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  1. Perhaps because it’s a confronting scene and parents would reluctant for any children under 10 or so to watch ROTS. Therefore it’s a small set that only sells to older children that might normally be interested in other themes or adults. I agree that it is baffling Lego used the torso from Mustafar when they also produced Obi-Wan’s torso from Tatooine that would have worked perfectly anyway.
  2. The Soulless One looks like better value when considering the size. It’s bigger than the Night Buzzard. The latter is disappointing though. No decent interior and overpriced in Australia, both $120. I’ll be glad to get Allah Gold’s Eta-2 to swoosh around with Ratio Tile’s and say “game time started.” Also I’ll buy two each of the AAT and the battle pack, one to build now and one to put sell for $1000 in a few years.
  3. Obvious fake, especially given it is winter right now and this would have been included with the other recent leaks then.
  4. What a strange wave. Anakin’s Eta2 and Grevious’ starfighter are the same as previous sets. The Night Buzzard looks interesting. The AAT looks ok but uses the wrong bottom pieces. Is this resistance transport the one from TROS? Otherwise is this original content again? The Final Duel is great though and is my favourite scene across all movies. Also good to finally get The Senate.
  5. Caravan of Courage has entered the chat. Absolutely Advent Calenders should include the sequel trilogy. It’s still the least represented era.
  6. Looks like a Vader’s castle, Lars homestead, X-wing, and Falcon as well.
  7. Schrodinger’s AT-TE perhaps. Surely it’s unlikely for two large walkers to be released at the same time though.
  8. Paul11283652

    Future Star Wars Sets

    It’s a good mix but there should be more OT sets. My predictions: Jabba’s palace/throne, small with three minifigs - $A45 Wampa cave with Wampa, Luke, Imperial Probe Droid - $A45 TIE Interceptor with Pilot, Admiral Piett - $A100
  9. Rey is only in one TROS set for the moment, compared to 3 for Poe, and 2 each for Kylo, Finn, and Zori. If anything one reason for the Night Buzzard set is to include another Rey if she’s meant to be the main character of the trilogy. I’m somewhat hoping for a red sabre though.
  10. The sets on sale in Australia are just the 3 Action Battles, Droid Commander, and Pasaana Chase at 20% discount. Obviously it changes in each country but that’s an example.
  11. Because the last A-wing(75175) included Lando from the Battle of Endor.
  12. Well I for one can never have enough X-wings. However, I agree that other vehicles are deserving of as UCS versions as well. I just meant that the other 3 UCS Rebel starfighters are better renditions than 10225. Will 75275 be the only UCS set released this year?
  13. $330 dollarydoos for that!! I could almost get some jousting sticks for that. Really though the build is excellent and I think will look better than the photos make it appear. I had hoped that Nien Numb was included and I like the symmetry between the last A-wing and this one’s set numbers (75175 - 75275). Now can we get an improved X-wing next year?
  14. Another one might be: [ ] WHY ISN’T THIS A GUNSHIP Supreme Leader said we would get a Republican Gunship. Boycott the 501st battle pack in protest! I’m still hoping for Luke’s Landspeeder or an X-wing. But honestly something around the deck length of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay, about 35-40cm, would make $AUD 330 bearable.
  15. Possibly Wampa cave Luke? Although I think Bespin or Crait are more likely.