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  1. Space sets - might bring me back out from the dark... (and into the dark of space...). Will remain skeptical that this is not a City theme list until some images emerge.
  2. Nice, Amazon US has it from RRP of $699.99. More interesting is the number of sales, Amazon claims over 50 units sold with only 4 remaining, as of 2 Aug 23. Not sure if this is disappointing or good.
  3. https://www.wfsb.com/2023/01/24/lego-announces-move-enfield-boston No comments, but its a shame to see them go. The customer service people were neighbors and we could chat about places to eat, etc. while getting orders finished. Hope all the folks can be accommodated.
  4. One word - gears Longer answer - all the stuff that attaches to gears, various means to translate rotary to linear motions, and the limitations of LEGO gears (torque, slack, ratios...) and how to design around the limitations to get something close to want you want. And yes, I am an engineer as well, but not a mechanical engineer.
  5. I'd consider Mindstorms as universal sets to some extent, and now they are gone as well.
  6. May make a good micro mixer for your fruit smoothie, though
  7. JGW3000

    MOC: I ordered a Chicken Pizza....

    Excellent build, seems a bit too steep. True story from some years ago: once, when I was on a cruise to Cancun, etc. they offered a pair of day-trip excursions, one departing to Tulum, the other to Chichen Itza and both queuing up at the same time and location. Cruise director: "All those going to Tulum depart out the starboard door, all those going to Chichen Itza depart out the port door," Amongst those in the Tulum group, a little girl shouted out, "HEY, they're getting Chicken Pizza!!!" Needless to say, we were all hungry for pizza the rest of the day
  8. I used to drive a 1964 Chevy Malibu, a very similar in appearance model, with the Impala SS of course having the more powerful engine (ours was a straight 6 - or, was it a 4 cylinder???). Those '64's were nearly indestructible, I sold mine in 1983, and saw it running around town for at least 5 years after. Aside from the fact that mine was blue, this LEGO model is nearly dead-on accurate (except for the shag-rug covering the rear deck that everyone added to cover the peeling surface). The only significant detail that is missing are the triangular opening "air-conditioner" window insets in the L/R door windows. Great job!
  9. Wow, it's been a great run Jim. Your reviews were one of the reasons I've joined EB. But, change is good and look forward to your mocs.
  10. JGW3000

    Lego Ideas: Hogan's Heroes Poll

    Really, a LEGO set based on a show that portrayed aggressors and killers of millions as bumbling fools, and with the star of the show having 'issues' - I think not.
  11. JGW3000

    [MOC] Telephone

    Very nicely done, I'm old enough to remember using similar designs, just dial 'L' for LEGO! But, is the original so blocky along the cradle and handle? Also missing the cord from the back bottom that went hard-wired into a wall receptacle.
  12. JGW3000

    [MOC] Greeble wall in Lego Room

    Well done sir! Fits Leg Godt to a tee. There are probably legions of us now looking to do the same (but my LEGO room is pink... (daughter's old bedroom). Enjoy
  13. The upstairs hallway was a bit nerve-racking, as it was not parallel - but managed to get it done and its straight down the center with molding hiding the rough edges. Fortunately, the stairs were already hardwood, but had been carpeted, just needed refinishing after ripping the carpet off; but the back stairs are still unfinished, may just paint them as they are hidden. Getting overlay treads and risers is a real bunch of megablocks, good luck on finishing yours.
  14. Looking good, Dr. Spock. I've done about 2000 square feet of flooring, plus stairs - almost the entire house, but strangely enough, not the LEGO room!