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    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    That was a bold admission.
  2. koalayummies

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    At this point any rational hypothesis about why TLG makes the marking and business decisions it makes regarding its product is screaming into the void. All acknowledgement of TLG being a privately owned children's toy manufacturer will be met by the glorious angels of the Adults Who Play With Children's Toys Grievance LLC, who will swiftly swoop in to valiantly and heroically issue contemptuous ridicule and mockery. These vocal adults are going to continue to be displeased with everything TLG does because presumably they're all CEOs of their own children's toy companies. Nothing ever changes.
  3. koalayummies

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    It's actually AFOL who are the minority. We represent approximately 10% of Lego total sales. So TLG is going to continue to cater to their primary and largest market: children. If anyone here would let a small fraction of their total sales dictate the product that they offer as a whole then its not surprising that they aren't in charge of TLG.
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    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    I just really like the custodian. So unappreciated. Look at how unhappy he is.
  5. koalayummies

    [MOC] Windmill

    This is a gorgeous MOC. Love the flowing sweeping design of the roof and the SNOT connected windows into side. Very warm and fuzzy feeling build. Fantastic work!
  6. koalayummies

    Modular 2.0

    @peedeejay Don't know how I never saw your post on this but that is excellent! After taking apart a lot of MOCs I have more grey bricks than I know what to do with and figured I'd finally get a chance to do some modular road system. After looking the various designs over again your solution looks like the most efficient design by far in terms of parts usage. I agree there's not really a point to the greater height of the other designs and they forgo the use of baseplates which would leave a bunch of us with a pile of disused baseplates after converting. It also looks like the road surface is better supported from below vs the Moduverse designs. Is it ok for other to use your method or adapt off of it for integrated road system?
  7. koalayummies

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Very interested now to see if Lego will go forward with a Mei set considering her becoming a sort of protest symbol and Lego's very long desire for the Chinese market. Everyone else seems to be caving to their censorship demands.
  8. koalayummies

    [MOC] Lion Pub

    Absolutely gorgeous building you've created! Really feels like a pub in an older building in England. You've made great use of the lesser used Olive Green here and packed the whole building floor to ceiling with detail. There are so many great details here but I especially like the iconic phone booth and that taxi you've made. If this is your first one I can't see what you bring to the modular MOC fans in the future and also looking forward to seeing it completed in real bricks. Fantastic work!
  9. koalayummies

    MOC: Millennium Seeker

    So nostalgic. The retro here is off the charts but I think it would also classify as vintage. Retro vintage M-Tron MOC, very awesome and fun. Thanks for sharing, this brings back stuck indoors during winter childhood memories.
  10. koalayummies


    Most excellent design! The sand green and blue go together very well which I wouldn't have thought of. I love the rounded tower portion, and your color choices and style really feel like an elegant European hotel. Beautiful modular!
  11. koalayummies


    Thanks for your thoughts, I'm really excited to see what pirate-specific/oriented parts will come out of this.
  12. koalayummies

    HMS White Card (Now finished!)

    Just echoing every else's sentiment: what a beautiful ship you've made. You should be very proud of your work because that is an excellent build. Well done.
  13. koalayummies


    Absolutely gorgeous ship! Wonderful hull and color choices.
  14. koalayummies


    Lets talk pieces and what the Ideas team might do. Like the palm tree trunks which haven't been made in some time? Also the mast sections, shroud/rigging piece and cannons as used in the original design. Do you think we will get these pieces as shown in the creator's design or will the Ideas polishing team utilize a different method of construction?
  15. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I actually tiptoed around the site last night for the first time in half a year and while no purchase was made everything appeared to be working. It was nostalgic. And then I quietly left.
  16. koalayummies

    [MOC ] Jurassic Park Series

    This is one of the most impressive series of vignettes I've ever seen. Its like watching the movie in Lego form. Really awesome use of parts and connections for incredibly detailed scenes. The amount of different pieces you used here is excellent. Fantastic work!
  17. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    What's with all this backdoor talk? Shouldn't there... wasn't there a front door?
  18. koalayummies

    [Star Trek] Christopher Pike in wheelchair

    This is both hilarious and excellent. That creepy old head works perfect for this build. Fantastic scene you've created.
  19. koalayummies

    [MOC] Baseplate Alley

    Most excellent work Paupadros! The angled facade is fantastic and very original pushing the envelope of modular designs. Love your intricate connections all over the place. The blue yellow white side all-snot-plates is a particularly pleasing color combination and construction, earth blue first floor is great because that color is rather rare in modulars and I especially like the nougat and sand green side adding a bit of traditional architectural styling. So many inspirational details and connections here. Amazing work!
  20. koalayummies

    Funny Dreams about Lego

    I would classify these as nightmares!
  21. koalayummies

    MOC: Darth Bender

    Love it! Kill all minifigures and bite his medium stone grey... free beer!?! Fantastic Bender.
  22. That looks great! Your expansion on the Mediterranean/Spanish style in original set looks great in the modular building size. Those rounded 1x1 tiles are going to be really popular for Town/City use.
  23. koalayummies

    [MOC] Vintage passenger car

    Well done! Nice color scheme and use of different sized windows.
  24. koalayummies

    Funny Dreams about Lego

    This is really weird. I read this last night and thought 'dang I've never had a Lego dream' but this morning remembered I have had one and it was almost the same as OP. Finding a lot of great pieces and being like 'YES! these pieces are awesome I can do so much with these new pieces!' and the rest of the dream was about being obsessed with all my new Lego pieces and not losing them. I think its probably my subconscious telling me I have enough pieces and should probably stop.