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  1. Here's what ZCerberus said on the "Slave 1 Retrospective" thread regarding the stands: I'd say there is a very, very, very good chance. The thing is, I am out of town starting tomorrow for a few days on work travel, so as @Seyguh has learned, I have a busy life and putting it on my list may mean a few weeks before I have any time at all. I would also toss in the semi-minifig scale one from Cloud City too I think. As for the stands... without LDD support anymore and with a move to windows 10, I found making the instructions difficult. I tried switching over to studio from bricklink to make the model, and it worked fine, but it seems I would need to put in more thought to make the instructions than I have time for. I did a google search for a free place to host files and found one... no idea on the quality of the site or the like, but if you would like to try to download the instructions for bricklink studio, here you go! To get this to work on the newest Slave though, I needed to make some very minor revisions. Check out the 20th Anniversary version of the stand here: He messaged me a couple of months back with the same links and they work fine but I don't have the time to pull everything apart on their and make instructions right now either. I would suggest clicking the "Follow" button at the top of this page, and the retrospective to stay updated on it, although it has been awhile since he last talked about it. Also, I believe the reason for your error messages when trying to pm Cerberus is because you have only made 2 posts on your account. I think the minimum is 10 posts before you can message other users directly on the site (probably to deter spammers and bots). Hope this helps!
  2. Seyguh

    Slave I Retrospective and UCS Comparison

    He had a .lxf file (Lego Digital Designer) file for it, but it doesn’t work anymore. I messaged him over a month ago about updating it, and he said he would “put it on his to-do list”. I waited about two weeks after no updates and asked him where he was along in the process, and he never got back to me. So, who knows. It sucks because they’re awesome little stands that many of us seem to want to make.
  3. I have and it says that he hasn’t seen/read it yet, so fingers crossed! I’d even offer to commission somebody to do a tutorial video or simple instructions on how to build it, rather than playing around in LDD trying to figure out the parts and how it all goes together. As an adult, it seems that I just don’t have as much free time as I used to, so I’d happily pay a price in appreciation for someone else’s!
  4. Seyguh

    [MOC] AT-RT Walker

    LOVE the sand green pieces you used in this!
  5. Seyguh

    Millennium Falcon, 75192 in LDD

    This is very considerate! Definitely a great way to build the set if you don't have the instructions!
  6. Seyguh

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Why does it seem that LEGO can't wrap their heads around the types of battle packs people want? I figure most people want ones that have four army-building minifigs, not two and two named characters!
  7. Seyguh

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    To me, Star Wars minifigs are definitely the coolest ones to collect!
  8. Seyguh

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Wow! It's really cool to look back at some of these old topics to see what sets we actually ended up getting, vs. the ones people wanted to see.
  9. Seyguh

    Bricklinking Death Star II

    Definitely smart to swap out some of the parts that can't be seen to the naked eye!
  10. Seyguh

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    These are wonderfully made! So simple and elegant, whilst still capturing the details of the movie versions of the ships. Very impressive!
  11. I haven't bought a lego star wars set at a store in quite a few years, but am constantly buying old sets off of Bricklink!
  12. Seyguh

    Mail system

    What a weird system....I understand wanting to get more people involved, but I find it very silly to make people have a limited number of posts before being able to message other users.
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the working .lxf file for this display stand? I've seen other comments mentioning that the one provided doesn't work, and I'm having some trouble as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would really like to build a few of these for my Slave 1's!