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  1. Welcome back to EB, Nucleur! Happy building!
  2. deraven

    Hello EB members

    Welcome to EB, dunes! ... and welcome back to Lego. Happy building!
  3. deraven

    Custom 8X8 Crawler

    Hi Hans! Eurobricks is not for hosting images. That small 100k of local storage is for your profile picture and potentially small images/icons used in your board signature. To post images in topics/comments, you want to use a 3rd party host like Flickr and deep-link the images. Here's a tutorial on that:
  4. deraven

    AHOY!! ;)

    Welcome to EB, Lorenzo! Happy building on your journey to a MOC-filled house!
  5. deraven

    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome to EB, LCF! Thanks for joining to help keep this community vibrant. Happy building!
  6. deraven

    Hans Domke, new member

    Welcome to EB, Hans! Happy building!
  7. deraven

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    This is subjective so I'm not going to go off-topic and debate it, but I have a daughter and a son and both like to pose minifigs, and both are mildly annoyed that the minidolls have fixed legs and no connection points besides the bottom of the feet (so can't securely sit them somewhere without the newer panel bricks to hold them by the feet). They obviously don't do a full walk-cycle as they're actively playing with them, but then neither do/did kids with GI Joe, yet I don't know anyone that doesn't prefer the articulation of those figures over the Star Wars type action figures, but both still sold amazingly well regardless. Back to the movie... I just hope they make some self-refferential mention of it as she is hopping around while the rest of the figs walk next to her.
  8. deraven

    Hello Eurobricks!

    Awesome - welcome to EB, the_Yoyo! Happy building!
  9. deraven

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    Yeah, I mean... I had obviously thought that but it seemed like it would look really odd and highlight one of the worst elements of the minimill design... but I guess they went there after all!
  10. deraven

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    I agree that it looks great, and the lightly-retro elements are really fun. I have to wonder if they added the wings so the character could fly... because I'm not sure how they'd animate minidolls walking with their legs fused the way they are!
  11. That's cool! I love seeing this kind of old and interesting item, so thanks for sharing! I doubt they'd have done a custom mold for solid legs for something like this given the relative cost and the fortunes of the company at the time, so they either had an existing mold from early minifig prototypes that they busted out for this, or they simply filled-in or covered the holes. Wouldn't be hard for the limited numbers of figs seen in any given image in the book. I'd still love to hear from someone who was around at the time how that came about, both the stylistic decision as well as the practical changes to the minifigs.
  12. deraven

    MOC: Brickheadz Kirk and Spock (LDD)

    Yes, great work on Spock's ears as well as the communicators and tricorder!
  13. deraven

    Hello Hello <3

    Welcome to EB, marci95! Happy (Technic) building!
  14. deraven

    My big castle project.

    Basically, yes, if you're not going to do something fancier and brick-built (but if that piece works with the size you need, I don't see why not). Also, these might work better depending on how you're constructing it: If the interior doesn't need to be terribly accurate, you could simply make the winches that pull the Lego chain or string vertical rather than horizontal and then just have an axel coming up through the top level of the gatehouse and connect to something inconspicuous, either part of the structure or a barrel of "supplies" if you have a battlement up there- something like that. It also wouldn't be hard to just rig a couple gears to turn the winch and have the control wherever you want it. Or, likewise, attach a motor and have the switch hidden somewhere. Lots of fun options, really.
  15. deraven

    My big castle project.

    Since you're going for historical accuracy, if you google for "portcullis mechanism" you'll get a lot of examples of the real-life workings, and most are surprisingly simple. Just a couple pulleys, a winch, and some kind of clutch to it could be hoisted incrementally by just a couple of people. It may not be that same mechanism, but you can look at how they did it in 7946 King's Castle for a pretty compact and workable design. When you said that the crank needs to be behind the gatehouse and not on the side, are you meaning the mechanism itself or the HOG point where you the human can still easily operate it without it being obvious?