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  1. The new thing was the whole lego technic thing. Didn't exist on the entire planet. Cada steal the sucessfull concept without having nothing done for people. Cloning each piece.
  2. Meh. Lego brought something new by taking a risk, cada bring nothing new.
  3. Bluehose

    How to get Lego Technic Pieces in Bulk?

    I see you speak about Bricks And Pieces. In my country (France), it is now broken, and it was broken in March. Maybe it is broken since.
  4. Bluehose

    All gear ratios

    If you look about ratio with differential on this website, you will find a methode to make ratio different than regular ratio.
  5. Bluehose

    [MOC] Ford Mustang 1964

    It is amazing !
  6. Bluehose

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    I think the most reliable solution is to look if a solution exist in modelism, such as 1:8 remote controled car or bigger
  7. Bluehose

    [MOC] Trophy Truck

    Hello, I see you use a minizip with an XL. I tried to use a 9V reloadable battery with two M motor, but they were very weak because the inner resistance of this type of battery. What kind of battery do you use ?
  8. Bluehose

    [MOC] Motor grader CAT 120M2

    I did never seen this way to use pneumatic without fixing the upper end. It's nice
  9. Bluehose

    [MOC] 3 Speed automatic transmission gearbox

    Yes, it's true his other gearboxes are impressives, innovatives and bring a lot to the commmunity ! But it must not impeach you to look how they are working and exchange with him on technical points, to my mind it's the kind of debat wich should interrest him.
  10. Bluehose

    [MOC] 3 Speed automatic transmission gearbox

    They are two thing wrong about this gearbox : 1) it's not two 2-speed gearbox, it's two cvt. When the two sides of the differenials works together, the ratio is set somewhere between the min and the max so there are too much differentials : you could just set 1:1 and 1:9 to the sides of the two first differentials. 2) if the load is to big, all the power goes in the friction axles and there is no output. The friction axles are a good innovation IMO.
  11. The shipping containers carrier LUGBC.
  12. By looking at your other mocs, it is doable but for a smaller one you will need wedges so maybe a lot of system bricks.
  13. Bluehose

    [MOC] Rock-Bouncer

    Hey it's me in the video ! ;-) Didn't you present us a similar design without the new hub in the past ?
  14. Bluehose

    2-Speed Planetary Automatic Gearbox

    Indeed the wearing is the main issue. Does the output lose power between the time of the slipping and the time of the ratchet blocking ?