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Found 6 results

  1. Justus

    A Street Sweeper

    A little reinterpretation of the classic LEGO street sweeper... Street Sweeper 1 by Justus M, auf Flickr Street Sweeper 2 by Justus M, auf Flickr Street Sweeper 3 by Justus M, auf Flickr
  2. mandaci-customs

    City 7242 Street Sweeper

    Hey Everybody, I want to show you a Review of LEGO City 7242 Street Sweeper:
  3. zeeverse

    Town/City Moc on LEGO Ideas

    Hello Fellow Lego Fans. Recently I designed a unique MOC, a classic Lego Street Sweeper that has modern features, but still give homage to the classic Lego Street Sweeper Sets including the 6645, 6649 and 7242. I researched each set, and noticed that their availability was becoming lower. So, I thought it might not be a bad idea to do an updated Street Sweeper version for Town and City builders as a possible release. Having to consider modern design aspects, I did try to "build-into" the MOC an easy conversion of the model for those wanting a more "true" town look. Likewise, in a Vintage City Theme, some design elements might not be correct for the time period. So, this design affords the ability of each interested parties to have the ability to "remove" far more than they might need to "add" to the design to make it fit their layouts. I would not consider this idea a "universal" approach as much as an "adaptable" approach. Following all of these considerations, features, and potential applications of the MOC as a kit, I also had to find a unique design that was believable, kept the parts count under control, and served as a believable "next generation" version to Set 7242. A new feature in this MOC is the use of the Lego 2441 vehicle base, which saved parts, fits modern design efforts and shows that with creativity large scale designs can be implemented on the 2441 chassis. It was an interesting challenge to try and incorporate all of these aspects into the design and still make it visually appealing. Currently, my MOC can be found here on Lego Ideas: Thanks for allowing me to post. And if any one here likes it, I'll hope they'll drop by Lego Ideas and give it a vote. Happy Building! --Zeeverse
  4. Here's my first MOC after a 17-year dark age. During that period, all that crazy studless thing happened, so I had to re-learn everything. (Also, I miss Technic figures.) The MOC was built from a limited assortment of parts that I have now, mainly 42035 Mining Truck and 42045 Hydroplane Racer. I added some of my pre-dark age parts like the wheels and the gears used as brushes. Because of the part assortment limit, the color coordination in the model isn't very good. I'm somewhat unhappy about this. The MOC is loosely based on Bucher Citycat 1000 series compact sweepers, which I often see in the streets of my city. It's not a scale model: I wanted to capture the general impression from compact sweepers. Building a true scale model in such a small scale is a task for which my building skills are too poor. More photos: Functions (no PF, obviously): - The brushes rotate while driving (non-Lego rubbers are used, but suitable Lego rubbers exist) - A fake 2-cylinder engine connected to the front axle (the prototype has a 3-cylinder engine) - Rear axle steering (the prototype can be either front-steered or all wheel steered, so for this scale I think this is acceptable) - Tipper The build is dirty for my taste (no way for an official set to be built like this), but the resulting model is quite sturdy (which I guess isn't hard anyway for models of this size). The scale is quite close for the Technic figure to fit, but I couldn't manage: there is not enough space in the cabin. The steering module was borrowed from laix's excellent Mini Mobile Crane MOC. I can highly recommend this steering, it is much less wobbly than from 8067 Mini Mobile Crane, and the steering lock is generous. The only improvement I made was adding a 1L beam on the arm connected to the HOG to reduce backlash. Partially disassembled:
  5. Hi guys! my name is Fulya. I am new here.. This is my first lego video.. I'm waiting for the positive or negative feedback. thanks everyone!
  6. Hey all, This is my attempt at an entry for the Mini contest. This is a Technic street sweeper inspired by the LEGO 6649 Street Sweeper. Functions: -Working HOG Steering -Retractable side brush controlled by knob on side -Lifting brush head controlled by knob on top -Swiveling brush head controlled by knob on top -Floating brush head (moves freely over uneven terrain) The scale is about the same as the LEGO Mini Backhoe Loader set from one or two years ago. Pictures: Below are some pictures of my first iteration, which had 253 pieces (way too many!). Pictures: Daniel