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  1. That’s not how cost accounting works! Focusing their product line on the most expensive item could lead to a death spiral where overheads are applied to the detriment of all products. Without knowing the except amounts figures and pieces cost to produce against the expected volume of sales, it is nebulous to discuss the cost of a minifig in a set relative to other products.
  2. Paul11283652

    75218 X-wing MOD

    Updated the nose and cannons. I think I’ve had enough of modding for now.
  3. Not that I usually care too much about minifigs, the choices for the shuttle seem odd. I would have very much preferred Endor camouflage characters. However, Luke with his tunic undone is great for the two scenes that he appeared in that way in Jedi. I believe that minifig has only appeared in the UCS Endor village. For the other scene on the ramp of the shuttle, the question is whether Vader will have eyebrows or not under his helmet.
  4. It looks like Jaws has a lot of support in the Brickset comments and that is what I voted for. It could be close. There might be so many SW votes that it’s split between Jar Jar, Rex, Ahsoka, or a 501st. So Mando Chapter 13
  5. Paul11283652

    42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”

    300 dollarydoos is a bit steep. Especially because big Australian retailers tend to have sales on Lego before Christmas and not afterwards.
  6. Perhaps Lego designed 2014 to be prequel heavy knowing that 2015-2020 would be focused on the sequels? 1. I still think R2 is a plate too high. 2. It is a new design. No. 69279. Appeared first in the NES and also Sesame Street. 4. It looks like the wings are attached with black technic pins. Probably an easy mod to swap them for 2L axles. The mechanism intrigues me the most out of this wave. It does look like a significant improvement.
  7. Why is R2 sitting up perfectly as a target for Vader? Is the 2x6 tile a new piece? Most importantly, what is the wing folding mechanism? Enough about the X-wing. I don’t expect every other OT craft will be getting new smaller versions soon. As has been said, the Shuttle was due for a remake and the new version looks to scaled the same as the 2018 Sentinel. The Snowspeeder speeder is already small enough. Perhaps a TIE Interceptor? An A-wing with a shorter nose and longer engines would be enough.
  8. The X-wing, Tie, Sith battlepack and microfighters were officially released the day TROS was in cinemas. I had a big issue trying to get the X-wing including considering driving through a bushfire area after K-mart cancelled my orders twice on 18th December. From what I remember the Mando battlepack didn’t arrive in shops until mid January so that is probably what what will happen this year with 75299.
  9. Paul11283652

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    That still doesn’t make it acceptable. To some extent it would have easier to obtain this set in a normal year where conventions were unaffected.
  10. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t include a big slab of dragon meat and a pearl.
  11. Why? The Resistance helmets are excellent.
  12. Paul11283652

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Last year legitimate pictures were around mid-November. However, that was for 1 January releases so maybe a month later this year given that sets are released throughout autumn from 1 February. Speculating further to that, are the staggered releases to shift waves to an autumn/spring schedule instead of summer/late winter?
  13. Paul11283652

    75218 X-wing MOD

    Thank you. Just 2 of 6035405: Brick With Bow 1X10 and some bracket pieces with cheese slopes. I decided to just try them there as I wasn’t satisfied with my previous solution and they looked surprisingly good. A straight slope would be ideal though. The cannons are still a work in process. I’m not sure if I have the right pieces to get them where I want at the moment.
  14. The part you’re referring to is the cockpit itself. The upper part looks to be hinged upwards like on 75221.