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  1. Stupid question number 93,4: is the requirement of CatA on a per-player basis, or do I have to do one build per character? For example: I do want to send characters Alois and Bobby - do I have to provide one CatA build or two?
  2. Drunknok

    [COR] Joeseph Zumbro for RSND!

    21st day of the 6th month, 618 King's Harbour, Cocovia Dear Mr. Joseph Zumbro, the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery has reviewed your application with interest. We would like to offer you an important position in our society, namely appointing you the "Supreme Officer of Unusual Supplies". You will be in charge of ressource aquisition in areas where the common means proved to be futile. There will be a squad of veteran marines guarding you at all times. If you agree to take this position, we expect you to report for duty in Jameston as soon as possible. With kind regards, Wilbur Epper II., Chairman of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery ============================================================== @Mesabi The reaction to this offer is up to you. If you accept: please write a letter to the RSND informing them of your choice. If you have the time, you can support this with a build showing Joseph either leaving from where he is now or arriving in Jameston (this is not mandatory though). If you hae any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Drunknok

    Account Summary

    Thanks for bringing this up... ... and thank you for acting so swiftly. There was one small typo: it is "RSND" - as in "Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery" - not the currently listed "RNSD".
  4. Good to get some confirmation on that detail. With Oleon, you never know. So apart from pretty much giving up any chances of winning CatB or its subcategory there is no ingame effect other than IC ill will from the Order for smuggling idols/artefacts/whatnot off the island, correct? That is a trade-off I would happily accept for the WTC to be honest...
  5. Yeah... I do not think so to be honest. You can not kill one of my characters without my consent - at least that was the consensus in this game last time I checked - and you will not get mine over this. There is some wording about a "death sentence" (which is not identical with being killed), most likely to be enforced by somebody from the Order? Not that I speak for the WTC, but I think they would react rather rudely to any attempts at their lives. Some might put it as "I want to see them try", but we do not want open war over some profitable artefact business, right? Thanks for clearing that up.
  6. Also also: what happens when a party actually disobeys the Orders orders? Like smuggling artefacts away or something... Finally: I assume the natives come from a variety of different tribes, so we are free to use different versions of minifigs (with the old islanders being just one option of many)?
  7. I am not sure what the requirements for the CatB subcategory of the idol are. What are we supposed to build there, and what aspects are judged with what criteria? Also: am I correct in assuming that the CatA builds only have to be able to be licensed, but do not actually have to be licensed by the building player?
  8. Drunknok

    [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    Excellent. Of course, and we will acount for anything in our story to be backed up by "the proper numbers". There will be no Tony appearing out of the blue on a raft this time! It does, thank you.
  9. Drunknok

    [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    @Bregir Interesting turn of events for sure, a couple of questions though: We do not have any "options" this turn, is this correct? The way to go is "build the pirate nest, next turn the story will continue"? I assume we have some degrees of freedom with the pirate hideout, as well as with additional things we would like to do this turn? Am I correct that we can add more ressources - e.g. ships and troops - for the coming turn? Thanks in advance, and as usual those thanks go to the whole team!
  10. Aye, looking great! I am now even more looking forward to the event.
  11. Drunknok

    Account Summary

    @Captain Genaro / @Phred While you are at it: the settlement growth has not been added either.
  12. 17th day of the 6th month, 618 King's Harbour, Cocovia To the Secretary of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery, as well as its vice presidents, as chairman I consider it one of my duties to ask inconvenient questions. One of those is: how do we handle the WTC? I am well aware of the reputation of the WTC. But I am equally aware of their efforts to grow Corringtons might in Terra Nova, and they have without question achieved a lot in the past months. I believe them to be a valuable asset for the challenges ahead of us. We would be ill-advised to push them away. As a result, I would like to see young Mr. Zumbro among our ranks. It is without doubt that he lacks any meaningful qualification, and I can already see the trouble he will cause in the future. Having said that, I believe by giving him some position where he can cause no big harm we can kill two birds with one proverbial stone: binding the WTC to our common cause, as well as keep this reckless rascal from causing much more chaos by being left unchecked. I consider this a small price to pay for the ressources of the WTC to have at our command. With kind regards, and long live the Queen, Wilbur Epper II. Chairman of the RSND ========================================================================== @Bregir @LM71Blackbird @Ayrlego For any OOC questions and/or discussions: please take this to the PM. I consider this the place for IC replies only.
  13. I think every player can makes his/her own decisions. No need do be rude. Other than that: what I do or do not with my ingame money is none of your business.