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  1. strider117

    [MOC] X-Wing Fighter Midi-scale

    This is just aesthetically pleasing to look at. I guess the high res photos don't hurt either
  2. strider117

    Jango & Boba - Merry Christmas

    Dare I say it is perfect? Love the floor pattern and mantel in particular, nice use of the Batman movie (I think?) torso and legs for Jango
  3. strider117

    IDSMO R2- Battle of Scarif

    This is very original. Love the different scales of the ground and star destroyers
  4. strider117

    [MOC] In the meantime, on Scarif...

    Man I just love this. Especially all the different crates and such
  5. strider117

    [MOC] Battle of the Heroes

    I would take this over the Rathtar set from this summer before you could say "Don't try it Anakin, I have the high ground!"
  6. strider117

    [MOC/Vignette] Bushes of Love

    "Aw, that's rad" This is great. Now I'm going to force myself to make a vignette of the scene with Bib Fortuna..
  7. strider117

    [MOC/Mod] E-Wing Escort Starfighter

    Looks great Moppo! I think the combination of Poe's x-wing fuselage and Jek 14's wings really works. I agree with ellisss that the best thing to do is to put this into real bricks both to see if the hinge really works and just for the sake of everything looking better in real brick form.
  8. strider117

    Thoughts about LEGO Rogue One 2016 sets

    Good lord those are expensive in the Death Star, apparently. Thanks for the reviews, I am a big fan of some of the designs for these sets and have been on the edge of buying them for a while.
  9. strider117

    [MOC] Building McQuarrie's A-wing with Ahsoka and Chopper

    Damn near perfect A-Wing.
  10. strider117

    [WIP] [UCS] Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    If this is proportionate to the rest of the ship, this will be quite the large project. Best of luck on this. Aha! Looking forward to that
  11. strider117

    [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    I've always loved the side hangar bay door sections and they look great here. Fantastic job
  12. strider117

    [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit

    I really like this reproduction of these ships. Both look gorgeous and, more importantly to me at least, look like something Lego would release, especially with the stud shooters and crash function. By the way, is your Zam the original figure with a different face or a custom?
  13. strider117

    A request on Rogue One Movie Spoliers.

    Hey!! There were people who were going to watch the movie, you know! That's a relief.
  14. strider117

    Thoughts on a possible Cloud City set?

    Welcome to EB, Shattered. I for one definitely feel like there needs to be a cloud city set, especially given all of the source material (ESB, Battlefront DLC, and just about any lego OT installment). If Lego can stomach Assault on Hoth they can sure as heck release a UCS Bespin set to match, in my opinion. I think the said scenes with the Ugnaughts disassemble C-3PO and the dining hall are necessary but I would really like to see something more original, maybe an extra bedroom or a landing pad or something like that. I dunno, maybe that's stupid.
  15. strider117

    Rogue One Mystery Trooper?

    Okay thank you all for the confirmation.