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  1. deraven

    Hotel Transylvania - Wolf, Frank & Mummy

    Looks great! You've captured their personalities nicely, and especially good work with your part selection to mimic fur. NPU for the teeth on Mummy as well.
  2. deraven

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) Horror in the Tunnels

    Nice all-around, but specifically really solid and effective photos of such a small build. Nicely done.
  3. deraven

    [I7 - Sinton - CFS] Left in Horror

    Creepy, despondent, well-built. Very nice.
  4. deraven

    Is it available anywhere the 6285 BSB Prototype?

    That's an interesting question. It was a very different world 30+ years ago when the BSB was being designed, so I doubt if there's much documentation out there. Perhaps some personal photos that designers took at work that might show it, or early product photography with a not-yet-complete design might exist somewhere, but I would be surprised if there were anything more than that out there. I wonder if anything was unearthed when they did the re-release in 2002 or if they just pulled up the instructions and made the couple of necessary changes and called it a day? Is anyone here able to contact Niels Milan Pederse directly to ask? As of just last year he was still working on set design for TLG, and has quite the catalog of incredible sets! --> Sets by Niels Milan Pederse
  5. deraven

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    I think I echo what most folks have said so far: it makes no difference to me personally, but it seems totally inconsistent and almost random with how they're using it. I mean, TLG must have some data and an idea of what they're doing, but so far about half of the sets labeled as 18+ seem like they'd turn off more of their potential (younger) audience than they would attract an older one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only consistent determining factor I'm seeing so far might be "this set is somewhat over-priced for what would otherwise be the target demographic, so maybe we make the packaging more stark and older folks with more money will buy it."
  6. deraven

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Awesome - definitely a very intimidating calvary unit!
  7. deraven

    [MOC] The MONT-BLANC massif

    Wow - this is wonderful! Love the approach you took to planning and matching the topography brick-by-brick!
  8. deraven

    Question about vintage photo

    Correct - this is from the 1979 UK catalogs. What's interesting is that yours appears to be an in-process photo (pre-press) of the layout before they put in the green rolling hill backgrounds and bright blue sky. You can see that it's definitely the photograph used for those 1979 materials if you look at the first & last page of this UK catalogue (they'd have been the front and back cover together, obviously), and the main fold-out image on this one as well. Where did you find this particular photo? Any more from what appears to be the product photography shoots?
  9. deraven

    Hello Eurobricks!

    Welcome to EB, Berger! See ya 'round the train forums. Happy building!
  10. deraven

    [MOC] Egger Bahn narrow gauge steam railmotor

    Looks great, and wonderful job articulating and motorizing it at that scale!
  11. deraven

    Ruined Villa MOC drowned in Aquarium

    The graffiti inside is a nice touch, though the graffiti artist might not do so well underwater. Add a small O2 tank for them.
  12. deraven

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to EB, Etienne! Lego is a universal language, so don't worry about the communication/language barrier too much. Happy building!
  13. deraven

    MOC: IKEA Bygglek tiny apartment

    She's going to hurt her eyes sitting that close to the TV! Nice build, and you've done a great job making a usable apartment in that space!
  14. deraven

    Hello there everyone

    Welcome to EB, JK! Nice to have you de-lurked and an active member. Looking forward to seeing some of your MOCs. Happy building!
  15. There are many differing opinions on this, but if you're just starting out I wouldn't pick LDD to invest time in with it being dead (no longer supported or updated) and would instead go for something in active development with a broad user base, like Bricklink's Studio ( There are several other good programs out there, but unless there's a specific feature of LDD you really love or need that Studio doesn't have, that's a good way to go.