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  1. Paul11283652

    [Review] #75273 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

    It’s 6294038.
  2. Paul11283652

    [Review] #75273 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

    Having just built it, I never thought so much orange could look so good. The wing mechanism works so much better than 75102/49 and even 75218. The front bands have improved it heaps but it has noticeably more tension so they might wear out quicker. Happy Life Day!
  3. Paul11283652

    [MOD] Poe's X Wing 75273 Colour Swap
  4. Paul11283652

    [MOD] Poe's X Wing 75273 Colour Swap

    75273 was officially released on Thursday 19 December and available in Myer, DJs, Target etc. I have heavily modified my own 75102 but never thought of using the new curved pieces.
  5. Paul11283652

    Starting SW collection

    75218 X-wing and 75211 Tie Fighter would be obvious choices to start with. 75257 Millennium Falcon is also the best minifig scale Falcon. A suggestion for a retired set might be 75094 Imperial Shuttle.
  6. Admittedly I had forgot the Tie Whisper, which would be great, and/or the skimmer is likely given Rey is in only the Speeder chase so far.
  7. I’m not so sure there will be any more TROS sets. The sets that are available mostly cover everything already. Definitely more minifigs, however.
  8. So like 75211 with hinges? It would be good but it’s unlikely.
  9. Zorii Bliss isn’t part of the Resistance though. It wouldn’t make sense for her y-wing to include a Resistance pilot.
  10. Agreed about this episode featuring the battle pack characters. I suspect it might include our spoilers little friend as well.
  11. It looks like the Sith under Palpatine will be a different entity than the First Order. Pretty sure that’s still a T-70, not a T-85. I’m disappointed that there’s no improvement to the X-wings wings. The spring shooters should have been on the top wings. However the folding mechanic is better and the colours look great.