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  1. Is the AFOL community became harder to please?

    I think Lyichir summed it up pretty well. There are always folks who will be hard to please in any large enough sample size, but overall I don't think it's changed all that much. I think another way to say it would be that while people haven't become harder to please on average, Lego has raised the bar in so many areas that people have become easier to disappoint. Designs that would have been lauded 5 years ago are less impressive comparatively now, and so draw criticism that they wouldn't have seen before. That's my 2 cents, anyway.
  2. Is it legal to sell moc instructions?

    J_C's answer is very complete. All I'll add is that, while there's no question you can sell your MOC instructions as already stated, should you really want to push the Mercedes thing while staying somewhat safe, you could simply sell instructions for a "Mercedes S Class Tribute" rather than "Replica Mercedes S Class." Again, don't include their logo in the instructions, etc., but selling it as either a tribute or a generic luxury sports car ("similar to Mercedes S Class") would most likely steer your clear from any realistic infringement issues. Of course, if you're concerned enough to have started 2 topics and keep asking for more detail, I'd say to either just not do it or to consult legal counsel in your jurisdiction.
  3. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Nice little store. I especially like the entrance with those rounded display windows. Definitely reminds me of a lot of old retail storefronts from the early to mid-20th century. I like the way you did the interior shelving as well.
  4. 你好!!Hello there ^^

    Welcome to EB, Kelvin! Good choice on Lego- most of us don't like it when people paint it, so no worries there. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.
  5. OK, I've messed with physical pieces and I can confirm that a bar will fit through the middle of the axel connector, but it is a very tight fit. Even the shortest length axel available will result in the extra gap that your second picture shows, so a bar seems to be the way to go. Interestingly, the gear part can clip onto the bottom of the axel connector without any other connection and is reasonably secure. So, you can make that pictured assembly thusly: Horn -> 1x1 cone -> bar securing the cone and going through the first axel connector and gear into the 2nd axel connector -> gear -> axel pin (like part #43093) which secures the 2nd gear to the bottom of the second axel connector with the pin part connecting to the top of the pin connector, and that leaves the bottom of the pin connector open to snap on to a stud. Hopefully that makes sense. I can probably post a picture if necessary.
  6. It may simply be short axels until the bottom one that continues through the pin joiner. A bar could also be a possibility for the top bit. I can play around with it tonight when I get home, but you're not missing anything as far as how the pieces work- it must just be different internal construction. Also, I don't know where you're getting those pictures, but there would be a number of ways to make that assembly that simply wouldn't be very stable if all it has to do it sit at the top of a building untouched or something.
  7. Hi everyone

    Welcome to EB, Andremann! Looking forward to seeing your armies. Happy building!
  8. Hello all

    Welcome to EB, Dennis2nd! Nice to have you with us - happy building!
  9. Hi ewolin! That piece you're using there (axel connector, part #59443) has a ridge in the middle on the inside that stops the axel from going through. A part with similar dimensions that you can slide all the way on would be a pin connector (#62462). Happy building! (ooh- looks like NathanR ninja'd me to the same answer!)
  10. [MOC] 's Mini Cooper, Actros w/ trailer, Backhoe

    Nice! I must say, you captured a lot of the Mini vibe in such a small scale!
  11. MOC - Chopper West-coast

    Wow - really nice design, especially at that minifig-appropriate scale! Though I must say, it looks a bit painful on the hips when he's in the saddle.
  12. Advice on creating custom figures and sell them

    Well, as far as copyright, etc., goes, it's probably not legal. Now, if it's a discontinued item not generally available and you do a custom print for yourself, I don't really see an issue there. If you sell it, however... that's a lot more sticky. Is this just not available, period, or is it available but expensive? If it's something where there are none to be found and you, say, make a small alteration to the design so it's more of an homage to that unavailable part rather than a direct copy (and of course clearly stating what it is), I think you're on better legal - and moral - ground. Of course, I am not a lawyer. All that being said, if it is available somewhere but just at a high price, you might still be better off buying it rather than trying to re-print it (unless you're talking about having a lot of this particular minifig, not just 1 or a few in which case the scarcity comes back into play as well). Even the lower-quality non-pad printing services are often in the $10-15ish range per piece (when it's something more complicated like a torso), and that's not including setup charges... and the fact that many of those services will refuse to replicate an official product. What minifig is it?
  13. [MOC] Explorien Core Utility Ship

    That's pretty sweet! Very utilitarian design but still OK to look, and lots of fun features. That little 6-wheeled rover is cool, too. For some reason I kinda wish the big panels (with the Explorien logo) flipped down when the ship is in atmospheric flight mode or something like that just to really put it over-the-top, but this thing is great.
  14. [MOC] 's Mini Cooper, Actros w/ trailer, Backhoe

    You need to fix those first 2 pictures because, from what I can see in the others, I think I love that Mini!
  15. hello everyone

    Welcome to EB, emporio! Star Wars sets are a lot of fun with some interesting building techniques, but if you're open to other themes I'd certainly recommend the Modular Buildings for larger builds, and things like the Speed Champions cars for smaller but still interesting builds. Specifically, the Saturn V rocket is a great set and the building techniques employed throughout are really fun... plus it's priced very well for its size. Happy building!