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  1. Lionbear8

    [MOC] Arkham Knight Batmobile

    Bravo. 👏 Another great design. I hope those folks at Brickvault have started with the instructions, as they seem not to have all your designs out. But well done again on another well delivered Batmobile. Where does he get those wonderfult toys from? From Lucas of course!!
  2. Me too. A modern batcave with something new for the sections.
  3. Specific barman eras. Like they do with star wars eps. I would love that.
  4. Im hoping that list will have some truth.
  5. If they are releasing these specific parts then to make it worth It, they would need to be part of many different upcoming sets? Batman themed mainly and there is 2 more sets coming early nexy year. Making it 4 or 5 sets plus others down the track that would use these parts.
  6. As in 2 sets until summer 19? I see 2 for late 18 early 19. Where are the rest of the sets? 2 seems very low for DC. Still i suppose its early days.
  7. I'm amazed we dont even know how many sets we will be getting.
  8. Another leaked marvel set image. Still no DC leaked images This is driving me crazy!! How long do we have to wait?
  9. I hope there will be more DC sets. 2 sets seem very low. The rumor was at 5 or 6? I wonder if the lego movie 2 has an effect on this. Maybe Batman will get a set from the movie hence the lower # of sets compared to Marvel. Are we to expect the following as well in 2019 Brickheadz Micro racers Books with mini figs Dvds with mini figs Polybags ?
  10. Lionbear8

    [MOC/MOD] TLBM Joker Manor with Batcave

    Looks excellent. Great work.
  11. Lionbear8

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    I love this. Love the red bat logo. Batman Beyond anyone? What are your thoughts. You think we just receive the one bat custume minifigure or more? And do we receive a wasteland vehicle for the Batman or nothing at all? Take into account the rumored 5 batman sets for the DC theme. Also noticed before hand your into your custom batman builds / mocs. You but any instructions and build them too?
  12. This is very true. Another extension would of been great. Heres hoping to some bat vehicles from the lego movie 2.
  13. Its Batman guys. Hidden tracks lol
  14. Insane!! Add an secret batcave entry exit point running though a hill/ bridge. Make it a a portable batcave train set with different carriages added on top of your helipad and mini guns, and then add some villians trying to hijack the train. Under siege style lol I hope lego is reading this. Where does he get those wonderful toys from!! Im taking this a step further. Spreadsheet and request for brickvault to design and build the instructions!!
  15. Trains sell right? Harry potter train set sold out on oz lego website. Still surprised we haven't got a large bat train set. 1000 plus pieces. Some day i hope lego do release a bat train.