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  1. Nth_Brick

    Bricklink questions

    Word around the community is a ransomware hack occurred, at least that's what several of the more reliable LEGO rumor/leak accounts over on Instagram are claiming. I haven't seen an official statement from LEGO as the owner or BrickLink directly, which may lend some credence to that rumor. If it were a server crash, that's one thing, but a hacker story isn't something you want to draw attention to.
  2. Nth_Brick

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    TLG's gotten way better about keeping leaks under control in recent years, almost to an annoying extent. I still remember those old halcyon days of trawling through LEGO blogs for the latest Clone Wars set leaks.
  3. It is strange to realize how huge an impact someone has had on your life only after they have passed away. I've been building with LEGO for somewhere the neighborhood of 17 years now, and Jens' little plastic people have been there every step of the way. They've provided endless entertainment, even companionship at times -- I remember taking a little tin full of them along to doctor's visits back in the day, and even today will often snag one off the shelf to take to work or school. Despite all having the same basic body profile, they still manage to convey a massive amount of individuality and personality and make the LEGO hobby immeasurably more interesting. Heck, LEGO probably wouldn't even exist as it does today without Minifigures. Try to picture a theme like Star Wars without them -- it just wouldn't work. Thanks to Jens for his wonderful creation, and my condolences to his family.
  4. Geez, that's nuts. I only buy CMFs on occasion, usually to get parts for customizing characters, and was able to hold my nose on the $4 price tag. $5 is just a bridge too far, unless, I dunno, they start including some small construction component. At that point though, it basically would become a polybag with more emphasis on the minifig.
  5. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    Hey, it's certainly better than what I could probably throw together given a fairly short deadline. On this topic, I know that there are a couple of LEGO Puddle Jumpers out there, built with varying degrees of success. The most difficult part seems to consistently be the engine pods, as I'm not sure I've ever seen a LEGO Jumper with the pods able to be extended and retracted. At least, not in a way that looks very good. In any case, thanks for the link. If you don't mind, I might "borrow" a few elements from that design if I ever build my own. :P
  6. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    Eh, like I said, I haven't seen the show in a while, but in any case, the details are all on point. Still, seeing this makes me want to try my hand at something like a Puddle Jumper. So many great things to build from the show.
  7. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    Nice to see Stargate getting some love here. Great adaptation from the source material, though I will admit, it looks just a little shorter and wider than the version in the TV shows. I don't know though, I haven't watched through them in a while, and that nitpick doesn't change how great this looks.
  8. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] EFS Asimov

    Ah, SHIPtember. The most wonderful time of the year. :P Outstanding work, Sunder, I think that this is the most straight-up intricate SHIP I've seen. If I may ask, how exactly is it that you came up with and executed this design?
  9. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] Rogue One - "secret room scene" (IDSMO-R3)

    Just had to sign in after a few months of lurking to comment on this. Absolutely incredible work, all details are in place and, frankly, there was a second there when I wasn't sure which one was live-action and which one was LEGO. Stunning work, and great photography and editing to boot.
  10. Nth_Brick

    LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] *Almost finish

    Wow. Full disclosure, I don't know much about Gundam, but I have seen the robots and own one of the building kits, and you're really managed to nail that essential Gundam "look". What's especially impressive is how well you rendered it using predominantly Technic and Bionicle parts; that's not something you necessarily see very often. Very impressive, excellent work.
  11. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] Nautopolis Loading Dock

    Impressive! Great building and general designing, especially on the mech.
  12. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron 1 spaceship

    So... Blacktron crossed with an X-Wing crossed with Benny's Spaceship? Just kidding, it looks great! Really liking all the inset details!
  13. Nth_Brick

    [MOC] SphereBots

    --- Official SphereBots Press Release --- Here at Industrial Robots and Solutions (IRS), we have a long and storied history of creating innovative, dependable products to serve the needs of modern times. With the advent of commercial and private space travel, we have returned to the drawing board, aiming our efforts at improving individual's experiences within this burgeoning industry. Now, we are proud to finally present the latest innovation from Industrial Robots and Solutions, the SphereBot series! This initial wave is split primarily between a civilian oriented model, the standard SphereBot, pictured above on the right, and what we at IRS have dubbed the "WarBot," seen on the right. The standard SphereBot is designed for everyday use. It can carry your tools while you explore, and it's rugged design means you will never be stuck waiting while your robot assistant struggles to climb even the easiest of grades. The "WarBot," meanwhile, is a heavier duty design built for more military oriented applications. It is larger than the standard SphereBot, and the base model of this variant comes equipped with a pair of ballistic missiles, as well as a rotary gun for short range defense, and a long range gun for, as you might assume, long range engagements. The heavy weapons systems and impressive durability have launched this SphereBot to popularity with both military personnel battling extraterrestrial threats: ... and with civilians, whom we are currently able to sell to because of our unregulated status, who fight daily upon perhaps the most vicious battlefield of all, that of love. So make sure to place your Industrial Robots and Solutions SphereBot orders quickly, before supplies run out or the government steps in to block SphereBot sales! --- End of Press Release --- Thanks for looking, and please leave comments and criticisms below!
  14. Nth_Brick

    Apparently Size Does Matter...........

    That's one hilarious set-up. Great use, by the way, of those sensor/tool pieces on the smaller mech. Just a quick question, how well does that pseudo-ball joint set-up work? It looks pretty sturdy, and I don't think I've ever seen it before.
  15. Nth_Brick

    Impetus, ISV

    Thanks for the feedback; I think the cockpit's one of my personal favorite parts. In fairness, it's a recycled design from a starship I never got around to building, but it actually fit in really well. Otherwise, the scaling in more a reflection of my lack of pieces than anything else. I've been wanting to building something for a while, but on this one, I just decided to adopt a moderate size and go for broke on detailing.