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  2. Hover Van? or would this be to much Clarkson, Hammond, May?
  3. McLaren97

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    As neither the Ferrari or Audi have separate builds, I doubt it, but I guess we won’t know until it is released. The sets title is Nissan GT-R Nismo, but given the previous history of SC race spec cars, I wouldn’t be surprised. But I feel like it will be the road car.
  4. That is very cool. That mechanical action to turn...that's pure genius! First I thought it was for tables where people sat so I was going to suggest to call it the 'keep your elbows off the table' but I see where its useful now anyway well done I think its function is great
  5. What kind of a sick bastard would beat somebody to death with a stale croissant? I think we need to search everyone for knitting supplies, starting with needles and yarn. By the way, why is Karen's name in italics? Whatever that means. Is that her real name? Is it an alias?
  6. pooda

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Also personally, I was kinda expecting a bigger garage for the police van that comes with the station. You know.....with a gate and all.
  7. kirkwoodproductions

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    No Wu, Zane (except the pink avatar), or PIXAL/Samurai X in any of the non-legacy sets. Are we still missing any? Thought maybe something was just going on with Zane, but it seems more weird that all of them are missing.
  8. mpj

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    This doesn't match, but let's see! ;-) Liebherr is very similar to an elephant!
  9. Hm, good point. However, they’re technically not that much of “standard” criminals if they’re armed with high-tech laser weapons How about 76114 Spider-Crawler? Sure, it doesn’t include a building, but at least it depicts the aftermath of a robbery with the jewels in glass cases being a part of the set’s “plot”, so to speak
  10. LegoModularFan

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hmmm... That police station description is pretty interesting... It indeed has a lot of similarities with @Bricked1980‘s MOC but has some differences and has a surprisingly detailed and a long description. It doesn’t seem legit to me though as 10269 is an already existing set (Harley-Davidson) as mentioned. Also an interesting find: someone called Wabbajack_47 on the Reddit topic of @Bricked1980‘s MOC wrote this following comment: And for those who haven’t seen the Wikipedia description, it goes like this: Look at the beginning of the Wikipedia description. 32x32 + 16x32... Oh, I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to say it’s Wabbajack_47 who wrote that description on Wikipedia. I just found that interesting so wanted to share it.
  11. I said supervilains not standard criminals
  12. 76082 ATM Heist Battle would like to have a word with you
  13. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    New technic / semi-technic parts/recolors for 2020: 3Lx1Lx1L axle joiner smooth in black (x10 in 48108) 3Lx5Lx3L technic curved panel/seat in red (x2 in 42109) 28 tooth idler clutch double bevel gear in red (x1 in 42109) 3Lx3L torsen or compact differential in dark bluish gray (x1 in 42109) 2Lx3Lx7L technic wheel arch panel in white (x4 in 42109) new tire in black (x2 in 76139) boat piece (single piece, can float, is lime green and dark blue) (x2 in 42105) boat sail panel (flexable) in lime green / dark blue / dark bluish gray (x2 in 42105) some sort of cross block or 1L bush in tan? (x1 in 42108) 1Lx1Lx2 wire clip in medium azure 1Lx1Lx2 wire clip in magenta spike prime L motor in medium azure / white spike prime XL motor in medium azure / white spike prime hub in yellow / white spike prime touch sensor in black / white spike prime color sensor in black / white spike prime sound sensor in black / white 19x11x1 technic base-plate in yellow (spike prime) 7 x 11 panel in magenta (spike prime) 11x 15 panel in medium azure (spike prime) 7Lx7Lx2L spike prime wheel black with glued medium azure tire small 7Lx7Lx2L spike prime wheel white with glued black tire small (x1 in 71709) 11Lx11Lx2L spike prime wheel black with glued medium azure tire large 3x3x5L castor connector in medium azure 3Lx3L ball for castor connector in light bluish gray 2Lx4L brick with 3 technic vertical axle holes in {misc other colors} (from spike prime) circular saw blade with pin hole in trans neon green (x1 in 71708) 1Lx7 beam thick in light azure (x4 in 42106) 1Lx3L beam thick in light azure (x8 in 42106) 3Lx5L beam thick in light azure (x2 in 42106) 5Lx7L thick bent 45 degrees (x1 in 42106) 4Lx4Lx2L magnet part positive polarity in yellow (x1 in 60243) (x1 in 60245) 4Lx4Lx1B magnet part negative polarity in light bluish gray (x1 in 60243) (x1 in 60245) 5Lx5Lx2L tire in black (x2 in 71706) 1x3 bar modified in trans orange with white handle (dual moulded) (x2 in 71707) 1x3 bar modified in trans pink with white handle (dual moulded) (x2 in 71708) 1x3 bar modified in trans neon green with white handle (dual moulded) (x2 in 71708) technic sword in pearly gold with 1L axle (x1 in 71702) technic blade in trans neon green with 1L axle hole (x1 in 71707) (x3 in 71709) (x4 in 71710) (x4 in 71711) technic wheel 4x4x2 with axle hole in medium azure (x2 in 71710) technic wheel 4x4x4 with axle hole in flat silver (x2 in 71711) *Spreadsheet coming soon but cant embed HTML*
  14. the last spider-man set that included a supervillain robbing something was the doc ock truck heist that was my very first spidey set
  15. Thanks for the comments.. I'm really confident this will run well at a show.. just under 2 months before BV.. so plenty of time to keep testing The only change I wish I'd thought about, would be to have each section independant, which would allow a 'challenge' of automatic explosion, but manual conveyor (can you keep up with the explosions?! :) Maybe a redesign after it's proven itself first!
  16. My new MOC is probably the weirdest Lego Technic car (I) ever uploaded- it is made to be invisible and to work autonomously. Its use case is based on the fact that at a party, you never really get the snack you want without interrupting talks of others. My solution is a small robot that follows the edge of the snack table while carrying the snack tray(s). That is where the name comes from, it 'races trays' around the table and I liked the software-origined word 'Raytracer' a lot. For the same reason why a car exists with the name 'Interceptor'. I have done some exploring in this area, a few years ago TrayRacer 1.0 was published. But it could only follow rounded tables. And that got me thinking: can you build a Lego Thing that is able to understand when there's a corner coming up? The first answer was 'no'. It was never done before and I couldn't think of any way. The second answer was 'Well, for the intended size, you will need a mechanical sensor and a mechanical 'brain' that is able to translate the 'mechanical sensor data' into 'Let's start a steering action NOW'. That's a lot of quotes, how to convert this into hard plastic bricks? After a lot of thinking, tinkering and tuning TrayRacer 2.0 was born. It is really hard when you throw the remote out of the door, to make the robot think for itself without using the convenient Mindstorms sensors. TrayRacer 2.0 uses only a single PF M motor and is full mechanic Lego Technic. There's an important reason why I only used an M-motor: power consumption. A nice robot system with a lot of sensors and actuators will be always empty as the testing is done and the party is starting. A simple rechargeable battery box with a PF M motor is small and reliable. I added PF navigation lights because it looks good in the dark, which looks good on the party. The new TrayRacer 2.0 is 4 studs high, exposing the 4-stud batterybox as a load on the back. This had to be accepted as I needed the speed control: you HAVE to be able to set the 'feeding speed' on parties otherwise people eat way too much. In other cases, maybe an old battery would have been a solution. [As a sidenote: with the new Lego Technic electronic systems coming up, I don't see battery boxes and motors becoming any smaller. This is a bad development that TLG should be aware of. ] High quality photos (Brickshelf files not yet public, so direct links:) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The video explains it all: The deep technical details- a dynamic system Usually, 'mechanical sensor data' is fed into a clutch/driving ring or a differential, which means the device using the data also influences it. The 'mechanical imput impedance' is too low (This robot is built using mostly electronic engineering concepts..). In the RayTracer 2.0, this effect is visible in the sensor wheel. It takes some effort to shift the driving ring, which means the rubber band needs to be stronger. As said in the video, the sensor wheel needs to be pressed to the RIGHT (so robot pressed LEFT) for straight driving, which is harder when the rubber band is stronger. Because the robot is very light (lithium battery, no big electric components) a stronger rubber band means it needs to push harder to the LEFT, which is only possible when its rotational inertia is higher, so then it needs to be heavier. But weight kills power consumption. A lower weight causes oscillations, as the robot slams to the left using its inertia after a succesful steering action - enabling straight driving- , then the rubber band springs back because the robot is not able to press hard enough to the left continuously- enabling the left wheel brake again-. When the rubber band is too strong, it oscillates forever, when it is just a little too strong, the robot is designed to reach a stable orientation in a few oscillations. In the video this effect is sometimes visible, you can see different dynamics with its bodywork removed! Also, as you can see, the sensor wheel is on a long lever. The lever enables tuning of the force needed to press it to the RIGHT, thus for tuning it together with the rubber band system. To summarize: because the 'mechanical information' is influenced by its 'processor', there is a fine optimum in rubber band strenght vs sensor wheel lever length vs overall robot weight. For this reason, I could give you instructions, but there's no guarantee that any reproduction would work. Any axle that is a tiny little bent, any driving ring with some small damage, even the friction of individual pins, these are all factors that influence the final tuning and need to be optimized. Instructionless building with Lego Technic is not only a unique combination of parts, it's also the way it's built and tuned that makes it a final product. Some quick photos:
  17. TheGlynreaper

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    jeesh its a joke stop being so uptight but I still stand that playability features are the best things in lego sets but I have noticed myself that the whole transforming possessed thing has gone but the 2nd wave why do I get the strangest feeling they toned it down because some numpty thought it was a bit too scary for children
  18. Today
  19. Guyon2002

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I agree, this would've been the perfect time to give us Anacondrai Chen
  20. I guess we’re saying the same thing. I count the single landing gears and you count the *groups* of landing gears. :) Anyway, to answer to your question, I prefer the 5/7 much more. It makes the MF more “solid”.
  21. Nissan GTR? Could it be a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT500 ?
  22. Void_S

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Yep, the numbers and names nowadays may have no meaning. Do you remember "42067" that seems was turned into "42070", even keeping the original stickers?
  23. MAB

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I don't really see how having a name printed on the box changes 2020's City from previous ones. Does a child play with an otherwise generic police set in a different way because the box says the names are Duke and Vito or Sam and Snake? In this set, I imagine Duke Detain will chase Vito. Whereas in this set, I imagine the unnamed policeman will chase the unnamed crook. I cannot really see the difference in play. Kids can still make up their own stories if they want to, but to me the roles of the characters in those stories will be more imposed by the clothes they wear than the names on the boxes.
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [moc] Shay Class A geared Locomotive

    I think this is another fine example of a great base design that we can make our own very sharp looking loco ... Do you have photos of your three truck attempts? Haha thanks for link ecmo47 ... Still need to get around to building that lol
  25. andythenorth

    Technic General Discussion

    I didn't want to start a trend of threads for 'things people might want to MOC', but this was too interesting to not share, so I'm leaving it here... Half-track Claas tractor, with full suspension. As tractors go it's pretty rad. Looks odd but good. Someone's going to build this surely?
  26. benderisgreat

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    If that's true they should have left Zane in Never realm, to pay for his crimes as Ice Emperor. But apparently it's too dark for kids show... Also is anyone else surprised that there's no Anacondrai cultists in Jungle raider? I was hoping for a chance to get missing cultists in serpentine version. No reason to buy it now tbh.
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