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  1. looks great, i guess those grey studded block are supposed to be AAA battery boxes?
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    [Poll] Power Functions 2.0: receiver or no receiver?

    there is only one thing I want from the new PF, a BT reciever
  3. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Technic Photography

  4. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Technic Photography

    yeah thats probraly rught, still not an original photo, probrally because it's much easier that way
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    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    just search lego 42083 and you wil instantly get the video
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    Technic Photography

  7. TheNextLegoDesinger

    [MOC] Tatra t-813 Dakar 8x8

    you need to have at least 10 posts, after that you are allowed
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    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    yeah stupid me :) looks nice, maybe i'll buy this set if i manage to get some money as it's gonna be an expensive year, by wallet
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    Sariel's 1H2018 Technic Video Reviews

    as always nicely and highly informative review. had to wind back sometimes as the text was changing to fast. Thnx
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    Axle Collection Thread

    very interesting, clever way to use those studded frames
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    Technic Photography

    nice picture of the BMW, i really like it, if LTG would use such pics for there advertisements i think the boxes would look som much better. there is only one problem with the picture, THE BIKE IS TO CLEAN :D just kidding Greetz TNLD
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    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    PICS PICS PICS, i want pics. sorry, i haven't followed the 2018 discussion so i haven't seen pictures yet. anyone who can put some pictures?
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    Which suspension type should I use ?

    i would opt for a solid front axle and an live rear axle, this way you have some suspention, and it will be pretty sturdy. this one has that type of rear axle i'm talking about. i don't know if your school has these parts. otherwise you could use a hinge system for your suspention
  14. thnx for the info on the suspention, very clear explenation and a very clever desing. can't wait to see the end result
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    [WIP] Orange Motorbike

  16. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Baja Truck [MOC]

    Once i wanted to make a baja truck, and i failed. though as you should do in life, i stood up and tried again. and suddenly, i had a frame. and a 'little' later i had a baja truck. fuctions: Full suspension: Front; double wishbone (travel: 1.5 studs) Rear: live axle (travel: 5 studs) RTC steering (Servo motor) RWD (XL-motor) Full RC I started making a front suspension which had to be soft and a good height clearance and RTC stearing. After a while i had a very sturdy stearing module, so i started making the rear axle.The XL motor is mounted on the live axle. it has a 1.66:1 which gives it a speed of 243.4 RPM and 8.7 of torque. I used the short steering link to make the suspension freëer then used the 3X5 L links to connect to the springs. The battery is pretty high above the center of mass, but it doesn't affect the performance weardly. the IR receiver is possitioned just under the widnshield which makes it pretty easy to reach. The body is made out of 3 pieces, The bumper, a nose scoop and the rest of the body. the body is connected in 14 points to the chassis, the scoop only at 2 and the bumper in 6 places. I might do instructions on the chassis, but i don't know if i will on the body (only if enough demand). Greetz TNLD more pictures: LXF file of the chassis:
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    Baja Truck [MOC]

    LXF file added to first post
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    [WIP] Container Space Ship

    well, what you have there is a 1:106.688 ratio, so you might want to swap the XL for a L motor as you have 1546.98 of torque with that XL motor, which might just be a little to much. with the L you get 691.34 torque Greetz, TNLD calculations:
  19. TheNextLegoDesinger

    [WIP] Container Space Ship

    just did a fast calculation and as i see you have a worm-8th thought combo twice this gives a 1:64 ratio if i'm right. i think the problem is overstress, using a XL motor you get an output of 928 , you might be better to use an m motor, here you'll get 232.32 of toque and twice the speed. or you could use a L motor, giving 414.72 of torque and the same speed as the m motor. this might just fix the cracking
  20. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Baja Truck [MOC]

    thnx, yeah maybe i should call it different, ideas? thnx that phot was not easy to make, taking everything i got uot of my motorola moto X4 smartphone, depth mode, then some overdone post processing, it's my best picture i've taken yet and i love it (it,s my background photo on my phone :D )
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    Baja Truck [MOC]

    Well living in belgium, the winters are pretty wet
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    Smallest Tank Climber

    OK, now i get it, i thought about something climing a hill at 80°
  23. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Baja Truck [MOC]

    thnx for the constructive feedback. i'll take it in account for my next one. this one wasn't purposibly build to be a baja truck i just wanted a thingie to drive around in my room, while having superb outdoor performance. As for the body, it's what i wanted to create, something minimalistic but just enough detail. yeah, i wanted that agreassive look, the front window is only 3 syuds tall so it gives that extra aggresive look. as for the research, noted down ;)
  24. you might have misunderstand my point, i don't want him to be disqualified, i just thought it would be nicer if it would be mosly original