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  1. Hi all, I love Lego technic and I love this forum. I like to build using instructions, both from LEGO itself and from the very talented MOCcers around here. If someone posts a beautifull MOC, I like to reverse engineer the MOC. "Solving the puzzle" is the challenge I like, using both real life bricks and digital building techniques. I also learnt myself to create instructions using LPub3D. In that way I recreated the garbage truck, build by Waler: My latest project is the Case Steiger, build by dhc6twinotter: I rebuild the MOC both in real life and digital: Case Steiger screenshot And now I have a question. I like to share my work, the digital files and the instructions for anyone else to enjoy building these MOC's. What do you think about sharing these reverse engineerd files? The MOC's are not mine. Gr, Robert
  2. @Schraubedrin Thank you. I couldn't resist creating instructions as well. Happy building! Bricksafe folder
  3. You're welcome. It's good to see new replica's :-).
  4. robert

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    No, you're not the only one. I'm very curious for the b model instructions.
  5. Hi, Just bumping this thread again. As mentioned earlier in this thread i reverse engineered this awesome MOC by Waler. Some time has passed and I managed to create PDF instructions. The main reason I did this is that I like the puzzle of reverse engineering and that I want to improve on my digital building skills. I uploaded the instructions to my bricksafe page (front loaded garbage truck): First of all, this is not my MOC! Credits to the original creator, Waler, and thanks for posting pictures and a video. Furthermore, I rebuild the model myself using (in some places) different colors because I don't have all the parts in this MOC, especially the green panels. I apologize for any mistakes and I do not guarantee a perfect product :-). I want to share the instructions. Mainly because I really appreciate all the builders here sharing their work and giving me the opportunity to enjoy building beautifull and complex models. Everyone who wants to give it a try, happy building! Robert
  6. Hi, I used the Youtube video of Schraubedrin to create an Ldraw file of the preliminary crane. Schraubedrin, thanks for the video. Anyone who wants to turn this into instructions, feel free to use this file. Bricksafe folder Happy building.
  7. Excellent MOC, i am pretty flabbergasted about some creations posted here and this is one of them. I am going to start building this MOC as soon as i have finished building the Scorpion supercar :-). Many thanks for creating and sharing the instructions. Digital building for sure is part of the fun also for me and i know the effort it takes to create such a complex file. It's very generous to share your work with the community.
  8. I am indeed working with LPUB3d, sorry for mentioning LPUB where i meant LPUB3d.
  9. Hi, It's a bit of an old topic, however...this summer someone noticed that I build this model using the pictures and video posted bij Waler. And asked me if I could help recreating this very nice MOC. i took the challenge and rebuild the MOC again, this time using the build to improve my LDCad skills. Here's the result. Now I'm fighting LPUB to create instructions :-).
  10. robert

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    I would really appreciate that. At the moment I am trying to create a Ldcad file based on the fotos you published.
  11. robert

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    Yes, i remember the reform metrac. Stunning model, which i try to replicate (not easy though). This one looks promising too.
  12. robert

    [MOC] Telehandler

    That's very nice. My main purpose is to build this model. At the same time the mpd file provided excellent material to practice with lpub en MLCad. So that's what I did and I thought it was nice to share the mpd file.
  13. robert

    [MOC] Telehandler

    Hi, This is a beautifull model, from the first post I liked to build the model. So, thank you Lipko for providing the LXF and mpd files. I tried to build it using LDD, but got stuck. After that I decided to build this beauty using the mpd file and Lpub/MLCad. While building I improved the mpd file, making it possible to create pdf instructions (when finished building). I'm not finished yet, until now I build the chassis and the boom. I uploaded the " work in progress" mpd to my bricksafe. Again, thank you Lipko for providing the cad files. Cheerio, Robert
  14. Hi Dadaman, It's good to read that you're happy with the set. Cheers, "The seller"
  15. Hi Edwin, I visited LegoWorld today and i must say your ships are awesome. My kids, however, were more impressed by the huge GBC stand :-). Greetings from Delft. Robert