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  1. Jakorin Swiftsword

    GoH Book III

    I have truly missed the guilds! Maybe I should finally make my return!
  2. Jakorin Swiftsword

    Honour the Fallen

    Man what a great job!
  3. Jakorin Swiftsword

    GoH official challenges and my commitments!!

    Good to hear from you Z!
  4. Jakorin Swiftsword

    Fresh Fish!

    A really inspiring build here mate! Keep it up!
  5. Jakorin Swiftsword

    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    An excellent challenge! I look forward to using this to get back into building. ;)
  6. Jakorin Swiftsword

    [GoH] A Walk Down the Street

    Thanks again lads!
  7. Jakorin Swiftsword

    The Katoren Struggle: Ch. 1: Secretive Plans

    Excellent work John! Loving all the little details!
  8. Jakorin Swiftsword

    Benoic Watchtower

    Great work, one of my new favorites from you!
  9. Jakorin Swiftsword

    [GoH] A Walk Down the Street

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  10. Jakorin Swiftsword

    [GoH] A Walk Down the Street

    The cool breeze is blowing... minstrels are singing...the sun in shining...beautiful women are about... Jakorin of Anvilon smiled. It was a great day for a walk down the streets of Aargidil... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good to get a build out there! :) Enjoy!
  11. Jakorin Swiftsword

    Results for Eurobricks Mega Building LEGO CMFs Contest 2016

    Fantastic work guys, no doubt! Congrats to the well deserved winners!
  12. Jakorin Swiftsword

    Contest! The Frozen Beyond, Results are in!

    An excellent contest and congrats to all the well deserved winners!
  13. Jakorin Swiftsword

    Guardside Castle

    Jakorin's personal castle in his ever growing city of Aargidil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope to build more of Aargidil in the future. Just thought I'd start it off with a bang. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  14. Jakorin Swiftsword

    AoM: Storehouse: Phase 2: Daydelon Warehouse

    Amazing! You're one of the few builders who can consistently build, not only awesome exteriors, but interiors as well. Bravo friend!
  15. Jakorin Swiftsword

    AoM: Storehouse: Phase 1: Fruit Cellar

    Nice work! This looks fantastic!