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  1. deraven

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order AT-ST

    This is beautiful! I'm not sure that articulation will work in real life, but it's still a lovely thing to look at digitally if not.
  2. deraven

    [MOC] Landing operation

    Looks good to me. I like the water that the hovercraft are kicking up, and do think that the beach could use a little more detail. I assume they're landing at low tide which is why they're using hovercraft and there's some good distance before we see some rise to the beach topography, so maybe just some seaweed and that kind of low tide leftovers here and there. Nice build!
  3. deraven

    [moc] Alco/MLW C424 British Columbia Rail

    Agreed that it may never be seen in real bricks, but that is beautifully done!
  4. deraven

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Great little build! That hat works so well for him, and the logo is very nice.
  5. deraven

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class GG1

    Yes, I think that's an improvement! Looks quite good, I think.
  6. deraven

    Hello from The Netherlands,

    Welcome to EB, Leo! Looking forward to seeing your builds and hearing the story about why you settled on 1:25 scale. Happy building!
  7. deraven

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class GG1

    Looks great! I agree that the central trucks aren't quite right and if you simplify them they may not be entirely accurate to the real thing but a suggestion of the shape with more wheel exposed might still look better overall. I love those big pantographs, and you've made some nice design choices throughout. The half-plate steps for the sloped sides are nicely done. Depending on the internal structure of the middle nose sections, you might be able to mount all of the curved bricks together on an incline with gaps that would probably be fillable with something like 2x1x2/3 slotted slopes since it's such a gradual angle and that would smooth the whole thing out even more. Beautiful build!
  8. deraven

    How do you ship large Lego flattened boxes?

    USPS, insured & tracked is probably the least expensive in most cases. I'll come down to the size of the box more than anything since it's not going to be heavy. You can go to USPS, FexEx, or UPS websites and plug in the box dimensions, weight, and to/from Zip Codes and it'll tell you the price so you can compare.
  9. deraven

    How do you ship large Lego flattened boxes?

    You basically need to mail the box inside another box to avoid crushing or excessive bending. You can either unflatten the Lego box and fill it with reasonably dense packing material and then put it snugly inside another box just a bit larger, or leave it flat and put a few layers of cardboard sheets on either side of it to help keep rigid, then do something like packing peanuts or a lot of scrunched paper to fill out the shipping box. Best way to go is to just get a proper flat mailer like these: Either way, I would suggest bagging the Lego box as well even just a kitchen garbage bag wrapped around it to protect from any incidental moisture or dust & bits from the packing material. Keep in mind that sometimes mailing it in a larger standard cardboard box like the way Lego ships the modulars if you order one is actually cheaper than a flat mailer because the box isn't an odd size, but that's easy enough to check by putting in the package dimensions and weight on any of the shipping service websites.
  10. deraven

    Jurassic World: Lockwood Manor MOD

    What a wonderful build! So many great details throughout, and I really like the overall layout of the interior and how accessible everything is while still keeping the detail and feel. Despite the modifications, my favorite part may be the chameleon with mohawk!
  11. deraven

    [MOC] DOJO

    OH! I see! I wasn't looking that closely. But now you've given me a whole new window into a technique.
  12. deraven

    [MOC] DOJO

    This whole build is wonderful. I love the guy smashed into the wall, the blossoming cherry tree, the roof construction, the bamboo, and even the simple technique with the grooved green bricks on the floor as tatami mats works so well and adds a lot to the interior scene! Great build!
  13. deraven

    [MOC] PCC streetcar - TCRT 322

    I think it looks great and captures the overall feel very well. I do agree with SteamSewnEmpire about swapping out the windscreen, but other than that I think it's a solid "interpretation" of that streetcar even if it's not dead-on.
  14. deraven

    RC Extreme Adventure questions !

    The paperclip/upload option on Eurobricks that you're talking about is only for very small images to be used in your signature line here on the board. You only get 100K total, so even 1 regular image pushed you over the limit of available space. For sharing photos of MOCs, etc., you'll want to use a 3rd party service and I think most folks would recommend Flickr, if not using a Lego-focussed image hosting service ( like Bricksafe, etc.). Here's a tutorial on linking/embedding Flickr images in your posts:
  15. deraven

    [MOC] Focke-Wulf FW190A

    Great set of features at this scale! Looks good, and I like the use of the + part on the underside of the wings. Nice solution for the landing gear, and I must say the underside of the tail fuselage works beautifully as well. Nice build.