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  1. [MOC] Waste container transporter

    Fantastic! The tipper is surprisingly spacious and functional even at this scale. Another great job... and thanks again for sharing!
  2. Hey Eurobricks

    Welcome to EB, Scott! That's a nice list of classic sets you have there- definitely brings back some memories for me as well. Looking forward to seeing your hockey venue when it's done - happy building!
  3. Hello from Russia!

    Welcome to EB, vrednaya_chaika! You have plenty of good company here with both the minifigs and Nexo Knights. Happy building!
  4. Hello!

    Welcome to EB, StormtrooperEll! Happy building!
  5. [MOC] Bottled water delivery truck

    One of my favorites so far. Really nicely done, as usual!
  6. [MOC] It's a Beautiful Morning

    Very simple yet effective. NPU on the plants, the windows as windowpanes works really well, and the lighting for the picture is great and really helps sell it.
  7. Hi my name is .... and I'm an addict

    Welcome to EB, Wildcat33! Sometimes it's OK to give in to an addiction... and you'll have some good company here. Happy building!
  8. Hello from Norway

    Welcome to EB, Ming! I'd love to see some of that over in Sci-Fi. Happy building, and I look forward to seeing you around the boards!
  9. [MOC] ThanksGiving Wars

    Now that is... really... something. Gruesome, but I think I love it! The Ewok burger production line is especially well done.
  10. Hello

    Welcome to EB, Cobin77!
  11. That is all kinds of fun... and surprisingly effective propulsion!
  12. Research about minifigures

    Hi PTI Student(s)! Welcome to EB. I guess my first question would be how your proposed service differs from the many others that are already out there. There are a few different ways to use existing parts and mix them into a "custom" minifigure, and even more services that allow you to do custom designs and prints (on all different parts of the minifig) - just google for "Custom Lego Minifig." If your idea has some unique features please share; I'm sure there's plenty of interest if it's something useful that's not already out there.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm Davide!

    Welcome to EB, Davide! No real tricks- just be open-minded and polite, and enjoy the community! When you're ready to share your MOC, set up a flickr account and link the images from there (a lot of people try to host images from inside Google Drive or upload directly to Eurobricks, etc., but a flickr account is the way to go). Happy building!
  14. [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    Seems like a kinda rough part of town. So many great details! The graffiti, use of old bricks for weathering, basket ball stuck on the roof, and the way you did the roll-up doors at the back are all bits I especially like. Well done!
  15. Old Town Pub [moc]

    Really great design. There's a lot going on there in 32x32 without feeling crowded. The interior design is nice as well. The ATM is a nice touch showing the integration of modern life into the old buildings.