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  1. JGW3000

    The Madcap Laughs

    Like the way you captured the weird color balance of original. Shine on you crazy diamond! (sigh, showing my age again)
  2. LIke the looks, will be a nice way to get into PF+, but this set has to have the highest sticker-to-parts ratio of all recent Technic sets. And with all of the stickers, a B-model is a non-starter.
  3. JGW3000

    Grohl's Creations

    I saw the video on youtube a week ago or so - very impressive board climbing skills!
  4. JGW3000

    General Questions: Power Functions

    Did you check the batteries in your PF battery box?
  5. JGW3000

    General Questions: Power Functions

    Could be something as simple as differentials installed backwards. But first, test all motors, battery boxes, IR receivers, remotes, etc. individually or as suggested above, on a simple vehicle. Also, there is a difference between type R1 and R2 IR receiver, that is not compatible with some motors, do a search to learn more.
  6. You could hold the phone upside down
  7. Niiiiiice! What is the software at about 2:06?
  8. JGW3000

    LEGO's Lead User Lab

    TLG does not want its brand attached to third-party suppliers or other commercial activities such as on-demand pay-per-part 3D printing. I believe it is OK to offer "brick-compatible" or similar clones or 3D printed parts, but not okay to claim you are printing a branded part. Others may have a more legalistic explanation. TLG is not going after 3D printing, its going after misuse of their brand.
  9. JGW3000

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Well done, and in terms of controls and functions, very clever. You are just missing the "Liebherr" stickers in 1 point font!
  10. JGW3000

    Technic Photography

    Excellent shots, especially like the subtle use of multicolor background lighting which adds interest and colored reflections to what is a mostly black colored primary subject. Very nice use of shadows and highlights which bring out the details of the hotrod. One minor quibble is that in the first image, to the lower left of the air intakes especially is some blocking-up of the shadows, which would be OK if it wasn't at a prominent position in the image.
  11. Sariel - your my hero Seriously, did you ever imagine that a hobby would turn into quite an adventure? Congratulations! One question, was there a 'kill switch' in case the machine started to run amok or the operator decided to have a bit too much fun?
  12. I'm guessing a fully pneumatic version would be challenging, especially as single LA's will need to be replaced by 2-3 pneumatics each, in order to get the same extension. Having all that extra space may provide sufficient room for PF motors, receivers, BB's. etc. and for the necessary pneumatic pumps. Not a project I'd be willing to undertake, though.
  13. Again, fantastic review Sariel - greatly appreciated and can't wait for October's 'event'! I am guessing this is the Technic set with the most greabling and non-functional parts, which greatly adds to the parts count, which is a big negative for me. And finally, use of blue pins (which normally adds to color vomit) is actually welcome here, as the blue and other colors help to break up the white/grey overall monotony. Another disappointment is the inability to modify the control+ software, which seriously diminishes the value to the set as a parts pack. Not a day one purchase, and despite the misgivings, will eventually will be a must have.
  14. JGW3000

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Since a new Avatar, the Last Airbender, will have new shows coming to Netflix maybe next year and presumably will significantly renew interest in the series, is the license available - I can't check?
  15. If some additional features can be added, such as servo control and the ability to use a game controller, I'd would certainly pay for just the app