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  1. billdozer

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Wonderfully fun build, Mirko. Thank you for giving me an enjoyable winter-time activity. Bombs away!
  2. Happy day! Can't wait to start - email sent. Who do I PayPal?
  3. What an amazing MOC. Question - will the instructions call out the ones that can be any color because they won't be visible?
  4. I private messaged him and he stated that he wants to tinker with the LDD file before making it available. At least we know its still on his radar. :)
  5. This is the definition of epic!! Can't wait to see the completed ship!
  6. billdozer

    MOC The Knight Museum

    awesome build. I like the color combinations!
  7. billdozer

    Lego Napoleonic Wars Stopmotion

    nice work! Keep it up!
  8. billdozer

    [MOC] Wall-e mid-size

    brilliant design!
  9. billdozer

    (WIP) USC Style Mach 5

    How's your MOC progressing? Can't wait to see it!
  10. billdozer

    [MOC] RC Siemens Taurus

    I like your attention to detail. Nice model!
  11. billdozer

    [MOC]Episode V-Cloud City Dining Room

    This is great, I love how it is all 1 color.
  12. billdozer

    [MOC] Waste Separation

    This is awesome! Nice build and great idea.
  13. billdozer

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    How did you make that light stand out of lego?
  14. Brilliant work Mortesv. You captured the flavor and detail of that ol frigate wonderfully. It even looks kit-bashed like the real thing. :) The design really is a perfect example of a Star Wars ship, in general, with how the rebellion had to work with what they had; in this case, gutting an old military convoy ship, removing the weaponry, and adding a hospital. It must have been fun for you to build. I visit this page far to often, hoping to see an update. Maybe it'll be a Winter 2015 project for many of us. :)