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  1. Electric Racer

    Very nice. Looks like it belongs in a Speed Champions of the Future line.
  2. Very impressive! The exterior (especially the "log" construction touches) is great, but the interiors are spectacular. My favorites are the room with the toys and the top of the tree, and the feast. Just lovely!
  3. Puerto Desafio Blacksmith

    Very nice! The hands really work well for the roof at that scale, and that tree & hill (and fence on the hill) are lovely. Well done!
  4. Bulk Train Track

    ME Models has good rail packs available, and they make straight rails as well. If you don't need 9v track, just buying in bulk from Bricklink (or an eBay auction) is probably the most economical way to go.
  5. [MOC] Blade Runner 2049 Blaster

    Very nice. Good shaping all-around.
  6. Beautiful! The roof technique is really interesting, and I also really like the ground in the courtyard, the planters/vases, and the lush greenery at the side of the pond. Great build!
  7. [MOC] Blackwail Castle

    Excellent! A nice balance of classic feel with good detail and techniques. The simple but interesting terrain, and the timbered section of the castle are both really nice and add a lot to the build, and all your interior details are outstanding.
  8. [MOC] Winter Village Whoville House & The Grinch!

    That's quite fun - I especially like that tree!
  9. I like the passion, but the business decision was made almost 2 years ago now, so that means there's even less of a chance that they'd change their mind since I'm sure the resources have been deployed elsewhere for at least a year. I'd move to one of the other digital Lego building programs if what's available in LDD is no longer meeting your needs.
  10. The Westminster palace

    That's awesome! Captures the look nicely, even at that fairly small scale. Only constructive criticism I would offer is that the curved part of the street seems really blocky in comparison with the rest of the MOC. You might consider replacing that portion with SNOT to smooth out that curve (using plate widths instead of brick widths). Nicely done!
  11. Eleanor / Shelby GT

    Wow! Such great shaping throughout; I think the tail and windscreen/roof are especially good. Wonderful build!
  12. Hi.

    Welcome to the de-lurked side of EB, CIS Droid!
  13. Lego 40263, purchase or not?

    I personally think it's a nice little set, but I see it as a parts pack rather than as a real Winter Village item. As you said, most of those things already exist across the Winter Village sets and more little bits and bobs to sprinkle around aren't really necessary, but this set along with 40262 are great items for younger kids to build so they can also have some fun and feel like they participated.
  14. LEGO 9 Volume Encyclopedia

    Glad to see the project is still coming along, Gary! Those covers look nice. For anyone on the fence, I can personally say that the digital version for only $30 is a great value, and you won't be disappointed! Looking forward to the big update next year.
  15. (MOC) Theramore Castle from World of Warcraft.

    Spectacular! The way you captured the stone wall patterning is especially good. The steps down from the wall are excellent as well. Do you have any more detailed pics of the individual buildings/sections?