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  1. General Part Discussion

    Not sure if this has been brought up before, but for 2017 I can find only four new parts introduced in 2017 sets (not counting the plethora of old parts in new colors): 27940 - 1M beam with two cross axle connectors 27938 - worm gear 1M 28216 - bucket 7x10x5 new heavier string used in 42069 Normally we see more new parts each year, especially in the flagship sets, as in years past. This years largest sets did not have any new parts at all other than the 4 listed. Given that the Technic line has a limited number of new parts allowed each year, does this mean the designers are saving their new parts allocations for use in 2018??? Perhaps something new/big/exciting is coming. One guess is that the new Mack truck will require new parts in order to capture the curves of the cabin design. Their are also hints of another supercar coming, which also could require new parts, plus PF2 new parts as well???
  2. 75192 already being listed on that auction bay place for outrageous prices. $2499.99 with free shipping. Sucker born every minute, I guess.
  3. I sense a disturbance in the Brinklink - just wait a bit more, you will, maybe able to get a 10179 for a respectable price now.
  4. Gee, go away on vacation for a week and look what happens! I found the pics - and withholding comment until official images and/or toy show reports come in. Clearly, these sets are targeted at the age-appropriate level. I think the trash compactor is kind-of cool looking for a small set. The MACK Truck is intriguing. Probably a new design for MACK, since it is blacked-out, or LEGO has not finished the design yet. Since the background is stacks of containers, the truck must be a ship-container hauler like we have running around in New Jersey. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the antenna looks like this piece: 25699 http://cache.lego.com/media/bricks/5/2/6164379.jpg In which case the tires are quite small - same as 42024 as mentioned previously, consistent with being the largest of the 1H sets.
  5. This car is *only* 'super Ultimate', I was hoping for something more 'super duper Ultimate'.
  6. Technic Pub

    If you go as far as Vegas and the Grand Canyon, go a bit further and see Monument Valley on the Arizona/Utah border, the location with the iconic rock spires ("Mittens"), and maybe venture north into Utah for Arches or further into Arizona for Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest, or Canyon De Chelly. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is also well worth while, as is Zion Park and/or Bryce Canyon. Basically, you can't go wrong anywhere in the four-corners area. Death Valley is well worth while, even if you need to rent a car for a day - I spent a week there and it was overwhelming with many areas of interest. Have fun! btw, I heard a report on the radio this morning that the national parks are jammed packed, so if you need camping reservations or RV slots, better to check now rather than be stuck later.
  7. Thanks Jim, great photo's and discussion / details as usual. I especially like the kid-tested validation. Looks like a buy for me, but will probably let the tracks stay. One question - are the spare tread links on the roof supposed to be sleeping bags?
  8. Some = as much as one person can carry, and still be able to open the door into house without dropping or breaking anything. (For me, its two 16-bottle cases of Sam Adams)
  9. Excellent review as usual Jim. Thank you for all of the effort and time that went into this. The largest flaw that I see with the 42070 is the unfinished look - certainly more paneling on the bed and to hide the frame would have been nice and helped to justify the price. A beefier-looking boom would have been nice as well. A missing function is an extendable boom, something to think about for modifications. By the way, did you and your friend have some "building-beverages" while building? That would explain the rookie mistakes
  10. Charles Darwin

    Very nice, but for some reason, the last picture, from the back, reminds me of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.
  11. I guess I won't be able to let my kids build 42070 - I'll never hear the end of it ("let's find all the LEGO animals and stick pins up their yadda yadda yadda") . The only option, I'll have to build it by myself . Sarial, I hope your hamsters didn't get a look.
  12. Test Poll 2

    Good to go, Chrome on Win7
  13. I'm guessing that use of black 2L pins, which require more pin holes than blue 3L pins, will make the structure stiffer.
  14. Grum, great start - but, are you going to need a bigger shed for this monster?
  15. The Technic Confessional

    My display models are now all scattered in parts all across the LEGO room, which is a good thing, I guess, as my kids can build MOCS, but I can't as I need to be organized. Consequently my AROCS is still in box not built, to protect it