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  1. Black Monarch 88

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    I’d prefer if they offer some more smaller sets along with a D2C. It’s a good way to introduce more figures especially with battle packs like 79012-1/Mirkwood-Elf-Army or poly bags were an option
  2. Black Monarch 88

    [MOC] Black Falcon Castle

    I really like the rounded cross windows.
  3. Black Monarch 88

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    I’d be good with a classic castle homage set every year as long as they make torsos and accessories available on PAB. Let’s see, how about Falcons Fortress, Black Knights Tower, and Wolfpack Lair
  4. Black Monarch 88

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Looks like there is a plain version of the Viking helmet from series 20 that comes in the Sanctum Santorum.
  5. Black Monarch 88

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    Anyone else notice the tan plume\feather in the bedroom as a quill? That should bring down the price of that piece quite a bit.
  6. Black Monarch 88

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    I’d much prefer one of each faction for torsos and heraldry in the new set; I’m confident that Lego has made as much from Black Falcon pick a brick sales as it has from all the blacksmith shops.
  7. Black Monarch 88

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    Great looking castle scene and build. Interior looks nice as well.
  8. Black Monarch 88

    Story-Driven Castle Themes?

    I’d be down for an Age of Chivalry theme that focuses on various medieval tales such as King Arthur and Knights of the Round table, William the conqueror/Normans vs. Saxons, Richard I/Robin Hood, Siegfried, William Wallace.
  9. Black Monarch 88

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I could understand a Gringotts being excluded as part of a D2C set with a plan to release a $120 set in the future that would be widely available. I’m sure there will be people that will be disappointed that you can only get Olivanders in a $400 set. Hopefully it will be fairly modular so the buildings can be separated a sold on eBay.