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  1. deraven

    NEED HELP! LEGO Mosaic Design

    I would start with a Lego mosaic generator and then just modify from there as needed. You can try which is geared at using the parts from current Lego mosaic sets just to see what it does for you, or you can use the mosaic designer option in Studio ( which has plenty of options including overall design size, colors, plates/tiles, etc., which would be my pick for something like this.
  2. deraven

    1990 Tyrrell 019 in 1/15 scale

    This is spectacular! Plenty of great techniques throughout, but I especially like the front aero/spoiler with the partially inverted build. Awesome!
  3. deraven

    The Red Barn Woodshop

    Excellent. So much activity/so many projects going on, and a nice variety among them! It's bustling without being too busy, and has a bit of working dust and debris to keep it interesting without feeling too messy. Nicely done. I really like the detail with the planer taking the studs off that "board"! Little touches like that add so much.
  4. deraven

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Enemies at the Gates

    Nice. Good action there, I really dig the way the rock work looks here, and NPU with the silicone band used for the blood!
  5. deraven

    Hiya, I'm Rae!

    Welcome to EB, Rae! I think you'll find plenty of inspiration here, and I look forward to seeing what you create. Happy building!
  6. deraven

    [MOC] Unikitty's Pride Viper!

    Nice! It looks surprising good and not as distractingly busy as it could be with all those colors; nice job with the stripes and keeping them pretty well aligned.
  7. deraven

    Hello I'm Thomus Bean

    Good to know! Seems like most of the LUGs have always been on the east side of town, so cool to discover this. Thanks for the info!
  8. deraven

    Hello I'm Thomus Bean

    Welcome to EB, ThomusBean! Always nice to see another local (to me) AFOL on Eurobricks (I'm in the West Valley). I'll see you 'round the board, and I guess I need to check out the Valley of the Brick group, too. Happy building!
  9. deraven

    Long time lurker.......

    Welcome to EB, blueharvestbricks! And welcome out of the Dark Ages and into the light of AFOL-ness. Happy building!
  10. deraven

    LEGO Shop Staff Interest

    Seems like it's 50/50 with the store nearest me. I would say you're being a little grumpy if the employees act the way they do here, but I know what you're talking about re: how it can feel forced. There seems to be a variety of canned questions they ask like "Who are you shopping for today?" in addition to the "what are you building" question at PAB, but I've noticed that the staff who aren't really fans (while pleasant enough) basically let the conversation die quickly whereas the AFOLs you can just tell have real interest and are fun to talk with. Maybe it's just the natural flow of this store, but it seems like if a customer is really into Lego and starts going into detail with one of the employees who isn't so much, one of the staff AFOLs will drift over and kind of take over the conversation and the other person will discretely float away.
  11. deraven


    Definitely feels like a G.I. Joe toy I'd have wanted as a kid! I think you've captured the play style of those vehicles with way too many guns and protrusions, and the color scheme works great. Nice build!
  12. deraven

    Hello I'm Sebulba56

    Welcome to EB, Sebulba56! That Technic X-Wing is great! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations soon. Happy building!
  13. deraven


    Welcome to EB, tomfow! Have fun with adding to the Aquazone fun, and show us what you've put together when that underwater mining facility is complete. Happy building!
  14. deraven

    Hello I am a Castle/Pirates fan

    Welcome to EB, Jonny! You are in good company here with plenty of Pirates and Castle fans, and you'll find plenty of inspiration in the forums when it comes to nostalgic restoration and reimagining, etc.. Really fortunate that you've kept all that Lego and didn't go through a Dark Age where it all got given away or sold and left you starting from scratch; that's all too common. Happy building!
  15. deraven

    Lego Ideas - Soyuz MS Spacecraft

    Wow! The level of detail inside & out, the shaping of all the modules, everything is wonderful! I'm not sure there are enough Soyuz super-fans out there to justify a Lego model of this size and scope, but you've got my support.