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  1. JGW3000

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    The main problem I see for the GWP being an iceberg is that 90 % of the build will be below the surface An appropriate GWP would be one, two or even three micro-scale tug boats
  2. JGW3000

    Infuriating Details

    Exposed blue axle pins or any off-color exposed connectors
  3. I think it's ducking fantastic, what's with the duck on the front bumper?
  4. Ah, brings back memories; both the looks and the sounds are quite authentic - as mentioned before, perhaps a sound brick to ring a bell at the end of the line would be a nice addition. Great review, Jim. For you young ones out there, the typewriter has no 'undo' feature, so we will need to MOC a bottle of white-out to go with this!
  5. Not something I can do, but would be great if TLG does hire an AFOL that can both respect TLG's requirements, deadlines, part usage, etc., and throw us Technic fans a bone once in a while (old parts in new colors, get rid of the blue pins, etc.).
  6. 549 - Not sure if I would have mentioned the Kenworth inspiration, as you may run into licensing issues.
  7. Supporter #1298, I'm just flushed with excitement for this, hope you make it to 10,000!
  8. Jim - Great questions and answers. More information can be gleaned by "reading between the lines". Make sure you let TLG know how much their time is appreciated!
  9. Can we get back to discussing 8009 now?
  10. If I would enter, I'd attempt a version of the 2003 Dodge Tomahawk, but after doing some research, turns out that the two wheels (front/back) are actually configured as independently sprung, albeit very closely spaced, four wheels - hence not a motorcycle. Well, its back to the (virtual) drawing board...
  11. JGW3000

    [REVIEW] 75299 Trouble on Tatooine

    What's up with Zabriskie Point? Anyway, nice review but the set could have included that overly handsome sheriff type guy and another Tuskan at more/less the same price point (maybe they are in the set, just lurking in the shadows?)
  12. Nice, looks like it almost has a personality! This is what Technic is all about!
  13. Sorry, I don't know iPhone products. Try setting the camera to manual mode and adjust the exposure compensation. Or, use more and brighter lights when taking the images.
  14. Looks cool in B/W - but your images are underexposed so hard to see the details in the dark and shadow areas - try rephotographing with longer exposure.
  15. This really looks great, given the size and part count, but (using fake Hulk voice) "tooooo maaaany stickers"