join the festivities - keeping the barkeep busy: . Even the Astrapi Blue Hawks, while sad to not have won the big cup, celebrated the little cup for winning third place: A good time was had by all! =============================================================================== After introducing this pub for my teams introduction, I wanted to show the teams celebration after actually winning the 618 Cup (w00t! ). With the interior it should qualify as a medium artisan, which I want to donate to the settlement of Bastion. @dr_spock: please take it as a "thank you" gift for the great tournament.
  3. Chapter I - Navigation and Discovery The RSND fleet had sailed smoothly for days, when one morning through the slowly clearing fog the look-out shouted: "Sail ho, sharp on the starboard bow!" and after a moment: "5 vessels, ships of war, standing south, flying... Lotii colours?" This could mean trouble for the future: Lotii war ships, this far in the North-East? Epper did not want to delay the expedition, so signalled the nearby rest of the fleet to stay hidden in the mist. Either the Lotii had not seen them, or ignored them, for they did not change course and were out of sight soon. Without further incidents, the expedition came close to what was only known as "New Haven Sea, Island 7". Epper took a closer look at the southern end of the island: There seemed to be a pathway up the cliffs near one of the bays, leading to an opening in the jungle on top: . After some discussion with the other captains, it was decided that this path was the best way to start exploring the interior of the island. A landing was to be established soon, claiming this land for the Crown of Corrington. What would the island have to offer? These were interesting times ahead for all of them! ========================================================================== We decided to "Go for the plateau up top". The fleet microbuild was done by @Bregir, behind the spoiler are the original pictures he provided: The microbuild of the shore and cliff can be seen in full under the next spoiler:
  4. Drunknok

    Judge Dredd & Judge Anderson [Movie Version]

    Very cool indeed. Not a fan of the whole Brickheadz thing, but these are awesome!
  5. Drunknok

    [COR-FB] A Furtherance of Plans

    You know what? Me and @Mesabi just decided that I will add some more to this build, fleshing out the pubs interior (and maybe something outside the backdoor too). So watch this place, there is more to come.
  6. Drunknok

    [COR-FB] A Furtherance of Plans

    Nice progression of the story! I really like the exterior, the build is properly busy. TNT everywhere indeed! The interior - apart from the lovely billard table - could use some more love in my opinion. It looks a bit empty to me, especially in contrast to how much is going on outside. Still a good build overall, a fine addition to Mesabi Landing. Well done!
  7. I do not know how he did it exactly - but I can tell you my version. I simply use headlight bricks (plus as much elevation from the ground as needed by other parts). It will look like this: Using round 1x1 plates between ground and headlight bricks means you can easily rotate the plant as you want.
  8. Fabulous indeed! I can neither confirm nor deny that I just did a purchase based around this set...
  9. Welcome aboard @TomSkippy, may the fate of Oilskin Johnny be a good one! I really liked the character introduction, already looking forward to your next builds. Where is that spectacular pirate hat from?
  10. These sound like some reasonable changes to me, and should make life more interesting for Sea Rats.
  11. Drunknok

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Any chance we get a BotBS Card for unsurmountable success and fame forever in the BotBS Soccer Cup 618?
  12. The details can be found in the Mesabi Landing settlement thread, in this post to be more precise.
  13. Drunknok

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    Great design, excellent build overall, and with a surprising yet beautiful colour choice. I love it!
  14. WOOO-HOOOO!!! Thank you @dr_spock for hosting this tournament, the organisation was well done. The presentation of the results was ace, with the commentaries being hilarious! My best wishes to all participating teams, next years tournament will be played in Mesabi Landing - you are all invited! For now: the Red Rogues will celebrate their victory in the "Two Crabs" pub down by the harbour tomorrow. Everybody is invited, drinks are on us!
  15. Fans of all teams are heading to the stadium, eagerly awaiting the final game. Of course the red and green of todays matchup are the most common colours! And while some fans are just cheering for the upcoming spectacle, others already eyeball nearby pubs for the post-game boozy session: .