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  1. deraven

    Hey from Portugal

    Welcome to EB, ThePowder! Plenty of Technic inspiration and discussion here for you, and the photography skills will come in handy as well if you want to share your MOCs with us. Happy building!
  2. OK... this is really great. I'm absolutely firing up Studio when I get home tonight and pulling in some of my old digital models. Thanks for the work on that, and some new inspiration!
  3. deraven

    New York

    ? I'm guessing you were trying to post photos of a creation but ran into a technical issue? For sharing photos of MOCs, etc., you'll want to use a 3rd party service and I think most folks here would recommend something like Flickr if not using a Lego-focussed host. Here's a tutorial on linking/embedding Flickr images in your posts: Happy building!
  4. deraven

    T-70 X-WING

    Looks like a nice MOC- nice as sleek as it should be! :) The paperclip/upload option on Eurobricks is only for very small images to be used in your signature line here on the board. You only get 100K total, so even 1 regular image probably pushed you to the limit of available space. For sharing photos of MOCs, etc., you'll want to use a 3rd party service and I think most folks would recommend something like Flickr as mentioned above. Here's a tutorial on linking/embedding Flickr images in your posts: Thanks for sharing!
  5. deraven

    MOC: Collaboration with TESLA IS THE FUTURE

    Yeah, kinda seems like they should be using the private messaging features between themselves, but perhaps it will be interesting to watch. Let's see what you've got, DodgeDude5498 and Tesla Is The Future!
  6. deraven

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    The train is a little too simplified for my taste, but that is my very favorite new micro (nano?) technique for mountains! The snow cap on top is delightful. Well done!
  7. deraven

    Hello, everybody

    Hello advice - welcome to EB! This is definitely the place to be for a worldwide Lego community. Happy building!
  8. deraven

    Please help me identify this part.

    My pleasure. FYI, it can barely be considered a "set" so it might be a little more difficult to find individual pieces. Most of them were 3 or 4 parts total: a bottom with the wheels attached, the middle (that you have here), and then a single piece for the rest of the top of the car. All the decoration was done with stickers.
  9. deraven

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Wow- such a great build! Nice parts usage and techniques; I'm really impress with how well the front of the engine came out. Great integration of the PF and lighting as well. Thanks also for sharing the additional detail on that above.
  10. deraven

    Please help me identify this part.

    Most likely from one of these Racers-themed prizes: 2 of them had that red chassis.
  11. deraven

    Hello from Indonesia

    Welcome to EB, Iwan. Happy building!
  12. I can confirm that I have the stagecoach set sitting not far from me. It is indeed Jesus from set 79108. Great looking traction engine. Supported. I do think you should use your first picture above in this thread as the main photo (maybe with a little more angle on the engine) for Ideas since I think it better shows off the design and all that's going on with the proposed set in general. I had passed it over the first time I glanced at it.
  13. deraven

    Minifig Cape Patterns/Sizes

    Another option would be to scale it off of the minifig head peg hole since that is universal. Smaller measurement so requires more accuracy to get the scaling right, but it should work even if you didn't have one of the actual capes to compare sizes with. Elementary I know, but also remember to check all of your print settings to ensure the image is printing at 100% with not additional fitting/scaling being done by the printer in the first place. I've also had challenges before when grabbing patterns offline where the one I found wasn't the original source and had been (re)uploaded with improper scaling, so you might do a quick search online and see you can find a different version of the same image. This version of what you posted above appears to be properly scaled:
  14. deraven

    [MOC] Harry Potter - The Burrow

    That's fantastic! The fence, stone pathway, and especially the car are just delightful. Well done!
  15. Absolutely, I would be quite annoyed. I wasn't saying you shouldn't be upset - I said the whole thing stinks, especially the disappointed kids - just that I think it's taking it too far to throw away the bricks you did get because they're "tainted" (unless those aren't genuine Lego but rather Megabloks or something - then I would cross over into being pissed, too!). But you got your money back so no real harm done and potentially a good lesson opportunity for the kids about caveat emptor… not that that's any consolation. Thankfully it's not a hard set to find, so hopefully the next purchase will go off without a hitch!