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  1. Is the unprinted baby head the traditional yellow?
  2. I had a total of 500 pieces in my order that I placed yesterday but I had multiples of most of what I ordered. Per the FAQ page " With our Standard selection, you can buy up to 200 parts at a time. " So are you trying to order different Standard Parts or or is the 224 the total number of Standard Parts? I'm pretty sure the limit is for 200 different parts per order so that could be what's causing the error. As for the Best Seller parts it says, " You can buy up to 999 of each Bestseller piece per order. "
  3. Ordered a bunch of parts this afternoon including some "Best Sellers". I've already received a shipping notice for the Best Sellers. Will be interesting to see how many days it actually takes for them to get here.
  4. Interesting that there isn't anything listed at the higher price range over 100.00. Looks like a lot of polybags 30641-30645. Curious about the Cozy House one. Maybe the set with no price or piece count will be the big one.
  5. I found most of mine in two different Walmarts. There's also a regional Sporting Goods store called Scheels that I found them in. I have all that I want now so if they show up elsewhere it doesn't matter to me art this point. I've occasionally seen past series in Walgreens Drug Stores and King Soopers (a Kroger regional Supermarket). Haven't seen any Series 23 in Target yet and I just recently found the Muppets ones in two different Targets but I already have all I wanted of those. In the past I've gotten some in Kohl's but haven't seen the series 23 ones yet near me, just the latest Super Mario ones. I got some of my Muppet ones in Barnes & Noble. Joann's usually gets them but I think they've raised their prices above regular retail this year to $5.49 on minifigs & polybags. Also if you have a Lego Store anywhere near you they carry them.
  6. Sadly still no sign of the newish early 2022 parts here in the US. Luckily I was able to purchase some of what I wanted when they were briefly available at the beginning of the year but there are still some I'm hoping to eventually be able to get.
  7. karrit

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    If my local store has these in stock next weekend I'm in trouble. I will definitely need doubles and maybe triples of a few of them.
  8. Found in Walmart in Loveland, Colorado. I didn’t leave many behind.
  9. I did really good when I felt the packs in Walmart yesterday. The only thing I messed up on was taking an extra Robot & thinking I had the Wolf when I didn't. Don't know why I took 3 of the Dragon. I got 3 of the Knight & Dragon, 2 each of the Snowman, Nutcracker, Elf, Reindeer, Turkey, Robot and 1 each of the Popcorn guy, Captain, Fairy. I've never seen the 6 packs available on Lego.com on the first day, they've either been out of stock, back-ordered or not even showing. I didn't bother looking at midnight this time since I had already gotten most of what I wanted in Walmart earlier in the day.
  10. Target is currently showing them available.
  11. Found Series 23 in my local Walmart earlier today. I ended up with 11 out of 12 of the figures. Somehow I missed the Wolf, could have sworn I definitely found that one but nope. I was also able to get duplicates of most of the ones I wanted more than one of. I did end up with a double of the Robot and a third Dragon so those will be going back. Need to find a few more of the Knight, maybe another Nutcracker or two, a couple more Elves and the Wolf. I might try for another Fairy too. At least I don't have to gamble on the 6 pack boxes this time around.
  12. karrit

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    There's usually a double points offer around Black Friday. I know one of the more recent double point events excluded a lot of the newer and some of the more expensive sets from being eligible for double points. I believe the was the May the 4th one so that only affected Star Wars sets.
  13. If the Disney series releases in May it should still be in bags shouldn't it? I thought the boxes were expected to start with the September 2023 release?
  14. My experience with the 6 pack boxes wasn't good. Ordered two of the Marvel ones & got the same 6 figures in each. When I ordered the Muppets ones I knew I wanted doubles of a lot of them so I ordered 3 boxes figuring the odds should be in my favor to get all 12. All three boxes had the same six figures. I'd suggest either getting the figures from a source guaranteeing all 12 or splitting the order between different sources. I may take a gamble again this time because I know I want duplicates again.
  15. karrit

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Not yet in the US. Some European countries have a BAM section under Pick and Build but the selection currently is very limited and mostly parts that have already been available for several years in the store BAM towers. When they first announced it they said it could take a year or more for newer BAM parts to maybe be added eventually sometime in the future if at all.