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  1. (MOC) sennebogen 880 eq

    Awesome effort, really looks great. Shame about the slewing, perhaps some small wheels would have helped?
  2. The image on the right that looks like a 1x2 brick, is most likely a 1x2 sound brick, with the graphics above it suggesting sound coming out of it. No new PF elements, or we need clearer images or additional information.
  3. Posted in the train forum (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/155770-2018-lego-trains/&page=12) Sorry to upset you, but according to different german blog´s, TLC has changed the rules. This year there will be no photos allowed at TLC´s display at Nürnberg Toy fair. Also there will be only invited press-members allowed and it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or report in any way (also not in words!!!!!) about anything. Press release of german Blog "zusammengebaut" about Nürnberg toy fair
  4. A quick look in the DC Comics 2018 set discussion suggests this R/C set is 76112, Arkham Knight Batmobile, said to be R/C controlled - but not confirmed https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/152374-dc-superheroes-2018-set-discussion/&page=16 If true, then this could be the long awaited PF2 finally showing up, and an interesting philosophical change by TLG - as the set will not longer be self-contained (except for batteries), but will require a significant extra purchase to gain bluetooth functionality (assuming the R/C is via bluetooth).
  5. Hey, is that flaming eagle sticker a STAMP
  6. Technic Pub

    To save space, you can mix dissimilar parts - I put blue 2L axle/pin connectors, easy to spot, in with mixed grey and black axle 3L, and black pin w/friction in with red 3L pin w/bush, etc..
  7. Back in the day, the TV show 'Miami Vice' stuck a passenger side rearview mirror on a near-stock Corvette (which had only one outside mirror at the time), and a few other cosmetic changes, to make the car look like a Ferrari. That said, there seems to be an American swing to Technic this year, given we have a Mack truck, so a Corvette would not be unreasonable.
  8. Technic Pub

    Nope, G29. Good enough for our purposes!
  9. Technic Pub

    We got the Logitech steering wheel and pedals in our house, and no Lego. Merry Christmas all!
  10. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Thanks for the extra pictures Efferman. Does anyone know what "MP 8" on the engine block refers too? I am thinking its obvious but I am somewhat dense sometimes. Also, I am not liking the assemtrity of the three slope bricks just below the dog. Shouldn't it be 2-1-2, rather than 2-2-1?
  11. Very nice build, will be waiting to see the video! A look inside that gearbox would be nice also. I especially like using the buckets for counterweight holders, gives an authentic fell to the build.
  12. For me, technic is about function - if you want a nice display model, buy Creator or City sets. I see this in my kids also, they build highly functional MOCs which work really well, but look like crap. In the end, I'd prefer the older means of using axles and connectors rather than panels.
  13. Technic Pub

    Yes, but I can still control the EV3 brick with my smartphone, which my son doesn't have (so far the bricks appear to be intact and undamaged from rampant curiosity).
  14. Technic Pub

    - Since I found one of my EV3 remote controllers in pieces under my son's bed (at least I think its that, and only one, hard to tell) there is no more new LEGO in our house until everything is organized and reassembled. - White Christmas - snow has melted, we are looking at a wet rainy Christmas! - No more LEGO, see above. And I have 42025 and 42009 still in boxes and not going to be opened any time soon as a consequence. - Still managed to find enough parts to have a LEGO train around the tree, but its not exactly holiday themed due to missing bricks - Favorite color - black!
  15. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    The RC conversion worked so easy, I am thinking the model was designed for it - then it is surprising that this isn't an official mod with instructions, etc. as per prior RC-optional models.