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  1. jFox

    Lego appoint new CEO

    How do you know sales are down, though? That was my original question. We can speculate reasons they are down (if they are, in fact) but I was asking about the source of information for the original premise. I certainly agree about various hype bubbles regarding product or movie releases--that's true of just about any licensed merchandise. But how would one know if stocked shelves means the company is doing poorly? Couldn't it just mean their production processes are working properly and they have sufficient supply?
  2. jFox

    Lego appoint new CEO

    This isn't the first place that I've seen statements like these, but out of curiosity what do you (any of you) use to make these determinations? I've seen year-end sales figures from time to time, but aside from that...? Is there some source which spells this out, or is it just a feeling or observation? Especially with regards to a particular market (how/why are US sales poor?) or a particular line (how is Nexo Knights doing compared to, say, Ninjago, or Friends?).
  3. jFox

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I've been researching Akro-Mils and they seem to have some panels you can attach to a wall: https://akro-mils.com/Products/Types/Cabinets-Racks-Shelving-Panels/Louvered-Systems. Then you get a fastener to attach to the back of the container, and voila! Clip it onto the panel anywhere you want, essentially a peg-board style system like one you might have for hanging various tools.Moving them around, taking them on or off, etc, seems like it would be very easy with that type of setup. The 36" x 3" seems especially useful, though the typical container size is 20" wide which makes for some awkward extra space. For all the people in here who use containers like Akro-Mils, Stack On, etc... how do you keep the containers secure? Do you screw them to the wall? Just leave them upright on the edge of a desk and be careful not to knock them over? My initial thought is "of course I wouldn't knock them over, I'm an adult and always very careful." But then I follow that with a more realistic thought of "I'm a clumsy adult who knocks things over all the time, so this would be disastrous if not secured." Looking at stacks of these things 2 or 3 levels high seems like a recipe for disaster if you're not careful. I'm about to start a major overhaul of my LEGO area and was considering devoting a large chunk of space to these types of containers.
  4. jFox

    jFox's Trading Thread

    If you'd asked me about a week ago I would have been interested in the Ewok Village--I just picked one up when Amazon discounted it. I'd be interested in the Brick Bank, but there's nothing else that I see in your BrickLink store that I'm interested in at the moment, thanks though!
  5. jFox

    jFox's Trading Thread

    Updated first post with new haves / wants
  6. jFox

    [moc] Distant Sky Survey

    Agreed, and it works fabulously! I'm really amazed at how well you crafted the rest of the ship to keep that same stubby, function-over-form feel. This is a ship that has work to do, and doesn't need to zip around in a dogfight. It also makes me happy to see these two finally getting out among the stars instead of getting stuck with Exo-Suit duty yet again. May have to snag a nose piece from BrickLink and try that myself one of these days.
  7. Awesome! Loving the Elrond hairpieces in yellow, may have to get a few of them now. Great choice on armor/weapons, each unit feels very different but still part of the larger army. What did you use on the Thranduil hair piece? It looks fantastic, very clean coloring.
  8. I've also seen Lavaria on sale, the only one out of all the ultimate figures. Personally I think Lavaria is one of the best figures from the whole Nexo Knights line. I've purchased several of just the minifigure parts from BrickLink, because I don't particularly care about any of the "ultimate" parts for any of the figures (though a lava spider-monster is pretty cool). Great printing all around, adds some nice variety to the lava monster lineup, as well as custom fiery/demonic characters
  9. jFox

    Which set should I buy?

    I don't think I've ever seen any modular builds on sale from the Lego store, but once in a great while you may get lucky and find them on sale at other retailers. I bought my Fire Brigade from Target online when it was about $130, instead of the normal retail price of $150.
  10. Very cool! The fire monsters are what I like about the Nexo Knights line, and good to see this combination of figures from other sets! I dig the use of that sloped piece as a shield, and his fire staff is cool too. I can't say I'm a fan of the long shooter pieces by default, but that's a good alternative use for them.
  11. jFox

    Best LEGO Ideas set so far

    For me, it's the Exo-Suit. I bought four in total over the last year or two... I'd see it on the shelf on a visit to the Lego store and think "what the heck, why not?" More green space figures, a great selection of parts, a lot of fun to customize into different types of mechs/suits/etc. To me, this set is one of the best representation of Lego IDEAS. It's not based on an existing theme, or even an existing real-world object (though I did really enjoy the Mars Rover and Ecto-1, with the Ecto-1 being a close second for me). Cool idea, great execution (with the exception of the loose bits on the arms), good price point too. I would love to see more sets like this, instead of bland sets whose only appeal seems to be the IP behind it.
  12. jFox

    Should LEGO bring back a dedicated space theme?

    What I really enjoyed about Space Police III is that it felt a bit like real-life scenarios, but in space. You had the cops 'n' robbers thing going, with the villains with their Brick Daddy crime boss, etc. The vehicles were great, like it was a biker gang/Mad Max mashup, just set in space. I would like to see more of that, life in space. Not just space exploration vehicles, venturing into the unknown, etc... Let's fast forward a century or two, assume space travel is commonplace, everyone has easy access to the technology necessary for life out there. What kind of cool ship designs would people create in that sort of society? What things would be needed to keep life going in space? Research stations? Mining ships or bases? Space houses, modular buildings? Think of all the city sets that are interesting for one reason or another, what would a space equivalent look like? I've read about the moonbase standard, something like that would be really cool to see in a series of sets.
  13. My vote would be for pearl gold, to match the Lego color. I've purchased quite a few gold parts from BrickWarriors, and I love them all. The only issue I've ever had (and a minor one, at that) was that the match wasn't quite perfect. That, and some of the newer armor and weapons aren't available in gold! Love the new Arming Sword, looks great!
  14. jFox

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I like the armor on the knights, though I wish the shoulders were either gray or colored to the knights (red, green, etc) instead of trans-orange. The minifig parts look like they might be a great addition for any space themes. I'm getting a bit of a Galaxy Squad vibe from them, they would be good futuristic soldiers, pilots, etc.
  15. jFox

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this line. I liked Chima a little--I think it had some great minifigures and a lot of cool ideas, but a lot of sets felt gimmicky. Ninjago I grew to really love--the figures especially, but even the sets as well. Lots of great parts and interesting designs to bring over into whatever else I feel like building. However, I think the first wave or two were not very good at all. Skeletons driving monster trucks and snake-themed wrecking balls weren't very appealing (at least from an adult perspective). From a kid's perspective, they might have been great fun. Regardless, that's what Nexo Knights seems like so far, based on these early scans. It feels like the first couple of Ninjago waves. The chain chomp podracer thing, the castle moving on treads... feels kind of gimmicky. I do like the idea of the different knights, though, with different armor and weapon designs, etc. Those could be really cool to add to an existing kingdom.