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  1. So it’s basically the Pasaana speeder chase and the Knights of Ren transport ship combined? Based on that the Australian price will be close to $200. A more realistic price of $160 still doesn’t seem worth it. Oh well, more to spend on 3 in 1 castles then. I do like the design though and more sand blue is always good.
  2. Paul11283652

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    We have them at a few retail stores here in Australia. That might be because we’re part Asia Pacific though.
  3. So there’s a chance it will be lower than $200 here given $US85 is about $111?
  4. Two of the AT-ATs have had the same piece count despite being completely different designs. 10178 and 75054.
  5. Agreed. I built it last night and added a few small mods and it looks good. Most significantly changing the 4x8 plate under the nose for a 4x6 so the clips that attach the upper nose sit lower.
  6. Paul11283652

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I thought they were acceptable but improved by adding a black 1x3 tile on the top. I still haven’t completed the build yet but the sand green really irks me. Hopefully I have enough black pentagonal 2x3s to replace all of it on the roof. Sand green has it’s uses but not on anything medieval.
  7. The raw dimensions are similar but comparing the two in hand, there’s vast differences. The 2021 X-wing feels much lighter and flimsier. 380g compared to ~510g. The rear fuselage especially looks really thin for it’s height. It’s still a good set and is better proportioned. Depending on country, 75300 and 75301 together may not reach the threshold for a GWP as well.
  8. Yes, no connection business ownership apart from the name, similar branding, and concept. Strangely we do seem to get some American Target exclusives only at Target Australia such as 75203 and 75221. Otherwise store exclusives are not a common thing in Australia and certainly are not advertised as such. The nose of the shuttle looks terrible. It’s the same structure as 75221 but a different connection point because the whole top of the fuselage pivots up. At least my wallet will be happy this is looking like a lean year for SW Lego.
  9. Paul11283652

    MC75 "Profundity" star cruiser UCS MOC

    Impressive, most impressive.
  10. I disagree. It was one of the best sets of 2020 depicting the most iconic scene in all of Star Wars. It is a real kick in the guts to to have this, the Nebulon B and other similar sets as NA exclusives. Keep con exclusives as figures that are actually rare and don’t have much as quality as sets. I don’t mind Lego making a S@H exclusive $100 400pcs set in limited numbers, as long it’s available worldwide. Anyway, I’m a bit disappointed about the Shuttles design now there’s better views. If it’s $80 in the US, then the price will be the same in Australia as 75221 at $150 iirc, so a bit overpriced. I will still get because I don’t have a lambda and have been looking forward to it, but may try to mod it to the 75094 design.
  11. I ordered the X-wing last week and Trouble on Tatooine today. I was lucky with that one as the retailer has sold almost 30 in the 4 hours or so it was available. I’ll probably get the TIE eventually as well for an Interceptor MOC.
  12. We’ve recently had General Veers. Aragog has been made as well. Maybe Pycelle and Walter Donovan?
  13. This is a lot of sets that are only cartoons or Mando and the only film set is micro scale. My first thought was that this sounds too good to be true for the younger MandR crowd and it was just Ryan trolling again. I am also disappointed there’s nothing like those two. Really the only sets that interest me are the Mandalorian fighter and the Shuttle. Possibly the Aquitens if there is a green lightsaber. More interested in the Tatooine homestead than a UCS Fartoo. Pure speculation but I’m still hoping 75313 is a rerelease of 75192.
  14. It looks like the the Mando set and the X-wing will S@H exclusives and the scalpers have already bought them all and set the ebay prices as $90 and $190 already.
  15. Paul11283652

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    The armour looks to be from Ninjago to me. Not really a problem to just leave it off. The inclusion of the husky and the steepness of the roof implies it would located in somewhere like Scandinavia so adding snow would be a great mod. The price doesn’t seem justified though. It doesn’t look to be worth $A200 but I fear it might be $220 or up to $250.