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  1. deraven

    SW Sets in the year 1985 ???

    Boy, back when photos were taken on actual film? I don't think so, but might have a couple of pics of the Star Trek stuff I build around the same time. I remember building a micro starship Enterprise out of, like, 10 pieces and letting my imagination do the rest! And the A-wing is lovely, too! Like you said, if some visionary had thought a little more creatively at the time maybe Lego would have skipped some of the Jack Stone type of stuff along the way.
  2. deraven

    Hello, My name is Evan

    Welcome to EB, Evan (on your almost 1-year anniversary)! Glad you found your way out of the dark ages and to Eurobricks. Happy building!
  3. Such a wonderful, nostalgic build! Thanks for putting in the effort to make the instructions.
  4. deraven

    MOC: Edwardian Terraced House

    This is fantastic! The scale is deceptive at first glance, and you've made great use of it. Wonderful job capturing so many of the details and design elements, and you've kept the look even with the foreshortening. Would love to see the entire facade done this way!
  5. deraven

    Hello everyone, my name is Daniel

    Welcome to EB, Daniel! Nice to have you with us and de-lurked. Happy building!
  6. deraven

    SW Sets in the year 1985 ???

    Those are excellent! I definitely made some myself back in the day, but the thing that strikes me the most is how good these can look just using some more modern SNOT techniques even with the limited parts palette of the time.
  7. deraven

    [MOC] The Blue Cottage

    Fantastic! I love the little details and choices you've made throughout. Using a cookie and a waffle for log ends in the woodpile is interesting (the waffle might be a bit of a stretch, but the cookie definitely works!), the hammers used as stonework, bigfig pieces used in the landscape, so many interesting textures used without them being distracting - all great stuff.
  8. I see- I had assumed you had that part of the model that was still built and then a pile of additional pieces that went with it. Without that, it's just a matter of being creative with how the rest of the model was designed unless someone does have a picture of the completed model somewhere or the instructions. Good luck!
  9. I assume it's this one: There were a bunch of them that were Pirate-themed starting from 1989/1990 (like this one of yours) and various similar releases since. You can see some of them here: I think the one you're referring to may have only been available in the UK, and was certainly less common - may have been an item available to Lego Club members at the time, like the Islander one from the same era. I guess technically yours would be a "keyring" not "keychain" since it had the black plastic loop instead of the metal chain. While uncommon, I don't think it's particularly rare or high-value. It looks like the last one that sold on Bricklink went for USD $10, but still a neat item to have.
  10. Welcome to EB, NicoVolberg! It's probably unlikely - but not impossible! - that someone will have the instructions, but if you post the rest of the loose parts as well I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to figure out how it goes together.
  11. deraven

    Golden gate

    Looks very nice, with a good amount of detail added so it's not just a bland, single-color blob. Those curved slopes on the hinge sides of the gates add some nice visual interest there as well which otherwise might have just been more of the same. Nice build.
  12. deraven

    My first MOC

    Nice! I'll not repeat some of the other compliments already mentioned above, but a couple other things that I like are the detail with the stumps of the cut-down birch trees, and NPU on the stud shooters used in the trunks. Constructive criticism since you asked for feedback: I don't think the apple tree works as well as the birch trees. I would make the trunk thicker and the canopy larger, but this may just be a young tree so that's fine! One easy change that I think would improve the look would be to affix the apples on the opposite side of the leaf pieces so they're hanging under the canopy rather than shooting off the sides. For the birch trees, I'd have a little more randomness with the trunks, even just as simple as varying the brick-plate-brick-plate pattern to occasionally skip or double any of those. But they look nice regardless. This is more of a preference thing, but I would consider having the roof bricks on the house not end flush with the sides of the stone. I think it'd look a little nicer even overlapping half a stud past the edge. Really nice build!
  13. deraven

    [GOC-FB-COR] Gunboats, Wullham Bay

    Well, it does live up to its name! I think you should add a small paddle wheel on each side (right where those pearl-gold studs are) driven by pedal-power from the inside so the crew doesn't need to worry about the oars reaching the water, or even going above deck!
  14. deraven

    MOC: Gotham City Museum Heist

    Wow. It really is... a lot. But a lot of awesome packed in there! The whole thing is wonderful and will keep show visitors examining it for a long time. The ice effects are really well done, especially with the guard frozen mid-stride! That dinosaur, though, is spectacular. The shaping, posing, and icing are all delightful.
  15. deraven

    [MOC] The Mountain Oracle

    Lovely, and the cypress trees work really well there. If only... I like the way the color of the steps pops and all the tile work.