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  1. deraven

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to EB, PiGiDi! Glad to have you with us with that positive spirit - happy building!
  2. deraven

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

    That is wonderful! Unmistakably Blacktron with plenty of modern touches, but also great use of classic elements (like the printed grill 1x2 45° slope). The smaller walkers are also properly menacing even at their smaller scale.
  3. deraven

    12v train green tray differences

    Ah, yes, that is the case. Especially with those old flip-top display boxes that would be handled a fair bit in the store, they could be damaged fairly easily and while it wouldn't be likely to hurt the contents of the box, it would look bad to the consumer. I think they also moved to a less brittle plastic at some point that could flex a lot more without cracking.
  4. deraven

    12v train green tray differences

    That's quite the specific question! What are you looking to know in particular, though? Are you wondering why the change was made, curious about other differences over time, trying to authenticate a set, etc.?
  5. deraven

    New members barred from tutorials?

    A quick search shows that since at least 2017 there have been problems with that link. Not sure if it's intermittent or if someone still has an outdated signature, but you should be able to find all the same info by looking at the few pinned posts with FAQs, rules, etc., here:
  6. deraven

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    That looks like a lot of fun! Nice seeing those classic town/city sets in there, too.
  7. Eurobricks isn't for hosting images; it is preferred that you host them elsewhere like flickr and link/embed images in your posts, so you're good there. This is a very nice update! You've kept it pretty chunk which I think goes well with the original feel (and the ungainly look of the real aircraft). This was one of my favorite sets even though it was so underwhleming overall because it reminded me of the Tailspin cartoon I loved when I was younger. You've definitely done it justice and added some interesting details. Nice build!
  8. deraven

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Ha ha - right? Maybe it's because it's not expected to pull that little weight, but that does seem silly for the lowest speed! Still a delightful build nonetheless.
  9. Very nice - thanks for sharing!
  10. deraven


    To be honest, the first picture makes the ship look a bit basic and not nearly as interesting as it turns out to be. The backstory is really nice, and all those constructions arms/bots and the items they're building are cool. Interesting to see some Duplo worked in on the bottom there, and the overall shape of the ship with some of it disassembled/removed (primarily the midsection) is also very nice. I definitely like the engine section as well- every angle has something interesting to see without being too busy. Lovely overall color scheme, too. Great build!
  11. deraven

    Hello. Guard Lego Comic

    Welcome to EB, Banff! Plenty of comic-lovers here on the board so you're in good company. Happy building (and writing, illustrating, etc.)!
  12. deraven

    Prenmôr Forge

    This is a great build. The exterior is nice but not too remarkable (the roof is lovely), but the interior I think is fantastic. The forge and arches with the cheese slopes, the smithy equipment, the posing with the red-hot metal - all great!
  13. deraven

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Good color scheme and it can hold a nice number of minifigs for an 8-wide (even with the PF stuff in there). My only constructive criticism is that it would be nice if it could be geared-down to run at a slower speed. Nice build!
  14. deraven


    This one is an insta-buy for me! I hope it leads in to some other new mainline Pirate sets as well! I think the Ideas Treehouse could be re-worked into an Imperial shipwreck development to counter this Pirate threat.
  15. deraven

    Physical guide for applying stickers?

    Eyeballing it works pretty well for me, but it does drive me a little crazy as well since I also really want the stickers to be perfectly placed! There are products you can get (meant for waterslide decals but work fine with Lego stickers) that you can put the tiniest drop of onto the tile before you apply the sticker that will keep it from immediately adhering so you have a short period of time to move it around and get the placement just right. If you're doing a lot of them that you want to exactly match, that will probably be a more realistic and less-frustrating way to approach it than trying to build guides that work consistently, etc..