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Found 4 results

  1. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [BSBA] Cat A - Benny's Space Groomer

    Hello! First off, thanks for this contest, the idea is just perfect! Being a 1980 something space guy myself, Benny of course is my favorite character in the movie... Spaceship! I like what they did with 70831 Emmet's Dream House Rescue Rocket! so I went for something similar. I chose set 60222, snow groomer as a base, because it has nice technic parts (those caterpillars definitely are spaceship material! ), old school colors, and even a canon! So there was this snow groomer, just lying around... Then my 1980 space guy came along... And built himself a nice Space Groomer ! He kept the original cabin, since it was cosy and already had featured cupholders. However, he took the time to seal the cockpit; it's cold up there... The fearsome front facing space snow canon. Those thrusters definitely should pack enough boost. Having enough room for the jetpack is a must have on a decent spaceship. For Intergalactical Spacecraft Identification purposes, top, bottom and gear up/down views: And there we are; a bennific spaceship based on a snow groomer. I tried to use as many parts as I could from the original set and not add too many. The model is tough and can be grabbed carelessly by the thrusters, cabin or landing pod. The canon is operated by the 2x2 round black brick visible above, which lands on the fingertips when holding the spaceship by the thrusters. The landing pod's movement is stopped in the position where the model is perfectly balanced so it is quite reliable. But weird. Which is fun! The spaceship features variable sweep wing, ejecting canopy and heated cupholders. Backstory: It was winter, my Benny was on holidays in the mountains when he was called on mission and had to build a spaceship urgently. Looking around, he saw this Snow Groomer and immediately spotted the Technic parts, in particular the beams. A spaceship needs the best technology available to be big, light and sturdy, Benny knows it. He's been using Technic beams for a long time now.. When he took the snow groomer apart, he stumbled across this part: ...which reminded him a lot of that one: And of the biggest and most awesome Classic Space set he ever had, 6985 (he's the one taking the photo below): Then it struck him: since he could not work with his favourite white/blue/grey/transparent yellow palette, he was going to include references to that glorious ancestor in his new build. In addition to the compulsory pair of big thrusters and some antennas in the typical Classic Space style, he chose to use that bracket to create a similar side line: He doubled the roof piece in an attempt to mock-up the original double canopy looks: Of course, the front laser canon and the forward facing cones had to be evoked too: And a pair of winglets on both sides of the cockpit: Of course, pipes had to be added too. A spaceship needs pipes: In the back, a pair of stabilisers and integrated transparent red bricks: And finally, a couple more fins on the back seemed absolutely necessary (as long as a discreet touch of blue): With all that tribute to his favourite Classic Space model, my Benny was happy to fly his Space Groomer into new adventures! Thanks for watching!
  2. Hi everyone, I figured I'd have a bash at this contest, so here's my entry: I decided to go with a Snow Groomer for this. It has six pneumatically powered functions, along with manually driven tracks: Raising and lowering of the front blade Tilting left and right of the front blade Adjust the front blade's wings Raising and lowering of the front end of the vehicle's undercarriage Raising and lowering of the rear tilling blade Raising and lowering of the tilling blade's smoothing plates and rollers All controls for these functions are in the rear bed. I opted for a manual pump rather than a motorized one, as the contest is, after all, pneumatically focused. All photos are on my Flickr, but I'm going to post them all here anyway as I doubt everybody will see them there. With front and rear blades lowered: With the front blade angled and the wings adjusted, and close in detail: With the front end of the undercarriage raised: And finally the detail of the rear blade: I'm currently in the process of putting together the video for this, hopefully should be ready in time for the deadline
  3. Hi there, This is my first post on Eurobricks, and my modest participation to TC5. I worked with the 8047 "Compact Excavator" from 2009: This set was my first lego technic after my dark age (I could not resist when I saw it in the supermarket). It is rather small (252 parts), but nicely packed with functions for its size. The original B-model (a compact log-loader) is rather cool as well, and uses 229 parts. Building a C-model for this set was therefore my personal dedication to this wonderful set. Here it goes, a snow groomer: Design: I tried to provide as much detail as I could. The blade is full thanks to the (only) two panels from the original set. We also have a front light and a beacon on top. There is a bit of blue inside the cabin to evoke some seats, but no more there, as the space is occupied by the lifting mechanism of the blade. The two exhaust pipes are (maybe) oversized, but this was a necessity for a good playability. Functions: There are three: Lift of blade (left exhaust pipe, worm gear, 24t crown, lift arms) Lift of tiller (right exhaust pipe, worm gear, 8t, lift arm) Working tiller, driven by the caterpillars (12t-12t, 2 times). In addition, the blade is manually steerable (pin with friction). Some view to see the mechanisms: And here is how the thing works: In blue is the lifting of the front blade, in green the lifting of the tiller, and in red the rotation of the tiller. Recycling of parts: The model uses 213 parts, that is a bit less than the original B-model. But well, this is a C-model :) We have three real functions, which is actually better than the A-model! Gears are all reused apart from the turntable (which was not used as a gear in the A-model anyway), and the 20t with peghole. Four 16t are here not used as gears (the ones on the tiller), but the two 12t double-bevel, which were used as knobs for moving the arm on the A-model, are here functional and part of the transmission of the tiller. That's it... any comment welcome. I can post more pictures if needed (although there is not much more to show I'm afraid :D). Instructions are available at rebrickable (Alter-Lego is my pseudo on rebrickable, login was already taken on Eurobricks).
  4. A mini snow groomer. Based on the Tucker Terra Sno-Cat 200 series, and also on a much larger MOC that I created last year. It was a major challenge getting down to 201 parts with this tracked vehicle especially as the track links took up the first 60 parts! One more part to remove!! I think we should have a Top Gear type rule where every additional part over 200 count as a negative point!!! Some LDD pictures below, real pictures to follow. It has front/rear steering (HOG doubles as the exhaust) All four tracks pivot. The pull/push lever at the back raises and lowers the snow plough The Big Brother