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  1. deraven

    LEGO Modeling Business

    There are many businesses that do that (or their logos, Lego models of their products, etc.), and often used at things like trade shows or community events, not just something in their lobby. In fact, in my corporate experience in general, many of the lobby displays of that type are there because they were produced for something else (an event as noted, or were the original architectural model for the building that someone just didn't want to throw out) and then landed there afterward, not built exclusively for lobby display. I think it all comes down to if you have both the Lego modeling skill as well as sales ability to pitch the idea to the right people. It's certainly worth a shot, but I would definitely be a little more diverse in your corporate offerings and not just go after building models for the lobby. I'd also google around for Lego corporate models to get some ideas of how they're used, displayed, and promoted to find more inspiration for what you can potentially offer.
  2. First questions: what kind of quantity are you looking at, and what kind of budget do you have. Pad printing is pretty expensive, so unless you really need it and are doing a fairly large volume of parts you may want to look at another option like UV printing. The Minifig Customization forum has plenty of info and suggestions in general, and for custom pad printing in the US, Citizen Brick is the first company that comes to mind for me:
  3. deraven

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    Really nice. My favorites are the Ideas one (NPU and came out great), and the use of those triangle elements for the sign being painted is awesome! Great use of the rounded corner 1x1 tiles for the fire logo, too.
  4. deraven

    [MOC] A Tale of Two Cities

    A classic concept very nicely executed. That's a delightful build - well done!
  5. deraven

    Hi from United Kingdom

    That's awesome! That was a really amazing project; thanks for your contributions on that. Welcome to EB, Tomas!
  6. deraven

    EBay selling fake Lego ?

    The short answer is yes. If it's in violation of Lego's IP (complete clone sets & instructions), or if it's a clone product that the person is marketing at genuine Lego (fraud) that's an issue. If it's just Lego-compatible bricks from whatever source, then it is what it is. There's other moral arguments with some of the details on that, but not a whole lot more in the way of legality. Plus, eBay is the Wild West for those kinds of things so there's always a scam of some sort going on. Caveat emptor. One other thing to mention, however, is that there are some genuine Lego parts out there that were never released in a given color but were from special Legoland model shop builds, test runs, etc., and sometimes have questions about how they came to be in the possession of the person selling them, but that's much less common than clone parts in general.
  7. deraven

    Doc Ock

    This is great. Nice part usage throughout, great shaping, looks like solid functionality & stability, and just a lovely style & representation of the subject matter. I really like the way the gloved hands worked out using those cone pieces. Excellent build!
  8. deraven

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to EB, Dave! It sounds like you've really hit the ground running, and Modulars/architecture is definitely an area where you'll see plenty of support and inspiration for on Eurobricks. Happy to have you with us and looking forward to your MOCs. Happy building!
  9. deraven


    Welcome to EB, Honest Abe! Happy to have you here enjoying 2019 with all of us. Happy Building!
  10. deraven

    [Wanted] 2x Technic L motors

    Hi Mechbuilds - Happy New Year! Here's the European sellers on Bricklink that ship to Finland: Functions L-Motor&category=[Power Functions]#T=S&O={"ss":"FI","reg":"6","iconly":0} Most of them have several in-stock, so hopefully one of those is a good option for you. I guess it depends on what you mean by "cheap."
  11. A nice rendition of a simple sculpture that conveys so much. Happy Christmas!
  12. deraven

    Xmas Wing Fighter

    That's awfully fun! The small trees and the chimney are great additions! OK... do a gingerbread one next!
  13. Another "Just fine" here - but like most folks above I think that rating would rapidly go down if we get too many more. Like Digger of Bricks mentioned, I like them better when there's something more to work with. I mean, the "costume" elements like the horse from S18 can only go so far in and of themselves, but I got a good number of the Rocket Suit Boy from S17 for the Classic Space torso. The flower pot and cake from S18 could also be used other ways, but those torsos have very limited use otherwise. So if we get a bunch more, it's fine as long as the components themselves have appear for use beyond minifigs and/or if the actual minifigure is also useful outside of the CMF context.
  14. deraven

    [MOC] "We have never been on the Earth"

    This is delightful on a few different levels. I really like the lander and picket fence in particular.
  15. deraven

    [MOC] Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

    Well, the exterior is just fine and does the job... but the scope, scale, and detail of your interiors is spectacular! Excellent job on the integrated lighting, too. I'm glad that the decks that needed it were given the appropriate height, and the way you've layered the rest in and made them all mesh together in a reasonable way is just lovely. Spectacular build!