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  1. It appears the stickers are each applied to 1x4 tiles, one Black and one Earth/Dark Green, not any other more special type of piece - so why choose? Grab four more pairs of each tile and apply all the stickers. Then you can swap them out for a different look any time you want!
  2. vynsane

    MOC: Dawnstar - 1st Fleet

    ^ The LXF will generate building instructions by selecting the 'View' menu and switching to 'Building Mode'. I was part of the collaboration to create the LDD file of this build, it's awesome to see it making the rounds. I really like this rendition of it.
  3. vynsane

    Should Lego cover the old Superhero films?

    Although, if we get them before a White Tiger figure I'll be sorely disappointed in TLG. My daughter and I are both clamoring for her. As of right now, we have all the core members of the USM team aside from her, and I was doubly disappointed to see she wasn't even included in the LEGO Marvel Superheroes videogame. They even have the perfect piece for her ponytail, Aurra Sing's hair - they just need to color it black instead of reddish brown. I was just thinking, though, that Coulson appears more often in tactical gear in Season 2 than he does in a suit, and that's most likely the version that would get produced at this point.
  4. vynsane

    Should Lego cover the old Superhero films?

    Agent Coulson and black coat Nick Fury could easily be included in future sets based on Ultimate Spider-man, since they both play integral parts in the cartoon. Since they look completely like their MCU counterparts, and Coulson is even voiced by the same actor, it would be just like getting Movie Fury and Coulson.
  5. vynsane

    [MoC] JIMINY VV (256/11/2013 vicviper)

    I love this. The dark green looks spectacular. The long, spindly prongs are awesome.
  6. vynsane

    X/T-501 "Sand Viper"

    Thanks, everyone! HA, yeah, but it fit nicely nestled between those inverted 1x3 slopes on the trailing edge of the wings/BAVS...
  7. vynsane

    [LDD MOC] Space ninjas - Dragon Rider

    Very cool!
  8. vynsane

    X/T-501 "Sand Viper"

    Happy NoVVember, everyone! The X/T-501 "Sand Viper" is an experimental space superiority figther used by the Andromedan Liberation Front. While the full capabilities are unknown, it is most commonly armed with twin pulse laser cannons as well as a pair of dark energy missiles. LEGO Digital Designer File. and, of course "the shot":
  9. vynsane

    Micro Starfighter trio

    Great stuff, some great parts usage!
  10. iframes are completely legit for usage in this case, as they are intended to display external content on a page that is on a different site/server. It's when they're used as layout elements (like separate iframe for the site header, navigation and content) that is considered bad form.
  11. vynsane

    Black Tron Reunion

    Even though I'm a much bigger fan of BT1 (Black/Yellow/Trans-red) they look great!
  12. I've had the idea for something like this in the back of my mind for some time. Now that Brickset has parts inventories, it should be possible to somehow generate an LDD "filter by box" palette for each set you own that has an inventory available.
  13. vynsane

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I would like to see them mix it up a bit and have homogenized teams fighting each other (if it has to be a conflict-based theme) with humans and aliens on one side fighting humans and aliens on the other. Obviously I would love to see Blacktron make a triumphant return. It would be cool if the Buggoid invasion was spurred by Blacktron agents behind the scenes in order to weaken the Galaxy Squad's defenses. Then we see a return of the SP3 bad guys in conjunction with more "traditional" looking Blacktron baddies...
  14. I suppose having the extra pieces in 'standard' sets, where the instructions tell you to build what's on the box, is not necessary, since they are truly 'extra'. In the case of this set, however, while the extra pieces aren't included in the piece count on the box there is no 'standard' model you can build, and thus the extra pieces should be taken into account. I'll add them to my file when I can. EDIT: Checked out the inventory on BL - there are no extra pieces yet submitted. Their inventory is obviously based on the side of the box as well. So... yeah... It's as accurate as it can be at the moment.
  15. ^^ Thanks! ^ I just compiled it based on the side of the box. Besides, I have a Mac and LDD Manager only works on Windows. I have a Windows virtual machine, but I figured going by the side of the box would make me feel more assured of the accuracy. The BL inventories can sometimes be... sloppy...