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  1. deraven

    Hello to you too.

    Welcome to EB, Bill! Happy building!
  2. deraven

    Are LEGO stickers pad printed?

    Pad printing is possible for decals but would be needlessly complex and expensive. The most common printing method for commercial decals is screen printing which, along with various other types including pad printing, applies each color as a separate layer and can result in minor offsets like that.
  3. deraven

    minifig corn cobs?

    Ah yes, that would work. I can't say I've had occasion to want to make one, but maybe I'll add a few to a Thanksgiving build this year.
  4. deraven

    Captain RedBeard Portrait

    That's delightful, and quite well done!
  5. deraven

    [MOC] 20 Years of Adventures at Hogwarts

    This is spectacular! The overall display piece looks nice, but the detail you've included throughout is amazing. I especially like the floating feather for Wingardium Leviosa, the posing of the ghosts throughout, and Umbridge's office with Harry being punished (very pink, and nice expressions on the characters). Quite well done!
  6. deraven

    Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

    That is amazing all-around, but I must say that the smoking gun is a lovely touch!
  7. deraven

    Hey everyone :)

    Welcome to EB, Mikey! Happy building (& gaming)!
  8. deraven

    Hi! I'm HydroWorld-Outlook!

    Welcome to EB, HydroWorld Outlook! I'm sure you will find plenty of inspiration and support here. Happy (Technic) building!
  9. deraven

    MOC Hogwarts Express build! Help!

    Looks great so far! Hopefully you won't end up needing to re-engineer too much for those finishing touches... that's always fun. As others have said, great shaping and scale while still keeping it runnable.
  10. To clarify, are you asking for someone to make original creations, or someone to recreate existing official sets in digital form? If it's the latter there are many freely available for download already. If it's original creation, an example of the types of things you want designed would be helpful so folks have a better idea of the scope of the project.
  11. This is far from scientific, but I grabbed by drawer full of them and took a look, and also looked at some from more recently purchases sets. I would say the older ones are definitely stiffer than newer ones, but it's not a tremendous difference and I wouldn't say that the newer ones are "loose" just not as stiff. There was also some natural variance- in the 20 or so I grabbed, 2 had VERY high friction, and one was much less than all the others (though again still not floppy or anything). I guess I would say that if you need some to be much more stiff for your use, it might make sense to try Bricklink and pick up some older stock as there's a chance that those, on average, would have a bit more friction.
  12. deraven

    price increase in Europe

    For what it's worth, Lego did respond and noted that it is not across-the-board and just on some sets, and that some sets will actually see a price decrease. Here's more of the brief statement:
  13. I lean slightly toward the small head. The small head makes it feel more like it's a mech that someone is operating, whereas the big head just makes it feel like a giant, if you know what I mean. Both do the job nicely, though, and it's a great build!
  14. deraven

    (MOC) Stormtrooper Memorial

    Looks great. Very nice job on the helmet at that scale!
  15. So much detail while keeping the minifig aesthetic right where it should be! I can't find any fault, it's just fantastic!