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  1. Yeah $580 is a bit too much. Looks great however. Also boycotting this set because there’s no orange, or petranaki arena included.
  2. Paul11283652

    Leaked 2022 Set List

    That’s the most interesting part of the post, that this fake list is ‘not even close’ to the 2022 summer wave.
  3. Meh. Is this the first wave with zero sets from movies? Good builds but for me this the worst SW wave since the dark ages. I’ll probably limit purchases to just the Gauntlet and the Havoc Marauder. Maybe the Arqitens but only for a Republic mod as suggested.
  4. Agreed. $US70 will be $Au150 and half of the pieces are the base. 75183 Vader transformation is a much better set. The chamber itself is not too bad as a set but not at that price and 18+.
  5. It is a bit too flimsy for mine but I like the approach. Ideally there would be a sub-theme of incredibly detailed 18+ non-UCS sets between 75301 and 10240 scale.
  6. The images currently available look bluer than sand blue anyway, almost closer to medium blue or dark azure. Sand blue will look good, once the set is fully revealed.
  7. The images currently available look bluer than sand blue anyway, almost closer to medium blue or dark azure. Sand blue will look good, once the set is fully revealed.
  8. It looks like Lego has put some effort in to their supply issues here. The summer 2021 wave seems to be mostly available where I am, at least online. In addition, the helmets and probe droid are still available at s@h and the only out of stock set is the 501st. 75257 is also hanging around for a long time for anyone that doesn’t have Boolio. It is still probably a good idea to get the winter sets as soon as they’re available. Another issue may be that sometimes non-movie sets have a limited distribution(eg. 75262, 75254, 75280). Therefore the Mandalorian fighter might be hard to find as it’s more obscure than an X-wing or Slave I.
  9. Paul11283652

    Future Castle Sets?

    A bit more colourful than I expected but real machicolations so that’s great.
  10. So it’s basically the Pasaana speeder chase and the Knights of Ren transport ship combined? Based on that the Australian price will be close to $200. A more realistic price of $160 still doesn’t seem worth it. Oh well, more to spend on 3 in 1 castles then. I do like the design though and more sand blue is always good.
  11. Paul11283652

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    We have them at a few retail stores here in Australia. That might be because we’re part Asia Pacific though.
  12. So there’s a chance it will be lower than $200 here given $US85 is about $111?
  13. Two of the AT-ATs have had the same piece count despite being completely different designs. 10178 and 75054.
  14. Agreed. I built it last night and added a few small mods and it looks good. Most significantly changing the 4x8 plate under the nose for a 4x6 so the clips that attach the upper nose sit lower.
  15. Paul11283652

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I thought they were acceptable but improved by adding a black 1x3 tile on the top. I still haven’t completed the build yet but the sand green really irks me. Hopefully I have enough black pentagonal 2x3s to replace all of it on the roof. Sand green has it’s uses but not on anything medieval.