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  1. NA231271

    SB00601 AR-PROJECT (MOC AT-RT 501 version UCS)

    Yep Registered for mine yesterday 😁
  2. NA231271

    Wish they would reboot the SW Buildable Figures

    I must admit there were a couple of really good ones, the speeder bike with trooper is excellent and general Grievous, k2SO. hve them stashed somewhere.
  3. NA231271

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    I agree with all posted, I have come back to Lego 40 plus years later and through my love of Star Wars as the main reason. I think currently I only have three Lego ucs Starwars sets, but massively drawn to the moc’s out there that some of the community offer. I have three to do, one done and one building now. So while I’m very great full for what Lego have done and still do. The are fabulous options to consider still.
  4. NA231271

    SB00601 AR-PROJECT (MOC AT-RT 501 version UCS)

    Woop,Woop. Brilliant that means I’m to busy to see the family at Xmas then.
  5. NA231271

    SB00601 AR-PROJECT (MOC AT-RT 501 version UCS)

    Is there any update Mirko, absolutely drooling over this one.