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  1. Can't seem to find the image. Maybe the riddler comes with a jet lol I guess time will tell.
  2. I thought the set would be a large vehicle like the tumbler. For the riddler to appear it could be forever or the animated series. Unless it is a large play /display set
  3. when should we start to hear set names?
  4. Lionbear8

    [TLBM] Bat Chopper "Bat Wolf"

    Got it, truly great!!
  5. Looking at all the posts its more likely a vehicle.
  6. I assumed its the minifigure scale version. The D2C is TBC.
  7. man I hope we get some Batman variants.
  8. It will probably be the model from the villians game. Which has minor changes.
  9. So in total there is 8 DC sets released in the next wave?
  10. Another 7 DC sets. Cant wait!! Be interesting once the prices get confirmed. Hopefully they have some new bat vehicle designs and some play features for buildings.
  11. Likewise s set with another Batman variant.
  12. Add new tattoo aquaman to the list.
  13. Thats a 3rd variant for Batman Wasteland Xmas jumper Sparkly And one for wasteland Alfred. Maybe in the 2nd wave.
  14. Maybe next year. Right now i want another vehicle to add to the collection. Has to come with some exclusive minifigures hero and villian.
  15. I hope we get some sort of wasteland bat vehicle which will separte it self from the DC universe. His overdue for an LM vehicle set.