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  1. JGW3000

    General Part Discussion

    Is the falling log just something for the box art, or is it a function? Considering the number of pneumatic parts plus PF, this could be a good starter set. And,who is going to be the first to motorize the chainsaw
  2. My thumbs hurt just looking at it - imagine having to insert all of those pins, over and over again...
  3. Notice that the battery box is not Technic compatible, so I imagine that there will be a Technic specific version of PF2 / PU.
  4. I wonder how fragile the orange swirly cam-thingy is? Could be another disaster in the works like the 1L worm gear was. SInce the model isn't motorized, might be OK, but I would be cautious using it in a motorized gearbox.
  5. JGW3000

    Technic Pub

    I think the Sopwith may have a few Technic parts, and it has *functions* , including a (imagine celestial chorus singing) functional joystick
  6. JGW3000

    Technic Pub

    My kid and I are currently into building WWII fighter/bomber plane model kits - trying to get authentic detailing, nose art, and may venture into dioramas. However, I am thinking about breaking out our Sopwith Camel set for building as it somewhat fits in.
  7. JGW3000

    Technic Pub

    Compared to brickless_kiwi or bublehead, I'm just a piker with only 4 sets left unbuilt. (Arocs, 42025, some creator set my kid wanted, and oddly, 42009),
  8. JGW3000

    Powered Up

    If you think Powered Up sounds bad, people around here talk about engine efficiency in terms of Fuel Utilization
  9. JGW3000

    Grum's Shed

    Well done, Grum; but, where is the little white truck
  10. JGW3000

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Wow, look what happens when you get busy at work for 12 hours - had to read through 6+ pages of comments. Is it me, or are the Unimog tires significantly flattened due to vehicle weight? See rear tire, or could be just the angle of view.
  11. JGW3000

    Technic Pub

    What did we tell you about posting pictures of clone-brand sets . Actually, I am just flabbergasted that someone would do this, I can't imagine the cost of all the printing filaments used. Very impressive results, especially the "nano"-motors.
  12. I have the same invisible icon on my Android phone, albeit it's an older model.
  13. JGW3000

    Technic Pub

    Instead of building Technic, I've had a go at some kit models - here is a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, stock version (except mine had single, not dual exhaust), complete with 1970's Earl Scheib $100 paint job - interior/exterior colors are authentic to the car we finally sold, in working condition, after 20 years good service. and the obligatory underside view They truly don't make them like this anymore
  14. JGW3000

    Technic Pub

    Both good choices, sorry that I can't post a link right now, but clearly Tangerine Dream is the best, perhaps 'Poland' or 'Le Parc' will do
  15. Some time ago, there was posted a comment, based on an interview with a LEGO designer, that each product line had a certain fixed number of new molds, prints and color changes per year, the number of which depends on the number of parts or sets each product line produces. I believe that Technic has unlimited color changes, but limited new molds. IDEAS, for example, is allotted no new molds and only limited color changes, but apparently they get lots of new prints. Star Wars, I can imagine, can get many new molds, color change, and prints.