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  1. Very nice microbuild, very nice indeed! The use of golden microfigs is a bit weird, but maybe Oleon has a group of C-3PO descendants. Who knows.
  2. Thanks for the quick response (same for @Mesabi ) and that link, but I am afraid I still have no clue how that works.
  3. Thanks for the input on the lighthouse question. I think I will let the lighthouse operator have a "second job" of repairing fisher nets, thus strengthening the artisan approach. If I want to take up a loan for my account - the money to be used on my main character as well as my side characters for builds all over the New World - how would that be handled best?
  4. [COR-FB] The Sweetest Fruit

    A very basic build indeed, which does not mean it is a bad thing. You get your story across, so that works. Not to piss on your parade, but opium is neither sweet nor a plant. But if you want to grow opium poppy in Mesabi Landing: I have the parts for a medium sized plantation, which could be set up as early as mid November. If you have any ideas, suggestions, wishes or death threats linked to this, just send me a PM.
  5. But a lighthouse is nothing like "A commerce building is a place where money and goods are exchanged." In most cases, lighthouses also were the homes of those who operated them, so maybe a "residence" would fit. I would need somebody to explain to me in detail why it could be an artisan, but I would likely uy that one as well. I just want a definite answer.
  6. What category of property does a lighthouse fall into?
  7. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    While this is correct from an outward perspective, that is not how chaotic evil/neutral characters work. Picking any fight available is really in character with the Count, and provoking such things is too.
  8. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    To be fair: it is completely in character for the Count to act exactly like that. I would hate for one of my characters to be on the receiving end of Mesabis mischief, but it really adds some nice spice to the setting and its stories. Not that it counts for anything, but he definitely has my seal of approval.
  9. [COR-FB3] Mesabi Landing Foundry

    The build is not overly complicated, but shows all the essential stages of cannon production. I really like that the process depicted is close to its historical counterpart - well done! That resting scene at the end (Lego City mugs!) is also funny. An overall great effort.
  10. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    I am still new to this, but the Count seems to be quite a bastard. Loving the scene and the writing! For the next time you use that baseplate,could you please cover the pink prints/stickers? It detracts a lot from the otherwise solid build.
  11. Indeed, that NPC faction guide seems to come along nicely. There is some great variation in those Mardier troops, while they clearly belong to one nation - so well done!
  12. [COR] By the books?

    Glad you like it! I don't remember where I have seen that book build, but it is not of my creation.