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  1. karrit

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If I remember they are fairly simple builds that can be easily modified to make them what you want so I just downloaded the instructions. I'm sure I have enough random bricks to be able to replicate them without purchasing all new parts.
  2. karrit

    71046 CMF series 26: Space themed!

    What Lyichir said. ;)
  3. karrit

    71046 CMF series 26: Space themed!

    Several members of my LUG have found some in a local grocery store chain this past week, a subsidiary of Krogers.
  4. Love the display. But I noticed that the Creator 3-in-1 Treehouse Treasures which was Pirate themed doesn't appear to be included.
  5. karrit

    2024 Space sets

    This is why I take all rumors/leaks with a grain of salt. I only believe it once there are actual photos.
  6. karrit

    Lego City 2024

    Now I need a Bison! And all the rest too. Elk, Moose, Beaver, Deer, Fox, Wolves. I don't have Black or Brown bears so wouldn't mind some of those too including baby versions. A few more rabbit/hare in any color other than white. Maybe a Marmot/Woodchuck/Groundhog or even some Coyotes.
  7. It looks like most of the parts on PAB have pictures now. There are still some that don't but a lot that were missing are finally there.
  8. karrit

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    As someone who doesn't normally read the Jurassic Park/World thread I welcome discussion about the Dinosaurs here since they are animals. There are a lot of different forums/threads here and I'm sure many others like me mostly visit certain ones that cover subjects/themes we are the most interested in. Occasionally something mentioned here might prompt one to go look in a different thread for more info. I know for me there are 3 themes I rarely if ever even look at and a few others I only occasionally check out if something particular sparks my interest.
  9. Finally got the receipt for my 3/7 order. Hopefully 3/12 order isn't far behind.
  10. The one from 3/7 is now showing "Complete/Canceled" and shows the standard parts other than the canceled ones have shipped but I haven't gotten a receipt yet. Order from 3/12 still shows 'In Warehouse".
  11. Were the missing parts by chance any of the baby animals that briefly showed in stock but they then notified some of us that they were no longer available? Both of my orders that they cancelled parts for still have yet to ship. One was from 3/7 & the other was from 3/12. I'm going to call customer service to find out what the hold up is but I know they are going to tell me to give it another couple of weeks.
  12. They are really quick with shipping the bestseller items.
  13. My orders from 3/7 & 3/12 that they cancelled some parts from are still showing "in warehouse". I would have thought they were being shipped when I received the notice that they cancelled some of the parts last week. Unless it's a glitch in their system due to the cancelled parts.
  14. karrit

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation´╗┐]

    Personally, I would love it if they did something with Castle going forward similar to what they are doing with Space this year. I would also like to see them do the same with Pirates/Imperials and even Adventurers. I've been okay with the limited castle releases the past few years since they are so expensive but would love to see some smaller sets like they used to make to compliment the large builds. I'd even be happy if they were to cycle through each of these classic themes just concentrating on one per year like they have this year with Space. I'm planning on getting most of the Space sets but am also a Castle collector so both in the same year are a bit much with the bigger sets. Adding in the upcoming safari theme which is sort of adventurers related I'm looking at three series I need to get this year in addition to my Botanicals, Winter Village, Harry Potter, Creator and whatever Ideas sets appeal to me along with any other one offs that I might like.
  15. The Piglet, Kitten & Calf all had dropped in price. When they did I figured I'd order a few more of each but all have been canceled along with the sheep tops & a rock piece I ordered. I noticed the dual molded legs looked like they also had a price decrease but not knowing which item numbers are actually the dual molded rather than printed I held off considering buying any. Without seeing the backs of the legs it's hard to know which are the dual molded ones without cross referencing with other websites. From what I recall all the dual molded were pricey. I think one was $2 something & the rest were over $3 originally so I've been grabbing them when I do BAM in the LEGO stores.