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  1. Sir, that is a good idea. But then we need to make this choice : no off-road performance.
  2. Genius ! I like a lot your front driveline and both suspensions.
  3. I guess you can't with lego motors, they are too big. Use small lego compatible motors.
  4. Awesome ! This beast would be a banger when you have the remote controler in Hans !
  5. Indeed, it's on the naworrer side, did you made this project go on ?
  6. Hello, I know they are multiple clone of Lego technic which steal mocs to make sets, but I heard about one making deals with mocers in order to make sets with their consent. Is this one Cada or it is another one ? Regards
  7. Being 2L wide, it will not look like a gear anymore but it will look a specialised compound piece. It would be a whole new kind of gear and not the bro of the 16t, 20t and 24t clutch gear imo
  8. Indeed but it fall into the new driving ring system category, I May be wrong but I have the feeling this need is something that refrain LEGO to do it because the whole batch is not matching, and I think LEGO is not only about new pieces but they care about coherence (or harmony ?) of the system
  9. Aren't 12 tooth gear to small to use the same clutch gear system, leading to the need of a whole new clutch gear system to coordinate with a 12 tooth clutch gear ?
  10. You can Also use the mechanism used in this video (at 1'55 ) on both the sides of your horizontal and vertical beams.
  11. I'm interrested on the traction subject. To my mind it only depend of balance, suspension work and tyres, and I wonder how good are these these tyres.
  12. I think There is no suspension, at least on the front.
  13. I don't understand what the gyro does on a car. Does dit make thé direction automaticaly counter-steer while drifting ?