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  1. BrickCaddy

    MOC Ski Jump

    Thanks for your advice XG BC... i love your optimism that he will be travelling fast enough to need a longer run off! I hope that is the case.. thanks for your reply BrickCaddy
  2. BrickCaddy

    MOC Ski Jump

    Hi, Check out my MOC images called Ski Jump. I came up with this idea to support the jumper using his sticks, as it would prove too difficult to get the curve required at the bottom of the slope to allow him to take off! Let me know your thoughts.... Hope you like these images . Thanks BrickCaddy
  3. BrickCaddy

    MOC called Space Training HQ

    Thank you Deraven for your response. I take on board all your comments and will check out Flickr. Thanks.
  4. BrickCaddy

    MOC called Space Training HQ

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this so apologies if i'm inputting incorrectly! This is my latest MOC called Space Training HQ which can be found on Lego Ideas. Thanks for all your help Eurobricks BrickCaddy