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  1. Wow... six years after the launch of the Lord of the Rings series by Lego, in which they dennied us the pleassure of assembling a Sauron minifigure as is portrayed in the movies (yes, they gave us The necromancer of Dol Guldur, who essentialy is Sauron disguised, but to be fair, it still does not satisfy the need of a minifigure of Sauron in full armor), six long years of attempts of recreating the helmet of sauron on minifig-scale, Lego has released a piece that perfectly represents Sauron's Helmet!!!! https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=173649&idColor=95&ccName=6254168#T=S&C=95&O={%22color%22:95,%22iconly%22:0} Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the days of failed Sauron helmet immitations are over!!!! (And try not to think about possible reason why Lego did deem the Overwatch series worthy of this helmet piece, but not the LotR series) (((Hopefully you all survived my attempt at impersonating a fantasy narator...)))
  2. Hey, I have a question that might be a little weird... In two weeks I will have my final exams, and so in a few months I will be starting of as a student in University and stuff, so this is generaly the period in which the dark ages take place... I have signed up for this website in an attempt to get myself motivated once agian to start doing some stuff, but unfortunately, it proofed not to be enough... And I keep blaming the lack of time, whilst honestly, I'm doing nothing at all for school (Still getting eights and occasional nines as results, so no reason to start doing anything) Does anyone has a good suggestion on how to get myself motivated to building some awesome stuff once again? The situation is quite bad... I haven't even made a sigfig yet...
  3. Hey there, I've got a quick question I have found an absolutely amazing dark throne room design (https://www.flickr.com/photos/94545380@N06/14486638761/) by Patrick Massey on Flicr, and there is some mention that he does in fact participate with guilds of historica... Does anyone by any chance know where to find this legendary lego builder? (((I am planning on stealing all of his secrets at building such amazing things... just down tell him about these intentions)))
  4. Wow there!!! Snowblowers?!? I haven't even officialy joined Midguardia yet, and I already feel taunted! Looks like I already know where my sigfig will place the first ...........(=confidential, extremely dangerous object that is required for his plan)... (get ready folks, a new force is approaching... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)
  5. @Henjin_Quilones, thanks for your reply. I think I'll go with something medium sized like 16x16 or something like that. I'll have to expand my collection of grey bricks before I'll be able to go any further then that As for my second question about the LDD file... LDD is not a picture file, it's Lego Digital Designer. I understand that there is a limitation on the different file formats you can upload because of security reasons, but if there was a way to share the LDD file so that people could get a 3d view of the project, or even look inside at how some connections are made, it would really add something.
  6. Hi, I have a question about the sigfig platform... What is the maximal size for it? Another question: I wanted to send a LDD file, but I can only send picture files. Is it somehow possible to share LDD's? Would be really usefull to do... Oh, and by the way @soccerkid6, nice ship man
  7. WOAH DUDE!!! ZCerberus, I just went through your flicr page.... Those Sci-Fi mocs were amazing, but I did not expect to see so many amazing mocs of all different kinds of genres. Really like the way you incorporate pieces of all kinds of lego series into your builds, even sci-fi looking armor from general Zodd (although it could be another carater from dc comics, don't know dc that well) into a medieval build. You really should have been the head of the Lego designer group! (Although that would have meant that my purse would have been empty at all times, which would have been slightly, just slightly, problematic) Sensai, what is the first lesson on the way to becoming that good at creating moc's? -- your very eager to learn to moc-like-an-absolute-pro student
  8. Oh creep... That is some impressive illegal tradeware right there....... If you manage to smuggle those moc's into the guilds, the street value of that probably would be around 5 million or something like that...... (the grasshopper under the word "in" is probably my favorite) Now I have to show off something of my own that has the right to co-exist in the same universe with those fantastic moc's...... Well, challenge accepted, prepare yourself for my biggest space project that I haven't even started but will be grand once I finish it!!!!!!!!!! (creep... what have I done... now I not only need a shipload of grey pieces for the GoH builds, but also need a shipload of white pieces for my Space Juggernaut Of Ultimate Doom... wallet be like: AAAARRRRGGHHH) But it would cost you a not-yet-but-hopefully-soon-to-be member (or would you only outlaw those fans of sci-fi that are actually capable of making moc's as good as those, cause in that case I would still be allowed right here )
  9. Thank you a lot ;-) I hope I will be able to get the fig ready soon enough... I'll have to order at least 8 parts on bricklink, so it might take a little while (the sad part of life), but that does give me plenty of time to get the surroundings build.
  10. Oh, and by the way, I planed on using a particular part in my build, a part that I have only seen on images, and never held in my hands. I have found the part on bricklink, but it isn't clear from the pictures there whether it is possible to use the part in my build as I have planned. This is the part description on bricklink(https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=20612&idColor=13#T=S&C=13&O={"color":13,"iconly":0}): Minifig, Weapon Holder Ring (Ninjago Aeroblade Center) Item No: 20612 Does anyone have this part, and if so, may I ask you to take a couple moments and check whether it is possible to place a 1x1 brick on top of the central stud? Or a 1x1 round plate? I am worried that theouter ring might block the placement... (I am only looking for legal connections). Thanks in advance ;-)
  11. The first time I have read "bley" I thought it was a misspeling, but now that I see it again I gues it is intentional... Is it perhaps the combination of Bluish and Grey? But to answer your question, both will work fine for me. I'm relatively young compared to most guys here (age restriction was the reason I couldn't join eurobricks before) so I grew up with the more modern colors. And I guess that it is easier to find more recent parts on bricklink rather than older ones. But as I have said, both the old grey and the "bley" are fine fore me. Oh... after a second look I see that New Dark Bluish Grey would be ideal considering the other parts of the armor for my sigfig. But any other shade will fit as well. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, for quite some time now I have wanted to join GoH, and Midguardia is the faction that I would prefer to join. Unfortunately though, I cannot officialy pledge my loyalty to Midguardia at this very moment due to the lack of a proper sigfig... There are two factors that contribute to this: 1) I am a perfectionist, and want for my sigfig to look absolutely perfect, and won't settle for less then perfect 2) Despite being interested in medieval themes, my collection of minifigures and minifig parts consists for the biggest part out of sci-fi themed ones. (Kinda funny, like both sci-fi and medieval) But I'm working on the creation of the sigfig that will represent me as good as possible. I have a design figured out already, but I would like to ask you for a little help with finding a grey shield, preferably a long shield... Would really appreciate any suggestions for a part number. Thanks in advance ;-) The probably soon to join, but currently unidentified person