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    [MOC] The Batman 2021 Batmobile Version 1

    This is incredible man! As others have said, the engine looks outstanding, it's definitely my favorite part of the build, the rest looks fantastic too tho :)
  2. Well i was hoping for someone attending to the con... but that's probably not gonna happen ?
  3. Really love this PS4 Spidey, if anyone is going to SDCC please hit me up
  4. This is so gorgeous man! I do agree on the fuselage proportions to an extend but the build is so good i don't even care! Would love to see this in Poe's color scheme
  5. FTG Prime

    [MOC/Instruction] Star Destroyer Chronicle

    Well... i know what my next builds are going to be! They look spectacular
  6. As a fellow x-wing lover and builder (who never seems to finish his own model... ), this is really spot on! I've literally been looking at this for a couple days and can't find anything wrong with it that isn't my own personal preferences when it comes to x-wing models, i particularly love the main fusilage and the use of more recent LEGO elements, the torpedo railing (for lack of a better term) is really clever in my opinion! I noticed that you went for a "clean" paint job with this (i.e full red stripes) instead of a specific red squad color scheme, any reason for it? It's probably for the better lol, i know too well that obssesing over minimal color patterns on an x-wing isn't too good for your mental health. Anyways, phenomenal job!
  7. FTG Prime

    Krennic's mini ? Shuttle

    Hello everyone ! I think it's no surprise that i am pumped to see Rogue One TONIGHT ! I've been waiting for the movie since it was announced, and a specific group of people have caught my atenttion ever since day 1: the Death Squad, i just love the idea, looks, and function of Krennic's special team, and Krennic himself, and it has grown after reading Catalyist. I am a sucker for SW's shuttles, unfortunally most of the TLG's sets and MOC's are huuuge since they are in minifig scale (or close to it) and i don´t have the space to display them, i still wanted to make Krennic's shuttle since i am in love with the ship so i thought "Why not do it in a mini-midi scale ?" and that's what i did. Now i could be wrong of this being on the mini scale, but to be honest i don't know in which scale this fits I gotta say that it was hard to recreate this ship in this scale (specially since i wanted to keep the wing folding, landing gears and ramp in the final model) and while not perfect i am really happy with the result since i think i re-created it fairly well. This Shuttle has some interesting and sharp angles that were definetly a challenge while building it, but i think it came out looking quite well,,, atleast it's recognizable Moving to the back, i had no idea of how i was going to do the enginee of the ship, it finally ocured to me to use clips and grilled tiles to get the look of the enginee, the rest was pretty simple to do so i'm not gonna get into it lol i am very happy that i was able to pull of this mode, you can't see it very well here but the model is sitting on it's landing gears along with the retractible boarding ramp, this wing-folding function was very difficult to re-create due to the size i decided to build the model on, as a consecuence of this the wings're waaaat thicker than i'd like to, but what are you gonna do.... I am still pleased wih the result. And that's pretty much it, thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this, i really hope you like this little thing, i am very happy to anounce that the instructions (this means the PDF & LDD files) will be up by Friday for free !! they will be posted here so keep an eye out for that May the force be with you ! -Prime
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    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    Hello everyone ! It is my pleasure to finally show you a model that has been in the making for a while now, My take on the Delta 7 Starfighter. The Delta 7 has been one of my favorite starchips in Star Wars for a while, in fact it was the first major set i got, so it was very important to me to make justice to this craft. Befor anything, huge shoutout to: M G, Atlas & Maelven for being the main inspiration for this model. This particular model was made to be as close to minifig scale as i could get it to be, this being 11 studs width, 23 studs in lenght and 4.5 studs in height. (taking in acount a minifig being 6 foot-ish) my model comes slightly larger than that being 25 studs in lenght & 6 studs in height, but this is due to the parts i used and to make it quite swooshable. I'll admit that some of the proportions are a bit off, but considering the size this is made on, i think that's a fair trade off. One of the most intuitive features of this model is it's ability to sport all the colors and variations seen in canon (from Mace Windu's to Ashoka's), which just shows how customizable the model is. Here are some renders of Obi Wan's along with the rest of the crew's: As with most of my models i did in fact make instructions for these, which you can buy over here !: https://ebay.us/4EBNjp Besides you also get some original artwork i made for it: Really hope you like it ! As always any feedback is more than welcome. May the force be with you -Prime
  9. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    The road sign solution is very interesting... i may do some tests with that concept later down the line... For now i just lowered the nose 2 plates and i gotta say i'm very happy with how it looks ! So thanks @jamesn & @Jerac for pointing it out ! NOTE: Please forgive the not so fancy pictures, i'll do a proper photoshoot eventually
  10. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    Thank you ! Now that you mention it it really does look like one of those builds. And i'm glad you like it ! I am planning on building Obi Wan's i'm just waiting for the Holiday season to be over lol Thank you ! I honestly haven't tried it, i'll see what i can do :) Haven't done the exact count but you can use about 40 pieces from the most recent Anakin's Starfighter. Hey Jerac ! Huge fan of you ! Means a lot that you took the time to check this out and thank you for your feedback ! I do see what you mean there, i honestly didn't even payed that much attention to that significant angle difference, maybe lowering the nose a plate would help like you said, but i think re-building the nose is a better option, i'll see what i can do... Any suggestions ?
  11. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    Haha thanks Kristof, glad you like it to the point of wanting to pet it ? lol As for your question, the whole assembly that sits higher has a 1 milimeter gap so everything has the clearence to assemble, on the renders i couldn't replicate this so it has that phasing look. Thank you ! Yes i'm quite aware of the variants of the Delta 7, i state so in the instruction manual in fact, but i wanted to keep things simple on the post. Apreciate it tho ! Thank you ! It does make a really nice desk piece. Thank you very much ! Glad you like it
  12. FTG Prime

    [INSTRUCTIONS] The Empire over Jedha City

    Damn this is absolutely beautiful, i'm particulary in love with the Star Destroyer, definetely on my to do list !
  13. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Ugh that Lambda is absolutely gorgeous Maciej !! The new cockpit is absolutely brilliant and it improves on Marshall's version (if that's even possible :O), and all the functionality and lighting is just icing on the cake !
  14. FTG Prime

    [WIP][MOC] red 5 X-wing

    Uggggghhhhh Why is this looking so good !?
  15. Hello everyone !!! So after some on and off work designing this thing both IRL & LDD i am very proud and happy to show you my Batmobile as it appears on Batman V Superman. I tried to make this model as accurate as i could and the recent images,game DLC´s & toys helped a lot,not only that but the model is very stable and i know this is a small detail that´s pretty much standard with other Batmobiles but... i managed to make the wheels roll with all the armor on it !!! :D So let´s start with the front,definetly a challenging part to do as at first i had no idea how to pull off the shapes & angles, not only that but belive it or not i had trouble doing the turret Things got difficult on the sides, as the actual car has a lot of angles and shapes that are almost impossible to make a 100 % acurate representation on this scale.... however i think i did a fairly decent job doing those The back was fairly simple to do... it took me a while to find a correct size of tires but once i did everything went smoothly.... BTW Credit to JANGBRICKS for the idea of using that motor piece for the Turbine/engine/exaust pipe... So that´s pretty much it guys i hope you like this build as much as i do and if you do want to build this yourself here´s a link were you can buy the instructions : http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/222084491318? Happy building !! -Prime
  16. Hello everyone, When the Rebrick contest was announced i was very excited to enter, more so because you get to design your own YT design, a day or so after the contest went up i started drawing my concepts. (WARNING !!: Creppy drawings incoming !) As you can see the final design it's basiclly a rotated Falcon design, the docking tube is now on the back, instead of having two it has one with the cockpit on it, i moved the engines and added two more and so on. Now i had to build it... and that's were the fun began ! So i proudly present you *drums play* the Night Shadow. And here's a crappy description of it: Equipped with a dual new generation SRB45 sublight engine & 2 ion engines: "She's so fast you won't be able to see her shadow". With heavy canons and turrets she has more that your avarage light freighter. Here are some fun facts about the model -This build was heavily inspired by the brilliant new UCS Falcon and Marshall Banana's legendary MOC, since they're the ultimate renditions of the YT-1300 in my opinion, it only made sense to me to base this model after those, plus it gives it the messy Corellian Freighter look i was going for. - I went for a UCS/minifig scale to add as much detail as possible. -I came up with the design after 3 attemps (as seen on the drawings), it was inspired by the YV-560, YT-1300, YT-2400, The Phantom and a hamburger. -The model (YT-2001) and it's service tag (S-04) are a reference to the birth date and name of someone really important to me -I wanted to give it the kitbashed look that the Falcon has, since they used that technique on the actual prop, i used a variety of pieces for this, from tiles to minifig accesories, have fun looking at the greebling ! -It took me about 3 weeks to finish this ship, from the concept art to the final renders. -This model has 3980 pieces and was built on LDD and rendered on Bluerender (since i didn't have the money to build this). -This model is ment to be in scale with minifigs & the new UCS Falcon. Here are some extra pictures of it: So there ya go ! I hope you all like it, if you do or don't please leave your thoughts ! I am more than happy to recieve feedback. Here's the Rebrick entry in case you wanna take a look at this and the rest of the awesome entries: https://www.lego.com/en-us/rebrick/view-entry?c_id={D9DDC962-F589-417F-AE7A-3F6807969D67}&a_id=8da905d9-ba0d-421d-87d7-bb759d48c8ae May the force be with you ! -Prime
  17. FTG Prime

    [MOC] YT-2001 - S 04 Light Freighter "Night Shadow"

    Well thank you man ! I'm glad you like it ! I was going for that goal while building it and it seems it sucedeed :)
  18. FTG Prime

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Ha ! That's amazing mate ! I am definetly doing this.
  19. FTG Prime

    [MOC] The Corellian Eclipse - Armoured YT-1300

    Love this Kit, I think i said this on Flickr but i love this thing, this is something i could totally see on TWC or in the background of he prequels, the design choices you did blend in perfectly with the YT-1300, I love how the interior has a fancy look to it. The only thing i would like (and this is beacause of my personal preference) i would like a more tiled look, but it's such a minor thing that it doesn't bring the model back. The force is strong with this one ! Hope you win :) -Prime
  20. FTG Prime

    [MOC] YT-2001 - S 04 Light Freighter "Night Shadow"

    Thanks man ! :D Thank you dude glad you like it ! Hey Kit No worries man i'm glad you were atleast able to see it since you are one of my fav builders i wanted you to see it, and yeah it's kinda a design flaw to have only one docking tube xD I actually tought of giving it a full interior at some point, i ultimately decided against it since it would've been rushed and not entirely the way i would want it to be, plus i tried to focus on the outside look and overall estructure, but hey i may come back to this some day ! And good luck on running for 3rd place ;) JK i seriously hope you win something man ! You totally deserve it ! In the best case scenario maybe we'll both win something !
  21. Agreed on the dark grey on the mandibles, specially the one strip found on the left one, i personally don't like the use of so many 1x1 tan tiles and olive green tiles on the hull so i might change that out, might MOD the two interior spaces we got since they're not that accurate both proportions and positions (altho i get why they had to make them that way) and i personally will do a lot of work on the underside of the thing, still thinking about doing a base for it. You plan on doing anything else ? :)
  22. That's just gorgeous !! Would love to build it myself one of these days, the detail is exquisite !
  23. FTG Prime

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    My Death Squad
  24. FTG Prime


    Love that nose !