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  1. Hi, This is my WIP topic for a new Trophy Truck that I am planning (mainly because I have never used my Unimog tires). Tips are appreciated. Here is the steering system (I modified it from an abandoned chassis attempt) And here is the back of the chassis. It uses 2 RC motors with independent suspension. NOTE: The cross block in between the motors is only attached to one of them. It is used to prevent the motors from bending into each other. I hope that this will work well!
  2. This tube stock model is based on the 1996 stock that currently runs on the Jubilee and Northern lines. My goal was to keep them 6- wide, and worked to fit the proportions that came from that. As a result, the model uses small tram wheels, which introduces an obvious problem if i wish to motorize it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do so i'm happy to hear them! The model roof isn't high enough to fit minifigures inside unfortunately, but removing their legs and clipping them to the inside can produce a nice effect. I'll possibly post some more photos in the near future, as well as a showcase video on my youtube channel.
  3. Not sure which to build: 42043 crawler edition or the "boom" supersonic jet from virgin airlines. Reply with a choice if you can and thanks for the help in advance 😃 BrickByBrick
  4. Thanks for looking. -JD
  5. Instructions to be released in near future. Meat, cheese, wine, produce, bread and pastries; what more could a minifigure need in their diet? All can be found at La Plaza Deliciosa! This Modular MOC building features 5 stores, all food related; -Butcher’s -Cheese Shop -Wine Shop -Produce Shop -Bakery
  6. Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue is a towing company based in Hope, BC Canada (about 2 hours from where I live) whose main operations are on the Coquihalla Highway and are featured on the TV Show "Highway Thru Hell". I posted my Jamie Davis Rotator back in 2014 and said I wanted to eventually try to do the same truck in 7 wide. After seeing 4000022 I wanted to try to use those techniques on a new 7 wide truck but around that same time, I heard that Jamie had sold his prized truck the Rotator. When Season 5 of the show started airing last fall I started building the next biggest truck in his fleet which is even newer, a 50-ton Tri-Drive Western Star along with a smaller tandem unit and a Toyota Tundra for Traffic Control. Heavy Rescue 117 is a Western Star Tri-Drive Century tow truck with stabilizers, and a side puller (3rd winch on the driver's side). Used for recovering Semi-Trucks and other large vehicles. HR 116 is a Western Star Tandem Tow Truck with sleeper cab. Smaller than 117, but tandems can do just a much work as the biggest trucks. IR 104 is an Incident Response Truck for flagging traffic control. Toolbox in bed. Dispatched to secure accidents before the bigger trucks arrive or roadside service to smaller passenger vehicles. Full Album: Still working on Al Quiring's Truck aka "The Green Monster" which is unit as big as 117 and a VSA Highway Maintenance Snow Plow (all in 7 wide) and I may just tackle Jamie's Newest Truck HR 126 (which hasn't made an appearance on TV yet) in time for our local con (
  7. This is my LEGO City skatepark moc. I happened to have a ton of inverted round arches so I decided that it would be great use for them in skatepark ramps. Luckily PAB walls some time ago used to have 2x2 tan tiles so I had another essential piece to fill the surface of this moc. The rest was just about building and finalising the moc. Here's the video of the moc Thanks for watching!
  8. Hello I've been gradually working through a backlog of unofficial Microfighter builds and after a few attempts, finally got a result with the Resistance Transport from Episode 7. I will admit some inspiration to have a go at this from the version in the Lego TFA game but I didn't really study it in detail. Anyway here it is - nice to build something for the good guys after a string of Imperial and First Order builds. Its 13 studs wide and about 10 long including the cannons. 133 pieces which is a little high but many of those are small plates and studs. I was pretty pleased to be get an opening hatch in the front... ...though its probably a bit cramped in there. Colour scheme matches the Resistance X-Wing quite nicely and its a solid and swooshable little ship. Lots of engines. That's about it - you'd think the pilot would be a bit happier with it. Thanks for taking a look!
  9. The Kunai Corporation are pleased to unveil their latest skybike, the Teoshi-guruma! Fast and manoeuvrable, it is perfect for the racing circuit but also a popular sport Skybike for fans and riders. Here Gates Rusch sets the pace for a race at NuTokyo Raceway. I once again challenged myself to an odd part. This time the wheelbarrow. Teoshi-guruma is Japanese for hand-cart. . I took what would certainly be labelled a "single use" part by most and discovered that it has a wealth of connection points, not to mention is has practically got a 1x2 plate as part of the structure. I threw together a futuristic race-track as a stand, the back of the "A" plates is lifted by a pair of mudguards to angle the track. Also worth mentioning: on the bottom of the bike is a tail-fin piece that I used SNOT techniques to invert as the bike looked pretty empty underneath. I like to design around the idea of greys/blacks and metallic as the functioning mechanical parts and the colourful fairings and chassis on top. However, my Least Amount of Parts challenge still escapes me, I keep getting carried away. Comments, questions and critique welcome!
  10. February has ended, but not for FebRovery! Just interested to create more and more Space creations (MOC) , for now a Boxy Buggy Rover. You may want to see my FebRovery Mini Van.. Boxy Buggy Rover by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Rear view: Boxy Buggy Rover by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More information in my Blog!
  11. Hey, what's up! Today I was going through my pictures and found this, a MOC I had made sometime in 2014. It was my first SNOT MOC. It's not the greatest, but I think it's still worth showing. Droids are attacking! I remember being super hyped about this battlepack, and was quite proud of my MOC. Anyway, thanks for looking. God bless. -JD
  12. Hi there, after assembly 42043, I wanted to make a little copy. It turned out for me or not, it's up to you. Motorized functions. - Steering (Servo motor) - Driving and tilting of cargo bay (L motor) Manual switching functions "driving - tilting of cargo bay". When cargo bay is lifted, the side automatically opens. The cargo bay is mounted on a separate frame and fixed to six connectors to the truck chassis. So you can easily replace it with another element. The trailer is made similar to a truck. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  13. Hi Everyone, I would like to share my WIP MOC which I am currently working on. It is inspired by the V8 sedan Lexus GSF. Oh, and this is my first ever MOC project. It will have: - front mounted fake v8 engine with rear wheel drive. - manual transmission with H pattern shifter - separate modules, it can be easily put together / taken apart back to individual modules, mainly because I like to tinker with them. For example if the suspension is not working, I can modify the front axle / rear axle and hopefully it will still fit in with the rest of the build Things still undecided: - PF / Remote or fully manual - how to build the body >> this is where all the other threads are great for inspiration! The modules I have done so far in LDD are front axle, back axle, fake v8 engine, transmission/gear box, and frame. There will be more modules for dashboard + steering wheel, and body. Here is the LDD screen shot of all the modules together. Screenshots of the Individual modules are in flickr. step 6: put all components together by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr I spent a lot of times on the gear box, it is scratch build because I want it to as flat as possible as it will sit underneath the seats. Then, I move on to real bricks (this is where the fun begins), and so far I have front axle, v8 engine and gear box. There was a lot of modifications which I did on the fly as there are issues with the LDD design, like the gears won't connect properly or there wasn't enough bracing. P1190753 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr P1190761 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr P1190763 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Currently I am working on the frame: P1190767 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr There are some more photos on Flickr, I didn't want to make this post too long. Questions/comments/inputs are greatly appreciated.
  14. My latest modular is a townhouse with a shop of the first floor. There is no interior for this one yet. I have a few modular buildings in the works and I don't know when I'll get back to this one to fill out the interior. I'm thinking of making it an Optometrist office, but I'd be interested in hearing if you have a better idea! :) Close ups of the shop and balcony: And here it is next to my candy stop for comparison: Thanks for looking! I'll post again when I have an interior.... one of these days.
  15. Just trying something out with a double wing technique... Dash; a hoverbike inspired by 'Storm Hawks'. More can be found on my FlickR.
  16. Hello again, my dear Eurobricks friends. I would like to introduce you my last Wild West Moc - Paddle steamboat - Some fact about it: It has over 2000 bricks, incl. many tehnic bricks in boat hull to strengthen it construction. In white cabin I put battery box and one XL motor. How it works and moves paddles you can see in video on bottom of this post. I hope you will enjoy it VIDEO:
  17. Hello. Presented to you my latest big MOC: The Windmill. Having gathered a collection of books that cover LEGO sets of the past and visited the museum in Billund at the EB event, I came to rather like the simple red and white of the vintage town builds. This Windmill is inspired by the look, with more modern techniques and parts used to create an updated building. This is tagged as WIP as I hope to create a surrounding terrain with a few more smaller outbuildings and a vehicle or two, also inspired by the vintage era. Though, I am also looking to build it as something that could have been inhabited back in the 50s. I also hope to motorise the sails, the tower has space and modularity to allow this at a later date. Thanks for taking a look. Comments and critique are appreciated.
  18. Hello Everyone, I am looking for some insight on the best rendering software? I am not very good at graphic design so I need something simple that creates realistic images on default mode (or with minimal adjustment). I typically use LDD to create my MOCs so I am also looking for something that works with LDD files. Eric
  19. The plane is a C model of 42025. The simulator stand is not. The plane is 60x63 cm and has working flight surfaces and a 2-function distribution gearbox.
  20. Hi there, after assembly 42043, I wanted to make a little copy. It turned out for me or not, it's up to you. Motorized functions. - Steering (Servo motor) - Driving and tilting of cargo bay (L motor) Manual switching functions "driving - tilting of cargo bay". When cargo bay is lifted, the side automatically opens. The cargo bay is mounted on a separate frame and fixed to six connectors to the truck chassis. So you can easily replace it with another element. The trailer is made similar to a truck. What happened, I can upload only one photo And why I have only two posts and not one topic, new member...
  21. I began to work on my 1st Technic moc yesterday to see what I could come up with. Here's my progress. I'm quite pleased with where I'm at and what I could accomplish, even if it is basic by many Technic builder standards. It drives nice on carpet, though I'd love to have those rubber dots to make it work on hard surfaces. 20170318_121559 by topazard, on Flickr 20170318_121636 by topazard, on Flickr 20170318_121659 by topazard, on Flickr Trying to figure out how to add a function will have to wait until next weekend (hopefully). By then I might have the parts to finish off the marbled top. For anyone wondering this is supposed to be a Grangemouth 3001.
  22. One of the first buildings (from our part of the layout) complete for a Medieval layout to be displayed at a LEGO event in Denmark in May (Klodsfest 2017 Aarhus) More buildings can be seen in the video below
  23. Ahoy once more, laddies. Long time no ship - shame on me - so I hope to make up for it by presenting something a little larger this time. États de Boussac Ordered and paid for by the Estates of the Province of Boussac, the États used to call the Great Northern Ocean her home for the past years, trading goods between Pontilla and Northern Oleon. But now she is one of the first larger Terramen to see regular service on the shipping lines between Halos and New Terra. With the increased traffic, the number of pirates and other threats increases, too. Being able to protect the more and more valuable cargo, larger and better protected ships are becoming essential for the merchant elite of Halos. As she can easily carry a broadside of 10 medium or even heavy guns, the États de Boussac surely has what it takes to prevail on the perilous waves. May Poseidon and Tyche bless her journeys! And the good ol' comparison shot: About: I think this is the biggest ship I've posted here so far. It's also my first attempt at a custom hull galleon. Therefore, the États is rather just a simple, non-fancy test ship to get a feeling for the shaping of such a hull. A 3D model I found online served as inspiration... and it didn't turn out too bad, I think. Using flex-tubes as rigging instead of the strings with handles I used to is still pretty new to me, getting them in place is even more annoying, but it looks better - in my eyes at least. What else? As usual, all can be built... And finally some numbers: waterline is 85 studs, beam is 22. Piece count is 'only' slightly over 7000, as internally, she only features the decks, but nothing else. Should still be large and massive enough to be at least a class 7 with the new ship classes. Thanks for watching C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  24. The Platipus Class Imperial Shuttle never saw extensive service. It was designed to be slightly smaller than the Tydirium Class with heavy missile armament, but its dependency on supply lines quickly got the project cancelled after a handful of them saw limited action against pirate raiders. The foot soldiers liked it because it was a mix between a Tank Buster and a Transport vehicle ( MI-24 Hind wink wink ) I wanted to design something that had the marks of a Star Wars craft with added shapes inspired by real life animals (Platipus) and aquatic insects (Water beetle) with a Tie Advanced jammed in there :D The craft has no internals. It is just for display. Feedback is welcome
  25. I. R. Gorilla, racer from the planet Epa is very good at attracting sponsorship. Though sometimes things get a little silly. I was looking through parts today, with speeder bikes on the brain and thus the K-Type bike Potassium Powered was born. I have also set myself a "challenge" to use strange parts as a MOC seed, or to take something that could be called "single use" and create something entirely different. I think this one came out pretty well! My brother was rather amused at least, apparently I've even managed to make something using the banana look cool!