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  1. deraven

    [Moc] Classic Forestmen

    Lovely! Really captures the classic feel, but with some modern flourishes. And I always like the small, separate bases and the flexibility that can provide, plus it works nicely with the idea of a river & that raft you made. Also, nice job with the foliage- simple but well-placed and effective for the look but still providing play access. Great build!
  2. I think Jetro just means that articles you were quoting the pics from can be found in the magazine... but I don't think they contain anything about how the image style was created. Again, it's the 2 renders just as you would normally do them (one of the complete/exterior of the model, and the other with everything removed except for the interior components you want to show and rendered from the same angle with the same settings as the first one) - both with a white background. Then, as mocbuild101 noted, you can use any image editing software you'd like, and his suggestion of GIMP is a good one. If the software supports layers, simply open the full model image as one layer, and the component image as the another, then adjust the transparency of the layers until it has the look you want, then save as a regular jpg or png image file.
  3. deraven


    Welcome to EB, G0d0fninjas12! Happy building!
  4. I think it's much simpler than you're assuming. I believe it's just a render of the completed model and then the internal components that are going to be shown, and then the final render of the completed model is just reduced to ~30% transparency and the component render dropped on top. That is, no special settings or processing for the first render, just the completed image file from the first render faded out and used as the background for the composite image.
  5. deraven

    [MOC] Technic Abomination

    Definitely a terrifying abomination to behold... but I love it. Great functions and incorporation into the odd but satisfying design of the robot. I especially like the outrigger stabilizers in crane mode. Awesome build!
  6. deraven

    Hello, Angeou from China

    Welcome to EB, Angeou! Nice to have you here with us - it'll be interesting to see if your profession in electrical engineering shows through in your Lego work. Happy building!
  7. deraven

    AoM: Mills Phase 2: Ambarvale Mill

    Beautiful work on the landscape/foliage and colors overall. And, that roof! Really great build!
  8. Fantastic! Such great lighting and atmosphere to begin with, and then so many great details throughout. Great roof/rafter work, and that fireplace with the statue above and the microfigs down at the hearth (and well-lit fire) definitely caught my eye. Great build!
  9. deraven

    Hello! My name is: glx 😊

    Well, if it's space and in zero-g, then I think you should find a way to build it on the bottom of that existing shelf and really maximize your space usage!
  10. deraven

    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    That's a fun project, and well conceived and designed. Supported!
  11. deraven

    Hello! My name is: glx 😊

    Welcome to EB, GLX! There's a lot of fun you've got packed onto that small shelf. Happy building!
  12. deraven

    New member: Coinoperator

    Welcome to EB, coinoperator! Sounds like you have an interesting profession, and an interesting path into Lego as well. As you noted, a Lego pinball machine won't be as good as the real thing, but there are some pretty excellent versions out there nonetheless. Here's a simple mechanical one as well as one that has a lot of electronics and programming: Happy building!
  13. deraven

    [MOC] Night at the Mansion

    Very nice - so many wonderful details throughout! The carpeted stairs are definitely the star, and the "woodwork" looks great and the use of the profile bricks to provide some carving detail really makes it pop and sells the scale. The lights on the wall are also lovely. Great color choices overall, too!
  14. I have also seen a couple plates that have a "twist" in them, like two opposite corners on the diagonal are higher than the other 2 when laying flat. As you noted, ks6349, it didn't effect the build much once enough other pieces were attached, but it was noticeable and definitely not just a gentle bow on a long piece. I've only seen a couple of those in a random set here and there, so highly doubtful they're fake and more likely just Lego getting too close to the line when it comes to optimizing the amount of plastic used and mold time, etc.; in other words, a quality issue.