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  1. [MOC] Telehandler

    That's very nice. My main purpose is to build this model. At the same time the mpd file provided excellent material to practice with lpub en MLCad. So that's what I did and I thought it was nice to share the mpd file.
  2. [MOC] Telehandler

    Hi, This is a beautifull model, from the first post I liked to build the model. So, thank you Lipko for providing the LXF and mpd files. I tried to build it using LDD, but got stuck. After that I decided to build this beauty using the mpd file and Lpub/MLCad. While building I improved the mpd file, making it possible to create pdf instructions (when finished building). I'm not finished yet, until now I build the chassis and the boom. I uploaded the " work in progress" mpd to my bricksafe. Again, thank you Lipko for providing the cad files. Cheerio, Robert
  3. Hi Dadaman, It's good to read that you're happy with the set. Cheers, "The seller"
  4. Hi Edwin, I visited LegoWorld today and i must say your ships are awesome. My kids, however, were more impressed by the huge GBC stand :-). Greetings from Delft. Robert
  5. Xerion

    Hi, do you have a link to the german forum? Thank you, Robert
  6. A very nice MOC. I finished building this truck last week, using the pictures and video I found on brickshelf and youtube. That was quite a challenge. In the process of building I made and lxf file from the chassis to help me "solving the puzzle" :-). Now I am trying to remake the model in MLCad, but I just began. Greetz, Robert
  7. Cool model! Also really nice to share instructions. I'm busy learning to master mlcad and lpub and I know this is a lot of work. And what a coincidence. I'm building your tipper truck at the moment using the lxf file and now the instructions (almost the same base truck, on my first impression) are available. The same happened to me with your swing loader. I finished the loader using the lxf file and then appeared the instructions. Guess this just means that I like your models so much that I don't want to wait for instructions :-). Cheers, Robert
  8. Wow! I love it. I'm really curious about the gearbox design. I almost finished a wheel loader with the same (I presume) principle, namely the possibility of reversing the functions through the gearbox. For me, this is what Lego Technic is all about. Cheers, Robert
  9. Really nice MOC. Actually I build your forklift last weekend. Found it on Rebrickable. My compliments for the instructions, they are really good. Cheers, Robert
  10. When a model is complex, building from just an lxf file is not easy. I build several complex models from lxf files. My method is to cut the model into several modules and thus reducing complexity. You'll find an example here. It's D3K's swingloader. As you can see I copied the model several times in LDD and then I delete all the parts that do not belong to the specific section I want to build. Good luck!
  11. Hi, Modified the 8051 B-model to create an extra fat Harley style motorcycle. I uploaded the pictures in my brickshelf folder, here's a preview: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5651776 Cheerio, Robert
  12. This is exactly the reason that I use basebrick ( I entered all my sets and all the loose part I bought on Bricklink and e-bay. After that Basebrick can compare the parts list for any model with my own parts list. Well, look for yourself. Cheers, Robert