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  1. deraven

    (Moc) Tryphon Tournesol (Tintin's Comics)

    Love it! Nicely captured, and the hair in particular is wonderful! Nice how you've managed the spectacles, too. Great build!
  2. deraven

    A Right Knightly Adventure

    Those are adorable! Great level of detail without being too busy, especially for that small size. The road sign is simple but delightful and a great addition to the build.
  3. This part I agree with, but it works both ways. TLG does indeed know how large the market is for the baseplates and if their business decision is to not produce them anymore, that's all there is to it. It's not a matter of being able to produce them in-house, it's a matter of if they want to do so at all. I certainly think most of us here would prefer they continue to make them, but the same discussions were had for the 9-volt train system over a decade ago and here we are...
  4. deraven

    Hello LEGO fellows!

    Welcome to EB, Christian! You've got some nice microscale MOCs, and you'll find plenty of like-minded folks here to give & find more inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more of your builds. Happy building!
  5. Lovely, clean build with lots of atmosphere! The antlers and horn are nicely done and really add a nice touch to make the build feel more complete without cluttering up the small space. Nice build.
  6. deraven

    [COR - FB] Bakery, Jameston

    It's got a Classic feel while incorporating modern details and really strikes a nice balance. The color is lovely, and I really like the foliage under the window. Great build!
  7. deraven

    Voyager probe, 1:70 scale

    Looks great at that scale. Thanks for sharing!
  8. deraven

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Order 66 over Virgillia 7

    That's great! Nice posing capturing that slice of action.
  9. This is great - thank you for the update and for continuing to share both inspiration and useful data!
  10. deraven

    [MOC] Epic Subway Saxophone Battle

    As a MOC of a subway train it could use some polishing, but as a set for this awesome diorama, it's fantastic! The stark lighting and color selection really sells it, too. Nice build!
  11. deraven

    [MOC] Train Shed

    Looks great! One of my favorite sheds, for sure! Lovely exterior and as has been mentioned already, the interior details are just as good. Bustling with activity and so many nice bits to look at and enjoy. I like all the safety/warning signs mixed in, too.
  12. deraven

    Lego and the use of Plastic

    Yes, starting to appear in sets this year, and phasing in over a 4-year period until all the single-use plastic is gone. They lay out some of the timelines here:
  13. deraven

    Lego and the use of Plastic

    Just paper pouches phasing in over a 4 year period beginning now. Nothing too exciting, and they've talked about it a fair bit if you're interested in more info:
  14. deraven

    Rayi, another amazing sea creature...

    Very nice! Real creativity there that's not overly complex but came out beautifully.
  15. This is awesome! You've captured the shape and little details well (love the spikes!) while still making the functional features work. Great build!