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    How to make the bottom of plates/bricks look nice ??

    Another dust tip; get a dust blower 'bulb'. They're a few bucks and can find them at camera stores or online. Its a little thing you squeeze that has a nozzle and is great for getting dust off Lego. Do it periodically for anything that's left assembled. The picture shown looks like its accumulated over time and may take more work.
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    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Bright bluish green? From the Lego Movie Maker set: https://brickset.com/parts/6259424/parabolic-reflector-ΓΈ24x6-4
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    Messing with Unikitty

    Possibly Evil Kitty Figure kittys CubedKittys. Expanding the 1x3 and 1x5 dimensions to 3x3 and 5x5. UltraCubedKitty. Unikitty doesn't want to play Star Wars. But she is down for some castles.
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    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Yeah plus in terms of parts usage the singers are more useful. What are they going to give McClane; cigarettes, zippo lighter and an MP5?
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    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    This is going to be awesome. Those prizes are amazing! Gotta think of a spaceship real fast spaceship spaceship spaceship.
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    Gorgeous work Bricked1980. There's so many great parts usage, texture techniques and connection choices that make it filled with great fine detail throughout. The vertical tiles over the profile bricks, the angled stacked brick look around the front doors, even the interior steps from the front doors show so much thought in every area. It really does feel like a cluttered older-building police station like many precincts/districts/divisions on the east coast. And the snot work on the car is great. I also love the repeated use of vines in your builds as City/Modulars can always benefit from some greenery. Fantastic MOC.
  7. koalayummies

    Messing with Unikitty

    Thanks Clone OPatra! Yeah I just started playing around with them as something to do between bigger builds. A few days of tinkering with the parts and realized not only is there potential for different things but it was also fun figuring out how to make the parts work in other ways than the standard Unikitty design. Thanks Kristel! Yeah Star Wars doesn't seem like her thing but as a princess I gather she'd be on board with a castles and dragons adventure. Glad you like the Ultrakatty version, the official set was a must have and I think there's even more creative potential for altering that Unikitty. Thanks Carebear!
  8. Over 7541 pieces? Architecture. Philadelphia City Hall. Also every purchaser gets their virginity back (just like with the UCS Falcon ). The end.
  9. Been wanting to do this for a while. The goals were to turn the GB Firehouse Headquarters set into the Modular style buildings and away from the dollhouse style in the original set using mostly the pieces in the original set with as few additions as possible. I tried several different combinations and hours spent trying different styles and then scrapping those builds including keeping all the floors their original height which didn't work as its out of scale with the other modulars and there aren't enough New Dark Red bricks. Finally settled on a design in keeping with the original style and Modular building style. Exterior: All the floors: Ground floor, might try to include the Earth Green and White striped walls from the original but will need some more pieces. Second floor: Bathroom with Slimer's ectoplasm omitted: Third floor: Roof, not much to see besides the roof access: Happy to be with the other modulars now:
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    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Have you considered investing in some 40' intermodal shipping containers, or building a terminal at the port of Aarhus?
  11. koalayummies

    [MOC] FR-62-13 diesel locomotive

    Wow very interesting and visually appealing. Fictional but looks real and that color scheme is great. Amazing MOC throughout. Also never seen that 3D view, that's really cool to see the whole model. Fantastic work.
  12. koalayummies

    [MOD] Modular-ized Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    Thanks. I haven't had the time to build it in LDD as I'm constantly sorting several large disassembled things and making new stuff. There are some decently large photos you can try to build off of here (1333x2000 pixels): Ghostbusters Firehouse Modular
  13. Mostly because its really cool. Its one of the best Model Team sets ever, very realistic. That was one of the few sets that survived my 'dark ages' and I recently sold it for a good amount to support MOC habit. Also some of the parts are fairly rare making a complete set worth more. For example the doors in black are only available in that set. Tires only in one other set (also Model Team) so 'bricklinking' from individual parts is pretty hard compared to just buying a complete or nearly complete set.
  14. koalayummies

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    How'd she know that loving spaceships is your one defining trait?
  15. koalayummies

    The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

    Better than most of the other Lego games that are based off of movies but still has its flaws. The treasure chests, relics within and opening of those relics is a total time sink. Just sit there pressing the same button 30 times in a row; you got another Where's My Pants guy, here's some mega relic shards. Enemies coming at you and no easy or quick way to equip a weapon or last weapon used. However cooperative play is fun if you have someone willing for some mostly hack n slash gaming.
  16. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I called B&P and they said no one is going to get their orders unless Megbricks takes a few days off of placing orders. They said they can't even see the emergency exit door because its blocked by Megbricks' pending shipments. Three of their forklifts broke down from hauling Megbricks' orders. At this point they're considering changing the name to MegBricks and Pieces. Give 'em a break!
  17. koalayummies

    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    Its more likely that Lego will continue to be successful despite one or two AFOL always talking about what they think Lego is doing wrong than Lego going under because they didn't cater to the individual desires of a small fraction of the barely double digit percentage of sales that AFOL constitute. In the meantime you could MOC build your own Lego company made from "in-house" bricks which are far superior to those icky licensed theme bricks.
  18. koalayummies

    [MOC] Climatology Survey

    The climatologist and her longtime nature photographer and conservationist friend head out into the remote and unforgiving desert to check on one of the climate monitoring stations. Although the monitors transmit their data via satellite they still require periodic maintenance, diagnostics, calibration, cleaning and the occasional repair. Given the nature of their work they're well aware of their carbon footprint but still require vehicular transportation to these remote sites so with the help of their friends in the industry they employ this truck powered by sustainable algae biodiesel.
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    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    Haha and there it is. Just "licensed vs original themes" round 2. Merge topic?
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    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    Those are terrible comparisons but if you're going to flat out ignore what was said while bringing up examples that are explicitly excluded from the post because they're not relevant to the discussion you're quoting then it's not a discussion. (this type of corporate behavior was directly addressed in my post. And again.). Lego doesn't have to worry about bad movies, the studios do. The Ninjago movie (lowest rated for purpose of discussion as you're not clear on which Lego movie you think failed and financially none of them are complete failures) was not favorably reviewed and that's on Warner Brothers (and yet the film still made almost twice its budget in box office), the Ninjago sets that Lego produces however are some of the most raved about ever.
  21. koalayummies

    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    A lot of the OP's threads are just thinly veiled criticisms of TLG operations (themes they should discontinue, non kid-friendly sets, licensed vs original themes) appearing as a means to find faults where there aren't any or garner agreement on perceived faults so this thread speculating on a hypothetical total demise comes across as a continuation of that trend. All that despite TLG still being the worlds largest toy company by revenue. TLG is clearly doing a lot of things right. But to participate the biggest failures (of big 'successful' companies) in history are predominantly publicly traded banking, insurance, brokering, securities or hedge fund companies most of which were committing crimes, operating negligently, without proper regulation or some combination. TRU, a retailer, was doomed by the leveraged buyout. By comparison TLG is a privately held toy manufacturer, nearly unrivaled, of sound morals, total value over 14 billion (2012), with around 4.4 billion in revenue, more than a billion US dollars in profit and leadership that didn't come from Wall Street so...
  22. koalayummies

    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    I said they'll be around through at least all of the current AFOL's lives, 20-80 years. There will be new AFOL every year. Poorly worded yes but whatever given the thread subject.
  23. koalayummies

    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    They'll be around through all the current AFOL's lives. After which point who cares, we're all dead. Then the BURPs SPUDs and STAMPs will rise up, take over every set and finally be appreciated.
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    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    In other threads and at Lego.com its being referred to as: