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  1. bondp99

    My new book! Building LEGO Trains Vol 1

    Just finished the passanger car #2 from the book. Looks great with the EMD FL7. Passenger Wagon #2 from "Building Lego Trains" Vol. 1 by Stefan, auf Flickr Passenger Wagon #2 from "Building Lego Trains" Vol. 1 by Stefan, auf Flickr
  2. really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for L gauge compatibility
  3. bondp99

    My new book! Building LEGO Trains Vol 1

    Ah cool. Didn't noticed that there is an passenger coach for the EMD FL7 I built last year . Looking forward to Volume 2 .
  4. bondp99

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Finished the 10497 today. I noticed the black airtank in step 105, is this an easter egg for an upcoming black spaceman?
  5. bondp99

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Finished the passenger express train yesterday. Really enjoyed building it. + brick build nose + nice doors + battery box can be easily removed + like the lime / black color + quite long + lights included + reinforced plate part 4025 (plate from 60197 broke few days before because of an terrible accident ) +/- only 9 different sticker +/- new wheels have to be tested on my track but seems ok - the roof of the waggons can not completely be removed, the middle part remains on the waggon
  6. bondp99

    [MOC] Vintage Police Car

    Finally built the Police car. Really love the proportions and design. Thank you Leewan! flikr Police Car
  7. bondp99

    Medieval street

    really cool!
  8. There is an image of the TCG card on ebay: Edit: The torso is not included in the City Gardens Set. It is only a TCG image.
  9. bondp99

    REVIEW: 40448 LEGO® IDEAS Vintage Car

    Got my order yesterday with the vintage car. It looks so cool. Like the teal color really much. @Versteinert Hut ab und vielen Dank dafür!
  10. bondp99

    [Moc] Guarded Inn

    Got my vote on Ideas
  11. I should finally get an instagram account Edit: some Google search did help for the robot.
  12. Bought the Lego Train Projects book lately and startet to build the EMD FL9 locomotive. Made some pictures from the current status. Missing some minor detail pieces. I also made some changes to the front to some smother look. Sadly the roof can't easily be removed so I need to made some further changes and the whole build is not suited for a PU motor. Overall I like the color scheme of the locomotive .