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  1. Having an Advent Calender is be mainly winter stuff is fine, that’s what a lot of Christmas stuff in Australia is themed around anyway. We know it’s a tradition taken from the North where a lot of immigrants to Australia are from anyway. However, choosing not to buy it because two of the builds depict summer seems really mean spirited. The other thing to note is that the summer Vader is not necessarily a form of Southern representation anyway but a figure based on the Summer Vacation Disney+ series. By September, most of Australia is already about as warm as an English summer.
  2. Looks exactly like Christmas holidays to me.
  3. The spring waves in October were only for the sequel trilogy movies. Except for the large UCS/MBS set in September, generally everything is released in August.
  4. Paul11283652

    [MOC] Play-Scale B-Wing Fighter

    I’ve recently built a mod of 75050 that looks very similar to this. I replaced most of the dark grey with light grey and whatever sand blue I had but had thought to use all sand blue instead.
  5. Paul11283652

    The Clone Trooper Command Station (set 40558) problem.

    Your ideas about cost accounting are wrong. Eliminating low margin high volume products usually leads to a death spiral. This is where fixed costs that would have been spread out on low margin products are assigned to high margin products. This basically reduces the margin on low volume products, making them low margin and low volume, which can be very detrimental to the whole business. There is no way Lego has or will retire 40558 because it’s a low margin product. If anything the reverse would be true and Lego would flood the market with battlepacks. You’re also forgetting that when supply chains are strained due to logistics from the pandemic or costs from inflation, the volume and weight transported becomes more important relative to the cost of production. So it’s not clear that a pallet of 40558 sets is actually a lower margin product than for example a pallet of 75323 for a given size. 40558 was only available for on in Australia for less than an hour back in January and now sells for ~$50 on the secondary market, so for all intents and purposes the set is already retired here. It’s a problem of Lego underestimating demand or simply not caring that battlepacks like this will always sell out quickly because army building is in a bubble right now.
  6. Paul11283652

    [MOD] Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter 75333

    Looks good. I’m keen to mod the 2x3 wedges on to the very front to make an actual point when I get the set.
  7. Aren’t they BrickHeads?
  8. It’s available already here in Australia. Only at so far, no other retailers have it just yet.
  9. The tank looks good but I suspect it will be impossible to buy in Australia as Bruce Swift will probably end up with more copies than our entire country.
  10. I was expecting Dagobah to be the only set I might get in May, but now it’s too cartoonish and is basically an expanded play set. I had hoped for more dark tan olive green and I already have the same figures so I might just bricklink most of it in the colours I want and build it that way. The Trench Run is growing on me. I usually can’t stand polybag style builds but the X-wing looks alright, the greebling is excellent and the TIEs can be removed anyway. No need to say anymore about the Trash Compactor.
  11. Paul11283652

    [MOC] Minifig Scale RZ-1 A-Wing

    Given the head is the main part seen in Rebel starfighters then using that scale might be the best.
  12. Paul11283652

    [MOC] Minifig Scale RZ-1 A-Wing

    Too small. Scaling an A-wing to minifig height will always compromise the look of a build. Starfighters should usually be scaled to minifig width but even then the A-wing is a difficult build given the varying sizes in canon.
  13. So is this 187th set a trade off with Hasbro for the Optimus Prime set?
  14. Paul11283652


    Impressive, most impressive.
  15. It was January last year and April the year before that.