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  1. This is awesome, thanks for sharing! @Mesabi: Now plunder away explore for the Crown!
  2. If you have any questions, just send me a PM. We are a friendly bunch, but if you want to go for a more "piraty" approach, there is also the WTC - we have blackjack and hookers!
  3. In general this should not be an issue. In some challenges LDD builds might not be allowed, but challenges are not mandatory.
  4. As I understand it, he is a new character, otherwise he would have taken over Cathy. But I am not sure.
  5. Sorry to everybody for me dropping out. I became pretty sick last week (OOC), with one of the symptoms being a serious lack of concentration. I think the game deserves better, so decided to leave when somebody else could still jump in at (almost) the very beginning. I will still follow the game, and hope you have fun with it.
  6. The last entries are in. Apart from those already linked in this thread, I could also find the following. If there is any other entry I missed, please let me know! The two threads for voting will be up on Friday afternoon or early evening (CET), voting will be possible for two weeks.
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    If I were you I would not get my hopes up. The SW Death Star is $500, and much smaller than this Hogwarts build. If Lego were to release something like that, it would cost a lot more (think UCS Falcon or more). It is an amazing MOC, no discussions about that.
  8. [MOC] There's a new family owned pizzeria in town.

    Thanks for the additional picture! I agree that it looks odd between multilevel modulars - but nobody is forcing you to do that. I can think of at least the following options: place it at the end of a street use it as a corner building build some modulars of differing sizes, and use it among those build a "parking lot" or similar area and place it there expand the MOC to be higher Personally, I think it is fine as it is, so would not go for #5. But it is of course your choice.
  9. [MMM] Midwinter Mass

    I did notice, but can not comment before voting has been finished.
  10. [MOC] Ă˜sterlars Church

    Wow, a great build, and apparently very close to the historical example. Getting all those round shapes right, plus the roofs to match, must have been a serious challenge. Well done! I love the bits of humour added, and the nods to past Lego themes. Clever! Will this model be part of an exhibition, or be shown in the actual church? It would definitely deserve it.
  11. BoBS CMF - Series 9

    Another wonderful CMF series, awesome! All the minifigs are done nicely, but the background pieces on each are more than just the icing on the cake. Wonderfully written, they add so much! The smuggler is so cool, but my favourite has to be the king - just hilarious!
  12. Is there a general consensus on the timeframe for voting on minichallenges? I had two weeks in mind, but maybe that is too short? How have others handled this in the past?
  13. Class 7 Espada de Luna

    Beautiful build! The overall design is great, and the colours are indeed well balanced. I like the custom prints on the sails as well as the brickbuilt stern decoration. All thumbs up from me! My only issue here has nothing to do with the MOC itself, but the licensing: to me this looks like a class 6, and not even a big one. Compare this one to the "Alejandro da Vargas", the signature ship for class 6 the "Espada de Luna" looks a bit shorter to me, and definitely less massive. I just do not see this as a class 7 at all.
  14. What a great entry! The swamp/grassland looks very "alive" and works well with the tiled water. The story around the build is great too - you really love to abuse Calaghan, eh? Do you know where the the parts of the first flower ("Fig. A") come from? I have never seen them before. Oh no! Can you not make new pictures of at least the missing challenge entries in time?
  15. We will have two late entries (@SilentWolf and @Lord Buckethead), apart from these this mini-challenge is now closed. Expect the voting to begin by the end of the week.