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  1. This is great! You captured the look beautifully, even with the color choices. The front end came together nicely, and things like the curved slopes on the underside are subtle but really add to the look.
  2. deraven

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Three Siblings Island

    What a lovely build, with some fun techniques! Supported.
  3. deraven

    Can you help me ?

    Lots of info about it out there- just search for "Lego Overwatch Influencer Kit" and you'll get there. I don't know if there's a good source for how many were made, but this is really just the outer box shown in your picture, an "exclusive" Tracer minifig (the guns are a different color not produced otherwise, but the minifig itself is not unique), and a regular copy of the 75973: D.Va & Reinhardt set. I personally wouldn't say the value is particularly high since only the outer box and the 2 drum lacquered gold gun elements are unique and there's likely not huge demand for that from enough people to push the value up.
  4. deraven

    [MOC] 1948 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

    That's quite nice, and good choice of color as well. The front grill and rounding out the back of the cab really take the whole thing up a notch.
  5. deraven

    Hi! I'm ScaredyCat

    Welcome to EB, ScaredyCat! Happy building (and sharing)!
  6. Came here to say the same thing. Not sure how many folks would want to buy specific Duplo pieces they way we do for System/Technic stuff, but there's definitely a market for it in general. I would suggest perhaps offering bricks in lots, and maybe even not taking the time to inventory by color if the demand isn't there. That is, offer 10x 2x4 bricks in a lot, sold as random colors, and decent but not necessarily pristine condition so you don't have to spend hardly any time on picking orders. Also, find what shipping box works for the Duplo dimensions so you can do that efficiently. Just my initial thought on it. Obviously you'd want to inventory minifigs and other more interesting parts individually and see if there's any interest in them, but I do think the highest demand would be for more "standard" bricks in quantity. For anything you don't want to sell that way, absolutely consider donating them or even throwing up a large mixed lot for a nominal price, plus shipping for someone who wants it vs trashing it!
  7. If you're on a Mac, just open the PDF in Preview, select the pages you want, and drag them to the desktop or a folder and it'll create a new PDF with just those pages. Or on any platform, if you can "print" or save to a PDF, just "print" for example pages 1-50 to a PDF and then 51-100 to another PDF. If you're wanting to do something more complex (pulling out submodels, adding directions or arrows, etc.) you'd need to do some of that by breaking down the model in Studio as mentioned above, and/or with a proper layout and editing program since PDFs aren't like Word docs and are meant to be more the final output.
  8. deraven

    The Kings Great Hall

    Great build! I love that general column design every time I see it, but your floor and those windows are stand-out excellent.
  9. deraven

    Hello from Austria

    Welcome to EB, Chris! Plenty of fellow Adventurers (and general 90s themes) fans here to keep you company and help the light of Lego keep the dark ages away! Happy building!
  10. Cool little build. The old mudguards used for that cargo container are NPU.
  11. deraven

    Imperial Light Cruiser 75315 MODS

    Arizona here, and no images. Trying to open an images directly via URL gives a generic Google User Content (so Google Images / Drive) access prohibited image, so definitely a problem of some sort.
  12. That's lovely! Definitely better than the source material. The foliage on the ground really helps elevate it, and you've also got a nice amount of detail on the tower without it being busy. I long for the days when this might have been put out as its own castle set by TLG. Great build.
  13. deraven

    Do you only buy lego?

    Genuine Lego only. My first-hand experience is that other brands simply aren't good enough as far as quality goes. A few newer companies might be OK, but it's not worth the time and potentially wasted money to me to try them when Lego does a good enough job with what they're putting out and the secondary market (like Bricklink) fills the gap for other needs. There might be a few bricks from other brands in my collection if they were actually good enough for me not to notice when sorting out bulk lots or whatever but, like CastleRail said, they usually stick out from a mile away because they're so bad.
  14. deraven

    [MOC] 5 delivery trucks and a lowrider

    Definitely the vibe I get as well, and it's great! My favorites are the white secure transport truck and the dark green one. Would be great if the wheel arches on the green one could be rounded out a bit with cheese slopes or something. So many great elements throughout the 5 of them!
  15. Already shows up for me (in the US) when searching by the set number, and only a few pieces out of stock. Hopefully that means the UK won't be far behind...